Viper Flood Size 1

The Viper is an extremely versatile flood luminaire which blends design, performance and technology and offers a variety of NEMA distributions.

Features & Benefits

  • Featuring two different optical technologies, Micro Strike and Strike Optics, which provide the best distribution patterns for retrofit or new construction
  • Vibration rated for high vibration applications including bridges and overpasses
  • Control options including photo control, occupancy sensing, NX Lighting Controls, Wiscape and 7-Pin with networked controls
  • Mounting options include: Adjustable Arm, Knuckle, Trunnion, Wall
  • Distribution options include: 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 6x4, 4x6


Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming
CCT Offering
2700, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
70, 80, 90
Mounting Options
Pole, Wall, Knuckle, Trunnion
Wattage Range
39 - 135
UL Listed
BAA (Buy American 52.225-9), TAA (Buy American 52.225-11)
5 year limited

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
VP-F-ST-1-36L-39-3K7-3X33000 K70 CRI4877 lm123.239.6 W3X3
VP-F-ST-1-36L-39-3K7-4X63000 K70 CRI4521 lm114.239.6 W4X6
VP-F-ST-1-36L-39-3K7-5X53000 K70 CRI4526 lm114.339.6 W5X5
VP-F-ST-1-36L-39-3K7-6X43000 K70 CRI4514 lm113.939.6 W6X4
VP-F-ST-1-36L-55-3K7-3X33000 K70 CRI6623 lm116.656.8 W3X3
VP-F-ST-1-36L-55-3K7-4X63000 K70 CRI6140 lm108.156.8 W4X6
VP-F-ST-1-36L-55-3K7-5X53000 K70 CRI6146 lm108.256.8 W5X5
VP-F-ST-1-36L-55-3K7-6X43000 K70 CRI6131 lm107.956.8 W6X4
VP-F-ST-1-36L-85-3K7-3X33000 K70 CRI9125 lm109.283.6 W3X3
VP-F-ST-1-36L-85-3K7-4X63000 K70 CRI8459 lm101.283.6 W4X6
VP-F-ST-1-36L-85-3K7-5X53000 K70 CRI8468 lm101.383.6 W5X5
VP-F-ST-1-36L-85-3K7-6X43000 K70 CRI8446 lm101.183.6 W6X4
VP-F-ST-1-36L-105-3K7-3X33000 K70 CRI11008 lm101.7108.2 W3X3
VP-F-ST-1-36L-105-3K7-4X63000 K70 CRI10204 lm94.3108.2 W4X6
VP-F-ST-1-36L-105-3K7-5X53000 K70 CRI10215 lm94.4108.2 W5X5
VP-F-ST-1-36L-105-3K7-6X43000 K70 CRI10189 lm94.1108.2 W6X4
VP-F-ST-1-36L-120-3K7-3X33000 K70 CRI11949 lm98.8120.9 W3X3
VP-F-ST-1-36L-120-3K7-4X63000 K70 CRI11077 lm91.6120.9 W4X6
VP-F-ST-1-36L-120-3K7-5X53000 K70 CRI11088 lm91.7120.9 W5X5
VP-F-ST-1-36L-120-3K7-6X43000 K70 CRI11060 lm91.4120.9 W6X4
VP-F-ST-1-36L-39-4K7-3X34000 K70 CRI5448 lm137.639.6 W3X3
VP-F-ST-1-36L-39-4K7-4X64000 K70 CRI5050 lm127.539.6 W4X6
VP-F-ST-1-36L-39-4K7-5X54000 K70 CRI5055 lm127.739.6 W5X5
VP-F-ST-1-36L-39-4K7-6X44000 K70 CRI5043 lm127.339.6 W6X4
VP-F-ST-1-36L-55-4K7-3X34000 K70 CRI7398 lm130.256.8 W3X3
VP-F-ST-1-36L-55-4K7-4X64000 K70 CRI6858 lm120.756.8 W4X6
VP-F-ST-1-36L-55-4K7-5X54000 K70 CRI6865 lm120.956.8 W5X5
VP-F-ST-1-36L-55-4K7-6X44000 K70 CRI6848 lm120.656.8 W6X4
VP-F-ST-1-36L-85-4K7-3X34000 K70 CRI10193 lm121.983.6 W3X3
