Viper Flood Size 2

The Viper is an extremely versatile flood luminaire which blends design, performance, and technology and offers a variety of NEMA distributions.

Features & Benefits

  • Featuring two different optical technologies, Micro Strike and Strike Optics, which provide the best distribution patterns for retrofit or new construction
  • Vibration rated for high vibration applications including bridges and overpasses
  • Control options including photo control, occupancy sensing, NX Lighting Controls, wiSCAPE and 7-Pin with networked controls
  • Mounting options include: Adjustable Arm, Knuckle, Trunnion, Wall
  • Distribution options include: 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 6x4, 4x6


Voltage Offering
Dimming Protocol
CCT Offering
2700, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
70, 80, 90
Mounting Options
Pole, Wall, Knuckle, Trunnion
Wattage Range
115 - 260
Controls & Sensors
Occupancy, Daylighting, NX Lighting Controls, LightGRID+
UL Listed
BAA (Buy American 52.225-9), TAA (Buy American 52.225-11)
5 year limited

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
VP-F-ST-2-72L-145-4K7-5X54000 K70 CRI16566 lm115.7143.2 W5X5
VP-F-2-264L-155-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI20681 lm137150.7 W3 x 3
VP-F-ST-2-72L-210-3K7-5X53000 K70 CRI19985 lm95.1210.2 W5X5
VP-F-ST-2-72L-145-5K7-4X65000 K70 CRI16565 lm115.7143.2 W4X6
VP-F-2-264L-130-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI16840 lm133126.5 W3 x 3
VP-F-2-264L-260-4K7-M4000 K70 CRI37384 lm143261.7 W4 x 4
VP-F-2-264L-205-4K7-W4000 K70 CRI27168 lm131207.2 W6 x 6
VP-F-2-264L-155-3K7-W3000 K70 CRI19240 lm128150.7 W6 x 6
VP-F-ST-2-72L-180-5K7-4X65000 K70 CRI19780 lm110.3179.4 W4X6
VP-F-2-264L-205-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI28353 lm137207.2 W3 x 3
VP-F-ST-2-72L-180-3K7-5X53000 K70 CRI17709 lm98.7179.4 W5X5
VP-F-2-264L-175-5K7-W5000 K70 CRI23333 lm131178.4 W6 x 6
VP-F-ST-2-72L-210-5K7-3X35000 K70 CRI24081 lm114.6210.2 W3X3
VP-F-ST-2-72L-115-4K7-5X54000 K70 CRI13725 lm120.7113.7 W5X5
VP-F-2-264L-130-5K7-M5000 K70 CRI18168 lm144126.5 W4 x 4
VP-F-ST-2-72L-240-3K7-5X53000 K70 CRI22177 lm91.8241.7 W5X5
VP-F-ST-2-72L-115-5K7-4X65000 K70 CRI13724 lm120.7113.7 W4X6
VP-F-2-264L-260-3K7-M3000 K70 CRI36295 lm139261.7 W4 x 4
VP-F-ST-2-72L-240-4K7-4X64000 K70 CRI24746 lm102.4241.7 W4X6
VP-F-2-264L-130-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI17345 lm137126.5 W3 x 3
VP-F-2-264L-175-4K7-M4000 K70 CRI25505 lm143178.4 W4 x 4
VP-F-ST-2-72L-210-4K7-3X34000 K70 CRI24057 lm114.4210.2 W3X3
VP-F-ST-2-72L-145-3K7-5X53000 K70 CRI14831 lm103.6143.2 W5X5
VP-F-2-264L-205-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI27527 lm133207.2 W3 x 3
VP-F-ST-2-72L-240-5K7-3X35000 K70 CRI26721 lm110.6241.7 W3X3
VP-F-2-264L-235-5K7-W5000 K70 CRI30364 lm130232.7 W6 x 6
