Intent Static White Architectural Floodlights

The Intent provides optimal appearance and performance for applications such as sign lighting, wall washing, wall grazing and building accent lighting

Features & Benefits

  • IP66 Certified
  • Thoughtfully designed mounting accessories that integrate into the fixture design
  • NX Lighting Controls wireless technology
  • Button Photocell
  • Wall and ground mount options
  • Architectural cover for near seamless linear runs


Lumen Range
2,803 - 15,162
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming
CCT Offering
3000, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
70, 80, 90
Material - Housing
Aluminum alloy
Color Offering
BLS - Black Gloss Smooth, BLT - Black Matte Textured, DBS - Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, DBT- Dark Bronze Matte Textured, GTT - Graphite Matte Textured, LG - Light Grey Matte Textured, LGS - Light Grey Gloss Smooth, PSS - Platinum Silver Gloss Smooth, VGT - Verde Green Matte Textured, WHS - White Gloss Smooth, WHT - White Matte Textured, CC – Custom Color
Optics & Distributions
Narrow, Narrow Medium, Medium Flood, Wide Flood, Wall Graze, Vertical Flood, Asymmetric Wall Wash
UL 1598, UL 8750, CSA C22.2 No. 250.0-08
IP66, Wet
Operating Temp

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
INT-2-24L-30-3K7-HF3000 K70 CRI3061 lm10728.6 WHorizontal Flood
INT-2-24L-30-3K7-MF3000 K70 CRI3226 lm11328.6 WMedium Flood
INT-2-24L-30-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI3319 lm11628.6 WNarrow
INT-2-24L-30-3K7-NM3000 K70 CRI3332 lm11728.6 WNarrow Medium
INT-2-24L-30-3K7-WF-DL3000 K70 CRI2803 lm9828.6 WWide Flood
INT-2-24L-30-3K7-WF3000 K70 CRI3392 lm11928.6 WWide Flood
INT-2-24L-30-3K7-WG3000 K70 CRI3385 lm11828.6 WWall Graze
INT-2-24L-30-3K7-WW3000 K70 CRI3136 lm11028.6 WWall Wash
INT-2-24L-30-4K7-HF4000 K70 CRI3218 lm11328.6 WHorizontal Flood
INT-2-24L-30-4K7-MF4000 K70 CRI3391 lm11928.6 WMedium Flood
INT-2-24L-30-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI3490 lm12228.6 WNarrow
INT-2-24L-30-4K7-NM4000 K70 CRI3504 lm12328.6 WNarrow Medium
INT-2-24L-30-4K7-WF-DL4000 K70 CRI2947 lm10328.6 WWide Flood
INT-2-24L-30-4K7-WF4000 K70 CRI3566 lm12528.6 WWide Flood
INT-2-24L-30-4K7-WG4000 K70 CRI3559 lm12428.6 WWall Graze
INT-2-24L-30-4K7-WW4000 K70 CRI3297 lm11528.6 WWall Wash
INT-2-24L-30-5K7-HF5000 K70 CRI3285 lm11528.6 WHorizontal Flood
INT-2-24L-30-5K7-MF5000 K70 CRI3462 lm12128.6 WMedium Flood
INT-2-24L-30-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI3563 lm12528.6 WNarrow
INT-2-24L-30-5K7-NM5000 K70 CRI3577 lm12528.6 WNarrow Medium
INT-2-24L-30-5K7-WF-DL5000 K70 CRI3009 lm10528.6 WWide Flood
INT-2-24L-30-5K7-WF5000 K70 CRI3640 lm12728.6 WWide Flood
INT-2-24L-30-5K7-WG5000 K70 CRI3632 lm12728.6 WWall Graze
INT-2-24L-30-5K7-WW5000 K70 CRI3365 lm11828.6 WWall Wash
INT-2-24L-35-3K7-HF3000 K70 CRI4249 lm10639.9 WHorizontal Flood
INT-2-24L-35-3K7-MF3000 K70 CRI4478 lm11239.9 WMedium Flood
INT-2-24L-35-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI4608 lm11539.9 WNarrow
INT-2-24L-35-3K7-NM3000 K70 CRI4626 lm11639.9 WNarrow Medium
INT-2-24L-35-3K7-WF-DL3000 K70 CRI3891 lm9839.9 WWide Flood
INT-2-24L-35-3K7-WF3000 K70 CRI4708 lm11839.9 WWide Flood
INT-2-24L-35-3K7-WG3000 K70 CRI4698 lm11839.9 WWall Graze
INT-2-24L-35-3K7-WW3000 K70 CRI4353 lm10939.9 WWall Wash
INT-2-24L-35-4K7-HF4000 K70 CRI4467 lm11239.9 WHorizontal Flood
INT-2-24L-35-4K7-MF4000 K70 CRI4708 lm11839.9 WMedium Flood
INT-2-24L-35-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI4845 lm12139.9 WNarrow
INT-2-24L-35-4K7-NM4000 K70 CRI4864 lm12239.9 WNarrow Medium
INT-2-24L-35-4K7-WF-DL4000 K70 CRI4091 lm10339.9 WWide Flood
