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Viper Area & Site Lighting


The new Viper includes scalable Area and Flood designs capable of complementing contemporary or traditional architecture. Additional features such as multiple mounting options, replaceable power doors and an IP65 rating are standard offerings in this exceptionally versatile fixture.


Each product is available with a variety of lumen outputs and distributions to satisfy a wide range of applications. Viper’s scalability allows us to customize the output to meet specific design criteria. The precise beam control of the Viper helps reduce energy consumption and light trespass while providing high uniformity and visual acuity.


Simple or dynamic controls are available in every product configuration to give solutions for ever changing code requirements and additional energy savings.




Viper Straight Arm Mount

Straight Arm Mount

Viper Universal Arm Mount

Universal Arm Mount

Viper Mast Arm

Mast Arm

Viper Knuckle Arm


Viper Decorative Upswept Arm

Decorative Upswept Arm

Viper Adjustable Arm

Adjustable Arm

Viper Wall Mount

Wall Mount

Viper Trunnion


Viper Family Performance: Micro Strike

Viper Family Performance: Optics Strike

Viper Family Performance: Visual Comfort

Viper Family Performance: Backlight Control

Viper Family Technology



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Viper flood 2

Viper flood 3