Viper Area Size 2

The Viper is an extremely versatile area/site luminaire which blends design, performance, and technology for a variety of applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Featuring two different optical technologies, Micro Strike and Strike Optics, which provide the best distribution patterns for retrofit or new construction
  • Vibration rated for high vibration applications including bridges and overpasses
  • Control options including photo control, occupancy sensing, NX Lighting Controls, wiSCAPE and 7-Pin with networked controls
  • Mounting options include: Arm, Universal Arm, Adjustable Arm, Mast Arm, Decorative Arm, Knuckle, Trunnion, Wall
  • Distribution options include: Auto Front Row, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4 Forward, Type 4 Wide, Type 5 Narrow, Type 5 Medium, Type 5 Wide, Type 5 Rectangular, Corner Optic, and Tennis Court


Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming
CCT Offering
2700, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
70, 80, 90
Mounting Options
Pole, Wall, Knuckle, Mast Arm Fitter, Trunnion
Wattage Range
115 - 315
BAA (Buy American 52.225-9), TAA (Buy American 52.225-11)
5 year limited

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
VP-ST-2-72L-240-3K7-5QW3000 K70 CRI24005 lm101238.56 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-240-3K7-5RW3000 K70 CRI25284 lm106238.56 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-240-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI25097 lm105238.56 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-240-3K7-CL3000 K70 CRI24878 lm104238.56 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-240-3K7-CR3000 K70 CRI24878 lm104238.56 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-240-3K7-FR3000 K70 CRI26017 lm109238.56 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-240-3K7-TC3000 K70 CRI25787 lm108238.56 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-115-3K7-23000 K70 CRI13866 lm124112.11 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-115-3K7-33000 K70 CRI13726 lm122112.11 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-115-3K7-4F3000 K70 CRI13937 lm124112.11 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-115-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI13752 lm123112.11 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-115-3K7-5QM3000 K70 CRI14183 lm127112.11 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-115-3K7-5QN3000 K70 CRI14192 lm127112.11 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-115-3K7-5QW3000 K70 CRI13177 lm118112.11 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-115-3K7-5RW3000 K70 CRI13879 lm124112.11 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-115-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI13776 lm123112.11 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-115-3K7-CL3000 K70 CRI13656 lm122112.11 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-115-3K7-CR3000 K70 CRI13656 lm122112.11 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-115-3K7-FR3000 K70 CRI14282 lm127112.11 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-115-3K7-TC3000 K70 CRI14155 lm126112.11 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-145-3K7-23000 K70 CRI16786 lm119141.22 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-145-3K7-33000 K70 CRI16617 lm118141.22 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-145-3K7-4F3000 K70 CRI16872 lm119141.22 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-145-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI16649 lm118141.22 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-145-3K7-5QM3000 K70 CRI17170 lm122141.22 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-145-3K7-5QN3000 K70 CRI17181 lm122141.22 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-145-3K7-5QW3000 K70 CRI15953 lm113141.22 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-145-3K7-5RW3000 K70 CRI16802 lm119141.22 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-145-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI16678 lm118141.22 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-145-3K7-CL3000 K70 CRI16532 lm117141.22 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-145-3K7-CR3000 K70 CRI16532 lm117141.22 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-145-3K7-FR3000 K70 CRI17290 lm122141.22 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-145-3K7-TC3000 K70 CRI17137 lm121141.22 WType III
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-3K7-23000 K70 CRI20102 lm114177.02 WType II
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-3K7-33000 K70 CRI19900 lm112177.02 WType III
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-3K7-4F3000 K70 CRI20206 lm114177.02 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI19938 lm113177.02 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-3K7-5QM3000 K70 CRI20563 lm116177.02 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-3K7-5QN3000 K70 CRI20575 lm116177.02 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-3K7-5QW3000 K70 CRI19104 lm108177.02 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-3K7-5RW3000 K70 CRI20122 lm114177.02 WType III
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI19973 lm113177.02 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-3K7-CL3000 K70 CRI19799 lm112177.02 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-3K7-CR3000 K70 CRI19799 lm112177.02 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-3K7-FR3000 K70 CRI20706 lm117177.02 WType II
