e-poc® - LEPC

The e-poc - LEPC troffer offers a wide range of designs and applications including one-for-one retrofit, designs based on LPD as well as new construction.

Features & Benefits

  • Long-life, 60,000 hour LEDs at L80 reduce life cycle maintenance costs
  • Four LED color choices
  • Multiple LED lumen packages per size
  • Superior color consistency to a 3-step MacAdam ellipse and 82 CRI
  • Full distribution provides controlled high angle light for visual comfort
  • Lens design and materials provide uniform appearance without pixilation
  • Unique frameless optical system and modular electrical system allow for easy LED module or driver replacement from below the ceiling
  • Most configurations produce low W/ft2 to meet the most restrictive lighting power density codes
  • DLC® (DesignLights Consortium) Qualified - see
  • Five year warranty (Terms and Conditions apply)


Lumen Range
1,500 - 9,200
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming, Lutron EcoSystem
CCT Offering
3000, 3500, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Ceiling, Grid, Recessed, Surface, Suspended
Wattage Range
13 - 76
Efficacy Range
109 - 132
Color Offering
Optics & Distributions
CSA, UL 924
IC, Chicago Plenum (CCEA), Damp
5 year limited

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
LEPC22-30HL-EU3000 K82 CRI3599 lm10933 WAmbient
LEPC22-30LW-EU3000 K82 CRI2598 lm11423 WAmbient
LEPC22-30ML-EU3000 K82 CRI3299 lm11130 WAmbient
LEPC22-30MW-EU3000 K82 CRI2001 lm11617 WAmbient
LEPC22-30VL-EU3000 K82 CRI4393 lm10542 WAmbient
LEPC22-30VW-EU3000 K82 CRI1498 lm11413 WAmbient
LEPC22-35HL-EU3500 K82 CRI3722 lm11333 WAmbient
LEPC22-35LW-EU3500 K82 CRI2687 lm11823 WAmbient
LEPC22-35ML-EU3500 K82 CRI3411 lm11530 WAmbient
LEPC22-35MW-EU3500 K82 CRI2069 lm12017 WAmbient
LEPC22-35VL-EU3500 K82 CRI4542 lm10842 WAmbient
LEPC22-35VW-EU3500 K82 CRI1549 lm11813 WAmbient
LEPC22-40HL-EU4000 K82 CRI3779 lm11533 WAmbient
LEPC22-40LW-EU4000 K82 CRI2728 lm12023 WAmbient
LEPC22-40ML-EU4000 K82 CRI3464 lm11730 WAmbient
LEPC22-40MW-EU4000 K82 CRI2101 lm12117 WAmbient
LEPC22-40VL-EU4000 K82 CRI4613 lm11042 WAmbient
LEPC22-40VW-EU4000 K82 CRI1573 lm12013 WAmbient
LEPC22-50HL-EU5000 K82 CRI3880 lm11833 WAmbient
LEPC22-50LW-EU5000 K82 CRI2801 lm12323 WAmbient
LEPC22-50ML-EU5000 K82 CRI3556 lm12030 WAmbient
LEPC22-50MW-EU5000 K82 CRI2157 lm12517 WAmbient
LEPC22-50VL-EU5000 K82 CRI4735 lm11342 WAmbient
LEPC22-50VW-EU5000 K82 CRI1615 lm12313 WAmbient
LEPC24-30HL-EU3000 K82 CRI5590 lm11847 WAmbient
LEPC24-30LW-EU3000 K82 CRI4203 lm12534 WAmbient
LEPC24-30ML-EU3000 K82 CRI4812 lm12240 WAmbient
LEPC24-30MW-EU3000 K82 CRI3594 lm12728 WAmbient
LEPC24-30VL-EU3000 K82 CRI7004 lm11760 WAmbient
LEPC24-30VW-EU3000 K82 CRI3211 lm12725 WAmbient
LEPC24-30XL-EU3000 K82 CRI8537 lm11376 WAmbient
LEPC24-30XW-EU3000 K82 CRI2486 lm12720 WAmbient
LEPC24-35HL-EU3500 K82 CRI5780 lm12247 WAmbient
LEPC24-35LW-EU3500 K82 CRI4346 lm12934 WAmbient
LEPC24-35ML-EU3500 K82 CRI4975 lm12640 WAmbient
LEPC24-35MW-EU3500 K82 CRI3716 lm13128 WAmbient
LEPC24-35VL-EU3500 K82 CRI7242 lm12160 WAmbient
LEPC24-35VW-EU3500 K82 CRI3321 lm13125 WAmbient
LEPC24-35XL-EU3500 K82 CRI8827 lm11776 WAmbient
LEPC24-35XW-EU3500 K82 CRI2571 lm13220 WAmbient
LEPC24-40HL-EU4000 K82 CRI5870 lm12447 WAmbient
LEPC24-40LW-EU4000 K82 CRI4413 lm13134 WAmbient
LEPC24-40ML-EU4000 K82 CRI5052 lm12840 WAmbient
LEPC24-40MW-EU4000 K82 CRI3774 lm13328 WAmbient
LEPC24-40VL-EU4000 K82 CRI7355 lm12360 WAmbient
LEPC24-40VW-EU4000 K82 CRI3372 lm13325 WAmbient
LEPC24-40XL-EU4000 K82 CRI8964 lm11976 WAmbient
LEPC24-40XW-EU4000 K82 CRI2611 lm13420 WAmbient
LEPC24-50HL-EU5000 K82 CRI6026 lm12847 WAmbient
LEPC24-50LW-EU5000 K82 CRI4531 lm13534 WAmbient
LEPC24-50ML-EU5000 K82 CRI5187 lm13140 WAmbient
LEPC24-50MW-EU5000 K82 CRI3874 lm13628 WAmbient
LEPC24-50VL-EU5000 K82 CRI7550 lm12660 WAmbient
LEPC24-50VW-EU5000 K82 CRI3462 lm13725 WAmbient
LEPC24-50XL-EU5000 K82 CRI9203 lm12276 WAmbient
LEPC24-50XW-EU5000 K82 CRI2680 lm13720 WAmbient
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