Providence® Bollard

Providence® Bollard delivers IES Type II, III, IV and V distributions without any up-light

Features & Benefits

  • 0-10V dimmable
  • ie-Cast housing
  • Full Cutoff optical system


Lumen Range
1 - 2,500
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming
CCT Offering
3000, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Anchor Base
Wattage Range
25 - 42
Color Offering
BLS - Black Gloss Smooth, BLT - Black Matte Textured, DBS - Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, DBT- Dark Bronze Matte Textured, GTT - Graphite Matte Textured, LG - Light Grey Matte Textured, LGS - Light Grey Gloss Smooth, PSS - Platinum Silver Gloss Smooth, VGT - Verde Green Matte Textured, WHS - White Gloss Smooth, WHT - White Matte Textured, CC – Custom Color
Optics & Distributions
Type II, Type III, Type IV, Type V
Operating Temp
-40 to 40

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
PROB-Y2-20303000 K70 CRI1792 lm7125.1 WType II
PROB-Y2-2030-LDL3000 K70 CRI1216 lm4924.9 WType II
PROB-Y2-20404000 K70 CRI1957 lm7825.1 WType II
PROB-Y2-2040-LDL4000 K70 CRI1357 lm5424.9 WType II
PROB-Y2-20505000 K70 CRI1951 lm7825.1 WType II
PROB-Y2-2050-LDL5000 K70 CRI1383 lm5624.9 WType II
PROB-Y2-30303000 K70 CRI2975 lm6943.2 WType II
PROB-Y2-3030-LDL3000 K70 CRI2086 lm4943 WType II
PROB-Y2-30404000 K70 CRI3247 lm7543.2 WType II
PROB-Y2-3040-LDL4000 K70 CRI2335 lm5443 WType II
PROB-Y2-30505000 K70 CRI3238 lm7543.2 WType II
PROB-Y2-3050-LDL5000 K70 CRI2378 lm5543 WType II
PROB-Y3-20303000 K70 CRI1830 lm7325.1 WType III
PROB-Y3-2030-LDL3000 K70 CRI1210 lm4924.9 WType III
PROB-Y3-20404000 K70 CRI1969 lm7825.1 WType III
PROB-Y3-2040-LDL4000 K70 CRI1355 lm5424.9 WType III
PROB-Y3-20505000 K70 CRI1958 lm7825.1 WType III
PROB-Y3-2050-LDL5000 K70 CRI1379 lm5524.9 WType III
PROB-Y3-30303000 K70 CRI3030 lm6943.7 WType III
PROB-Y3-3030-LDL3000 K70 CRI2081 lm5042 WType III
PROB-Y3-30404000 K70 CRI3270 lm7643.2 WType III
PROB-Y3-3040-LDL4000 K70 CRI2330 lm5542 WType III
PROB-Y3-30505000 K70 CRI3261 lm7543.2 WType III
PROB-Y3-3050-LDL5000 K70 CRI2374 lm5742 WType III
PROB-Y4-30303000 K70 CRI2988 lm6942.0 WType IV
PROB-Y4-3030-LDL3000 K70 CRI2001 lm4742.0 WType IV
PROB-Y4-30404000 K70 CRI3262 lm7642.0 WType IV
PROB-Y4-3040-LDL4000 K70 CRI2241 lm5242.0 WType IV
PROB-Y4-30505000 K70 CRI3253 lm7642.0 WType IV
PROB-Y4-3050-LDL5000 K70 CRI2283 lm5342.0 WType IV
PROB-Y5-20303000 K70 CRI1735 lm6925.1 WType V Square
PROB-Y5-2030-LDL3000 K70 CRI1137 lm4624.9 WType V Square
PROB-Y5-20404000 K70 CRI1894 lm7525.1 WType V Square
PROB-Y5-2040-LDL4000 K70 CRI1270 lm5124.9 WType V Square
PROB-Y5-20505000 K70 CRI1889 lm7525.1 WType V Square
PROB-Y5-2050-LDL5000 K70 CRI1295 lm5224.9 WType V Square
PROB-Y5-30303000 K70 CRI2892 lm6743.2 WType V Square
PROB-Y5-3030-LDL3000 K70 CRI1956 lm4543 WType V Square
PROB-Y5-30404000 K70 CRI3157 lm7442.8 WType V Square
PROB-Y5-3040-LDL4000 K70 CRI2184 lm5143 WType V Square
PROB-Y5-30505000 K70 CRI3148 lm7343.1 WType V Square
PROB-Y5-3050-LDL5000 K70 CRI2226 lm5243 WType V Square
PROB-Y4W-2040-LDL4000 K70 CRI1417 lm5724.9 WType IV Wide
PROB-Y4W-20505000 K70 CRI1961 lm7825.1 WType IV Wide
PROB-Y4W-2050-LDL5000 K70 CRI1419 lm5724.9 WType IV Wide
PROB-Y4W-30303000 K70 CRI2989 lm7043 WType IV Wide
PROB-Y4W-3030-LDL3000 K70 CRI2164 lm5043 WType IV Wide
PROB-Y4W-30404000 K70 CRI3262 lm7643 WType IV Wide
PROB-Y4W-3040-LDL4000 K70 CRI2362 lm5543 WType IV Wide
PROB-Y4W-30505000 K70 CRI3253 lm7643 WType IV Wide
PROB-Y4W-3050-LDL5000 K70 CRI2356 lm5543 WType IV Wide
PROB-Y4W-20303000 K70 CRI1793 lm7125.1 WType IV Wide
PROB-Y4W-2030-LDL3000 K70 CRI1298 lm5224.9 WType IV Wide
PROB-Y4W-20404000 K70 CRI1957 lm7825.1 WType IV Wide
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