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-3K7-TC3000 K70 CRI20523 lm116177.02 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-210-3K7-23000 K70 CRI22732 lm105217.3 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-210-3K7-33000 K70 CRI22503 lm104217.3 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-210-3K7-4F3000 K70 CRI22849 lm105217.3 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-210-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI22546 lm104217.3 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-210-3K7-5QM3000 K70 CRI23253 lm107217.3 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-210-3K7-5QN3000 K70 CRI23267 lm107217.3 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-210-3K7-5QW3000 K70 CRI21604 lm99217.3 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-210-3K7-5RW3000 K70 CRI22754 lm105217.3 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-210-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI22586 lm104217.3 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-210-3K7-CL3000 K70 CRI22389 lm103217.3 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-210-3K7-CR3000 K70 CRI22389 lm103217.3 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-210-3K7-FR3000 K70 CRI23414 lm108217.3 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-210-3K7-TC3000 K70 CRI23207 lm107217.3 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-240-3K7-23000 K70 CRI25259 lm106238.56 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-240-3K7-33000 K70 CRI25005 lm105238.56 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-240-3K7-4F3000 K70 CRI25389 lm106238.56 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-240-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI25053 lm105238.56 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-240-3K7-5QM3000 K70 CRI25838 lm108238.56 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-240-3K7-5QN3000 K70 CRI25853 lm108238.56 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-240-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI26483 lm111238.6 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-240-4K7-5QM4000 K70 CRI27313 lm114238.6 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-240-4K7-5QN4000 K70 CRI27329 lm115238.6 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-240-4K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI25375 lm106238.6 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-240-4K7-5RW4000 K70 CRI26727 lm112238.6 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-240-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI26529 lm111238.6 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-240-4K7-CL4000 K70 CRI26544 lm111238.6 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-240-4K7-CR4000 K70 CRI26544 lm111238.6 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-240-4K7-FR4000 K70 CRI27502 lm115238.6 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-240-4K7-TC4000 K70 CRI27259 lm114238.6 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-115-4K7-24000 K70 CRI14657 lm131112.1 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-115-4K7-34000 K70 CRI14509 lm129112.1 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-115-4K7-4F4000 K70 CRI14732 lm131112.1 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-115-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI14537 lm130112.1 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-115-4K7-5QM4000 K70 CRI14993 lm134112.1 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-115-4K7-5QN4000 K70 CRI15002 lm134112.1 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-115-4K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI13929 lm124112.1 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-115-4K7-5RW4000 K70 CRI14671 lm131112.1 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-115-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI14563 lm130112.1 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-115-4K7-CL4000 K70 CRI14571 lm130112.1 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-115-4K7-CR4000 K70 CRI14571 lm130112.1 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-115-4K7-FR4000 K70 CRI15097 lm135112.1 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-115-4K7-TC4000 K70 CRI14963 lm133112.1 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-145-4K7-24000 K70 CRI17744 lm126141.2 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-145-4K7-34000 K70 CRI17565 lm124141.2 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-145-4K7-4F4000 K70 CRI17835 lm126141.2 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-145-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI17599 lm125141.2 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-145-4K7-5QM4000 K70 CRI18151 lm129141.2 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-145-4K7-5QN4000 K70 CRI18162 lm129141.2 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-145-4K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI16863 lm119141.2 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-145-4K7-5RW4000 K70 CRI17761 lm126141.2 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-145-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI17630 lm125141.2 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-145-4K7-CL4000 K70 CRI17640 lm125141.2 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-145-4K7-CR4000 K70 CRI17640 lm125141.2 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-145-4K7-FR4000 K70 CRI18276 lm129141.2 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-145-4K7-TC4000 K70 CRI18115 lm128141.2 WType III
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-4K7-24000 K70 CRI24030 lm111217.3 WType II
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-4K7-34000 K70 CRI21036 lm119177 WType III
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-4K7-4F4000 K70 CRI21359 lm121177 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI21076 lm119177 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-4K7-5QM4000 K70 CRI21737 lm123177 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-4K7-5QN4000 K70 CRI21750 lm123177 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-4K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI20195 lm114177 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-4K7-5RW4000 K70 CRI21271 lm120177 WType III
