The CBT is a LED panel with switchable lumen and CCT options to create built-in versatility. Perfect for offices, classrooms and many other applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Switchable Lumen technology: 4400/3300/2750 lumens (1x4 and 2x2) 5500/4400/3300 lumens (2x4)
  • Switchable CCT technology: 3500/4000/5000K (2x4)
  • 80 CRI
  • 0-10V Dim to Off
  • Recessed or surface mount
  • Universal voltage (120–277V)
  • IC rated
  • Smooth even illumination across the face of the luminaire
  • Acrylic micro-optics over each LED provide edge-to-edge illumination
  • DLC® (DesignLights Consortium) Qualified. Please refer to DLC website for specific product qualification at


Product Technology
Switchable Technology
Lumen Range
2,750 - 5,700
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming
CCT Offering
3500, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Switchable Technology
Switchable CCT;Switchable Lumen
Mounting Options
Ceiling, Grid, Recessed, Surface
Material - Housing
Wattage Range
24 - 48
Efficacy Range
115 - 123
Color Offering
Optics & Distributions
UL, DLC 5.1 Standard, NSF2 Splash/Non-Food Zone
5 year limited

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
CBT14_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_2750lm_3500K3500 K80 CRI2750 lm11524 WLambertian
CBT14_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_2750lm_4000K4000 K80 CRI2850 lm11924 WLambertian
CBT14_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_2750lm_5000K5000 K80 CRI2800 lm11724 WLambertian
CBT14_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_3300lm_3500K3500 K80 CRI3300 lm11828 WLambertian
CBT14_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_3300lm_4000K4000 K80 CRI3400 lm12128 WLambertian
CBT14_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_3300lm_5000K5000 K80 CRI3350 lm12028 WLambertian
CBT14_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_4400lm_3500K3500 K80 CRI4400 lm11638 WLambertian
CBT14_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_4400lm_4000K4000 K80 CRI4600 lm12138 WLambertian
CBT14_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_4400lm_5000K5000 K80 CRI4500 lm11838 WLambertian
CBT22_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_2750lm_3500K3500 K80 CRI2750 lm11524 WLambertian
CBT22_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_2750lm_4000K4000 K80 CRI2850 lm11924 WLambertian
CBT22_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_2750lm_5000K5000 K80 CRI2800 lm11724 WLambertian
CBT22_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_3300lm_3500K3500 K80 CRI3300 lm11828 WLambertian
CBT22_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_3300lm_4000K4000 K80 CRI3400 lm12128 WLambertian
CBT22_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_3300lm_5000K5000 K80 CRI3350 lm12028 WLambertian
CBT22_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_4400lm_3500K3500 K80 CRI4400 lm11638 WLambertian
CBT22_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_4400lm_4000K4000 K80 CRI4600 lm12138 WLambertian
CBT22_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_4400lm_5000K5000 K80 CRI4500 lm11838 WLambertian
CBT24_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_3300lm_3500K3500 K80 CRI3300 lm11828 WLambertian
CBT24_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_3300lm_4000K4000 K80 CRI3450 lm12328 WLambertian
