The LJT troffer is a direct replacement for fluorescent fixtures. Multiple options for versatility of use across a wide range of project types.

Features & Benefits

  • Full distribution LED troffer
  • Various shielding choices
  • Two door frame options
  • step dimming (high/low/off) or 0-10V dimming drivers. Hinged optical system offers easy access to LED modules and wiring from below the ceiling.


Lumen Range
1,600 - 15,000
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming, Lutron EcoSystem
CCT Offering
3000, 3500, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Ceiling, Grid, Recessed, Surface, Suspended
Wattage Range
13 - 100
Efficacy Range
102 - 149
Color Offering
Optics & Distributions
UL, UL 924, NSF, DLC 5.1 Standard, DLC 5.1 Premium
TAA (Buy American 52.225-11), IC, Chicago Plenum (CCEA), Damp
Operating Temp
-20 to 25
5 year limited

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
LJT14-30HLG-FSA12-EU3000 K83 CRI4622 lm10245 WAmbient
LJT14-30LWG-FSA12-EU3000 K83 CRI3656 lm10734 WAmbient
LJT14-30MLG-FSA12-EU3000 K83 CRI4037 lm10638 WAmbient
LJT14-30MWG-FSA12-EU3000 K83 CRI3331 lm10931 WAmbient
LJT14-30VLG-FSA12-EU3000 K83 CRI6303 lm10759 WAmbient
LJT14-30VWG-FSA12-EU3000 K83 CRI2838 lm10627 WAmbient
LJT14-30XWG-FSA12-EU3000 K83 CRI2255 lm11120 WAmbient
LJT14-35HLG-FSA12-EU3500 K83 CRI4760 lm10645 WAmbient
LJT14-35LWG-FSA12-EU3500 K83 CRI3766 lm11034 WAmbient
LJT14-35MLG-FSA12-EU3500 K83 CRI4158 lm10938 WAmbient
LJT14-35MWG-FSA12-EU3500 K83 CRI3431 lm11231 WAmbient
LJT14-35VLG-FSA12-EU3500 K83 CRI6492 lm11059 WAmbient
LJT14-35VWG-FSA12-EU3500 K83 CRI2924 lm11027 WAmbient
LJT14-35XWG-FSA12-EU3500 K83 CRI2322 lm11420 WAmbient
LJT14-40HLG-FSA12-EU4000 K83 CRI4834 lm10745 WAmbient
LJT14-40LWG-FSA12-EU4000 K83 CRI3824 lm11234 WAmbient
LJT14-40MLG-FSA12-EU4000 K83 CRI4223 lm11138 WAmbient
LJT14-40MWG-FSA12-EU4000 K83 CRI3484 lm11431 WAmbient
LJT14-40VLG-FSA12-EU4000 K83 CRI6593 lm11259 WAmbient
LJT14-40VWG-FSA12-EU4000 K83 CRI2968 lm11127 WAmbient
LJT14-40XWG-FSA12-EU4000 K83 CRI2358 lm11620 WAmbient
LJT14-50HLG-FSA12-EU5000 K83 CRI5264 lm11745 WAmbient
LJT14-50LWG-FSA12-EU5000 K83 CRI4161 lm12234 WAmbient
LJT14-50MLG-FSA12-EU5000 K83 CRI4598 lm12038 WAmbient
LJT14-50MWG-FSA12-EU5000 K83 CRI3794 lm12431 WAmbient
LJT14-50VLG-FSA12-EU5000 K83 CRI7179 lm12259 WAmbient
LJT14-50VWG-FSA12-EU5000 K83 CRI3232 lm12127 WAmbient
LJT14-50XWG-FSA12-EU5000 K83 CRI2568 lm12720 WAmbient
LJT22-30HLG-FSA12-EU3000 K83 CRI3577 lm10933 WAmbient
LJT22-30LWG-FSA12-EU3000 K83 CRI2407 lm10224 WAmbient
LJT22-30MLG-FSA12-EU3000 K83 CRI3267 lm10431 WAmbient
LJT22-30MWG-FSA12-EU3000 K83 CRI1870 lm10318 WAmbient
LJT22-30VLG-FSA12-EU3000 K83 CRI4142 lm10042 WAmbient
LJT22-30VWG-FSA12-EU3000 K83 CRI1380 lm10513 WAmbient