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI21113 lm119177 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-4K7-CL4000 K70 CRI21125 lm119177 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-4K7-CR4000 K70 CRI21125 lm119177 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-4K7-FR4000 K70 CRI21888 lm124177 WType II
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-4K7-TC4000 K70 CRI21694 lm123177 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-210-4K7-34000 K70 CRI23788 lm109217.3 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-210-4K7-4F4000 K70 CRI24153 lm111217.3 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-210-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI23833 lm110217.3 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-210-4K7-5QM4000 K70 CRI24581 lm113217.3 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-210-4K7-5QN4000 K70 CRI24595 lm113217.3 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-210-4K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI22837 lm105217.3 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-210-4K7-5RW4000 K70 CRI24053 lm111217.3 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-210-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI23875 lm110217.3 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-210-4K7-CL4000 K70 CRI23889 lm110217.3 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-210-4K7-CR4000 K70 CRI23889 lm110217.3 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-210-4K7-FR4000 K70 CRI24751 lm114217.3 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-210-4K7-TC4000 K70 CRI24532 lm113217.3 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-240-4K7-24000 K70 CRI26701 lm112238.6 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-240-4K7-34000 K70 CRI26432 lm111238.6 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-240-4K7-4F4000 K70 CRI26838 lm112238.6 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-240-5K7-5QM5000 K70 CRI27395 lm115238.6 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-240-5K7-5QN5000 K70 CRI27411 lm115238.6 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-240-5K7-5QW5000 K70 CRI25451 lm107238.6 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-240-5K7-5RW5000 K70 CRI26807 lm112238.6 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-240-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI26609 lm112238.6 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-240-5K7-CL5000 K70 CRI26544 lm111238.6 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-240-5K7-CR5000 K70 CRI26544 lm111238.6 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-240-5K7-FR5000 K70 CRI27585 lm116238.6 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-240-5K7-TC5000 K70 CRI27341 lm115238.6 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-115-5K7-25000 K70 CRI14701 lm131112.1 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-115-5K7-35000 K70 CRI14553 lm130112.1 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-115-5K7-4F5000 K70 CRI14776 lm132112.1 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-115-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI14581 lm130112.1 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-115-5K7-5QM5000 K70 CRI15038 lm134112.1 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-115-5K7-5QN5000 K70 CRI15047 lm134112.1 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-115-5K7-5QW5000 K70 CRI13971 lm125112.1 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-115-5K7-5RW5000 K70 CRI14715 lm131112.1 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-115-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI14606 lm130112.1 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-115-5K7-CL5000 K70 CRI14571 lm130112.1 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-115-5K7-CR5000 K70 CRI14571 lm130112.1 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-115-5K7-FR5000 K70 CRI15142 lm135112.1 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-115-5K7-TC5000 K70 CRI15008 lm134112.1 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-145-5K7-25000 K70 CRI17797 lm126141.2 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-145-5K7-35000 K70 CRI17618 lm125141.2 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-145-5K7-4F5000 K70 CRI17889 lm127141.2 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-145-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI17652 lm125141.2 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-145-5K7-5QM5000 K70 CRI18205 lm129141.2 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-145-5K7-5QN5000 K70 CRI18216 lm129141.2 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-145-5K7-5QW5000 K70 CRI16914 lm120141.2 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-145-5K7-5RW5000 K70 CRI17815 lm126141.2 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-145-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI17683 lm125141.2 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-145-5K7-CL5000 K70 CRI17640 lm125141.2 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-145-5K7-CR5000 K70 CRI17640 lm125141.2 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-145-5K7-FR5000 K70 CRI18331 lm130141.2 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-145-5K7-TC5000 K70 CRI18169 lm129141.2 WType III
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-5K7-25000 K70 CRI21314 lm120177 WType II
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-5K7-35000 K70 CRI21099 lm119177 WType III
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-5K7-4F5000 K70 CRI21423 lm121177 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI21139 lm119177 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-5K7-5QM5000 K70 CRI21802 lm123177 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-5K7-5QN5000 K70 CRI21815 lm123177 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-5K7-5QW5000 K70 CRI20256 lm114177 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-5K7-5RW5000 K70 CRI21334 lm121177 WType III
