Viper Area Size 4

The Viper is an extremely versatile area/site luminaire which blends design, performance, and technology for a variety of applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Featuring two different optical technologies, Micro Strike and Strike Optics, which provide the best distribution patterns for retrofit or new construction
  • Vibration rated for high vibration applications including bridges and overpasses
  • Control options including photo control, occupancy sensing, NX Lighting Controls, wiSCAPE and 7-Pin with networked controls
  • Mounting options include: Arm, Universal Arm, Adjustable Arm, Mast Arm, Decorative Arm, Knuckle, Trunnion, Wall
  • Distribution options include: Auto Front Row, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4 Forward, Type 4 Wide, Type 5 Narrow, Type 5 Medium, Type 5 Wide, Type 5 Rectangular, Corner Optic, and Tennis Court


Voltage Offering
Dimming Protocol
CCT Offering
2700, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
70, 80, 90
Mounting Options
Pole, Wall, Knuckle, Mast Arm Fitter, Trunnion
Wattage Range
405 - 600
Controls & Sensors
Occupancy, Daylighting, NX Lighting Controls, wiSCAPE
BAA (Buy American 52.225-9), TAA (Buy American 52.225-11)
5 year limited

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
VP-4-720L-600-4K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI87468 lm146599.9 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-445-3K7-FR70 K3000 CRI50277 lm114439.27 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-305-AM-5W-AMBER11754 lm39302.1 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-405-5K7-5QN5000 K70 CRI49089 lm123398.28 WType VS
VP-4-162L-405-3K7-33000 K70 CRI43936 lm109403.6 WType III
VP-4-720L-515-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI73926 lm142519.1 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-365-4K7-CL4000 K70 CRI47035 lm131357.8 WN.A.
VP-4-162L-485-3K7-CL3000 K70 CRI57120 lm117487.1 WN.A.
VP-4-162L-485-5K7-4F5000 K70 CRI53896 lm99543.9 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-405-3K7-4F-BC3000 K70 CRI45098 lm111.7403.6 W4F
VP-ST-4-162L-320-4K7-5QN4000 K70 CRI40865 lm129317.76 WType VS
VP-4-720L-475-3K7-33000 K70 CRI58684 lm124475 WType III
VP-4-162L-405-4K7-CL4000 K70 CRI49371 lm122403.6 WN.A.
VP-4-720L-600-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI44085 lm74599.2 WType 2
VP-ST-4-162L-365-5K7-35000 K70 CRI46976 lm131357.77 WType III
VP-ST-4-162L-380-AM-FR-AMBER14754 lm39379 WType II
VP-4-720L-565-3K7-43000 K70 CRI76047 lm135565.2 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-405-3K7-5RW70 K3000 CRI45279 lm114398.28 WType III
VP-ST-4-162L-420-AM-3-AMBER16279 lm39419.1 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-545-3K7-CR3000 K70 CRI55974 lm104536.8 WN.A.
VP-4-720L-435-3K7-3-BC3000 K70 CRI33940 lm79429.3 WType 3
VP-ST-4-162L-485-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI50562 lm103.8487.1 W4W
VP-4-162L-445-5K7-35000 K70 CRI49690 lm102487.1 WType IV
VP-4-162L-545-3K7-CR3000 K70 CRI62289 lm115543.9 WN.A.
VP-4-162L-405-3K7-5RW3000 K70 CRI41530 lm103403.6 WType 5RW
VP-ST-4-162L-545-3K7-4W-BC3000 K70 CRI52765 lm97543.9 W4W
VP-4-162L-545-5K7-CL5000 K70 CRI62599 lm146429.3 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-485-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI54129 lm111.1487.1 W3
VP-4-162L-445-3K7-4F3000 K70 CRI46413 lm104445.1 WType IV
VP-4-720L-515-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI43036 lm83519.1 WType 3
VP-ST-4-162L-320-5K7-C-BC5000 K70 CRI36805 lm114.2322.2 WC
VP-4-162L-320-5K7-CL5000 K70 CRI41348 lm128322.1 WN.A.