VP-F-ST-1-36L-85-4K7-4X64000 K70 CRI9449 lm11383.6 W4X6
VP-F-ST-1-36L-85-4K7-5X54000 K70 CRI9458 lm113.183.6 W5X5
VP-F-ST-1-36L-85-4K7-6X44000 K70 CRI9435 lm112.983.6 W6X4
VP-F-ST-1-36L-105-4K7-3X34000 K70 CRI12296 lm113.6108.2 W3X3
VP-F-ST-1-36L-105-4K7-4X64000 K70 CRI11398 lm105.3108.2 W4X6
VP-F-ST-1-36L-105-4K7-5X54000 K70 CRI11410 lm105.5108.2 W5X5
VP-F-ST-1-36L-105-4K7-6X44000 K70 CRI11381 lm105.2108.2 W6X4
VP-F-ST-1-36L-120-4K7-3X34000 K70 CRI13347 lm110.4120.9 W3X3
VP-F-ST-1-36L-120-4K7-4X64000 K70 CRI12373 lm102.3120.9 W4X6
VP-F-ST-1-36L-120-4K7-5X54000 K70 CRI12386 lm102.4120.9 W5X5
VP-F-ST-1-36L-120-4K7-6X44000 K70 CRI12354 lm102.2120.9 W6X4
VP-F-ST-1-36L-39-5K7-3X35000 K70 CRI5453 lm137.739.6 W3X3
VP-F-ST-1-36L-39-5K7-4X65000 K70 CRI5055 lm127.739.6 W4X6
VP-F-ST-1-36L-39-5K7-5X55000 K70 CRI5060 lm127.839.6 W5X5
VP-F-ST-1-36L-39-5K7-6X45000 K70 CRI5047 lm127.439.6 W6X4
VP-F-ST-1-36L-55-5K7-3X35000 K70 CRI7405 lm130.456.8 W3X3
VP-F-ST-1-36L-55-5K7-4X65000 K70 CRI6865 lm120.956.8 W4X6
VP-F-ST-1-36L-55-5K7-5X55000 K70 CRI6871 lm12156.8 W5X5
VP-F-ST-1-36L-55-5K7-6X45000 K70 CRI6854 lm120.756.8 W6X4
VP-F-ST-1-36L-85-5K7-3X35000 K70 CRI10202 lm12283.6 W3X3
VP-F-ST-1-36L-85-5K7-4X65000 K70 CRI9458 lm113.183.6 W4X6
VP-F-ST-1-36L-85-5K7-5X55000 K70 CRI9467 lm113.283.6 W5X5
VP-F-ST-1-36L-85-5K7-6X45000 K70 CRI9444 lm11383.6 W6X4
VP-F-ST-1-36L-105-5K7-3X35000 K70 CRI12307 lm113.7108.2 W3X3
VP-F-ST-1-36L-105-5K7-4X65000 K70 CRI11409 lm105.4108.2 W4X6
VP-F-ST-1-36L-105-5K7-5X55000 K70 CRI11421 lm105.6108.2 W5X5
VP-F-ST-1-36L-105-5K7-6X45000 K70 CRI11392 lm105.3108.2 W6X4
VP-F-ST-1-36L-120-5K7-3X35000 K70 CRI13360 lm110.5120.9 W3X3
VP-F-ST-1-36L-120-5K7-4X65000 K70 CRI12385 lm102.4120.9 W4X6
VP-F-ST-1-36L-120-5K7-5X55000 K70 CRI12398 lm102.5120.9 W5X5
VP-F-ST-1-36L-120-5K7-6X45000 K70 CRI12366 lm102.3120.9 W6X4
VP-F-1-132L-39-3K7-M3000 K70 CRI5088 lm13637.3 W4 x 4
VP-F-1-132L-39-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI4858 lm13037.3 W3 x 3
VP-F-1-132L-39-3K7-W3000 K70 CRI4655 lm12537.3 W6 x 6
VP-F-1-132L-39-4K7-M4000 K70 CRI5241 lm14137.3 W4 x 4
VP-F-1-132L-39-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI5004 lm13437.3 W3 x 3
VP-F-1-132L-39-4K7-W4000 K70 CRI4794 lm12937.3 W6 x 6
VP-F-1-132L-39-5K7-M5000 K70 CRI5124 lm13737.3 W4 x 4
VP-F-1-132L-39-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI4892 lm13137.3 W3 x 3
VP-F-1-132L-39-5K7-W5000 K70 CRI4687 lm12637.3 W6 x 6
VP-F-1-132L-55-3K7-M3000 K70 CRI7462 lm14252.7 W4 x 4
VP-F-1-132L-55-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI7125 lm13552.7 W3 x 3
VP-F-1-132L-55-3K7-W3000 K70 CRI6827 lm13052.7 W6 x 6
VP-F-1-132L-55-4K7-M4000 K70 CRI7686 lm14652.7 W4 x 4
VP-F-1-132L-55-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI7338 lm13952.7 W3 x 3
