Serrano® - LSER

The LSER architectural troffer brings cutting edge LED technology into an architecturally styled luminaire. Perfect for relight, retrofit or new construction.

Features & Benefits

  • Architecturally enhanced triple lens design
  • High efficacy, sustainable LED design
  • Long-life, 60,000 hour LEDs at L80 reduce life cycle maintenance costs
  • Multiple lumen packages for design flexibility
  • Four LED color choices
  • Superior color consistency within a 3-step MacAdam ellipse and greater than 80 CRI
  • Lens design and materials provide uniform appearance without pixilation
  • Hinged optical system for modular replaceability of LED boards and drivers from below
  • Available in 1'x4', 2'x2', 2'x4'
  • Two optional lens aesthetics
  • Lenses interlock for structural integrity
  • Recessed, Surface, or Cable Mount
  • Optional architecturally styled integration of occupancy and daylight sensor, 2'x2' and 2'x4' only
  • DLC® (DesignLights Consortium) Qualified - see
  • Five year warranty (Terms and Conditions Apply)


Lumen Range
1,400 - 9,200
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming, Lutron EcoSystem
CCT Offering
3000, 3500, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Ceiling, Grid, Recessed, Surface, Suspended
Wattage Range
13 - 72
Efficacy Range
96 - 138
Color Offering
Optics & Distributions
UL, UL 924, NSF
5 year limited

