Pavilion Impact Bollard

The Pavilion Impact Bollards are designed to protect pedestrians and property from the impact of errant or passing vehicles and are ASTM F3016 S20 rated

Features & Benefits

  • 44" OAH S20 Impact Rated Illuminated and Non-Illuminated Bollards
  • U0, True IES, or diffused symmetric or asymmetric distributions
  • IDA Dark Sky Compliant, No Up-light configuration
  • Optional Bluetooth enabled RGBW color luminous accent
  • NX Lighting Controls
  • Integral Power Station functionality enables optional electrical and USB charging, speaker integration or even a disabled persons actuator button


Lumen Range
397 - 2,350
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming
Wattage Range
14 - 22
Color Offering
BLS - Black Gloss Smooth, BLT - Black Matte Textured, DBS - Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, DBT- Dark Bronze Matte Textured, GTT - Graphite Matte Textured, LG - Light Grey Matte Textured, LGS - Light Grey Gloss Smooth, PSS - Platinum Silver Gloss Smooth, VGT - Verde Green Matte Textured, WHS - White Gloss Smooth, WHT - White Matte Textured, CC – Custom Color
UL 1598, CSA C22.2 No. 250.0
IP65, IK10

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
PA7R-CH1-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1184 lm8514.0 WType I
PA7R-CH1-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1288 lm9214.0 WType I
PA7R-CH1-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1319 lm9514.0 WType I
PA7R-CH1-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1778 lm8222.0 WType I
PA7R-CH1-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1935 lm8922.0 WType I
PA7R-CH1-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1981 lm9122.0 WType I
PA7R-CH2-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1139 lm8214.0 WType II
PA7R-CH2-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1239 lm8914.0 WType II
PA7R-CH2-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1269 lm9114.0 WType II
PA7R-CH2-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1711 lm7922.0 WType II
PA7R-CH2-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1862 lm8622.0 WType II
PA7R-CH2-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1906 lm8822.0 WType II
PA7R-CH3-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1094 lm7914.0 WType III
PA7R-CH3-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1190 lm8514.0 WType III
PA7R-CH3-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1219 lm8714.0 WType III
PA7R-CH3-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1643 lm7622.0 WType III
PA7R-CH3-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1788 lm8222.0 WType III
PA7R-CH3-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1831 lm8422.0 WType III
PA7R-CH3HS-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI960 lm6914.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-CH3HS-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1045 lm7514.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-CH3HS-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1070 lm7714.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-CH3HS-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1443 lm6622.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-CH3HS-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1570 lm7222.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-CH3HS-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1608 lm7422.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-CH4-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1152 lm8314.0 WType IV
PA7R-CH4-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1254 lm9014.0 WType IV
PA7R-CH4-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1284 lm9214.0 WType IV
PA7R-CH4-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1731 lm8022.0 WType IV
PA7R-CH4-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1884 lm8722.0 WType IV
PA7R-CH4-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1929 lm8922.0 WType IV
PA7R-CH5-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1225 lm8814.0 WType V
PA7R-CH5-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1333 lm9614.0 WType V
PA7R-CH5-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1365 lm9814.0 WType V
PA7R-CH5-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1841 lm8522.0 WType V
PA7R-CH5-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI2003 lm9222.0 WType V
PA7R-CH5-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI2051 lm9522.0 WType V
PA7R-CL1-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1146 lm8214.0 WType I
PA7R-CL1-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1247 lm9014.0 WType I
PA7R-CL1-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1277 lm9214.0 WType I
PA7R-CL1-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1852 lm8522.0 WType I
PA7R-CL1-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI2016 lm9322.0 WType I
PA7R-CL1-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI2064 lm9522.0 WType I
PA7R-CL2-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1228 lm8814.0 WType II
PA7R-CL2-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1336 lm9614.0 WType II
PA7R-CL2-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1368 lm9814.0 WType II
PA7R-CL2-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1984 lm9122.0 WType II
PA7R-CL2-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI2159 lm9922.0 WType II
PA7R-CL2-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI2211 lm10222.0 WType II
PA7R-CL3-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1276 lm9214.0 WType III
PA7R-CL3-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1389 lm10014.0 WType III
PA7R-CL3-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1422 lm10214.0 WType III
PA7R-CL3-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI2062 lm9522.0 WType III
PA7R-CL3-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI2244 lm10322.0 WType III
PA7R-CL3-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI2298 lm10622.0 WType III
PA7R-CL3HS-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1030 lm7414.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-CL3HS-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1121 lm8014.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-CL3HS-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1148 lm8214.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-CL3HS-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1665 lm7722.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-CL3HS-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1811 lm8322.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-CL3HS-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1855 lm8522.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-CL4-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1272 lm9114.0 WType IV