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI21176 lm120177 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-5K7-CL5000 K70 CRI21125 lm119177 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-5K7-CR5000 K70 CRI21125 lm119177 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-5K7-FR5000 K70 CRI21953 lm124177 WType II
VP-ST-2-72-L-180-5K7-TC5000 K70 CRI21759 lm123177 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-210-5K7-25000 K70 CRI24102 lm111217.3 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-210-5K7-35000 K70 CRI23859 lm110217.3 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-210-5K7-4F5000 K70 CRI24226 lm111217.3 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-210-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI23905 lm110217.3 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-210-5K7-5QM5000 K70 CRI24654 lm113217.3 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-210-5K7-5QN5000 K70 CRI24669 lm114217.3 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-210-5K7-5QW5000 K70 CRI22905 lm105217.3 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-210-5K7-5RW5000 K70 CRI24126 lm111217.3 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-210-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI23947 lm110217.3 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-210-5K7-CL5000 K70 CRI23889 lm110217.3 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-210-5K7-CR5000 K70 CRI23889 lm110217.3 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-210-5K7-FR5000 K70 CRI24825 lm114217.3 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-210-5K7-TC5000 K70 CRI24606 lm113217.3 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-240-5K7-25000 K70 CRI26781 lm112238.6 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-240-5K7-35000 K70 CRI26511 lm111238.6 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-240-5K7-4F5000 K70 CRI26918 lm113238.6 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-240-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI26562 lm111238.6 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-240-4K7-CL-BC4000 K70 CRI22910 lm95240 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-240-4K7-CR-BC4000 K70 CRI22910 lm95240 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-240-4K7-FR-BC4000 K70 CRI26905 lm112240 WType I
VP-ST-2-72L-240-5K7-2-BC5000 K70 CRI23410 lm98240 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-240-5K7-3-BC5000 K70 CRI22283 lm93240 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-240-5K7-4F-BC5000 K70 CRI24013 lm100240 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-240-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI20815 lm87240 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-240-5K7-CL-BC5000 K70 CRI22910 lm95240 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-240-5K7-CR-BC5000 K70 CRI22910 lm95240 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-240-5K7-FR-BC5000 K70 CRI26905 lm112240 WType I
VP-ST-2-72L-115-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI12044 lm105115 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-115-3K7-3-BC3000 K70 CRI11464 lm100115 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-115-3K7-4F-BC3000 K70 CRI12354 lm107115 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-115-3K7-4W-BC3000 K70 CRI10708 lm93115 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-115-3K7-CL-BC3000 K70 CRI11786 lm102115 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-115-3K7-CR-BC3000 K70 CRI11786 lm102115 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-115-3K7-FR-BC3000 K70 CRI13842 lm120115 WType I
VP-ST-2-72L-115-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI12851 lm112115 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-115-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI12232 lm106115 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-115-4K7-4F-BC4000 K70 CRI13181 lm115115 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-115-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI11426 lm99115 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-115-4K7-CL-BC4000 K70 CRI12576 lm109115 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-115-4K7-CR-BC4000 K70 CRI12576 lm109115 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-115-4K7-FR-BC4000 K70 CRI14769 lm128115 WType I
VP-ST-2-72L-115-5K7-2-BC5000 K70 CRI12851 lm112115 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-115-5K7-3-BC5000 K70 CRI12232 lm106115 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-115-5K7-4F-BC5000 K70 CRI13181 lm115115 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-115-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI11426 lm99115 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-115-5K7-CL-BC5000 K70 CRI12576 lm109115 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-115-5K7-CR-BC5000 K70 CRI12576 lm109115 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-115-5K7-FR-BC5000 K70 CRI14769 lm128115 WType I
VP-ST-2-72L-145-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI14580 lm101145 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-145-3K7-3-BC3000 K70 CRI13878 lm96145 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-145-3K7-4F-BC3000 K70 CRI14956 lm103145 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-145-3K7-4W-BC3000 K70 CRI12964 lm89145 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-145-3K7-CL-BC3000 K70 CRI14269 lm98145 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-145-3K7-CR-BC3000 K70 CRI14269 lm98145 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-145-3K7-FR-BC3000 K70 CRI16757 lm116145 WType I
