The TCAT twin contemporary architectural fixture blends flat and contoured geometrics producing sleek, subtle aesthetics that complement any architectural design.

Features & Benefits

  • Twin lens configuration
  • High efficiency acrylic lenses have a custom formulation for high performance without pixelation. Optional integral occupancy and daylight sensors
  • SpectraSyncTM Color Tuning Technology is available
  • NX Lighting Controls wired and wireless control capabilities are available. 


Product Technology
SpectraSync™ Color Tuning, NX Lighting Controls
Voltage Offering
Lumen Range
1,400 - 8,900
Dimming Protocol
0-10V;Lutron EcoSystem Digital;Step-dimming;1%;5%
CCT Offering
2700, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000, 6500
CRI Offering
Color Tuning
Tunable White
Mounting Options
Ceiling, Grid, Recessed, Surface, Suspended
Wattage Range
12 - 69
Efficacy Range
109 - 145
Color Offering
Optics & Distributions
Controls & Sensors
Daylighting, Occupancy, NX Lighting Controls
CSA, UL 924, DLC 5.1 Standard, DLC 5.1 Premium
IC, Chicago Plenum (CCEA), Damp
5 year limited

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Installation Guides

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
TCAT22-50VLx-EDU5000 K80 CRI4619 lm12437 WAmbient
TCAT22-30VWx-EDU3000 K80 CRI1417 lm11712 WAmbient
TCAT24-35XWx-EDU3500 K80 CRI2568 lm13419 WAmbient
TCAT14-40MLx-EDU4000 K80 CRI4942 lm12340 WAmbient
TCAT14-35VWx-EDU3500 K80 CRI3280 lm11628 WAmbient
TCAT24-40MWx-EDU4000 K80 CRI3722 lm13228 WAmbient
TCAT22-30LWx-EDU3000 K80 CRI2530 lm11722 WAmbient
TCAT24-30MLx-EDU3000 K80 CRI4713 lm12139 WAmbient
TCAT22-50HLx-EDU5000 K80 CRI4053 lm13630 WAmbient
TCAT22-35MWx-EDU3500 K80 CRI2138 lm12118 WAmbient
TCAT24-35MWx-EDU3500 K80 CRI3665 lm12928 WAmbient
TCAT14-40XWx-EDU4000 K80 CRI2566 lm12521 WAmbient
TCAT24-50VLx-EDU5000 K80 CRI7840 lm14355 WAmbient
TCAT14-30MWx-EDU3000 K80 CRI3485 lm11331 WAmbient
TCAT14-35LWx-EDU3500 K80 CRI4297 lm12435 WAmbient
TCAT24-40XWx-EDU4000 K80 CRI2608 lm13719 WAmbient
TCAT14-50VLx-EDU5000 K80 CRI7644 lm13357 WAmbient
TCAT24-30XLx-EDU3000 K80 CRI8321 lm12169 WAmbient
TCAT22-40MLx-EDU4000 K80 CRI3530 lm11531 WAmbient
TCAT22-40LWx-EDU4000 K80 CRI2646 lm12322 WAmbient
TCAT24-30XWx-EDU3000 K80 CRI2493 lm13119 WAmbient
TCAT14-50MWx-EDU5000 K80 CRI3969 lm12831 WAmbient
TCAT24-50HLx-EDU5000 K80 CRI6115 lm13745 WAmbient
TCAT14-35HLx-EDU3500 K80 CRI5546 lm12744 WAmbient
TCAT14-30VLx-EDU3000 K80 CRI6711 lm11757 WAmbient
TCAT24-50MWx-EDU5000 K80 CRI4053 lm14328 WAmbient
TCAT14-50HLx-EDU5000 K80 CRI6133 lm14044 WAmbient
TCAT24-35MLx-EDU3500 K80 CRI4854 lm12539 WAmbient
TCAT22-35VLx-EDU3500 K80 CRI4445 lm11937 WAmbient
TCAT22-40VWx-EDU4000 K80 CRI1483 lm12312 WAmbient