PA7R-CL4-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1384 lm9914.0 WType IV
PA7R-CL4-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1417 lm10214.0 WType IV
PA7R-CL4-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI2055 lm9522.0 WType IV
PA7R-CL4-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI2236 lm10322.0 WType IV
PA7R-CL4-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI2290 lm10622.0 WType IV
PA7R-CL5-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1305 lm9414.0 WType V
PA7R-CL5-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1420 lm10214.0 WType V
PA7R-CL5-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1454 lm10414.0 WType V
PA7R-CL5-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI2109 lm9722.0 WType V
PA7R-CL5-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI2295 lm10622.0 WType V
PA7R-CL5-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI2350 lm10822.0 WType V
PA7R-DL1-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1086 lm7814.0 WType I
PA7R-DL1-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1182 lm8514.0 WType I
PA7R-DL1-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1210 lm8714.0 WType I
PA7R-DL1-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1639 lm7622.0 WType I
PA7R-DL1-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1783 lm8222.0 WType I
PA7R-DL1-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1826 lm8422.0 WType I
PA7R-DL5-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1141 lm8214.0 WType V
PA7R-DL5-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1241 lm8914.0 WType V
PA7R-DL5-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1271 lm9114.0 WType V
PA7R-DL5-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1721 lm7922.0 WType V
PA7R-DL5-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1873 lm8622.0 WType V
PA7R-DL5-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1918 lm8822.0 WType V
PA7R-GC1-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI843 lm6114.0 WType I
PA7R-GC1-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI917 lm6614.0 WType I
PA7R-GC1-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI939 lm6714.0 WType I
PA7R-GC1-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1038 lm4822.0 WType I
PA7R-GC1-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1130 lm5222.0 WType I
PA7R-GC1-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1157 lm5322.0 WType I
PA7R-GC2-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI829 lm6014.0 WType II
PA7R-GC2-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI903 lm6514.0 WType II
PA7R-GC2-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI924 lm6614.0 WType II
PA7R-GC2-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1021 lm4722.0 WType II
PA7R-GC2-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1111 lm5122.0 WType II
PA7R-GC2-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1138 lm5222.0 WType II
PA7R-GC3-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI831 lm6014.0 WType III
PA7R-GC3-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI905 lm6514.0 WType III
PA7R-GC3-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI926 lm6714.0 WType III
PA7R-GC3-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1024 lm4722.0 WType III
PA7R-GC3-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1114 lm5122.0 WType III
PA7R-GC3-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1141 lm5322.0 WType III
PA7R-GC3HS-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI694 lm5014.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-GC3HS-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI755 lm5414.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-GC3HS-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI773 lm5614.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-GC3HS-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI854 lm3922.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-GC3HS-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI930 lm4322.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-GC3HS-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI952 lm4422.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-GC4-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI901 lm6514.0 WType IV
PA7R-GC4-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI980 lm7014.0 WType IV
PA7R-GC4-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1004 lm7214.0 WType IV
PA7R-GC4-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1109 lm5122.0 WType IV
PA7R-GC4-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1207 lm5622.0 WType IV
PA7R-GC4-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1236 lm5722.0 WType IV
PA7R-GC5-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI842 lm6014.0 WType V
PA7R-GC5-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI916 lm6614.0 WType V
PA7R-GC5-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI938 lm6714.0 WType V
PA7R-GC5-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1037 lm4822.0 WType V
PA7R-GC5-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1128 lm5222.0 WType V
PA7R-GC5-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1155 lm5322.0 WType V
PA7R-GD1-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI728 lm5214.0 WType I
PA7R-GD1-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI792 lm5714.0 WType I
PA7R-GD1-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI811 lm5814.0 WType I
PA7R-GD1-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1036 lm4822.0 WType I
PA7R-GD1-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1127 lm5222.0 WType I
PA7R-GD1-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1154 lm5322.0 WType I
PA7R-GD5-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI782 lm5614.0 WType V
PA7R-GD5-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI851 lm6114.0 WType V
PA7R-GD5-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI872 lm6314.0 WType V
PA7R-GD5-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI953 lm4422.0 WType V
PA7R-GD5-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1037 lm4822.0 WType V
PA7R-GD5-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1062 lm4922.0 WType V
PA7R-LV1-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI489 lm3514.0 WType I
