Camperdown Academy

Lighting Design Focused on Enhancing the Student and Staff Experience

Camperdown Academy is a school of need, not of choice. Students with language-based learning differences in grades one through eight learn how to learn, and then successfully transition back to a traditional classroom environment. With a 3:1 student to teacher ratio, individualized instruction cultivates an “I can!” attitude among students that translates to positive self-esteem and productive academic progress.

When it opened in 1986, Camperdown Academy was the first of its kind in the Upstate of South Carolina. It was founded by a group of parents who were concerned about the lack of educational opportunities for their bright dyslexic children. The focus of the school was teaching children to compensate for their learning disability through a multi-sensory, individualized approach, with a small student to teacher ratio.

The successful formula led to the need for a new campus, which opened in August of 2018. The all LED lighting design called for high-quality products that would support the intended experience of the space, meet precise light levels in certain areas, perform as advertised and contribute to building code compliance.

Current Lighting features a portfolio of specialized brands that have products and expertise to meet the need of any application. The size and scope of the project required the utilization of a variety of products by multiple brands for specific applications, including:

The Note 67L LED Pendant Direct from Litecontrol is being used in the collaborative areas to support a welcoming, comfortable space with the appropriate light levels conducive to reading while maintaining visual comfort. The large lobby area serves many functions, including dining.

The lighting design is driven by the needs of the space to be flexible, and the exact amount of lighting, about 800 lumens per foot, is programmed. Four and eight-foot-long pendants are being used, all featuring the Note’s architectural Bell lens. At 800 lumens per foot, these fixtures provide direct illumination in a slim, contemporary profile that deliver 133 Lumens per Watt and a 3500K color temperature. These fixtures can be dimmed when necessary.

The DLC® Premium Qualified LCAT from Columbia Lighting is being used throughout the entire footprint of the facility. The architectural appearance ensues there’s no compromise to the aesthetics of the hallways, classrooms and office spaces. The LCAT provides both design and value, with 127 Lumens per Watt, a high efficiency acrylic lens, long projected life and exceptional CRI. These fixtures can be also dimmed when necessary with 0-10V dimming.

A strategic blend of emergency lights and exit signs are used throughout the facility to keep occupants safe while maintaining intended design consistency. This solution includes the SE Series exit sign from Dual-Lite, the Compass CU2 Series emergency light and the Compass CC Series combination exit/emergency fixture.

Dual-Lite PG is a wet location listed emergency lighting unit for indoor or outdoor use. It is designed to optimize wide area illumination patterns with no heads to aim or adjustments to make. It includes Spectron® self-testing/self-diagnostic electronics with time-delay retransfer (TDR) standard, which helps the maintenance team with automatic system testing on a monthly and semi-annual basis. The die-cast aluminum construction ensures the fixture will stand the test of time.

Sling from Current Outdoor Lighting is a slender, versatile and energy-efficient small wall and flood fixture that comes in four lumen outputs and two sizes. The performance of the Sling is ideal for building entrances, perimeter lighting for schools, apartment buildings or commercial applications. It is highly efficient with up to 110 Lumens per Watt and it is IP65 certified to UL 1598 for use in wet locations up to 40˚C ambient. Camperdown Academy is using the 50 Watt size two version of Sling, which offers 4000K at 70 CRI, forward throw distribution for maximum efficiency and pedestrian safety.

ALF Linear 12 LED Floodlight and FSL Factor Floodlight from Current Outdoor Lighting is being used to highlight the school’s front lawn signage. The ALF Linear features more than 2,300 lumens and a knuckle mount for aiming flexibility. The wide 110-degree lateral spread covers three times the setback distance with uniform light and the tempered glass lens protects against impact. The FSL Factor Floodlight offers compact performance for tighter spaces, NEMA beam spreads, excellent uniformity, photocontrol and shielding options for optimum performance and energy savings.

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