Illuminating Spartanburg Dodge Jeep Dealership

When Spartanburg Dodge Jeep was looking to build a ground up facility in Spartanburg, South Carolina they wanted a high-end aesthetic with dramatic curb appeal that highlighted the vehicles. They decided on a lighting package that provided interior and exterior solutions which met their design goals and delivered on their ROI expectations.

Jeep Dealership Showroom Lighting

Showroom & Sales Areas

The showroom sets the tone for the dealership right from first viewing. The showroom highlights the dealership’s feature vehicles, while accommodating a lot of other needs of the space. In the Spartanburg Dodge Jeep Dealership the showroom also includes workstations, the guest relations desk and the space flows seamlessly into other parts of the dealership.

MOD™ pendants from Litecontrol were chosen to provide direct and indirect illumination suitable for the workstations in the larger space with higher ceiling heights. Track lighting from Prescolite was installed around the perimeter as a lighting layer to highlight the vehicles in the showroom.

LITEISTRY™ square downlights by Prescolite were used over the guest relations desk to provide task lighting as well as differentiated high end experience.

The LCAT Contemporary Architectural Troffer from Columbia Lighting is being used additional showroom areas. It provides both design and value with its architectural appearance, high efficiency acrylic lens, projected life and exceptional CRI. LCAT is featured prominently in the hallways and smaller offices as well.

NX Lighting Controls Specialty Switch Stations (NXSW-ORLO) provide staff with manual control of the lighting system. These switches are capable of independently controlling different groups, or lighting loads such as the track lighting or hallway lights. This provides staff with the flexibility to adjust light levels based on the time of day or task that is being performed in the space.

Jeep Dealership Outdoor Inventory Lighting

Parking & Front Row Inventory

The vehicle inventory and the front row is one of the most important spaces in a dealership. Viper Area Site Luminaires by Beacon Products are used across the lot to showcase the true color of the vehicles. Large Viper Luminaires maximized spacing while providing optimum efficiency.

To elevate the dealership even more, Ouro Post Top Architectural Area Site Luminaires by Kim Lighting was used for the front walk up area of the dealership. These fixtures take advantage of the large walk up space and keep the feel of the showroom floor going even as you step outside.

Jeep Dealership Service Bay Lighting

Service Bay Areas

One of the notable features of the new dealership is the service bays. Peloton™ High Performance High Bay by Columbia Lighting were chosen for the job of providing top task focus lighting while being able to illuminate a large space more efficiently requiring less fixtures overall. Better for the bottom line. Uplight option for Peloton – changes aesthetic, visual acuity being improved, better safety for employees, and better on job performance. With wide distribution they were able to get all that with less fixtures more spaced out.

Jeep Dealership Washing Bay Lighting

Washing Bays

Vaportights by Columbia Lighting were chosen to do the work in an area ideal for their durable IP67 rated construction. The luminaires provide task lighting in a complex environment where there’s water spray and washing chemicals as well for a solid long-lasting investment.

Jeep Dealership Waiting Area Lighting

Waiting Area

The MOD™ 4L LED Recessed from Litecontrol and the LF4 Liteframe Downlight from Prescolite are used as the primary lighting source in many of the walkways, hallways and lobbies.

Jeep Dealership Outdoor Security Lighting

Safety & Security

Throughout the facility, the SE Series cast aluminum exit sign from Dual-Lite is being used to keep occupants safe while maintaining intended design consistency. Exterior emergency lighting from the PGN from Dual-Lite provide an aesthetically appealing life safety solution.

LNC Series wall packs were installed on the exterior of the building and by the garage doors for added security illumination. Finished in a graphite these luminaires blend with others on the dealership’s exterior as well as the building finishes for a seamless appearance day or night.

Lighting Controls

NX Area Controllers are being used throughout the facility to communicate with the NX Lighting Control Panels, NX Room Controllers, and other wired NX system components. The NX Wireless Access Point additionally extends connectivity to NX Wireless Room Controllers, and fixture modules. Integration with building automation systems is simplified by the embedded BACnet® IP client that can be field configured through the GUI to expose selected NX system components as standard BACnet objects.

The NX Dimming Option Card adds 0-10V dimming to any NX Lighting Control Panel. This provides a low-cost solution for lighting control challenges such as more stringent energy codes, demand response requirements, and LEED qualification while providing additional energy saving capabilities through the use of full range dimming.

This collection of brands provides high performance, intelligent lighting and control solutions. Expect exceptional quality of light from our revered specification brands’ award-winning luminaire families and connected lighting products. With a full portfolio and an amazing team, this collection of brands consistently strives to exceed the service and performance expectations of our valued customers.