VP-ST-4-162L-365-3K7-4W70 K3000 CRI44391 lm124357.77 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-320-3K7-TC70 K3000 CRI38559 lm121317.76 WType III
VP-4-162L-365-3K7-23000 K70 CRI40470 lm112362.6 WTpe II
VP-ST-4-162L-365-5K7-4F-BC5000 K70 CRI43433 lm119.8362.6 W4F
VP-4-720L-515-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI35886 lm69519.1 WType 2
VP-4-162L-445-3K7-5QW3000 K70 CRI45407 lm102445.1 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-445-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI46190 lm103.8445.1 W4W
VP-4-162L-545-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI55892 lm130429.3 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-485-3K7-FR-BC3000 K70 CRI60978 lm125.2487.1 WFR
VP-4-162L-445-4K7-5RW4000 K70 CRI46906 lm105445.1 WType 5RW
VP-4-162L-545-4K7-34000 K70 CRI61392 lm113543.9 WType III
VP-ST-4-162L-365-4K7-4F-BC4000 K70 CRI43433 lm119.8362.6 W4F
VP-4-162L-445-4K7-CR4000 K70 CRI53499 lm120445.1 WN.A.
VP-4-720L-565-5K-4F5000 K70 CRI74032 lm131565.2 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-545-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI60543 lm111.3543.9 W3
VP-4-720L-435-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI33700 lm78429.3 WType 4W
VP-ST-4-162L-320-4K7-34000 K70 CRI39523 lm124317.76 WType III
VP-ST-4-162L-445-5K7-C-BC5000 K70 CRI50840 lm114.2445.1 WC
VP-4-162L-365-4K7-4F4000 K70 CRI44171 lm122362.6 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-405-3K7-4W70 K3000 CRI44865 lm113398.28 WType IV
VP-4-162L-320-4K7-5QN4000 K70 CRI43041 lm134322.1 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-320-5K7-CR5000 K70 CRI39691 lm125317.8 WN.A.
VP-4-720L-565-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI43695 lm77565.2 WType 4W
VP-4-162L-405-5K7-25000 K70 CRI52978 lm119445.1 WType II
VP-4-720L-435-5K7-35000 K70 CRI54253 lm126429.3 WType III
VP-ST-4-162L-365-3K7-C-BC3000 K70 CRI38662 lm106.6362.6 WC
VP-4-162L-485-5K7-5QW5000 K70 CRI52727 lm97543.9 WType VS
VP-4-162L-485-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI49731 lm102487.1 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-405-4K7-24000 K70 CRI47677 lm120398.28 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-405-5K7-CR5000 K70 CRI47536 lm119398.3 WN.A.
VP-4-720L-515-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI74586 lm144519.1 WType IV
VP-4-162L-365-5K7-CR5000 K70 CRI49766 lm123403.6 WN.A.
VP-ST-4-162L-320-5K7-4F5000 K70 CRI40251 lm127317.76 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-305-AM-3-AMBER11731 lm39302.1 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-445-3K7-5RW70 K3000 CRI48860 lm111439.27 WType III
VP-4-720L-600-5K7-5QW5000 K70 CRI88249 lm147599.9 WType VS
VP-4-720L-600-3K7-5QW3000 K70 CRI78096 lm130599.9 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-320-3K7-4W70 K3000 CRI37461 lm118317.76 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-340-AM-3-AMBER13211 lm39339.9 WType IV
VP-4-162L-405-3K7-5QN3000 K70 CRI45995 lm114403.6 WType VS
VP-4-720L-515-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI66006 lm127519.1 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-365-4K7-5QN4000 K70 CRI48425 lm135357.77 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-485-3K7-4W-BC3000 K70 CRI47175 lm96.8487.1 W4W
VP-4-162L-485-4K7-24000 K70 CRI56600 lm116487.1 WType II
VP-4-162L-485-4K7-FR4000 K70 CRI59821 lm123487.1 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-445-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI48469 lm108.9445.1 W2
VP-ST-4-162L-320-4K7-CL4000 K70 CRI39691 lm125317.8 WN.A.
VP-4-720L-475-4K7-34000 K70 CRI60034 lm126475 WType III
VP-4-162L-405-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI42985 lm107403.6 WType IV
VP-4-720L-600-5K7-3-BC5000 K70 CRI49649 lm83599.2 WType 3
VP-ST-4-162L-365-5K7-5QN5000 K70 CRI48571 lm136357.77 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-380-AM-4F-AMBER14773 lm39379 WType IV
VP-4-720L-565-4K7-44000 K70 CRI85173 lm151565.2 WType IV
VP-4-162L-320-3K7-CR3000 K70 CRI37313 lm116322.1 WN.A.