LJT22-35HLG-FSA12-EU3500 K83 CRI3684 lm11333 WAmbient
LJT22-35LWG-FSA12-EU3500 K83 CRI2479 lm10524 WAmbient
LJT22-35MLG-FSA12-EU3500 K83 CRI3365 lm10831 WAmbient
LJT22-35MWG-FSA12-EU3500 K83 CRI1926 lm10618 WAmbient
LJT22-35VLG-FSA12-EU3500 K83 CRI4265 lm10342 WAmbient
LJT22-35VWG-FSA12-EU3500 K83 CRI1421 lm10813 WAmbient
LJT22-40HLG-FSA12-EU4000 K83 CRI3743 lm11433 WAmbient
LJT22-40LWG-FSA12-EU4000 K83 CRI2518 lm10624 WAmbient
LJT22-40MLG-FSA12-EU4000 K83 CRI3419 lm10931 WAmbient
LJT22-40MWG-FSA12-EU4000 K83 CRI1956 lm10718 WAmbient
LJT22-40VLG-FSA12-EU4000 K83 CRI4334 lm10442 WAmbient
LJT22-40VWG-FSA12-EU4000 K83 CRI1443 lm11013 WAmbient
LJT22-50HLG-FSA12-EU5000 K83 CRI4074 lm12533 WAmbient
LJT22-50LWG-FSA12-EU5000 K83 CRI2741 lm11624 WAmbient
LJT22-50MLG-FSA12-EU5000 K83 CRI3722 lm11931 WAmbient
LJT22-50MWG-FSA12-EU5000 K83 CRI2130 lm11718 WAmbient
LJT22-50VLG-FSA12-EU5000 K83 CRI4718 lm11342 WAmbient
LJT22-50VWG-FSA12-EU5000 K83 CRI1572 lm12013 WAmbient
LJT24-30HLG-FSA12-EU3000 K83 CRI5283 lm11745 WAmbient
LJT24-30LWG-FSA12-EU3000 K83 CRI4144 lm12234 WAmbient
LJT24-30MLG-FSA12-EU3000 K83 CRI4581 lm11938 WAmbient
LJT24-30MWG-FSA12-EU3000 K83 CRI3772 lm12331 WAmbient
LJT24-30VLG-FSA12-EU3000 K83 CRI7192 lm12159 WAmbient
LJT24-30VWG-FSA12-EU3000 K83 CRI3341 lm12527 WAmbient
LJT24-30XLG-FSA12-EU3000 K83 CRI8572 lm11773 WAmbient
LJT24-30XWG-FSA12-EU3000 K83 CRI2563 lm12720 WAmbient
LJT24-35HLG-FSA12-EU3500 K83 CRI5441 lm12045 WAmbient
LJT24-35LWG-FSA12-EU3500 K83 CRI4268 lm12634 WAmbient
LJT24-35MLG-FSA12-EU3500 K83 CRI4718 lm12338 WAmbient
LJT24-35MWG-FSA12-EU3500 K83 CRI3886 lm12731 WAmbient
LJT24-35VLG-FSA12-EU3500 K83 CRI7407 lm12559 WAmbient
LJT24-35VWG-FSA12-EU3500 K83 CRI3442 lm12827 WAmbient
LJT24-35XLG-FSA12-EU3500 K83 CRI8829 lm12173 WAmbient
LJT24-35XWG-FSA12-EU3500 K83 CRI2640 lm13120 WAmbient
LJT24-40HLG-FSA12-EU4000 K83 CRI5526 lm12245 WAmbient
LJT24-40LWG-FSA12-EU4000 K83 CRI4334 lm12734 WAmbient
LJT24-40MLG-FSA12-EU4000 K83 CRI4792 lm12538 WAmbient
LJT24-40MWG-FSA12-EU4000 K83 CRI3946 lm12931 WAmbient
LJT24-40VLG-FSA12-EU4000 K83 CRI7522 lm12759 WAmbient
LJT24-40VWG-FSA12-EU4000 K83 CRI3495 lm13027 WAmbient
LJT24-40XLG-FSA12-EU4000 K83 CRI8966 lm12373 WAmbient
LJT24-40XWG-FSA12-EU4000 K83 CRI2681 lm13320 WAmbient
LJT24-50HLG-FSA12-EU5000 K83 CRI6017 lm13345 WAmbient
LJT24-50LWG-FSA12-EU5000 K83 CRI4720 lm13934 WAmbient
LJT24-50MLG-FSA12-EU5000 K83 CRI5218 lm13638 WAmbient
LJT24-50MWG-FSA12-EU5000 K83 CRI4297 lm14031 WAmbient
LJT24-50VLG-FSA12-EU5000 K83 CRI8191 lm13859 WAmbient
LJT24-50VWG-FSA12-EU5000 K83 CRI3806 lm14227 WAmbient
LJT24-50XLG-FSA12-EU5000 K83 CRI9763 lm13473 WAmbient
LJT24-50XWG-FSA12-EU5000 K83 CRI2919 lm14520 WAmbient
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