Stratus® - LSTE

The Stratus - LSTE architectural recessed fixture is a direct/indirect luminaire that provides a clean ceiling at mounting heights as low as 8 feet.

Features & Benefits

  • Direct/indirect luminaire with popular metal perforated basket shielding
  • Multiple driver options to suit various applications
  • Precision optical design yields high efficiency in a high visual comfort architecturally styled direct/indirect distribution. Most models come with an integrated battery pack as an option
  • Compatible with Dual-Lite inverters


Voltage Offering
Lumen Range
1,600 - 8,600
Dimming Protocol
0-10V;Lutron EcoSystem Digital;Step-dimming;1%;5%
CCT Offering
3000, 3500, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Ceiling, Grid, Recessed, Surface, Suspended
Wattage Range
18 - 88
Efficacy Range
81 - 108
Color Offering
Optics & Distributions
CSA, UL 924, DLC 5.0 Standard
IC, Chicago Plenum (CCEA), Damp
5 year limited

Product Documents

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Installation Guides

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
LSTE22-35HLG-MPO-EDU3500 K80 CRI3567 lm8542 WAmbient
LSTE22-50VWG-MPO-EDU5000 K80 CRI1720 lm9618 WAmbient
LSTE24-40VLG-MPO-EDU4000 K80 CRI7386 lm9776 WAmbient
LSTE24-40HLG-MPO-EDU4000 K80 CRI5818 lm9561 WAmbient
LSTE24-30MWG-MPO-EDU3000 K80 CRI3640 lm9837 WAmbient
LSTE22-35VLG-MPO-EDU3500 K80 CRI4370 lm8452 WAmbient
LSTE22-30MLG-MPO-EDU3000 K80 CRI3338 lm8340 WAmbient
LSTE22-50LWG-MPO-EDU5000 K80 CRI2704 lm9329 WAmbient
LSTE24-50HLG-MPO-EDU5000 K80 CRI6006 lm9861 WAmbient
LSTE24-35VLG-MPO-EDU3500 K80 CRI7147 lm9476 WAmbient
LSTE24-30XWG-MPO-EDU3000 K80 CRI2348 lm9824 WAmbient
LSTE24-50VWG-MPO-EDU5000 K80 CRI3553 lm10833 WAmbient
LSTE22-40MLG-MPO-EDU4000 K80 CRI3508 lm8840 WAmbient
LSTE22-40MWG-MPO-EDU4000 K80 CRI2025 lm9222 WAmbient
LSTE24-50VLG-MPO-EDU5000 K80 CRI7669 lm10077 WAmbient
LSTE24-35HLG-MPO-EDU3500 K80 CRI5629 lm9261 WAmbient
LSTE24-35MWG-MPO-EDU3500 K80 CRI3702 lm10037 WAmbient
LSTE24-50LWG-MPO-EDU5000 K80 CRI4572 lm10643 WAmbient
LSTE22-50HLG-MPO-EDU5000 K80 CRI3806 lm9142 WAmbient
LSTE22-30LWG-MPO-EDU3000 K80 CRI2492 lm8629 WAmbient
LSTE22-35VWG-MPO-EDU3500 K80 CRI1613 lm9018 WAmbient
LSTE24-30VLG-MPO-EDU3000 K80 CRI7027 lm9276 WAmbient
LSTE24-35XWG-MPO-EDU3500 K80 CRI2388 lm10024 WAmbient
LSTE24-40VWG-MPO-EDU4000 K80 CRI3442 lm10433 WAmbient
LSTE22-50VLG-MPO-EDU5000 K80 CRI4699 lm9052 WAmbient
LSTE22-30VWG-MPO-EDU3000 K80 CRI1586 lm8818 WAmbient
LSTE22-35LWG-MPO-EDU3500 K80 CRI2534 lm8729 WAmbient
LSTE24-30HLG-MPO-EDU3000 K80 CRI5535 lm9161 WAmbient
LSTE24-40MWG-MPO-EDU4000 K80 CRI3826 lm10337 WAmbient
LSTE24-40LWG-MPO-EDU4000 K80 CRI4429 lm10343 WAmbient
LSTE24-30MLG-MPO-EDU3000 K80 CRI4738 lm9550 WAmbient
LSTE22-35MWG-MPO-EDU3500 K80 CRI1959 lm8922 WAmbient
LSTE22-30MWG-MPO-EDU3000 K80 CRI1926 lm8822 WAmbient
LSTE22-50MLG-MPO-EDU5000 K80 CRI3622 lm9140 WAmbient
LSTE24-40XWG-MPO-EDU4000 K80 CRI2467 lm10324 WAmbient
LSTE24-35VWG-MPO-EDU3500 K80 CRI3330 lm10133 WAmbient
LSTE24-30XLG-MPO-EDU3000 K80 CRI7915 lm9088 WAmbient
LSTE24-50XLG-MPO-EDU5000 K80 CRI8587 lm9888 WAmbient
LSTE22-40LWG-MPO-EDU4000 K80 CRI2619 lm9029 WAmbient
LSTE22-40VLG-MPO-EDU4000 K80 CRI4405 lm8552 WAmbient
LSTE24-50MWG-MPO-EDU5000 K80 CRI3950 lm10737 WAmbient
LSTE24-35LWG-MPO-EDU3500 K80 CRI4285 lm10043 WAmbient
LSTE24-35MLG-MPO-EDU3500 K80 CRI4818 lm9650 WAmbient
LSTE24-50MLG-MPO-EDU5000 K80 CRI5141 lm10350 WAmbient
LSTE22-40VWG-MPO-EDU4000 K80 CRI1667 lm9318 WAmbient
LSTE22-30HLG-MPO-EDU3000 K80 CRI3508 lm8442 WAmbient
LSTE22-40HLG-MPO-EDU4000 K80 CRI3687 lm8842 WAmbient
LSTE24-50XWG-MPO-EDU5000 K80 CRI2547 lm10624 WAmbient
LSTE24-30VWG-MPO-EDU3000 K80 CRI3275 lm9933 WAmbient
LSTE24-35XLG-MPO-EDU3500 K80 CRI8049 lm9188 WAmbient
LSTE24-40XLG-MPO-EDU4000 K80 CRI8318 lm9588 WAmbient
LSTE22-50MWG-MPO-EDU5000 K80 CRI2090 lm9522 WAmbient
LSTE22-30VLG-MPO-EDU3000 K80 CRI4191 lm8152 WAmbient
LSTE22-35MLG-MPO-EDU3500 K80 CRI3395 lm8540 WAmbient
LSTE24-30LWG-MPO-EDU3000 K80 CRI4214 lm9843 WAmbient
LSTE24-40MLG-MPO-EDU4000 K80 CRI4979 lm10050 WAmbient
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