VP-ST-4-162L-405-3K7-FR70 K3000 CRI46592 lm117398.28 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-420-AM-5W-AMBER16312 lm39419.1 WType VS
VP-4-162L-365-4K7-TC4000 K70 CRI40808 lm113362.6 WType III
VP-ST-4-162L-445-5K7-CR5000 K70 CRI51296 lm117439.3 WN.A.
VP-ST-4-162L-405-4K7-CL4000 K70 CRI47536 lm119398.3 WN.A.
VP-4-162L-445-5K7-5QN5000 K70 CRI48613 lm100487.1 WType VS
VP-4-162L-545-3K7-5QM3000 K70 CRI61594 lm113543.9 WType VS
VP-4-162L-320-5K7-5RW5000 K70 CRI33168 lm103322.1 WType 5RW
VP-ST-4-162L-320-3K7-3-BC3000 K70 CRI33399 lm103.7322.2 W3
VP-4-720L-435-3K7-23000 K70 CRI55046 lm128429.3 WType II
VP-4-162L-405-5K7-FR5000 K70 CRI55992 lm126445.1 WType II
VP-4-720L-515-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI40130 lm77519.1 WType 4W
VP-ST-4-162L-320-5K7-2-BC5000 K70 CRI37608 lm116.7322.2 W2
VP-4-162L-320-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI36000 lm112322.1 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-365-3K7-5RW70 K3000 CRI44801 lm125357.77 WType III
VP-4-162L-365-3K7-5QM3000 K70 CRI40516 lm112362.6 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-405-5K7-2-BC5000 K70 CRI47124 lm116.8403.6 W2
VP-4-720L-475-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI36794 lm77475 WType 4W
VP-4-720L-435-5K-4F5000 K70 CRI56229 lm131429.3 WType IV
VP-4-162L-445-3K7-TC3000 K70 CRI42880 lm96445.1 WType III
VP-ST-4-162L-405-4K7-FR-BC4000 K70 CRI54159 lm134.2403.6 WFR
VP-4-162L-545-4K7-TC4000 K70 CRI55520 lm102543.9 WType III
VP-4-162L-485-5K7-5RW5000 K70 CRI50185 lm103487.1 WType 5RW
VP-4-162L-545-4K7-5QN4000 K70 CRI64223 lm118543.9 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-405-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI47124 lm116.8403.6 W2
VP-4-162L-445-4K7-5QM4000 K70 CRI52921 lm119445.1 WType VS
VP-4-720L-515-4K-4F4000 K70 CRI67937 lm131519.1 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-545-4K7-FR-BC4000 K70 CRI73102 lm134.4543.9 WFR
VP-4-720L-475-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI32837 lm69475 WType 2
VP-ST-4-162L-405-5K7-FR-BC5000 K70 CRI54159 lm134.2403.6 WFR
VP-ST-4-162L-485-5K7-4F-BC5000 K70 CRI58331 lm119.8487.1 W4F
VP-4-162L-365-3K7-FR3000 K70 CRI42773 lm118362.6 WN.A.
VP-ST-4-162L-320-3K7-5QW70 K3000 CRI35894 lm113317.76 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-365-3K7-TC70 K3000 CRI45693 lm128357.77 WType III
VP-4-162L-320-4K7-FR4000 K70 CRI43484 lm135322.1 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-545-5K7-3-BC5000 K70 CRI60543 lm111.3543.9 W3
VP-ST-4-162L-320-5K7-5QW5000 K70 CRI38057 lm120317.76 WType VS
VP-4-720L-565-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI46858 lm83565.2 WType 3
VP-4-162L-405-5K7-5QM5000 K70 CRI53031 lm119445.1 WType VS
VP-4-720L-435-4K7-34000 K70 CRI54253 lm126429.3 WType III
VP-ST-4-162L-365-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI39506 lm109362.6 W2
VP-4-162L-485-5K7-TC5000 K70 CRI49793 lm92543.9 WType III
VP-4-162L-445-5K7-TC5000 K70 CRI56718 lm116487.1 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-405-4K7-5QM4000 K70 CRI48770 lm122398.28 WType VS
VP-4-162L-365-5K7-5QM5000 K70 CRI49225 lm122403.6 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-255-AM-5W-AMBER9874 lm39253.4 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-445-3K7-4W70 K3000 CRI48413 lm110439.27 WType IV
VP-4-162L-320-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI32287 lm100322.1 WType IV
VP-4-720L-565-5K7-5QW5000 K70 CRI88010 lm156565.2 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-545-4K7-CL4000 K70 CRI59724 lm111536.8 WN.A.
