LITEISTRY™ offers a broad palette of architectural downlighting solutions with consistent aperture appearance, quiet ceiling design, and optical performance. 

Features & Benefits

  • 4" architectural LED round adjustable accent delivering 600–3500 lm
  • Available with SpectraSync™ Tunable White and Dim-to-Warm options
  • NX Lighting Controls™, wired and wireless capability available
  • Four beam distributions from 15° to 45°
  • Translating center beam optic allows 0–35° vertical tilt, 362° horizontal rotation
  • Select from three lower trim styles: Full Cut Cone, Pinhole or Slot


Aperture Shape
Product Technology
NX Lighting Controls, SpectraSync™ Color Tuning
Lumen Range
600 - 3,500
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming, DALI, DMX, Lutron EcoSystem, Phase Dimming
CCT Offering
2700, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
80, 90
Mounting Options
Wattage Range
8 - 43
Efficacy Range
77 - 85
Optics & Distributions
Narrow, Medium, Wide, Extra Wide
Damp, Non-IC, IC, Chicago Plenum (CCEA), TAA (Buy American 52.225-11)
Lumen Maintenance Rating
L90 @ 55,000 hours
5 year limited

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
LTR-4RA-H-15L2230TD9XW-DMTW_LTR-4RA-T-S_30K_Tilted_30_Deg3000 K90 CRI1315 lm50.626 WExtra Wide, 55° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-15L2765T9MD-DMT_LTR-4RA-T-S_30K_Tilted_30_Deg3000 K90 CRI1455 lm5626 WMedium, 23° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-15L2765T9WD-DMT_LTR-4RA-T-S_30K_Tilted_30_Deg3000 K90 CRI1395 lm53.726 WWide, 35° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-15L2765T9XW-DMT_LTR-4RA-T-S_30K_Tilted_30_Deg3000 K90 CRI1315 lm50.626 WExtra Wide, 55° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-06L2230TD9MD-DMTW_LTR-4RA-T-S_30K_Tilted_30_Deg3000 K90 CRI636 lm58.910.8 WMedium, 23° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-06L2230TD9NR-DMTW_LTR-4RA-T-S_30K_Tilted_30_Deg3000 K90 CRI631 lm58.510.8 WNarrow, 15° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-06L2230TD9WD-DMTW_LTR-4RA-T-S_30K_Tilted_30_Deg3000 K90 CRI610 lm56.510.8 WWide, 35° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-06L2230TD9XW-DMTW_LTR-4RA-T-S_30K_Tilted_30_Deg3000 K90 CRI575 lm53.210.8 WExtra Wide, 55° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-06L2765T9MD-DMT_LTR-4RA-T-S_30K_Tilted_30_Deg3000 K90 CRI636 lm58.910.8 WMedium, 23° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-06L2765T9NR-DMT_LTR-4RA-T-S_30K_Tilted_30_Deg3000 K90 CRI631 lm58.510.8 WNarrow, 15° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-06L2765T9WD-DMT_LTR-4RA-T-S_30K_Tilted_30_Deg3000 K90 CRI610 lm56.510.8 WWide, 35° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-06L2765T9XW-DMT_LTR-4RA-T-S_30K_Tilted_30_Deg3000 K90 CRI575 lm53.210.8 WExtra Wide, 55° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-10L2230TD9MD-DMTW_LTR-4RA-T-S_30K_Tilted_30_Deg3000 K90 CRI1017 lm60.616.8 WMedium, 23° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-10L2230TD9NR-DMTW_LTR-4RA-T-S_30K_Tilted_30_Deg3000 K90 CRI1010 lm60.116.8 WNarrow, 15° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-10L2230TD9WD-DMTW_LTR-4RA-T-S_30K_Tilted_30_Deg3000 K90 CRI975 lm58.116.8 WWide, 35° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-10L2230TD9XW-DMTW_LTR-4RA-T-S_30K_Tilted_30_Deg3000 K90 CRI919 lm54.716.8 WExtra Wide, 55° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-10L2765T9MD-DMT_LTR-4RA-T-S_30K_Tilted_30_Deg3000 K90 CRI1017 lm60.616.8 WMedium, 23° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-10L2765T9NR-DMT_LTR-4RA-T-S_30K_Tilted_30_Deg3000 K90 CRI1010 lm60.116.8 WNarrow, 15° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-10L2765T9WD-DMT_LTR-4RA-T-S_30K_Tilted_30_Deg3000 K90 CRI975 lm58.116.8 WWide, 35° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-10L2765T9XW-DMT_LTR-4RA-T-S_30K_Tilted_30_Deg3000 K90 CRI919 lm54.716.8 WExtra Wide, 55° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-15L2230TD9MD-DMTW_LTR-4RA-T-S_30K_Tilted_30_Deg3000 K90 CRI1455 lm5626 WMedium, 23° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-15L2230TD9WD-DMTW_LTR-4RA-T-S_30K_Tilted_30_Deg3000 K90 CRI1395 lm53.726 WWide, 35° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-06L35K8MD-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI575 lm747.8 WMedium, 23° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-06L35K8NR-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI633 lm827.8 WNarrow, 15° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-06L35K8WD-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI548 lm717.8 WWide, 35° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-06L35K8XW-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI516 lm677.8 WExtra Wide, 55° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-10L35K8MD-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI959 lm8012 WMedium, 23° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-10L35K8NR-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI1055 lm8812 WNarrow, 15° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-10L35K8WD-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI913 lm7712 WWide, 35° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-10L35K8XW-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI861 lm7212 WExtra Wide, 55° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-15L35K8MD-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI1438 lm7818.6 WMedium, 23° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-15L35K8NR-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI1583 lm8618.6 WNarrow, 15° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-15L35K8WD-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI1370 lm7418.6 WWide, 35° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-15L35K8XW-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI1291 lm7018.6 WExtra Wide, 55° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-20L35K8MD-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI1918 lm8622.475 WMedium, 23° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-20L35K8NR-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI2111 lm9422.475 WNarrow, 15° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-20L35K8WD-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI1826 lm8222.475 WWide, 35° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-20L35K8XW-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI1721 lm7722.475 WExtra Wide, 55° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-25L35K8MD-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI2397 lm8727.8 WMedium, 23° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-25L35K8WD-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI2283 lm8327.8 WWide, 35° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-25L35K8XW-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI2151 lm7827.8 WExtra Wide, 55° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-30L35K8MD-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI2877 lm8434.6 WMedium, 23° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-30L35K8WD-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI2739 lm8034.6 WWide, 35° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-30L35K8XW-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI2582 lm7534.6 WExtra Wide, 55° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-35L35K8MD-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI3356 lm7942.9 WMedium, 23° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-35L35K8WD-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI3196 lm7542.9 WWide, 35° FWHM
LTR-4RA-H-35L35K8XW-DM1_LTR-4RA-T-S_Tilted_30_Deg3500 K80 CRI3012 lm7142.9 WExtra Wide, 55° FWHM
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