VP-ST-2-72L-145-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI15557 lm107145 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-145-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI14808 lm102145 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-145-4K7-4F-BC4000 K70 CRI15958 lm110145 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-145-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI13832 lm95145 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-145-4K7-CL-BC4000 K70 CRI15225 lm105145 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-145-4K7-CR-BC4000 K70 CRI15225 lm105145 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-145-4K7-FR-BC4000 K70 CRI17880 lm123145 WType I
VP-ST-2-72L-145-5K7-2-BC5000 K70 CRI15557 lm107145 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-145-5K7-3-BC5000 K70 CRI14808 lm102145 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-145-5K7-4F-BC5000 K70 CRI15958 lm110145 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-145-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI13832 lm95145 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-145-5K7-CL-BC5000 K70 CRI15225 lm105145 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-145-5K7-CR-BC5000 K70 CRI15225 lm105145 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-145-5K7-FR-BC5000 K70 CRI17880 lm123145 WType I
VP-ST-2-72L-180-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI17461 lm97180 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-180-3K7-3-BC3000 K70 CRI16620 lm92180 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-180-3K7-4F-BC3000 K70 CRI17911 lm100180 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-180-3K7-4W-BC3000 K70 CRI15525 lm86180 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-180-3K7-CL-BC3000 K70 CRI17088 lm95180 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-180-3K7-CR-BC3000 K70 CRI17088 lm95180 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-180-3K7-FR-BC3000 K70 CRI20068 lm111180 WType I
VP-ST-2-72L-180-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI18631 lm104180 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-180-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI17734 lm99180 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-180-4K7-4F-BC4000 K70 CRI19111 lm106180 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-180-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI16565 lm92180 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-180-4K7-CL-BC4000 K70 CRI18233 lm101180 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-180-4K7-CR-BC4000 K70 CRI18233 lm101180 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-180-4K7-FR-BC4000 K70 CRI21413 lm119180 WType I
VP-ST-2-72L-180-5K7-2-BC5000 K70 CRI18631 lm104180 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-180-5K7-3-BC5000 K70 CRI17734 lm99180 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-180-5K7-4F-BC5000 K70 CRI19111 lm106180 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-180-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI16565 lm92180 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-180-5K7-CL-BC5000 K70 CRI18233 lm101180 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-180-5K7-CR-BC5000 K70 CRI18233 lm101180 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-180-5K7-FR-BC5000 K70 CRI21413 lm119180 WType I
VP-ST-2-72L-210-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI19745 lm94210 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-210-3K7-3-BC3000 K70 CRI18795 lm89210 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-210-3K7-4F-BC3000 K70 CRI20254 lm96210 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-210-3K7-4W-BC3000 K70 CRI17556 lm84210 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-210-3K7-CL-BC3000 K70 CRI19324 lm92210 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-210-3K7-CR-BC3000 K70 CRI19324 lm92210 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-210-3K7-FR-BC3000 K70 CRI22693 lm108210 WType I
VP-ST-2-72L-210-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI21068 lm100210 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-210-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI20054 lm95210 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-210-4K7-4F-BC4000 K70 CRI21611 lm103210 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-210-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI18733 lm89210 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-210-4K7-CL-BC4000 K70 CRI20618 lm98210 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-210-4K7-CR-BC4000 K70 CRI20618 lm98210 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-210-4K7-FR-BC4000 K70 CRI24214 lm115210 WType I
VP-ST-2-72L-210-5K7-2-BC5000 K70 CRI21068 lm100210 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-210-5K7-3-BC5000 K70 CRI20054 lm95210 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-210-5K7-4F-BC5000 K70 CRI21611 lm103210 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-210-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI18733 lm89210 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-210-5K7-CL-BC5000 K70 CRI20618 lm98210 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-210-5K7-CR-BC5000 K70 CRI20618 lm98210 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-210-5K7-FR-BC5000 K70 CRI24214 lm115210 WType I
VP-ST-2-72L-240-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI21940 lm91240 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-240-3K7-3-BC3000 K70 CRI20884 lm87240 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-240-3K7-4F-BC3000 K70 CRI22505 lm94240 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-240-3K7-4W-BC3000 K70 CRI19508 lm81240 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-240-3K7-CL-BC3000 K70 CRI21472 lm89240 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-240-3K7-CR-BC3000 K70 CRI21472 lm89240 WN.A.