VP-ST-4-162L-340-AM-5W-AMBER13237 lm39339.9 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-365-5K7-CR5000 K70 CRI47035 lm131357.8 WN.A.
VP-4-162L-405-3K7-FR3000 K70 CRI46469 lm115403.6 WType II
VP-4-720L-475-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI68243 lm144475 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-365-4K7-34000 K70 CRI46835 lm131357.77 WType III
VP-ST-4-162L-445-3K7-FR-BC3000 K70 CRI55706 lm125.2445.1 WFR
VP-4-162L-485-4K7-5QM4000 K70 CRI56669 lm116487.1 WType VS
VP-4-162L-485-4K7-5QN4000 K70 CRI59211 lm122487.1 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-445-3K7-C-BC3000 K70 CRI47434 lm106.6445.1 WC
VP-ST-4-162L-365-4K7-24000 K70 CRI47312 lm132357.77 WType II
VP-4-720L-475-5K7-35000 K70 CRI60034 lm126475 WType III
VP-4-162L-405-3K7-TC3000 K70 CRI39762 lm99403.6 WType III
VP-ST-4-162L-365-5K7-CL5000 K70 CRI47035 lm131357.8 WN.A.
VP-ST-4-162L-340-AM-FR-AMBER13235 lm39339.9 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-545-3K7-CL3000 K70 CRI55974 lm104536.8 WN.A.
VP-4-720L-565-5K7-45000 K70 CRI85933 lm152565.2 WType IV
VP-4-162L-320-3K7-5QM3000 K70 CRI36885 lm115322.1 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-445-3K7-4F70 K3000 CRI49063 lm112439.27 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-255-AM-5QM-AMBER9856 lm39253.4 WType VS
VP-4-162L-365-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI43074 lm107403.6 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-405-4K7-5QN4000 K70 CRI48799 lm123398.28 WType VS
VP-4-162L-445-5K7-FR5000 K70 CRI45908 lm94487.1 WType III
VP-ST-4-162L-320-3K7-FR-BC3000 K70 CRI40327 lm125.2322.2 WFR
VP-4-720L-435-4K7-24000 K70 CRI61651 lm144429.3 WType II
VP-4-162L-405-5K7-5QN5000 K70 CRI55422 lm125445.1 WType VS
VP-4-720L-565-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI41524 lm73565.2 WType 2
VP-ST-4-162L-320-5K7-5QN5000 K70 CRI40988 lm129317.76 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-545-5K7-4F-BC5000 K70 CRI65243 lm120543.9 W4F
VP-4-162L-320-4K7-TC4000 K70 CRI37208 lm116322.1 WType III
VP-ST-4-162L-365-3K7-FR70 K3000 CRI46100 lm129357.77 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-320-3K7-5RW70 K3000 CRI37806 lm119317.76 WType III
VP-4-162L-365-3K7-CR3000 K70 CRI40951 lm113362.6 WN.A.
VP-ST-4-162L-485-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI50562 lm103.8487.1 W4W
VP-ST-4-162L-405-5K7-C-BC5000 K70 CRI46117 lm114.3403.6 WC
VP-4-720L-475-3K7-3-BC3000 K70 CRI37056 lm78475 WType 3
VP-ST-4-162L-320-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI37608 lm116.7322.2 W2
VP-4-720L-515-3K-4F3000 K70 CRI59845 lm115519.1 WType IV
VP-4-162L-445-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI46355 lm104445.1 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-405-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI44854 lm111.1403.6 W3
VP-4-162L-545-4K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI58791 lm108543.9 WType VS
VP-4-162L-545-3K7-5RW3000 K70 CRI55850 lm103543.9 WType 5RW
VP-4-162L-545-4K7-FR4000 K70 CRI64884 lm119543.9 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-405-4K7-C-BC4000 K70 CRI46117 lm114.3403.6 WC
VP-4-162L-445-4K7-24000 K70 CRI52868 lm119445.1 WType II
VP-4-720L-475-3K-4F3000 K70 CRI54755 lm115475 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-320-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI33438 lm103.8322.2 W4W
VP-4-720L-475-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI39379 lm83475 WType 3
VP-ST-4-162L-405-5K7-3-BC5000 K70 CRI44854 lm111.1403.6 W3
VP-4-162L-365-3K7-5QN3000 K70 CRI42337 lm117362.6 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-365-3K7-5W70 K3000 CRI44469 lm124357.77 WType VS
VP-4-162L-320-5K7-4F5000 K70 CRI40190 lm125322.1 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-545-5K7-FR-BC5000 K70 CRI73102 lm134.4543.9 WFR
VP-4-720L-565-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI39074 lm69565.2 WType 2
VP-4-162L-405-5K7-CR5000 K70 CRI53611 lm120445.1 WN.A.
