The LZPT troffer offers a shallow profile for restricted plenum spaces and patented telscoping housing simplifies installation, even in the most restricted spaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Housing depth of only 1 1/2" - no taller than standard T-bar
  • Does not intrude into usable plenum space
  • Unique telescoping housing minimizes installation depth and simplifies installation
  • Long-life, 60,000 hour LEDs at L80 (80% lumen maintenance) reduce life cycle maintenance costs
  • Four LED color choices
  • Multiple lumen packages ranging from 1900 to 9100 nominal lumens
  • Superior color consistency to a 3-step MacAdam ellipse and 82 CRI
  • Soft, uniform light distribution provides excellent vertical illumination free from harsh contrast
  • QR code traceability
  • DLC® (DesignLights Consortium) Qualified - see
  • Five year warranty


Lumen Range
1,900 - 9,100
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming, Lutron EcoSystem
CCT Offering
3000, 3500, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Ceiling, Grid, Recessed, Surface, Suspended
Wattage Range
18 - 92
Efficacy Range
91 - 119
Color Offering
Optics & Distributions
CSA, UL 924, DLC 5.0 Standard
IC, Chicago Plenum (CCEA), Damp, Wet
5 year limited

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
LZPT14-30HLG-LSRO-EU3000 K82 CRI5347 lm9656 WAmbient
LZPT14-30LWG-LSRO-EU3000 K82 CRI4249 lm10142 WAmbient
LZPT14-30MLG-LSRO-EU3000 K82 CRI4768 lm10147 WAmbient
LZPT14-30MWG-LSRO-EU3000 K82 CRI3778 lm10237 WAmbient
LZPT14-30VLG-LSRO-EU3000 K82 CRI7112 lm9476 WAmbient
LZPT14-30VWG-LSRO-EU3000 K82 CRI3281 lm10232 WAmbient
LZPT14-30XLG-LSRO-EU3000 K82 CRI8270 lm9191 WAmbient
LZPT14-30XWG-LSRO-EU3000 K82 CRI2562 lm10225 WAmbient
LZPT14-35HLG-LSRO-EU3500 K82 CRI5556 lm9956 WAmbient
LZPT14-35LWG-LSRO-EU3500 K82 CRI4415 lm10542 WAmbient
LZPT14-35MLG-LSRO-EU3500 K82 CRI4954 lm10547 WAmbient
LZPT14-35MWG-LSRO-EU3500 K82 CRI3925 lm10637 WAmbient
LZPT14-35VLG-LSRO-EU3500 K82 CRI7390 lm9776 WAmbient
LZPT14-35VWG-LSRO-EU3500 K82 CRI3409 lm10632 WAmbient
LZPT14-35XLG-LSRO-EU3500 K82 CRI8593 lm9491 WAmbient
LZPT14-35XWG-LSRO-EU3500 K82 CRI2662 lm10625 WAmbient
LZPT14-40HLG-LSRO-EU4000 K82 CRI5668 lm10156 WAmbient
LZPT14-40LWG-LSRO-EU4000 K82 CRI4504 lm10742 WAmbient
LZPT14-40MLG-LSRO-EU4000 K82 CRI5055 lm10747 WAmbient
LZPT14-40MWG-LSRO-EU4000 K82 CRI4004 lm10837 WAmbient
LZPT14-40VLG-LSRO-EU4000 K82 CRI7539 lm9976 WAmbient
LZPT14-40VWG-LSRO-EU4000 K82 CRI3477 lm10832 WAmbient
LZPT14-40XLG-LSRO-EU4000 K82 CRI8767 lm9691 WAmbient
LZPT14-40XWG-LSRO-EU4000 K82 CRI2716 lm10925 WAmbient
LZPT14-50HLG-LSRO-EU5000 K82 CRI6155 lm11056 WAmbient
LZPT14-50LWG-LSRO-EU5000 K82 CRI4891 lm11742 WAmbient
LZPT14-50MLG-LSRO-EU5000 K82 CRI5489 lm11647 WAmbient
LZPT14-50MWG-LSRO-EU5000 K82 CRI4348 lm11837 WAmbient
LZPT14-50VLG-LSRO-EU5000 K82 CRI8186 lm10876 WAmbient
LZPT14-50VWG-LSRO-EU5000 K82 CRI3776 lm11732 WAmbient
LZPT14-50XLG-LSRO-EU5000 K82 CRI9519 lm10491 WAmbient
LZPT14-50XWG-LSRO-EU5000 K82 CRI2949 lm11825 WAmbient
