MOD™ 4L LED Recessed Slot 4L-R-D

The MODx™ family is an affordably-priced, full-featured offering with best-in-class attention to detail.

Features & Benefits

  • Now available Contractor-Ready for faster and easier installation
  • Variable Intensity technology provides specifiable lumen output/wattage
  • End cap design eliminates visible diffuser seams/gaps
  • 2 SDCM color variation
  • Available on 10-Day Quick Ship program in select configuration
  • Current’s patented TriGain® phosphor delivers 90 CRI color quality at 80 CRI efficacy.


Product Technology
SpectraSync™ Color Tuning, Vi (Variable Intensity), TriGain®
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming, DALI, DALI, Lutron EcoSystem, Step-Dimming
CCT Offering
2700, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Color Tuning
Dim-to-Warm, Tunable White
Mounting Options
Wattage Range
2.5 - 11.2
Efficacy Range
112 - 122
Optics & Distributions
CSA, UL 924
BAA (Buy American 52.225-9), TAA (Buy American 52.225-11)
5 year limited

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
4L-R-AD-4-ASYM-X-CX-35K-D0303500 K80 CRI1200 lm10911 WDirect: Asymmetric
4L-R-AD-4-ASYM-X-CX-35K-D0353500 K80 CRI1400 lm11712 WDirect: Asymmetric
4L-R-AD-4-ASYM-X-CX-35K-D0403500 K80 CRI1600 lm11414 WDirect: Asymmetric
4L-R-AD-4-ASYM-X-CX-35K-D0453500 K80 CRI1800 lm11316 WDirect: Asymmetric
4L-R-AD-4-ASYM-X-CX-35K-D0503500 K80 CRI2000 lm11118 WDirect: Asymmetric
4L-R-AD-4-ASYM-X-CX-35K-D0553500 K80 CRI2200 lm11619 WDirect: Asymmetric
4L-R-AD-4-ASYM-X-CX-35K-D0603500 K80 CRI2400 lm11421 WDirect: Asymmetric
4L-R-AD-4-ASYM-X-CX-35K-D0653500 K80 CRI2600 lm11323 WDirect: Asymmetric
4L-R-AD-4-ASYM-X-CX-35K-D0703500 K80 CRI2800 lm11225 WDirect: Asymmetric
4L-R-AD-4-ASYM-X-CX-35K-D0753500 K80 CRI3000 lm11526 WDirect: Asymmetric
4L-R-AD-4-ASYM-X-CX-35K-D0803500 K80 CRI3200 lm11428 WDirect: Asymmetric
4L-R-AD-4-ASYM-X-CX-35K-D0853500 K80 CRI3400 lm11330 WDirect: Asymmetric
4L-R-AD-4-ASYM-X-CX-35K-D0903500 K80 CRI3600 lm10933 WDirect: Asymmetric
4L-R-AD-4-ASYM-X-CX-35K-D0953500 K80 CRI3800 lm11234 WDirect: Asymmetric
4L-R-AD-4-ASYM-X-CX-35K-D1003500 K80 CRI4000 lm11136 WDirect: Asymmetric
4L-R-AD-4-ASYM-X-CX-35K-D1053500 K80 CRI4200 lm11138 WDirect: Asymmetric
4L-R-AD-4-ASYM-X-CX-35K-D1103500 K80 CRI4400 lm10741 WDirect: Asymmetric
4L-R-D-4-SOF-X-CX-35K-D0303500 K80 CRI1200 lm10911 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-X-CX-35K-D0353500 K80 CRI1400 lm11712 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-X-CX-35K-D0403500 K80 CRI1600 lm11414 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-X-CX-35K-D0453500 K80 CRI1800 lm11316 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-X-CX-35K-D0503500 K80 CRI2000 lm11118 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-X-CX-35K-D0553500 K80 CRI2200 lm11619 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-X-CX-35K-D0603500 K80 CRI2400 lm11421 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-X-CX-35K-D0653500 K80 CRI2600 lm11323 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-X-CX-35K-D0703500 K80 CRI2800 lm11225 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-X-CX-35K-D0753500 K80 CRI3000 lm7341 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-X-CX-35K-D0803500 K80 CRI3200 lm7841 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-X-CX-35K-D0853500 K80 CRI3400 lm8341 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-X-CX-35K-D0903500 K80 CRI3600 lm8841 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-X-CX-35K-D0953500 K80 CRI3800 lm9341 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-X-CX-35K-D1003500 K80 CRI4000 lm9841 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-X-CX-35K-D1053500 K80 CRI4200 lm10241 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-X-CX-35K-D1103500 K80 CRI4400 lm10741 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-BAT-X-CX-35K-D0303500 K80 CRI1200 lm12010 WDirect: Batwing
4L-R-D-4-BAT-X-CX-35K-D0353500 K80 CRI1400 lm11712 WDirect: Batwing
4L-R-D-4-BAT-X-CX-35K-D0403500 K80 CRI1600 lm11414 WDirect: Batwing
4L-R-D-4-BAT-X-CX-35K-D0453500 K80 CRI1800 lm11316 WDirect: Batwing
4L-R-D-4-BAT-X-CX-35K-D0503500 K80 CRI2000 lm11817 WDirect: Batwing
4L-R-D-4-BAT-X-CX-35K-D0553500 K80 CRI2200 lm11619 WDirect: Batwing
4L-R-D-4-BAT-X-CX-35K-D0603500 K80 CRI2400 lm11421 WDirect: Batwing
4L-R-D-4-BAT-X-CX-35K-D0653500 K80 CRI2600 lm11323 WDirect: Batwing