VP-ST-2-72L-240-3K7-FR-BC3000 K70 CRI25216 lm105240 WType I
VP-ST-2-72L-240-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI23410 lm98240 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-240-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI22283 lm93240 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-240-4K7-4F-BC4000 K70 CRI24013 lm100240 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-240-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI20815 lm87240 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-150-AM-5W5895 lm39151 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-150-AM-FR5894 lm39151 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-150-AM-TC5896 lm39151 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-185-AM-27104 lm39180.3 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-185-AM-37096 lm39180.3 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-185-AM-4F7118 lm39180.3 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-185-AM-4W7104 lm39180.3 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-185-AM-5QM7097 lm39180.3 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-185-AM-5W7111 lm39180.3 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-185-AM-FR7109 lm39180.3 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-185-AM-TC7111 lm39180.3 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-90-AM-23573 lm3991.9 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-90-AM-33570 lm3991.9 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-90-AM-4F3581 lm3991.9 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-90-AM-4W3574 lm3991.9 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-90-AM-5QM3570 lm3991.9 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-90-AM-5W3577 lm3991.9 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-90-AM-FR3576 lm3991.9 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-90-AM-TC3577 lm3991.9 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-120-AM-24589 lm39117.9 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-120-AM-34584 lm39117.9 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-120-AM-4F4598 lm39117.9 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-120-AM-4W4589 lm39117.9 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-120-AM-5QM4585 lm39117.9 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-120-AM-5W4593 lm39117.9 WType VS
VP-ST-2-72L-120-AM-FR4592 lm39117.9 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-120-AM-TC4594 lm39117.9 WType III
VP-ST-2-72L-150-AM-25890 lm39151 WType II
VP-ST-2-72L-150-AM-35884 lm39151 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-150-AM-4F5902 lm39151 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-150-AM-4W5890 lm39151 WType IV
VP-ST-2-72L-150-AM-5QM5884 lm39151 WType VS
VP-2-320L-315-4K7-4F4000 K70 CRI40317 lm125321.3 WType III
VP-2-320L-315-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI39566 lm123321.3 WType IV
VP-2-320L-315-4K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI43479 lm135321.3 WType VS
VP-2-320L-315-5K7-24000 K70 CRI40832 lm127321.3 WType II
VP-2-320L-315-5K7-34000 K70 CRI40238 lm125321.3 WType III
VP-2-320L-315-5K7-4F4000 K70 CRI40317 lm125321.3 WType III
VP-2-320L-315-5K7-4W4000 K70 CRI39566 lm123321.3 WType IV
VP-2-320L-315-5K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI43479 lm135321.3 WType VS
VP-2-320L-145-3K7-24000 K70 CRI20572 lm141145.6 WType II
VP-2-320L-145-3K7-34000 K70 CRI20273 lm139145.6 WType III
