Pavilion Square

Pavilion redefines the bollard category with state of the art design, performance, and technology.

Features & Benefits

  • 28 configurable optic and top cap combinations
  • U0, True IES, or diffused symmetric or asymmetric distributions
  • Optional Bluetooth enabled RGBW color luminous accent
  • Battery backup configurations
  • Integral Power Station functionality enables optional electrical and USB charging, speaker integration or even a disabled persons actuator button


Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming, DMX
Wattage Range
14 - 22
Color Offering
BLS - Black Gloss Smooth, BLT - Black Matte Textured, DBS - Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, DBT- Dark Bronze Matte Textured, GTT - Graphite Matte Textured, LG - Light Grey Matte Textured, LGS - Light Grey Gloss Smooth, PSS - Platinum Silver Gloss Smooth, VGT - Verde Green Matte Textured, WHS - White Gloss Smooth, WHT - White Matte Textured, CC – Custom Color

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
PA7S-CH1-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1129 lm8114.0 WType I
PA7S-CH1-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1135 lm8114.0 WType I
PA7S-CH1-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1209 lm8614.0 WType I
PA7S-CH1-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1784 lm8222.0 WType I
PA7S-CH1-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1794 lm8322.0 WType I
PA7S-CH1-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1910 lm8822.0 WType I
PA7S-CH2-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1063 lm7614.0 WType II
PA7S-CH2-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1069 lm7614.0 WType II
PA7S-CH2-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1138 lm8114.0 WType II
PA7S-CH2-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1680 lm7722.0 WType II
PA7S-CH2-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1690 lm7822.0 WType II
PA7S-CH2-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1799 lm8322.0 WType II
PA7S-CH3-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1047 lm7514.0 WType III
PA7S-CH3-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1053 lm7514.0 WType III
PA7S-CH3-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1121 lm8014.0 WType III
PA7S-CH3-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1723 lm7922.0 WType III
PA7S-CH3-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1802 lm8322.0 WType III
PA7S-CH3-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1772 lm8222.0 WType III
PA7S-CH3HS-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI870 lm6214.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-CH3HS-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI875 lm6314.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-CH3HS-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI932 lm6714.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-CH3HS-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1375 lm6322.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-CH3HS-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1383 lm6422.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-CH3HS-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1473 lm6822.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-CH4-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1076 lm7714.0 WType IV
PA7S-CH4-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1082 lm7714.0 WType IV
PA7S-CH4-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1152 lm8214.0 WType IV
PA7S-CH4-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1701 lm7822.0 WType IV
PA7S-CH4-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1710 lm7922.0 WType IV
PA7S-CH4-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1821 lm8422.0 WType IV
PA7S-CH5-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1035 lm7414.0 WType V
PA7S-CH5-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1040 lm7414.0 WType V
PA7S-CH5-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1108 lm7914.0 WType V
PA7S-CH5-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1635 lm7522.0 WType V
PA7S-CH5-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1644 lm7622.0 WType V
PA7S-CH5-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1751 lm8122.0 WType V
PA7S-CL1-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1243 lm8914.0 WType I
PA7S-CL1-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1250 lm8914.0 WType I
PA7S-CL1-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1331 lm9514.0 WType I
PA7S-CL1-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1792 lm8222.0 WType I
PA7S-CL1-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1802 lm8322.0 WType I
PA7S-CL1-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1918 lm8822.0 WType I
PA7S-CL2-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1309 lm9314.0 WType II
PA7S-CL2-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1316 lm9414.0 WType II
PA7S-CL2-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1401 lm10014.0 WType II
PA7S-CL2-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1886 lm8722.0 WType II
PA7S-CL2-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1897 lm8722.0 WType II
PA7S-CL2-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI2020 lm9322.0 WType II
PA7S-CL3-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1320 lm9414.0 WType III
PA7S-CL3-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1328 lm9514.0 WType III
PA7S-CL3-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1414 lm10114.0 WType III
PA7S-CL3-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1902 lm8822.0 WType III
PA7S-CL3-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1913 lm8822.0 WType III
PA7S-CL3-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI2037 lm9422.0 WType III
PA7S-CL3HS-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1097 lm7814.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-CL3HS-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1104 lm7914.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-CL3HS-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1175 lm8414.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-CL3HS-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1582 lm7322.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-CL3HS-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1591 lm7322.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-CL3HS-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1694 lm7822.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-CL4-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1402 lm10014.0 WType IV
