Intent Family


The Intent linear flood family joins Kim Lighting’s extensive flood offering. This compact architectural flood provides optimal appearance and performance for exterior wall washing, grazing or sign lighting applications in static white, RGBW and RGBA configurations.

Seamless Variety

The wide array of distributions offered allow for completely different effects to be shown, even in the same application. Narrow distribution provides a subtle accent to highlight the architectural details surrounding the windows, while the wide flood bathes the facade dramatically in bands of light drawing your eyes upward.


Wall wash distribution creates a uniform lit appearance even with a minimal 12" setback. The optic creates an asymmetric pattern that allows for light to skim the surface without the luminaire being tilted. This allows for an even distribution of light across the surface.


This innovative design allows for linear fixture runs without ever having to open the product and expose it to the elements. This is achieved by connecting an IP68 rated cord between two sealed driver compartments. An architectural cover is also offered to shield the cord and continue the seamless appearance of the luminaire.

The Intent Is...


White and RGBW distributions in variety of distribution patterns

White: Narrow, Narrow Medium, Medium Flood, Wide Flood, Wall Wash, Wall Graze, Horizontal Flood

RGBW: Narrow Spot, Spot Narrow, Narrow Medium, Medium, Medium Flood, Wall Graze



Set the mood with the KFL collection by dimming and color control via Bluetooth® wireless or DMX hardwired connectivity. The Bluetooth app provides a cost-effective way to set color, add presets, dim the luminaires, or even pull specific colors from a photograph. A wired DMX protocol can also be used to create stunning light shows that seamlessly change color.


Luminaires enabled with NX Lighting Controls wireless radios create an intelligent mesh network with the interior controls. Groups are dimmed via an astronomical time clock and schedules can be updated at any time with the Bluetooth® commissioning app.

Engineering Excellence

Internal Features

Thermal fold-back dims the fixture in the chance it sees too high of temperatures. This feature protects the components from over-heating which would decrease the life of the luminaire.

Standard 10kA 20kV surge suppression provides an enhanced level of protection against power spikes and surges for ultimate peace of mind and long-term luminaire operation.

Connection Options

Cable Ready

Wiring can be mounted through a cable on the side of the driver compartment. If this option is chosen, fixture will automatically come with connectors on both sides of the fixture.

Left Mounting and Cable Ready

Both above wiring configurations can be combined to create to configuration shown here.

Mounting Options


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