VP-2-320L-145-3K7-4F4000 K70 CRI20313 lm140145.6 WType III
VP-2-320L-145-3K7-4W4000 K70 CRI19934 lm137145.6 WType IV
VP-2-320L-145-3K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI21906 lm150145.6 WType VS
VP-2-320L-145-4K7-24000 K70 CRI21056 lm145145.6 WType II
VP-2-320L-145-4K7-34000 K70 CRI20750 lm143145.6 WType III
VP-2-320L-145-4K7-4F4000 K70 CRI20791 lm143145.6 WType III
VP-2-320L-145-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI20404 lm140145.6 WType IV
VP-2-320L-145-4K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI22421 lm154145.6 WType VS
VP-2-320L-145-5K7-24000 K70 CRI21056 lm145145.6 WType II
VP-2-320L-145-5K7-34000 K70 CRI20750 lm143145.6 WType III
VP-2-320L-145-5K7-4F4000 K70 CRI20791 lm143145.6 WType III
VP-2-320L-145-5K7-4W4000 K70 CRI20404 lm140145.6 WType IV
VP-2-320L-145-5K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI22421 lm154145.6 WType VS
VP-2-320L-170-3K7-24000 K70 CRI23644 lm138171 WType II
VP-2-320L-170-3K7-34000 K70 CRI23300 lm136171 WType III
VP-2-320L-170-3K7-4F4000 K70 CRI23346 lm137171 WType III
VP-2-320L-170-3K7-4W4000 K70 CRI22911 lm134171 WType IV
VP-2-320L-170-3K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI25177 lm147171 WType VS
VP-2-320L-170-4K7-24000 K70 CRI24201 lm142171 WType II
VP-2-320L-170-4K7-34000 K70 CRI23849 lm139171 WType III
VP-2-320L-170-4K7-4F4000 K70 CRI23896 lm140171 WType III
VP-2-320L-170-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI23450 lm137171 WType IV
VP-2-320L-170-4K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI25770 lm151171 WType VS
VP-2-320L-170-5K7-24000 K70 CRI24201 lm142171 WType II
VP-2-320L-170-5K7-34000 K70 CRI23849 lm139171 WType III
VP-2-320L-170-5K7-4F4000 K70 CRI23896 lm140171 WType III
VP-2-320L-170-5K7-4W4000 K70 CRI23450 lm137171 WType IV
VP-2-320L-170-5K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI25770 lm151171 WType VS
VP-2-320L-185-3K7-24000 K70 CRI26004 lm136191.4 WType II
VP-2-320L-185-3K7-34000 K70 CRI25626 lm134191.4 WType III
VP-2-320L-185-3K7-4F4000 K70 CRI25677 lm134191.4 WType III
VP-2-320L-185-3K7-4W4000 K70 CRI25198 lm132191.4 WType IV
VP-2-320L-185-3K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI27690 lm145191.4 WType VS
VP-2-320L-185-4K7-24000 K70 CRI26617 lm139191.4 WType II
VP-2-320L-185-4K7-34000 K70 CRI26229 lm137191.4 WType III
VP-2-320L-185-4K7-4F4000 K70 CRI26281 lm137191.4 WType III
VP-2-320L-185-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI25791 lm135191.4 WType IV
VP-2-320L-185-4K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI28342 lm148191.4 WType VS
VP-2-320L-185-5K7-24000 K70 CRI26617 lm139191.4 WType II
VP-2-320L-185-5K7-34000 K70 CRI26229 lm137191.4 WType III
VP-2-320L-185-5K7-4F4000 K70 CRI26281 lm137191.4 WType III
VP-2-320L-185-5K7-4W4000 K70 CRI25791 lm135191.4 WType IV
VP-2-320L-185-5K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI28342 lm148191.4 WType VS
VP-2-320L-210-3K7-24000 K70 CRI29496 lm133222.3 WType II
VP-2-320L-210-3K7-34000 K70 CRI29067 lm131222.3 WType III
VP-2-320L-210-3K7-4F4000 K70 CRI29124 lm131222.3 WType III
VP-2-320L-210-3K7-4W4000 K70 CRI28581 lm129222.3 WType IV
VP-2-320L-210-3K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI31408 lm141222.3 WType VS
VP-2-320L-210-4K7-24000 K70 CRI30190 lm136222.3 WType II
VP-2-320L-210-4K7-34000 K70 CRI29751 lm134222.3 WType III
VP-2-320L-210-4K7-4F4000 K70 CRI29810 lm134222.3 WType III
VP-2-320L-210-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI29254 lm132222.3 WType IV