4L-R-D-4-BAT-X-CX-35K-D0703500 K80 CRI2800 lm11724 WDirect: Batwing
4L-R-D-4-BAT-X-CX-35K-D0753500 K80 CRI3000 lm11526 WDirect: Batwing
4L-R-D-4-BAT-X-CX-35K-D0803500 K80 CRI3200 lm11428 WDirect: Batwing
4L-R-D-4-BAT-X-CX-35K-D0853500 K80 CRI3400 lm11330 WDirect: Batwing
4L-R-D-4-BAT-X-CX-35K-D0903500 K80 CRI3600 lm11332 WDirect: Batwing
4L-R-D-4-BAT-X-CX-35K-D0953500 K80 CRI3800 lm11234 WDirect: Batwing
4L-R-D-4-BAT-X-CX-35K-D1003500 K80 CRI4000 lm11136 WDirect: Batwing
4L-R-D-4-BAT-X-CX-35K-D1053500 K80 CRI4200 lm11437 WDirect: Batwing
4L-R-D-4-BAT-X-CX-35K-D1103500 K80 CRI4400 lm11040 WDirect: Batwing
4L-R-D-4-BAT-X-CX-35K-D1153500 K80 CRI4600 lm11042 WDirect: Batwing
4L-R-D-4-BAT-X-CX-35K-D1203500 K80 CRI4800 lm10944 WDirect: Batwing
4L-R-D-4-SOF-Cx-35K-D0303500 K90 CRI1200 lm12010 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-Cx-35K-D0353500 K90 CRI1400 lm12112 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-Cx-35K-D0403500 K90 CRI1600 lm12113 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-Cx-35K-D0453500 K90 CRI1800 lm12215 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-Cx-35K-D0503500 K90 CRI2000 lm12216 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-Cx-35K-D0553500 K90 CRI2200 lm12218 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-Cx-35K-D0603500 K90 CRI2400 lm12220 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-Cx-35K-D0653500 K90 CRI2600 lm12122 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-Cx-35K-D0703500 K90 CRI2800 lm12123 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-Cx-35K-D0753500 K90 CRI3000 lm12025 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-Cx-35K-D0803500 K90 CRI3200 lm11927 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-Cx-35K-D0853500 K90 CRI3400 lm11829 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-Cx-35K-D0903500 K90 CRI3600 lm11831 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-Cx-35K-D0953500 K90 CRI3800 lm11732 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-Cx-35K-D1003500 K90 CRI4000 lm11634 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-Cx-35K-D1053500 K90 CRI4200 lm11536 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-Cx-35K-D1103500 K90 CRI4400 lm11538 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-Cx-35K-D1153500 K90 CRI4600 lm11441 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-Cx-35K-D1203500 K90 CRI4800 lm11343 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-SOF-Cx-35K-D1253500 K90 CRI5000 lm11245 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-DRP-X-CX-35K-D0303500 K80 CRI1200 lm12010 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-DRP-X-CX-35K-D0353500 K80 CRI1400 lm11712 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-DRP-X-CX-35K-D0403500 K80 CRI1600 lm11414 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-DRP-X-CX-35K-D0453500 K80 CRI1800 lm11316 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-DRP-X-CX-35K-D0503500 K80 CRI2000 lm11817 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-DRP-X-CX-35K-D0553500 K80 CRI2200 lm11619 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-DRP-X-CX-35K-D0603500 K80 CRI2400 lm11421 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-DRP-X-CX-35K-D0653500 K80 CRI2600 lm11323 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-DRP-X-CX-35K-D0703500 K80 CRI2800 lm11724 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-DRP-X-CX-35K-D0753500 K80 CRI3000 lm11526 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-DRP-X-CX-35K-D0803500 K80 CRI3200 lm11428 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-DRP-X-CX-35K-D0853500 K80 CRI3400 lm11330 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-DRP-X-CX-35K-D0903500 K80 CRI3600 lm11332 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-DRP-X-CX-35K-D0953500 K80 CRI3800 lm11234 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-DRP-X-CX-35K-D1003500 K80 CRI4000 lm11136 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-DRP-X-CX-35K-D1053500 K80 CRI4200 lm11437 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-DRP-X-CX-35K-D1103500 K80 CRI4400 lm11040 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-DRP-X-CX-35K-D1153500 K80 CRI4600 lm11042 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-DRP-X-CX-35K-D1203500 K80 CRI4800 lm10944 WDirect: Lambertian
4L-R-D-4-DRP-X-CX-35K-D1253500 K80 CRI5000 lm11444 WDirect: Lambertian
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