PA7R-LV1-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI533 lm3814.0 WType I
PA7R-LV1-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI545 lm3914.0 WType I
PA7R-LV1-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI746 lm3422.0 WType I
PA7R-LV1-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI811 lm3722.0 WType I
PA7R-LV1-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI831 lm3822.0 WType I
PA7R-LV2-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI534 lm3814.0 WType II
PA7R-LV2-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI581 lm4214.0 WType II
PA7R-LV2-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI595 lm4314.0 WType II
PA7R-LV2-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI814 lm3722.0 WType II
PA7R-LV2-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI885 lm4122.0 WType II
PA7R-LV2-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI907 lm4222.0 WType II
PA7R-LV3-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI550 lm4014.0 WType III
PA7R-LV3-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI599 lm4314.0 WType III
PA7R-LV3-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI613 lm4414.0 WType III
PA7R-LV3-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI838 lm3922.0 WType III
PA7R-LV3-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI912 lm4222.0 WType III
PA7R-LV3-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI934 lm4322.0 WType III
PA7R-LV3HS-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI397 lm2914.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-LV3HS-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI432 lm3114.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-LV3HS-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI442 lm3214.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-LV3HS-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI605 lm2822.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-LV3HS-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI658 lm3022.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-LV3HS-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI674 lm3122.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-LV4-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI577 lm4114.0 WType IV
PA7R-LV4-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI628 lm4514.0 WType IV
PA7R-LV4-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI643 lm4614.0 WType IV
PA7R-LV4-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI879 lm4022.0 WType IV
PA7R-LV4-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI956 lm4422.0 WType IV
PA7R-LV4-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI979 lm4522.0 WType IV
PA7R-LV5-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI583 lm4214.0 WType V
PA7R-LV5-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI634 lm4614.0 WType V
PA7R-LV5-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI649 lm4714.0 WType V
PA7R-LV5-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI888 lm4122.0 WType V
PA7R-LV5-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI966 lm4522.0 WType V
PA7R-LV5-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI989 lm4622.0 WType V
PA7R-NU1-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI749 lm5414.0 WType I
PA7R-NU1-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI815 lm5914.0 WType I
PA7R-NU1-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI835 lm6014.0 WType I
PA7R-NU1-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1044 lm4822.0 WType I
PA7R-NU1-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1136 lm5222.0 WType I
PA7R-NU1-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1164 lm5422.0 WType I
PA7R-NU2-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI860 lm6214.0 WType II
PA7R-NU2-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI936 lm6714.0 WType II
PA7R-NU2-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI958 lm6914.0 WType II
PA7R-NU2-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1199 lm5522.0 WType II
PA7R-NU2-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1305 lm6022.0 WType II
PA7R-NU2-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1336 lm6222.0 WType II
PA7R-NU3-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI809 lm5814.0 WType III
PA7R-NU3-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI881 lm6314.0 WType III
PA7R-NU3-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI902 lm6514.0 WType III
PA7R-NU3-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1128 lm5222.0 WType III
PA7R-NU3-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1228 lm5722.0 WType III
PA7R-NU3-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1257 lm5822.0 WType III
PA7R-NU3HS-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI684 lm4914.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-NU3HS-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI744 lm5314.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-NU3HS-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI762 lm5514.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-NU3HS-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI953 lm4422.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-NU3HS-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1037 lm4822.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-NU3HS-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1062 lm4922.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7R-NU4-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI977 lm7014.0 WType IV
PA7R-NU4-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1063 lm7614.0 WType IV
PA7R-NU4-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1089 lm7814.0 WType IV
PA7R-NU4-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1362 lm6322.0 WType IV
PA7R-NU4-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1482 lm6822.0 WType IV
PA7R-NU4-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1518 lm7022.0 WType IV
PA7R-NU5-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI908 lm6514.0 WType V
PA7R-NU5-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI988 lm7114.0 WType V
PA7R-NU5-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1011 lm7314.0 WType V
PA7R-NU5-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1265 lm5822.0 WType V
PA7R-NU5-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1377 lm6322.0 WType V
PA7R-NU5-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1410 lm6522.0 WType V
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