TCAT24-30MWx-EDU3000 K80 CRI3558 lm12628 WAmbient
TCAT22-30HLx-EDU3000 K80 CRI3558 lm11930 WAmbient
TCAT24-40VLx-EDU4000 K80 CRI7200 lm13155 WAmbient
TCAT14-35VLx-EDU3500 K80 CRI6913 lm12157 WAmbient
TCAT14-30HLx-EDU3000 K80 CRI5385 lm12344 WAmbient
TCAT24-50XWx-EDU5000 K80 CRI2667 lm14019 WAmbient
TCAT14-40MWx-EDU4000 K80 CRI3645 lm11831 WAmbient
TCAT24-35XLx-EDU3500 K80 CRI8571 lm12569 WAmbient
TCAT22-35HLx-EDU3500 K80 CRI3665 lm12330 WAmbient
TCAT22-50MWx-EDU5000 K80 CRI2364 lm13418 WAmbient
TCAT22-50VWx-EDU5000 K80 CRI1516 lm12612 WAmbient
TCAT22-30VLx-EDU3000 K80 CRI4315 lm11637 WAmbient
TCAT24-40HLx-EDU4000 K80 CRI5615 lm12645 WAmbient
TCAT14-40LWx-EDU4000 K80 CRI4364 lm12635 WAmbient
TCAT14-35XWx-EDU3500 K80 CRI2527 lm12321 WAmbient
TCAT24-40MLx-EDU4000 K80 CRI4930 lm12739 WAmbient
TCAT22-30MLx-EDU3000 K80 CRI3375 lm11031 WAmbient
TCAT24-30LWx-EDU3000 K80 CRI4152 lm12434 WAmbient
TCAT22-50LWx-EDU5000 K80 CRI2882 lm13322 WAmbient
TCAT22-35MLx-EDU3500 K80 CRI3476 lm11331 WAmbient
TCAT24-35VLx-EDU3500 K80 CRI7090 lm12955 WAmbient
TCAT14-40VWx-EDU4000 K80 CRI3331 lm11828 WAmbient
TCAT24-50VWx-EDU5000 K80 CRI3595 lm14425 WAmbient
TCAT14-30MLx-EDU3000 K80 CRI4725 lm11840 WAmbient
TCAT14-35MLx-EDU3500 K80 CRI4867 lm12140 WAmbient
TCAT24-40XLx-EDU4000 K80 CRI8704 lm12769 WAmbient
TCAT14-50VWx-EDU5000 K80 CRI3627 lm12828 WAmbient
TCAT24-30VWx-EDU3000 K80 CRI3156 lm12625 WAmbient
TCAT22-40MWx-EDU4000 K80 CRI2177 lm12418 WAmbient
TCAT22-40HLx-EDU4000 K80 CRI3722 lm12430 WAmbient
TCAT24-35HLx-EDU3500 K80 CRI5529 lm12445 WAmbient
TCAT14-50MLx-EDU5000 K80 CRI5382 lm13440 WAmbient
TCAT24-50LWx-EDU5000 K80 CRI4729 lm14134 WAmbient
TCAT14-30XWx-EDU3000 K80 CRI2453 lm11921 WAmbient
TCAT14-30VWx-EDU3000 K80 CRI3185 lm11328 WAmbient
TCAT24-50MLx-EDU5000 K80 CRI5368 lm13839 WAmbient
TCAT14-50LWx-EDU5000 K80 CRI4752 lm13735 WAmbient
TCAT24-35LWx-EDU3500 K80 CRI4276 lm12834 WAmbient
TCAT22-35VWx-EDU3500 K80 CRI1460 lm12112 WAmbient
TCAT22-40VLx-EDU4000 K80 CRI4514 lm12137 WAmbient
TCAT24-30VLx-EDU3000 K80 CRI6883 lm12655 WAmbient
TCAT14-50XWx-EDU5000 K80 CRI2640 lm12821 WAmbient
TCAT24-40VWx-EDU4000 K80 CRI3302 lm13225 WAmbient
TCAT14-35MWx-EDU3500 K80 CRI3589 lm11631 WAmbient
TCAT14-30LWx-EDU3000 K80 CRI4172 lm12035 WAmbient
TCAT24-50XLx-EDU5000 K80 CRI8932 lm13069 WAmbient
TCAT14-40VLx-EDU4000 K80 CRI7020 lm12357 WAmbient
TCAT24-35VWx-EDU3500 K80 CRI3251 lm13025 WAmbient
TCAT22-35LWx-EDU3500 K80 CRI2606 lm12122 WAmbient
TCAT22-50MLx-EDU5000 K80 CRI3844 lm12531 WAmbient
TCAT24-30HLx-EDU3000 K80 CRI5368 lm12045 WAmbient
TCAT22-30MWx-EDU3000 K80 CRI2075 lm11818 WAmbient
TCAT24-40LWx-EDU4000 K80 CRI4343 lm13034 WAmbient
TCAT14-40HLx-EDU4000 K80 CRI5633 lm12944 WAmbient
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