LZPT22-30HLG-LSRS-EU3000 K82 CRI3627 lm10235 WAmbient
LZPT22-30LWG-LSRS-EU3000 K82 CRI2621 lm10326 WAmbient
LZPT22-30MLG-LSRS-EU3000 K82 CRI3223 lm10431 WAmbient
LZPT22-30MWG-LSRS-EU3000 K82 CRI2287 lm10821 WAmbient
LZPT22-30VLG-LSRS-EU3000 K82 CRI4293 lm10043 WAmbient
LZPT22-30VWG-LSRS-EU3000 K82 CRI1879 lm10718 WAmbient
LZPT22-35HLG-LSRS-EU3500 K82 CRI3769 lm10635 WAmbient
LZPT22-35LWG-LSRS-EU3500 K82 CRI2723 lm10726 WAmbient
LZPT22-35MLG-LSRS-EU3500 K82 CRI3348 lm10831 WAmbient
LZPT22-35MWG-LSRS-EU3500 K82 CRI2376 lm11221 WAmbient
LZPT22-35VLG-LSRS-EU3500 K82 CRI4460 lm10443 WAmbient
LZPT22-35VWG-LSRS-EU3500 K82 CRI1953 lm11218 WAmbient
LZPT22-40HLG-LSRS-EU4000 K82 CRI3845 lm10935 WAmbient
LZPT22-40LWG-LSRS-EU4000 K82 CRI2778 lm10926 WAmbient
LZPT22-40MLG-LSRS-EU4000 K82 CRI3416 lm11031 WAmbient
LZPT22-40MWG-LSRS-EU4000 K82 CRI2424 lm11421 WAmbient
LZPT22-40VLG-LSRS-EU4000 K82 CRI4551 lm10643 WAmbient
LZPT22-40VWG-LSRS-EU4000 K82 CRI1992 lm11418 WAmbient
LZPT22-50HLG-LSRS-EU5000 K82 CRI4175 lm11835 WAmbient
LZPT22-50LWG-LSRS-EU5000 K82 CRI3017 lm11826 WAmbient
LZPT22-50MLG-LSRS-EU5000 K82 CRI3709 lm11931 WAmbient
LZPT22-50MWG-LSRS-EU5000 K82 CRI2632 lm12421 WAmbient
LZPT22-50VLG-LSRS-EU5000 K82 CRI4941 lm11543 WAmbient
LZPT22-50VWG-LSRS-EU5000 K82 CRI2163 lm12418 WAmbient
LZPT24-30HLG-LSRS-EU3000 K82 CRI5492 lm9757 WAmbient
LZPT24-30LWG-LSRS-EU3000 K82 CRI4346 lm10243 WAmbient
LZPT24-30MLG-LSRS-EU3000 K82 CRI4872 lm10148 WAmbient
LZPT24-30MWG-LSRS-EU3000 K82 CRI3866 lm10338 WAmbient
LZPT24-30VLG-LSRS-EU3000 K82 CRI7230 lm9477 WAmbient
LZPT24-30VWG-LSRS-EU3000 K82 CRI3361 lm10333 WAmbient
LZPT24-30XLG-LSRS-EU3000 K82 CRI8429 lm9292 WAmbient
LZPT24-30XWG-LSRS-EU3000 K82 CRI2598 lm10126 WAmbient
LZPT24-35HLG-LSRS-EU3500 K82 CRI5706 lm10157 WAmbient
LZPT24-35LWG-LSRS-EU3500 K82 CRI4515 lm10643 WAmbient
LZPT24-35MLG-LSRS-EU3500 K82 CRI5062 lm10548 WAmbient
LZPT24-35MWG-LSRS-EU3500 K82 CRI4017 lm10738 WAmbient
LZPT24-35VLG-LSRS-EU3500 K82 CRI7511 lm9877 WAmbient
LZPT24-35VWG-LSRS-EU3500 K82 CRI3492 lm10733 WAmbient
LZPT24-35XLG-LSRS-EU3500 K82 CRI8758 lm9592 WAmbient
LZPT24-35XWG-LSRS-EU3500 K82 CRI2699 lm10526 WAmbient
LZPT24-40HLG-LSRS-EU4000 K82 CRI5821 lm10357 WAmbient
LZPT24-40LWG-LSRS-EU4000 K82 CRI4606 lm10843 WAmbient
LZPT24-40MLG-LSRS-EU4000 K82 CRI5164 lm10848 WAmbient
LZPT24-40MWG-LSRS-EU4000 K82 CRI4098 lm10938 WAmbient
LZPT24-40VLG-LSRS-EU4000 K82 CRI7663 lm10077 WAmbient
LZPT24-40VWG-LSRS-EU4000 K82 CRI3563 lm10933 WAmbient
LZPT24-40XLG-LSRS-EU4000 K82 CRI8935 lm9792 WAmbient
LZPT24-40XWG-LSRS-EU4000 K82 CRI2754 lm10826 WAmbient
LZPT24-50HLG-LSRS-EU5000 K82 CRI6321 lm11257 WAmbient
LZPT24-50LWG-LSRS-EU5000 K82 CRI5002 lm11843 WAmbient
LZPT24-50MLG-LSRS-EU5000 K82 CRI5607 lm11748 WAmbient
LZPT24-50MWG-LSRS-EU5000 K82 CRI4450 lm11838 WAmbient
LZPT24-50VLG-LSRS-EU5000 K82 CRI8321 lm10977 WAmbient
LZPT24-50VWG-LSRS-EU5000 K82 CRI3869 lm11933 WAmbient
LZPT24-50XLG-LSRS-EU5000 K82 CRI9702 lm10692 WAmbient
LZPT24-50XWG-LSRS-EU5000 K82 CRI2990 lm11726 WAmbient
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