VP-F-1-132L-55-4K7-W4000 K70 CRI7032 lm13352.7 W6 x 6
VP-F-1-132L-55-5K7-M5000 K70 CRI7514 lm14352.7 W4 x 4
VP-F-1-132L-55-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI7174 lm13652.7 W3 x 3
VP-F-1-132L-55-5K7-W5000 K70 CRI6875 lm13052.7 W6 x 6
VP-F-1-132L-75-3K7-M3000 K70 CRI10516 lm13975.5 W4 x 4
VP-F-1-132L-75-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI10039 lm13375.5 W3 x 3
VP-F-1-132L-75-3K7-W3000 K70 CRI9620 lm12775.5 W6 x 6
VP-F-1-132L-75-4K7-M4000 K70 CRI10831 lm14375.5 W4 x 4
VP-F-1-132L-75-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI10341 lm13775.5 W3 x 3
VP-F-1-132L-75-4K7-W4000 K70 CRI9908 lm13175.5 W6 x 6
VP-F-1-132L-75-5K7-M5000 K70 CRI10589 lm14075.5 W4 x 4
VP-F-1-132L-75-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI10110 lm13475.5 W3 x 3
VP-F-1-132L-75-5K7-W5000 K70 CRI9687 lm12875.5 W6 x 6
VP-F-1-132L-100-3K7-M3000 K70 CRI13229 lm13796.3 W4 x 4
VP-F-1-132L-100-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI12630 lm13196.3 W3 x 3
VP-F-1-132L-100-3K7-W3000 K70 CRI12102 lm12696.3 W6 x 6
VP-F-1-132L-100-4K7-M4000 K70 CRI13626 lm14196.3 W4 x 4
VP-F-1-132L-100-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI13009 lm13596.3 W3 x 3
VP-F-1-132L-100-4K7-W4000 K70 CRI12465 lm12996.3 W6 x 6
VP-F-1-132L-100-5K7-M5000 K70 CRI13321 lm13896.3 W4 x 4
VP-F-1-132L-100-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI12719 lm13296.3 W3 x 3
VP-F-1-132L-100-5K7-W5000 K70 CRI12187 lm12796.3 W6 x 6
VP-F-1-132L-120-3K7-M3000 K70 CRI16282 lm138117.7 W4 x 4
VP-F-1-132L-120-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI15545 lm132117.7 W3 x 3
VP-F-1-132L-120-3K7-W3000 K70 CRI14895 lm127117.7 W6 x 6
VP-F-1-132L-120-4K7-M4000 K70 CRI16770 lm142117.7 W4 x 4
VP-F-1-132L-120-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI16011 lm136117.7 W3 x 3
VP-F-1-132L-120-4K7-W4000 K70 CRI15342 lm130117.7 W6 x 6
VP-F-1-132L-120-5K7-M5000 K70 CRI16396 lm139117.7 W4 x 4
VP-F-1-132L-120-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI15654 lm133117.7 W3 x 3
VP-F-1-132L-120-5K7-W5000 K70 CRI14999 lm127117.7 W6 x 6
VP-F-1-132L-135-3K7-M3000 K70 CRI18317 lm138132.3 W4 x 4
VP-F-1-132L-135-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI17488 lm132132.3 W3 x 3
VP-F-1-132L-135-3K7-W3000 K70 CRI16757 lm127132.3 W6 x 6
VP-F-1-132L-135-4K7-M4000 K70 CRI18867 lm143132.3 W4 x 4
VP-F-1-132L-135-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI18013 lm136132.3 W3 x 3
VP-F-1-132L-135-4K7-W4000 K70 CRI17260 lm130132.3 W6 x 6
VP-F-1-132L-135-5K7-M5000 K70 CRI18445 lm139132.3 W4 x 4
VP-F-1-132L-135-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI17610 lm133132.3 W3 x 3
VP-F-1-132L-135-5K7-W5000 K70 CRI16874 lm128132.3 W6 x 6
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