PA7S-CL4-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1409 lm10114.0 WType IV
PA7S-CL4-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1501 lm10714.0 WType IV
PA7S-CL4-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI2019 lm9322.0 WType IV
PA7S-CL4-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI2031 lm9322.0 WType IV
PA7S-CL4-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI2162 lm10022.0 WType IV
PA7S-CL5-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1358 lm9714.0 WType V
PA7S-CL5-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1366 lm9814.0 WType V
PA7S-CL5-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1454 lm10414.0 WType V
PA7S-CL5-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1957 lm9022.0 WType V
PA7S-CL5-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1968 lm9122.0 WType V
PA7S-CL5-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI2096 lm9622.0 WType V
PA7S-DL1-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1109 lm7914.0 WType I
PA7S-DL1-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1115 lm8014.0 WType I
PA7S-DL1-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1187 lm8514.0 WType I
PA7S-DL1-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1625 lm7522.0 WType I
PA7S-DL1-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1635 lm7522.0 WType I
PA7S-DL1-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1740 lm8022.0 WType I
PA7S-DL5-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1218 lm8714.0 WType V
PA7S-DL5-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1225 lm8814.0 WType V
PA7S-DL5-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1305 lm9314.0 WType V
PA7S-DL5-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1795 lm8322.0 WType V
PA7S-DL5-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1805 lm8322.0 WType V
PA7S-DL5-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1922 lm8822.0 WType V
PA7S-GC1-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI938 lm6714.0 WType I
PA7S-GC1-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI943 lm6714.0 WType I
PA7S-GC1-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1004 lm7214.0 WType I
PA7S-GC1-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1236 lm5722.0 WType I
PA7S-GC1-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1243 lm5722.0 WType I
PA7S-GC1-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1324 lm6122.0 WType I
PA7S-GC2-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI962 lm6914.0 WType II
PA7S-GC2-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI968 lm6914.0 WType II
PA7S-GC2-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1031 lm7414.0 WType II
PA7S-GC2-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1269 lm5822.0 WType II
PA7S-GC2-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1276 lm5922.0 WType II
PA7S-GC2-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1358 lm6322.0 WType II
PA7S-GC3-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI963 lm6914.0 WType III
PA7S-GC3-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI968 lm6914.0 WType III
PA7S-GC3-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1031 lm7414.0 WType III
PA7S-GC3-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1269 lm5822.0 WType III
PA7S-GC3-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1276 lm5922.0 WType III
PA7S-GC3-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1359 lm6322.0 WType III
PA7S-GC3HS-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI784 lm5614.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-GC3HS-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI789 lm5614.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-GC3HS-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI840 lm6014.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-GC3HS-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1034 lm4822.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-GC3HS-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1040 lm4822.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-GC3HS-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1107 lm5122.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-GC4-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI1058 lm7614.0 WType IV
PA7S-GC4-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1064 lm7614.0 WType IV
PA7S-GC4-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1133 lm8114.0 WType IV
PA7S-GC4-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1394 lm6422.0 WType IV
PA7S-GC4-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1402 lm6522.0 WType IV
PA7S-GC4-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1493 lm6922.0 WType IV
PA7S-GC5-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI998 lm7114.0 WType V
PA7S-GC5-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI1004 lm7214.0 WType V
PA7S-GC5-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI1069 lm7614.0 WType V
PA7S-GC5-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1316 lm6122.0 WType V
PA7S-GC5-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1323 lm6122.0 WType V
PA7S-GC5-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1409 lm6522.0 WType V
PA7S-GD1-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI804 lm5714.0 WType I
PA7S-GD1-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI809 lm5814.0 WType I
PA7S-GD1-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI861 lm6214.0 WType I
PA7S-GD1-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1215 lm5622.0 WType I
PA7S-GD1-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1222 lm5622.0 WType I
PA7S-GD1-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1301 lm6022.0 WType I
PA7S-GD5-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI897 lm6414.0 WType V
PA7S-GD5-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI902 lm6414.0 WType V
PA7S-GD5-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI960 lm6914.0 WType V
PA7S-GD5-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1329 lm6122.0 WType V
PA7S-GD5-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1336 lm6222.0 WType V
PA7S-GD5-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1423 lm6622.0 WType V