VP-4-720L-435-3K7-33000 K70 CRI53033 lm124429.3 WType III
VP-ST-4-162L-320-3K7-4F-BC3000 K70 CRI35992 lm111.7322.2 W4F
VP-4-162L-320-4K7-5RW4000 K70 CRI33926 lm105322.1 WType 5RW
VP-4-162L-545-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI53941 lm99543.9 WType IV
VP-4-162L-445-5K7-5QW5000 K70 CRI51122 lm105487.1 WN.A.
VP-ST-4-162L-405-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI47370 lm119398.28 WType VS
VP-4-162L-365-5K7-25000 K70 CRI49126 lm122403.6 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-420-AM-FR-AMBER16309 lm39419.1 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-405-3K7-TC70 K3000 CRI46180 lm116398.28 WType III
VP-4-162L-320-3K7-CL3000 K70 CRI37084 lm115322.1 WN.A.
VP-4-720L-565-4K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI87231 lm154565.2 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-485-3K7-CL3000 K70 CRI51511 lm107480.7 WN.A.
VP-ST-4-162L-380-AM-3-AMBER14727 lm39379 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-365-5K7-5QW5000 K70 CRI45098 lm126357.77 WType VS
VP-4-720L-600-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI46389 lm77599.2 WType 4W
VP-4-162L-405-4K7-4F4000 K70 CRI47988 lm119403.6 WType IV
VP-4-720L-475-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI67639 lm142475 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-320-4K7-CR4000 K70 CRI39691 lm125317.8 WN.A.
VP-ST-4-162L-445-3K7-3-BC3000 K70 CRI46135 lm103.7445.1 W3
VP-4-162L-485-4K7-CR4000 K70 CRI57281 lm118487.1 WN.A.
VP-4-162L-485-4K7-34000 K70 CRI56556 lm116487.1 WType III
VP-ST-4-162L-485-3K7-4F-BC3000 K70 CRI54423 lm111.7487.1 W4F
VP-ST-4-162L-365-4K7-5QM4000 K70 CRI48396 lm135357.77 WType VS
VP-4-720L-515-3K7-33000 K70 CRI64140 lm124519.1 WType III
VP-4-162L-405-3K7-5QW3000 K70 CRI42105 lm104403.6 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-405-5K7-25000 K70 CRI47820 lm120398.28 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-340-AM-4F-AMBER13252 lm39339.9 WType IV
VP-4-720L-600-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI76275 lm127599.9 WType IV
VP-4-162L-320-3K7-23000 K70 CRI36823 lm114322.1 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-445-3K7-5QW70 K3000 CRI46389 lm106439.27 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-305-AM-2-AMBER11743 lm39302.1 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-320-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI39718 lm125317.76 WType IV
VP-4-162L-365-5K7-CL5000 K70 CRI49474 lm123403.6 WN.A.
VP-4-720L-515-5K7-5QW5000 K70 CRI76367 lm147519.1 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-405-4K7-34000 K70 CRI47197 lm119398.28 WType III
VP-4-162L-485-3K7-4F3000 K70 CRI55520 lm114487.1 WType IV
VP-4-162L-485-5K7-CL5000 K70 CRI55449 lm102543.9 WN.A.
VP-ST-4-162L-365-3K7-4W-BC3000 K70 CRI35126 lm96.9362.6 W4W
VP-4-720L-435-5K7-25000 K70 CRI62201 lm145429.3 WType II
VP-4-162L-405-5K7-35000 K70 CRI52968 lm119445.1 WType III
VP-4-720L-565-5K7-3-BC5000 K70 CRI46765 lm83565.2 WType 3
VP-ST-4-162L-320-5K7-CL5000 K70 CRI39691 lm125317.8 WN.A.