CBT24_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_3300lm_5000K5000 K80 CRI3400 lm12128 WLambertian
CBT24_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_4400lm_3500K3500 K80 CRI4400 lm11638 WLambertian
CBT24_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_4400lm_4000K4000 K80 CRI4600 lm12138 WLambertian
CBT24_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_4400lm_5000K5000 K80 CRI4500 lm11838 WLambertian
CBT24_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_5500lm_3500K3500 K80 CRI5500 lm11548 WLambertian
CBT24_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_5500lm_4000K4000 K80 CRI5800 lm12148 WLambertian
CBT24_A_LSCS_EDD_2PK_5500lm_5000K5000 K80 CRI5700 lm11948 WLambertian
CBT22_B_LSCS_EDD34_4400lm_3500K3500 K80 CRI4400 lm11638 WLambertian
CBT22_B_LSCS_EDD34_4400lm_4000K4000 K80 CRI4600 lm12138 WLambertian
CBT22_B_LSCS_EDD34_4400lm_5000K5000 K80 CRI4500 lm11838 WLambertian
CBT24_B_LSCS_EDD34_3300lm_3500K3500 K80 CRI3300 lm13225 WLambertian
CBT24_B_LSCS_EDD34_3300lm_4000K4000 K80 CRI3450 lm13825 WLambertian
CBT24_B_LSCS_EDD34_3300lm_5000K5000 K80 CRI3400 lm13625 WLambertian
CBT24_B_LSCS_EDD34_4400lm_3500K3500 K80 CRI4400 lm12635 WLambertian
CBT24_B_LSCS_EDD34_4400lm_4000K4000 K80 CRI4600 lm13135 WLambertian
CBT24_B_LSCS_EDD34_4400lm_5000K5000 K80 CRI4500 lm12935 WLambertian
CBT24_B_LSCS_EDD34_5500lm_3500K3500 K80 CRI5500 lm12245 WLambertian
CBT24_B_LSCS_EDD34_5500lm_4000K4000 K80 CRI5800 lm12945 WLambertian
CBT24_B_LSCS_EDD34_5500lm_5000K5000 K80 CRI5700 lm12745 WLambertian
CBT22_B_LSCS_EDD34_2750lm_3500K3500 K80 CRI2750 lm12023 WLambertian
CBT22_B_LSCS_EDD34_2750lm_4000K4000 K80 CRI2850 lm12423 WLambertian
CBT22_B_LSCS_EDD34_2750lm_5000K5000 K80 CRI2800 lm12223 WLambertian
CBT22_B_LSCS_EDD34_3300lm_3500K3500 K80 CRI3300 lm12227 WLambertian
CBT22_B_LSCS_EDD34_3300lm_4000K4000 K80 CRI3400 lm12627 WLambertian
CBT22_B_LSCS_EDD34_3300lm_5000K5000 K80 CRI3350 lm12427 WLambertian
CBT22-LS35_2750lm3500 K80 CRI2991 lm12224.45 WAmbient
CBT22-LS35_3300lm3500 K80 CRI3583 lm11930.05 WAmbient
CBT22-LS35_4400lm3500 K80 CRI4474 lm11140 WAmbient
CBT22-LS40_2750lm4000 K80 CRI3070 lm12624.4 WAmbient
CBT22-LS40_3300lm4000 K80 CRI3625 lm12129.93 WAmbient
CBT22-LS40_4400lm4000 K80 CRI4550 lm11340 WAmbient
CBT24-LS35_3300lm3500 K80 CRI3856 lm13229.25 WAmbient
CBT24-LS35_4400lm3500 K80 CRI4890 lm12539 WAmbient
CBT24-LS35_5500lm3500 K80 CRI5842 lm11850 WAmbient
CBT24-LS40_3300lm4000 K80 CRI3877 lm13329.25 WAmbient
CBT24-LS40_4400lm4000 K80 CRI4963 lm12739 WAmbient
CBT24-LS40_5500lm4000 K80 CRI5964 lm12050 WAmbient
CBT14-LS35_2750lm3500 K80 CRI2989 lm12024.9 WAmbient
CBT14-LS35_3300lm3500 K80 CRI3502 lm11430.65 WAmbient
CBT14-LS35_4400lm3500 K80 CRI4444 lm10742 WAmbient
CBT14-LS40_2750lm4000 K80 CRI2941 lm12224.13 WAmbient
CBT14-LS40_3300lm4000 K80 CRI3467 lm11729.62 WAmbient
CBT14-LS40_4400lm4000 K80 CRI4404 lm10841 WAmbient
CBT24-LSCS_3500K_48W3500 K80 CRI5994 lm12249 WAmbient
CBT24-LSCS_4000K_28W4000 K80 CRI3775 lm14027 WAmbient
CBT24-LSCS_4000K_38W4000 K80 CRI5246 lm13838 WAmbient
CBT24-LSCS_4000K_48W4000 K80 CRI6274 lm13447 WAmbient
CBT24-LSCS_5000K_28W5000 K80 CRI3757 lm13728 WAmbient
CBT24-LSCS_5000K_38W5000 K80 CRI5168 lm13239 WAmbient
CBT24-LSCS_5000K_48W5000 K80 CRI6138 lm12748 WAmbient
CBT24-LSCS_3500K_28W3500 K80 CRI3626 lm13128 WAmbient
CBT24-LSCS_3500K_38W3500 K80 CRI4998 lm12640 WAmbient
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