VP-F-ST-2-72L-115-3K7-5X53000 K70 CRI12287 lm108.1113.7 W5X5
VP-F-ST-2-72L-115-3K7-6X43000 K70 CRI12256 lm107.8113.7 W6X4
VP-F-2-264L-235-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI31689 lm136232.7 W3 x 3
VP-F-ST-2-72L-240-5K7-4X65000 K70 CRI24770 lm102.5241.7 W4X6
VP-F-2-264L-205-3K7-W3000 K70 CRI26377 lm127207.2 W6 x 6
VP-F-ST-2-72L-210-4K7-4X64000 K70 CRI22301 lm106.1210.2 W4X6
VP-F-2-264L-155-4K7-W4000 K70 CRI19817 lm131150.7 W6 x 6
VP-F-2-264L-130-4K7-W4000 K70 CRI16621 lm131126.5 W6 x 6
VP-F-ST-2-72L-240-4K7-3X34000 K70 CRI26695 lm110.4241.7 W3X3
VP-F-2-264L-235-3K7-W3000 K70 CRI29480 lm127232.7 W6 x 6
VP-F-ST-2-72L-115-5K7-3X35000 K70 CRI14805 lm130.2113.7 W3X3
VP-F-ST-2-72L-240-3K7-6X43000 K70 CRI22121 lm91.5241.7 W6X4
VP-F-2-264L-260-5K7-W5000 K70 CRI34200 lm131261.7 W6 x 6
VP-F-ST-2-72L-115-4K7-4X64000 K70 CRI13711 lm120.6113.7 W4X6
VP-F-ST-2-72L-210-5K7-4X65000 K70 CRI22323 lm106.2210.2 W4X6
VP-F-2-264L-205-5K7-M5000 K70 CRI29698 lm143207.2 W4 x 4
VP-F-ST-2-72L-180-3K7-4X63000 K70 CRI17691 lm98.6179.4 W4X6
VP-F-ST-2-72L-180-4K7-4X64000 K70 CRI19761 lm110.2179.4 W4X6
VP-F-2-264L-205-4K7-M4000 K70 CRI29698 lm143207.2 W4 x 4
VP-F-ST-2-72L-180-5K7-5X55000 K70 CRI19801 lm110.4179.4 W5X5
VP-F-2-264L-175-3K7-M3000 K70 CRI24762 lm139178.4 W4 x 4
VP-F-2-264L-260-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI35692 lm136261.7 W3 x 3
VP-F-2-264L-130-3K7-M3000 K70 CRI17639 lm139126.5 W4 x 4
VP-F-ST-2-72L-145-5K7-3X35000 K70 CRI17870 lm124.8143.2 W3X3
VP-F-ST-2-72L-210-3K7-6X43000 K70 CRI19935 lm94.8210.2 W6X4
VP-F-2-264L-155-5K7-M5000 K70 CRI21662 lm144150.7 W4 x 4
VP-F-ST-2-72L-145-4K7-4X64000 K70 CRI16549 lm115.6143.2 W4X6
VP-F-ST-2-72L-145-4K7-6X44000 K70 CRI16524 lm115.4143.2 W6X4
VP-F-2-264L-155-5K7-W5000 K70 CRI19817 lm131150.7 W6 x 6
VP-F-ST-2-72L-210-3K7-4X63000 K70 CRI19965 lm95210.2 W4X6
VP-F-ST-2-72L-145-5K7-5X55000 K70 CRI16582 lm115.8143.2 W5X5
VP-F-2-264L-130-3K7-W3000 K70 CRI16136 lm128126.5 W6 x 6
VP-F-2-264L-235-4K7-W4000 K70 CRI30364 lm130232.7 W6 x 6
VP-F-2-264L-235-4K7-M4000 K70 CRI33191 lm143232.7 W4 x 4
VP-F-2-264L-155-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI20079 lm133150.7 W3 x 3
VP-F-ST-2-72L-180-5K7-3X35000 K70 CRI21338 lm118.9179.4 W3X3
VP-F-ST-2-72L-180-3K7-6X43000 K70 CRI17665 lm98.5179.4 W6X4
VP-F-2-264L-175-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI24350 lm136178.4 W3 x 3
VP-F-ST-2-72L-180-5K7-6X45000 K70 CRI19751 lm110.1179.4 W6X4
VP-F-ST-2-72L-115-4K7-6X44000 K70 CRI13690 lm120.4113.7 W6X4
VP-F-2-264L-130-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI17345 lm137126.5 W3 x 3
VP-F-ST-2-72L-240-3K7-4X63000 K70 CRI22154 lm91.7241.7 W4X6
VP-F-ST-2-72L-115-5K7-5X55000 K70 CRI13738 lm120.8113.7 W5X5
VP-F-2-264L-260-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI34652 lm132261.7 W3 x 3
VP-F-ST-2-72L-240-4K7-5X54000 K70 CRI24771 lm102.5241.7 W5X5