VP-4-162L-320-4K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI39400 lm122322.1 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-405-3K7-4F70 K3000 CRI45467 lm114398.28 WType IV
VP-4-162L-365-4K7-34000 K70 CRI45063 lm124362.6 WType III
VP-ST-4-162L-445-5K7-FR-BC5000 K70 CRI59706 lm134.1445.1 WFR
VP-ST-4-162L-320-4K7-4F4000 K70 CRI40130 lm126317.76 WType IV
VP-4-720L-435-5K7-2-BC5000 K70 CRI31898 lm74429.3 WType 2
VP-ST-4-162L-545-4K7-4F-BC4000 K70 CRI65243 lm120543.9 W4F
VP-4-720L-565-4K-4F4000 K70 CRI73958 lm131565.2 WType IV
VP-4-162L-445-4K7-CL4000 K70 CRI53243 lm120445.1 WN.A.
VP-ST-4-162L-365-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI37649 lm103.8362.6 W4W
VP-4-162L-545-4K7-4F4000 K70 CRI60094 lm110543.9 WType IV
VP-4-162L-445-5K7-5RW5000 K70 CRI45858 lm103445.1 WType 5RW
VP-4-162L-545-5K7-4F5000 K70 CRI54589 lm127429.3 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-445-4K7-4F-BC4000 K70 CRI53287 lm119.7445.1 W4F
VP-4-162L-445-3K7-CL3000 K70 CRI47751 lm107445.1 WN.A.
VP-4-720L-475-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI36720 lm77475 WType 4W
VP-ST-4-162L-365-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI37649 lm103.8362.6 W4W
VP-4-162L-365-3K7-33000 K70 CRI40415 lm111362.6 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-320-3K7-FR70 K3000 CRI38903 lm122317.76 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-365-3K7-5QM70 K3000 CRI45783 lm128357.77 WType VS
VP-4-162L-320-5K7-5QW5000 K70 CRI39319 lm122322.1 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-320-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI33438 lm103.8322.2 W4W
VP-4-720L-515-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI40210 lm77519.1 WType 4W
VP-4-162L-445-3K7-33000 K70 CRI47406 lm107445.1 WType III
VP-ST-4-162L-485-4K7-4F-BC4000 K70 CRI58331 lm119.8487.1 W4F
VP-4-162L-545-5K7-CR5000 K70 CRI62201 lm145429.3 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-545-3K7-C-BC3000 K70 CRI58077 lm106.8543.9 WC
VP-4-162L-365-5K7-5RW5000 K70 CRI37783 lm104362.6 WType 5RW
VP-4-162L-545-3K7-CL3000 K70 CRI61955 lm114543.9 WN.A.
VP-4-162L-445-5K7-4F5000 K70 CRI44509 lm91487.1 WType IV
VP-4-720L-435-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI30076 lm70429.3 WType 2
VP-ST-4-162L-405-4K7-TC4000 K70 CRI48674 lm122398.28 WType III
VP-ST-4-162L-485-5K7-CR5000 K70 CRI54963 lm114480.7 WN.A.
VP-4-162L-365-4K7-CL4000 K70 CRI45444 lm125362.6 WN.A.
VP-ST-4-162L-420-AM-4F-AMBER16329 lm39419.1 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-405-3K7-5W70 K3000 CRI44943 lm113398.28 WType VS
VP-4-162L-320-4K7-24000 K70 CRI41143 lm128322.1 WType II
VP-4-720L-565-3K7-5QW3000 K70 CRI77885 lm138565.2 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-380-AM-5W-AMBER14756 lm39379 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-365-5K7-4F5000 K70 CRI47697 lm133357.77 WType IV
VP-4-720L-600-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI49748 lm83599.2 WType 3
VP-4-162L-405-4K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI46948 lm116403.6 WType VS
VP-4-720L-475-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI60392 lm127475 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-320-4K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI37943 lm119317.76 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-405-3K7-4W-BC3000 K70 CRI39092 lm96.9403.6 W4W
VP-4-162L-485-5K7-35000 K70 CRI55061 lm101543.9 WType III
VP-4-162L-485-3K7-CR3000 K70 CRI57401 lm118487.1 WN.A.
VP-ST-4-162L-365-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI47007 lm131357.77 WType VS
VP-4-720L-515-4K7-34000 K70 CRI65615 lm126519.1 WType III
VP-4-162L-405-3K7-4F3000 K70 CRI43038 lm107403.6 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-405-5K7-5QM5000 K70 CRI49059 lm123398.28 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-305-AM-FR-AMBER11752 lm39302.1 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-445-5K7-CL5000 K70 CRI51296 lm117439.3 WN.A.
VP-ST-4-162L-320-3K7-270 K3000 CRI37770 lm119317.76 WType II
VP-4-720L-600-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI85428 lm142599.9 WType IV
VP-4-720L-600-5K7-25000 K70 CRI86912 lm145599.9 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-445-3K7-CR3000 K70 CRI48075 lm109439.3 WN.A.
