LED Commercial Outdoor Lighting and Controls

Outdoor Lighting

Area, Site & Roadway​

From large scale parking areas and roadways that require higher mounting heights, greater outputs, and wider distributions to pedestrian walkways and where visual comfort is a must.​


From protecting pedestrians and property to complicating period themed environments, Current provides best in class design and performance in a comprehensive family of LED solutions.

Canopy & Garage

Multiple options available for comprehensive intelligent ceiling, canopy & garage lighting solutions needing direct or indirect lighting.

Decorative & Post Top

Scaling from parking lots requiring high mounting heights down to pedestrian scale cityscapes, enhance the site by day and provide visual comfort and security by night.​


Current addresses the most common exit and emergency needs with a selection of cost-effective solutions that are able to address code requirements.​

In Grade

Mounted in-grade to wash walls and light signs, as well as highlighting trees, shrubbery, and statuary, among other applications.​


For lighting applications such as safety/security, accent, flag pole, columns, or signs designed with improved performance and efficacy.


Surface, pendant, and recessed linear lighting IP66 rated for demanding environments including protection from dust, oil, noncorrosive material and water intrusion.

Retrofit Kits

From replacement lamps to retrofit kits to new fixtures, Current allows you to choose how to meet your specific needs, budget and desires.

Sports Lighting

Efficiently light recreational, collegiate, and professional events. Arena, sign, facade, area, accent, parking lot and general security lighting applications.

Step Lights

Low level, unobtrusive directional lighting is ideal for installation in concrete, brick and masonry stairways.

Wall Mount

Wall mounted lighting provides light where it is needed most, especially on walkways, entrances, pathways and around the perimeters of buildings.

Poles, Arms, & Brackets

Choose from sleek and stylish poles for decorative post top lighting fixtures to street lighting poles that have what it takes to provide illumination for roadways over many years.

Outdoor Lighting Accessories & Options

From brackets and bullhorns to mounting arms and adapters, we have the accessories to install your products right.