PA7S-LV1-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI812 lm5814.0 WType I
PA7S-LV1-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI817 lm5814.0 WType I
PA7S-LV1-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI869 lm6214.0 WType I
PA7S-LV1-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1093 lm5022.0 WType I
PA7S-LV1-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1100 lm5122.0 WType I
PA7S-LV1-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1171 lm5422.0 WType I
PA7S-LV2-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI837 lm6014.0 WType II
PA7S-LV2-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI841 lm6014.0 WType II
PA7S-LV2-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI896 lm6414.0 WType II
PA7S-LV2-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1127 lm5222.0 WType II
PA7S-LV2-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1133 lm5222.0 WType II
PA7S-LV2-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1206 lm5622.0 WType II
PA7S-LV3-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI862 lm6214.0 WType III
PA7S-LV3-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI867 lm6214.0 WType III
PA7S-LV3-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI923 lm6614.0 WType III
PA7S-LV3-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1161 lm5322.0 WType III
PA7S-LV3-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1168 lm5422.0 WType III
PA7S-LV3-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1243 lm5722.0 WType III
PA7S-LV3HS-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI688 lm4914.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-LV3HS-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI692 lm4914.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-LV3HS-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI737 lm5314.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-LV3HS-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI927 lm4322.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-LV3HS-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI932 lm4322.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-LV3HS-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI992 lm4622.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-LV4-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI923 lm6614.0 WType IV
PA7S-LV4-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI928 lm6614.0 WType IV
PA7S-LV4-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI988 lm7114.0 WType IV
PA7S-LV4-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1243 lm5722.0 WType IV
PA7S-LV4-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1250 lm5822.0 WType IV
PA7S-LV4-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1331 lm6122.0 WType IV
PA7S-LV5-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI917 lm6614.0 WType V
PA7S-LV5-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI922 lm6614.0 WType V
PA7S-LV5-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI982 lm7014.0 WType V
PA7S-LV5-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1235 lm5722.0 WType V
PA7S-LV5-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1242 lm5722.0 WType V
PA7S-LV5-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1323 lm6122.0 WType V
PA7S-NU1-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI673 lm4814.0 WType I
PA7S-NU1-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI677 lm4814.0 WType I
PA7S-NU1-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI721 lm5114.0 WType I
PA7S-NU1-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1019 lm4722.0 WType I
PA7S-NU1-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1025 lm4722.0 WType I
PA7S-NU1-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1091 lm5022.0 WType I
PA7S-NU2-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI798 lm5714.0 WType II
PA7S-NU2-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI803 lm5714.0 WType II
PA7S-NU2-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI855 lm6114.0 WType II
PA7S-NU2-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1209 lm5622.0 WType II
PA7S-NU2-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1216 lm5622.0 WType II
PA7S-NU2-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1294 lm6022.0 WType II
PA7S-NU3-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI795 lm5714.0 WType III
PA7S-NU3-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI800 lm5714.0 WType III
PA7S-NU3-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI851 lm6114.0 WType III
PA7S-NU3-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1203 lm5522.0 WType III
PA7S-NU3-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1210 lm5622.0 WType III
PA7S-NU3-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1289 lm5922.0 WType III
PA7S-NU3HS-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI748 lm5314.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-NU3HS-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI752 lm5414.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-NU3HS-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI800 lm5714.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-NU3HS-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1132 lm5222.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-NU3HS-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1138 lm5222.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-NU3HS-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1212 lm5622.0 WType III + House side shield
PA7S-NU4-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI879 lm6314.0 WType IV
PA7S-NU4-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI883 lm6314.0 WType IV
PA7S-NU4-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI941 lm6714.0 WType IV
PA7S-NU4-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1330 lm6122.0 WType IV
PA7S-NU4-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1337 lm6222.0 WType IV
PA7S-NU4-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1424 lm6622.0 WType IV
PA7S-NU5-12L-010-3K73000 K70 CRI841 lm6014.0 WType V
PA7S-NU5-12L-010-4K74000 K70 CRI846 lm6014.0 WType V
PA7S-NU5-12L-010-5K75000 K70 CRI901 lm6414.0 WType V
PA7S-NU5-12L-020-3K73000 K70 CRI1273 lm5922.0 WType V
PA7S-NU5-12L-020-4K74000 K70 CRI1281 lm5922.0 WType V
PA7S-NU5-12L-020-5K75000 K70 CRI1363 lm6322.0 WType V
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