VP-ST-4-162L-305-AM-5QM-AMBER11733 lm39302.1 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-405-5K7-5QW5000 K70 CRI45579 lm114398.28 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-255-AM-2-AMBER9864 lm39253.4 WType II
VP-4-162L-405-3K7-23000 K70 CRI43967 lm109403.6 WType II
VP-4-720L-515-4K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI75691 lm146519.1 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-365-4K7-CR4000 K70 CRI47035 lm131357.8 WN.A.
VP-4-162L-485-3K7-5QW3000 K70 CRI54316 lm112487.1 WType VS
VP-4-162L-485-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI48277 lm89543.9 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-405-3K7-3-BC3000 K70 CRI41849 lm103.7403.6 W3
VP-4-720L-475-3K7-23000 K70 CRI60897 lm128475 WType II
VP-4-162L-405-4K7-CR4000 K70 CRI49662 lm123403.6 WN.A.
VP-4-720L-600-3K7-4W-BC3000 K70 CRI43739 lm73599.2 WType 4W
VP-ST-4-162L-365-5K7-25000 K70 CRI47454 lm133357.77 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-380-AM-TC-AMBER14758 lm39379 WType III
VP-4-720L-565-3K7-33000 K70 CRI69824 lm124565.2 WType III
VP-4-162L-320-4K7-4F4000 K70 CRI40274 lm125322.1 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-405-3K7-5QW70 K3000 CRI42989 lm108398.28 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-420-AM-2-AMBER16296 lm39419.1 WType II
VP-4-162L-365-4K7-5QN4000 K70 CRI47206 lm130362.6 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-545-4K7-CR4000 K70 CRI59724 lm111536.8 WN.A.
VP-ST-4-162L-445-4K7-34000 K70 CRI51079 lm116439.27 WType III
VP-4-720L-435-3K7-4W-BC3000 K70 CRI31711 lm74429.3 WType 4W
VP-ST-4-162L-485-4K7-C-BC4000 K70 CRI55653 lm114.3487.1 WC
VP-4-720L-600-5K-4F5000 K70 CRI78586 lm131599.9 WType IV
VP-4-162L-445-5K7-25000 K70 CRI50723 lm104487.1 WType III
VP-ST-4-162L-320-4K7-FR-BC4000 K70 CRI43223 lm134.1322.2 WFR
VP-4-162L-545-3K7-FR3000 K70 CRI65019 lm120543.9 WType II
VP-4-162L-405-4K7-5RW4000 K70 CRI42776 lm106403.6 WType 5RW
VP-ST-4-162L-545-3K7-4F-BC3000 K70 CRI60872 lm111.9543.9 W4F
VP-4-162L-545-5K7-5QW5000 K70 CRI61140 lm142429.3 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-485-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI56867 lm116.7487.1 W2
VP-4-162L-445-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI41574 lm93445.1 WType IV
VP-4-720L-515-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI38137 lm73519.1 WType 2
VP-ST-4-162L-320-5K7-FR-BC5000 K70 CRI43223 lm134.1322.2 WFR
VP-4-162L-320-5K7-CR5000 K70 CRI41604 lm129322.1 WN.A.