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
LSER14-30HLG-C-EU3000 K80 CRI4829 lm9650 WAmbient
LSER14-30LWG-C-EU3000 K80 CRI3436 lm10134 WAmbient
LSER14-30MLG-C-EU3000 K80 CRI4132 lm9643 WAmbient
LSER14-30MWG-C-EU3000 K80 CRI3167 lm10331 WAmbient
LSER14-30VLG-C-EU3000 K80 CRI6001 lm10259 WAmbient
LSER14-30VLG-R-EU3000 K80 CRI6024 lm10259 WAmbient
LSER14-30VWG-C-EU3000 K80 CRI2803 lm10527 WAmbient
LSER14-30XWG-C-EU3000 K80 CRI2080 lm10620 WAmbient
LSER14-35HLG-C-EU3500 K80 CRI4974 lm9950 WAmbient
LSER14-35LWG-C-EU3500 K80 CRI3539 lm10434 WAmbient
LSER14-35MLG-C-EU3500 K80 CRI4256 lm9943 WAmbient
LSER14-35MWG-C-EU3500 K80 CRI3262 lm10731 WAmbient
LSER14-35VLG-C-EU3500 K80 CRI6181 lm10559 WAmbient
LSER14-35VLG-R-EU3500 K80 CRI6205 lm10659 WAmbient
LSER14-35VWG-C-EU3500 K80 CRI2887 lm10827 WAmbient
LSER14-35XWG-C-EU3500 K80 CRI2143 lm10920 WAmbient
LSER14-40HLG-C-EU4000 K80 CRI5051 lm10050 WAmbient
LSER14-40LWG-C-EU4000 K80 CRI3594 lm10634 WAmbient
LSER14-40MLG-C-EU4000 K80 CRI4322 lm10143 WAmbient
LSER14-40MWG-C-EU4000 K80 CRI3313 lm10831 WAmbient
LSER14-40VLG-C-EU4000 K80 CRI6277 lm10759 WAmbient
LSER14-40VLG-R-EU4000 K80 CRI6302 lm10759 WAmbient
LSER14-40VWG-C-EU4000 K80 CRI2932 lm10927 WAmbient
LSER14-40XWG-C-EU4000 K80 CRI2176 lm11120 WAmbient
LSER14-50HLG-C-EU5000 K80 CRI5501 lm10950 WAmbient
LSER14-50LWG-C-EU5000 K80 CRI3914 lm11534 WAmbient
LSER14-50MLG-C-EU5000 K80 CRI4707 lm11043 WAmbient
LSER14-50MWG-C-EU5000 K80 CRI3607 lm11831 WAmbient
LSER14-50VLG-C-EU5000 K80 CRI6835 lm11659 WAmbient
LSER14-50VLG-R-EU5000 K80 CRI6862 lm11759 WAmbient
LSER14-50VWG-C-EU5000 K80 CRI3193 lm11927 WAmbient
LSER14-50XWG-C-EU5000 K80 CRI2369 lm12120 WAmbient
LSER22-30HLG-C-EU3000 K80 CRI3641 lm10535 WAmbient
LSER22-30HLG-R-EU3000 K80 CRI3677 lm10635 WAmbient
LSER22-30LWG-C-EU3000 K80 CRI2394 lm9924 WAmbient
LSER22-30MLG-C-EU3000 K80 CRI3344 lm10631 WAmbient
LSER22-30MWG-C-EU3000 K80 CRI1846 lm10418 WAmbient
LSER22-30VLG-C-EU3000 K80 CRI4168 lm10042 WAmbient
LSER22-30VWG-C-EU3000 K80 CRI1362 lm10413 WAmbient
LSER22-35HLG-C-EU3500 K80 CRI3750 lm10835 WAmbient
LSER22-35HLG-R-EU3500 K80 CRI3788 lm10935 WAmbient
LSER22-35LWG-C-EU3500 K80 CRI2466 lm10124 WAmbient
LSER22-35MLG-C-EU3500 K80 CRI3445 lm11031 WAmbient
LSER22-35MWG-C-EU3500 K80 CRI1901 lm10718 WAmbient
LSER22-35VLG-C-EU3500 K80 CRI4294 lm10342 WAmbient
LSER22-35VWG-C-EU3500 K80 CRI1402 lm10713 WAmbient
LSER22-40HLG-C-EU4000 K80 CRI3809 lm10935 WAmbient
LSER22-40HLG-R-EU4000 K80 CRI3846 lm11135 WAmbient
LSER22-40LWG-C-EU4000 K80 CRI2505 lm10324 WAmbient
LSER22-40MLG-C-EU4000 K80 CRI3498 lm11131 WAmbient
LSER22-40MWG-C-EU4000 K80 CRI1931 lm10818 WAmbient
LSER22-40VLG-C-EU4000 K80 CRI4360 lm10542 WAmbient
LSER22-40VWG-C-EU4000 K80 CRI1424 lm10913 WAmbient
LSER22-50HLG-C-EU5000 K80 CRI4147 lm11935 WAmbient
LSER22-50HLG-R-EU5000 K80 CRI4189 lm12035 WAmbient
LSER22-50LWG-C-EU5000 K80 CRI2727 lm11224 WAmbient
LSER22-50MLG-C-EU5000 K80 CRI3809 lm12131 WAmbient
LSER22-50MWG-C-EU5000 K80 CRI2102 lm11818 WAmbient
LSER22-50VLG-C-EU5000 K80 CRI4748 lm11442 WAmbient
LSER22-50VWG-C-EU5000 K80 CRI1551 lm11813 WAmbient
LSER24-30HLG-C-EU3000 K80 CRI5451 lm10850 WAmbient
LSER24-30LWG-C-EU3000 K80 CRI3915 lm11534 WAmbient
LSER24-30MLG-C-EU3000 K80 CRI4656 lm11242 WAmbient
LSER24-30MWG-C-EU3000 K80 CRI3567 lm11631 WAmbient
LSER24-30VLG-C-EU3000 K80 CRI6789 lm11559 WAmbient
LSER24-30VLG-R-EU3000 K80 CRI6732 lm11559 WAmbient
LSER24-30VWG-C-EU3000 K80 CRI3158 lm11827 WAmbient
LSER24-30XLG-C-EU3000 K80 CRI8035 lm11172 WAmbient
LSER24-30XWG-C-EU3000 K80 CRI2328 lm12119 WAmbient
LSER24-35HLG-C-EU3500 K80 CRI5615 lm11250 WAmbient
LSER24-35LWG-C-EU3500 K80 CRI4033 lm11834 WAmbient
LSER24-35MLG-C-EU3500 K80 CRI4795 lm11542 WAmbient
LSER24-35MWG-C-EU3500 K80 CRI3673 lm12031 WAmbient
LSER24-35VLG-C-EU3500 K80 CRI6992 lm11959 WAmbient
LSER24-35VLG-R-EU3500 K80 CRI6934 lm11859 WAmbient
LSER24-35VWG-C-EU3500 K80 CRI3252 lm12127 WAmbient
LSER24-35XLG-C-EU3500 K80 CRI8276 lm11472 WAmbient
LSER24-35XWG-C-EU3500 K80 CRI2398 lm12519 WAmbient
LSER24-40HLG-C-EU4000 K80 CRI5702 lm11350 WAmbient
LSER24-40LWG-C-EU4000 K80 CRI4095 lm12034 WAmbient
LSER24-40MLG-C-EU4000 K80 CRI4870 lm11742 WAmbient
LSER24-40MWG-C-EU4000 K80 CRI3731 lm12231 WAmbient
LSER24-40VLG-C-EU4000 K80 CRI7101 lm12159 WAmbient
LSER24-40VLG-R-EU4000 K80 CRI7041 lm12059 WAmbient
LSER24-40VWG-C-EU4000 K80 CRI3303 lm12327 WAmbient
LSER24-40XLG-C-EU4000 K80 CRI8405 lm11672 WAmbient
LSER24-40XWG-C-EU4000 K80 CRI2435 lm12719 WAmbient
LSER24-50HLG-C-EU5000 K80 CRI6209 lm12350 WAmbient
LSER24-50LWG-C-EU5000 K80 CRI4460 lm13134 WAmbient
LSER24-50MLG-C-EU5000 K80 CRI5303 lm12742 WAmbient
LSER24-50MWG-C-EU5000 K80 CRI4063 lm13231 WAmbient
LSER24-50VLG-C-EU5000 K80 CRI7732 lm13159 WAmbient
LSER24-50VLG-R-EU5000 K80 CRI7667 lm13159 WAmbient
LSER24-50VWG-C-EU5000 K80 CRI3596 lm13427 WAmbient
LSER24-50XLG-C-EU5000 K80 CRI9152 lm12672 WAmbient
LSER24-50XWG-C-EU5000 K80 CRI2652 lm13819 WAmbient
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