VP-F-2-264L-130-4K7-M4000 K70 CRI18168 lm144126.5 W4 x 4
VP-F-2-264L-175-3K7-W3000 K70 CRI22653 lm127178.4 W6 x 6
VP-F-2-264L-175-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI24350 lm136178.4 W3 x 3
VP-F-ST-2-72L-180-4K7-6X44000 K70 CRI19731 lm110179.4 W6X4
VP-F-ST-2-72L-145-3K7-6X43000 K70 CRI14794 lm103.3143.2 W6X4
VP-F-2-264L-205-3K7-M3000 K70 CRI28833 lm139207.2 W4 x 4
VP-F-ST-2-72L-210-5K7-6X45000 K70 CRI22290 lm106210.2 W6X4
VP-F-2-264L-260-5K7-M5000 K70 CRI37384 lm143261.7 W4 x 4
VP-F-ST-2-72L-115-3K7-4X63000 K70 CRI12275 lm108113.7 W4X6
VP-F-ST-2-72L-145-3K7-3X33000 K70 CRI15983 lm111.6143.2 W3X3
VP-F-2-264L-235-5K7-M5000 K70 CRI33191 lm143232.7 W4 x 4
VP-F-ST-2-72L-240-5K7-5X55000 K70 CRI24796 lm102.6241.7 W5X5
VP-F-2-264L-235-3K7-M3000 K70 CRI32225 lm138232.7 W4 x 4
VP-F-ST-2-72L-210-4K7-5X54000 K70 CRI22324 lm106.2210.2 W5X5
VP-F-2-264L-155-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI20681 lm137150.7 W3 x 3
VP-F-2-264L-155-4K7-M4000 K70 CRI21662 lm144150.7 W4 x 4
VP-F-ST-2-72L-210-4K7-6X44000 K70 CRI22268 lm105.9210.2 W6X4
VP-F-2-264L-235-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI30766 lm132232.7 W3 x 3
VP-F-ST-2-72L-240-5K7-6X45000 K70 CRI24733 lm102.3241.7 W6X4
VP-F-2-264L-205-5K7-W5000 K70 CRI27168 lm131207.2 W6 x 6
VP-F-ST-2-72L-145-3K7-4X63000 K70 CRI14816 lm103.5143.2 W4X6
VP-F-ST-2-72L-115-3K7-3X33000 K70 CRI13241 lm116.5113.7 W3X3
VP-F-2-264L-260-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI35692 lm136261.7 W3 x 3
VP-F-ST-2-72L-115-4K7-3X34000 K70 CRI14791 lm130.1113.7 W3X3
VP-F-ST-2-72L-210-5K7-5X55000 K70 CRI22346 lm106.3210.2 W5X5
VP-F-2-264L-205-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI28353 lm137207.2 W3 x 3
VP-F-ST-2-72L-180-3K7-3X33000 K70 CRI19085 lm106.4179.4 W3X3
VP-F-ST-2-72L-180-4K7-5X54000 K70 CRI19781 lm110.3179.4 W5X5
VP-F-2-264L-175-4K7-W4000 K70 CRI23333 lm131178.4 W6 x 6
VP-F-2-264L-175-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI23641 lm133178.4 W3 x 3
VP-F-2-264L-260-4K7-W4000 K70 CRI34200 lm131261.7 W6 x 6
VP-F-ST-2-72L-240-4K7-6X44000 K70 CRI24709 lm102.2241.7 W6X4
VP-F-2-264L-260-3K7-W3000 K70 CRI33204 lm127261.7 W6 x 6
VP-F-ST-2-72L-115-5K7-6X45000 K70 CRI13704 lm120.5113.7 W6X4
VP-F-ST-2-72L-240-3K7-3X33000 K70 CRI23899 lm98.9241.7 W3X3
VP-F-2-264L-130-5K7-W5000 K70 CRI16621 lm131126.5 W6 x 6
VP-F-ST-2-72L-145-4K7-3X34000 K70 CRI17853 lm124.7143.2 W3X3
VP-F-ST-2-72L-180-4K7-3X34000 K70 CRI21317 lm118.8179.4 W3X3
VP-F-2-264L-175-5K7-M5000 K70 CRI25505 lm143178.4 W4 x 4
VP-F-ST-2-72L-210-3K7-3X33000 K70 CRI21538 lm102.5210.2 W3X3
VP-F-ST-2-72L-145-5K7-6X45000 K70 CRI16541 lm115.5143.2 W6X4
VP-F-2-264L-155-3K7-M3000 K70 CRI21031 lm140150.7 W4 x 4
VP-F-2-264L-235-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI31689 lm136232.7 W3 x 3
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