VP-ST-4-162L-365-3K7-4F70 K3000 CRI44987 lm126357.77 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-365-3K7-270 K3000 CRI44757 lm125357.77 WType II
VP-4-162L-320-5K7-TC5000 K70 CRI37131 lm115322.1 WType III
VP-ST-4-162L-365-5K7-3-BC5000 K70 CRI40304 lm111.2362.6 W3
VP-4-720L-515-3K7-3-BC3000 K70 CRI40497 lm78519.1 WType 3
VP-4-162L-445-3K7-5QN3000 K70 CRI49602 lm111445.1 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-445-4K7-C-BC4000 K70 CRI50840 lm114.2445.1 WC
VP-4-162L-545-5K7-5QM5000 K70 CRI61651 lm144429.3 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-545-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI59344 lm109.1543.9 W2
VP-4-162L-445-3K7-5RW3000 K70 CRI45539 lm102445.1 WType 5RW
VP-ST-4-162L-365-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI40304 lm111.2362.6 W3
VP-4-162L-445-4K7-FR4000 K70 CRI55876 lm126445.1 WType II
VP-4-720L-600-3K-4F3000 K70 CRI69156 lm115599.9 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-545-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI63606 lm116.9543.9 W2
VP-4-720L-435-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI36068 lm84429.3 WType 3
VP-ST-4-162L-320-4K7-24000 K70 CRI39926 lm126317.76 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-445-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI46190 lm103.8445.1 W4W
VP-4-162L-365-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI39566 lm109362.6 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-405-3K7-5QM70 K3000 CRI46271 lm116398.28 WType VS
VP-4-162L-320-4K7-5QM4000 K70 CRI41213 lm128322.1 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-320-5K7-FR5000 K70 CRI41247 lm130317.76 WType II
VP-4-720L-600-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI41484 lm69599.2 WType 2
VP-4-162L-405-4K7-TC4000 K70 CRI44335 lm110403.6 WType III
VP-4-720L-435-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI61686 lm144429.3 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-365-3K7-FR-BC3000 K70 CRI45404 lm125.2362.6 WFR
VP-4-162L-485-5K7-5QN5000 K70 CRI57599 lm106543.9 WType VS
VP-4-162L-485-3K7-5QM3000 K70 CRI56787 lm117487.1 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-365-4K7-TC4000 K70 CRI48301 lm135357.77 WType III
VP-ST-4-162L-445-4K7-CR4000 K70 CRI51296 lm117439.3 WN.A.
VP-4-720L-515-5K7-35000 K70 CRI65615 lm126519.1 WType III
VP-4-162L-365-5K7-FR5000 K70 CRI51921 lm129403.6 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-255-AM-3-AMBER9854 lm39253.4 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-320-5K7-35000 K70 CRI39642 lm125317.76 WType III
VP-ST-4-162L-305-AM-4F-AMBER11767 lm39302.1 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-445-3K7-5W70 K3000 CRI48498 lm110439.27 WType VS
VP-4-720L-600-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI86191 lm144599.9 WType IV
VP-4-720L-600-4K7-24000 K70 CRI86143 lm144599.9 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-320-3K7-4F70 K3000 CRI37963 lm119317.76 WType IV
VP-ST-4-162L-405-5K7-CL5000 K70 CRI47536 lm119398.3 WN.A.
VP-ST-4-162L-340-AM-2-AMBER13224 lm39339.9 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-405-5K7-4F5000 K70 CRI48066 lm121398.28 WType IV
VP-4-162L-405-3K7-5QM3000 K70 CRI44056 lm109403.6 WType VS
VP-4-720L-515-3K7-5QW3000 K70 CRI67581 lm130519.1 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-365-4K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI44963 lm126357.77 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-485-3K7-C-BC3000 K70 CRI51924 lm106.6487.1 WC
VP-4-162L-485-3K7-TC3000 K70 CRI51293 lm105487.1 WType III
VP-4-162L-485-4K7-TC4000 K70 CRI51187 lm105487.1 WType III
VP-ST-4-162L-405-3K7-FR-BC3000 K70 CRI50531 lm125.2403.6 WFR
VP-4-720L-475-4K7-24000 K70 CRI68205 lm144475 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-320-4K7-C-BC4000 K70 CRI36805 lm114.2322.2 WC
VP-4-162L-405-4K7-5QM4000 K70 CRI49123 lm122403.6 WType VS
VP-4-720L-600-5K7-2-BC5000 K70 CRI43997 lm73599.2 WType 2
VP-ST-4-162L-365-5K7-5QM5000 K70 CRI48541 lm136357.77 WType VS
VP-ST-4-162L-380-AM-4W-AMBER14742 lm39379 WType IV
VP-4-720L-565-4K7-34000 K70 CRI71429 lm126565.2 WType III
VP-4-162L-320-3K7-FR3000 K70 CRI38918 lm121322.1 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-405-3K7-CR3000 K70 CRI44551 lm112398.3 WN.A.
VP-ST-4-162L-420-AM-5QM-AMBER16282 lm39419.1 WType VS
VP-4-162L-365-4K7-FR4000 K70 CRI47692 lm132362.6 WType II
VP-ST-4-162L-485-3K7-CR3000 K70 CRI51511 lm107480.7 WN.A.
VP-ST-4-162L-405-4K7-CR4000 K70 CRI47536 lm119398.3 WN.A.
VP-4-162L-445-5K7-5QM5000 K70 CRI53104 lm109487.1 WType VS
VP-4-162L-545-3K7-5QN3000 K70 CRI64357 lm118543.9 WType VS