INT-2-24L-35-4K7-WF4000 K70 CRI4950 lm12439.9 WWide Flood
INT-2-24L-35-4K7-WG4000 K70 CRI4940 lm12439.9 WWall Graze
INT-2-24L-35-4K7-WW4000 K70 CRI4577 lm11539.9 WWall Wash
INT-2-24L-35-5K7-HF5000 K70 CRI4560 lm11439.9 WHorizontal Flood
INT-2-24L-35-5K7-MF5000 K70 CRI4805 lm12039.9 WMedium Flood
INT-2-24L-35-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI4945 lm12439.9 WNarrow
INT-2-24L-35-5K7-NM5000 K70 CRI4965 lm12439.9 WNarrow Medium
INT-2-24L-35-5K7-WF-DL5000 K70 CRI4176 lm10539.9 WWide Flood
INT-2-24L-35-5K7-WF5000 K70 CRI5053 lm12739.9 WWide Flood
INT-2-24L-35-5K7-WG5000 K70 CRI5042 lm12639.9 WWall Graze
INT-2-24L-35-5K7-WW5000 K70 CRI4672 lm11739.9 WWall Wash
INT-2-24L-60-3K7-HF3000 K70 CRI6267 lm10162.3 WHorizontal Flood
INT-2-24L-60-3K7-MF3000 K70 CRI6604 lm10662.3 WMedium Flood
INT-2-24L-60-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI6797 lm10962.3 WNarrow
INT-2-24L-60-3K7-NM3000 K70 CRI6823 lm11062.3 WNarrow Medium
INT-2-24L-60-3K7-WF-DL3000 K70 CRI5740 lm9262.3 WWide Flood
INT-2-24L-60-3K7-WF3000 K70 CRI6945 lm11162.3 WWide Flood
INT-2-24L-60-3K7-WG3000 K70 CRI6930 lm11162.3 WWall Graze
INT-2-24L-60-3K7-WW3000 K70 CRI6421 lm10362.3 WWall Wash
INT-2-24L-60-4K7-HF4000 K70 CRI6589 lm10662.3 WHorizontal Flood
INT-2-24L-60-4K7-MF4000 K70 CRI6944 lm11162.3 WMedium Flood
INT-2-24L-60-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI7146 lm11562.3 WNarrow
INT-2-24L-60-4K7-NM4000 K70 CRI7174 lm11562.3 WNarrow Medium
INT-2-24L-60-4K7-WF-DL4000 K70 CRI6035 lm9762.3 WWide Flood
INT-2-24L-60-4K7-WF4000 K70 CRI7302 lm11762.3 WWide Flood
INT-2-24L-60-4K7-WG4000 K70 CRI7286 lm11762.3 WWall Graze
INT-2-24L-60-4K7-WW4000 K70 CRI6750 lm10862.3 WWall Wash
INT-2-24L-60-5K7-HF5000 K70 CRI6726 lm10862.3 WHorizontal Flood
INT-2-24L-60-5K7-MF5000 K70 CRI7088 lm11462.3 WMedium Flood
INT-2-24L-60-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI7294 lm11762.3 WNarrow
INT-2-24L-60-5K7-NM5000 K70 CRI7323 lm11862.3 WNarrow Medium
INT-2-24L-60-5K7-WF-DL5000 K70 CRI6160 lm9962.3 WWide Flood
INT-2-24L-60-5K7-WF5000 K70 CRI7453 lm12062.3 WWide Flood
INT-2-24L-60-5K7-WG5000 K70 CRI7437 lm11962.3 WWall Graze
INT-2-24L-60-5K7-WW5000 K70 CRI6891 lm11162.3 WWall Wash
INT-3-36L-40-3K7-HF3000 K70 CRI4646 lm11142.02 WHorizontal Flood
INT-3-36L-40-3K7-MF3000 K70 CRI4896 lm11742.02 WMedium Flood
INT-3-36L-40-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI5038 lm12042.02 WNarrow
INT-3-36L-40-3K7-NM3000 K70 CRI5058 lm12042.02 WNarrow Medium
INT-3-36L-40-3K7-WF-DL3000 K70 CRI4255 lm10142.02 WWide Flood
INT-3-36L-40-3K7-WF3000 K70 CRI5148 lm12342.02 WWide Flood
INT-3-36L-40-3K7-WG3000 K70 CRI5137 lm12242.02 WWall Graze
INT-3-36L-40-3K7-WW3000 K70 CRI4760 lm11342.02 WWall Wash
INT-3-36L-40-4K7-HF4000 K70 CRI4884 lm11642.02 WHorizontal Flood
INT-3-36L-40-4K7-MF4000 K70 CRI5147 lm12242.02 WMedium Flood
INT-3-36L-40-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI5297 lm12642.02 WNarrow
INT-3-36L-40-4K7-NM4000 K70 CRI5318 lm12742.02 WNarrow Medium
INT-3-36L-40-4K7-WF-DL4000 K70 CRI4473 lm10642.02 WWide Flood
INT-3-36L-40-4K7-WF4000 K70 CRI5413 lm12942.02 WWide Flood
INT-3-36L-40-4K7-WG4000 K70 CRI5401 lm12942.02 WWall Graze
INT-3-36L-40-4K7-WW4000 K70 CRI5004 lm11942.02 WWall Wash
INT-3-36L-40-5K7-HF5000 K70 CRI4986 lm11942.02 WHorizontal Flood
INT-3-36L-40-5K7-MF5000 K70 CRI5254 lm12542.02 WMedium Flood
INT-3-36L-40-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI5407 lm12942.02 WNarrow
INT-3-36L-40-5K7-NM5000 K70 CRI5429 lm12942.02 WNarrow Medium
INT-3-36L-40-5K7-WF-DL5000 K70 CRI4566 lm10942.02 WWide Flood
INT-3-36L-40-5K7-WF5000 K70 CRI5525 lm13142.02 WWide Flood
INT-3-36L-40-5K7-WG5000 K70 CRI5513 lm13142.02 WWall Graze
INT-3-36L-40-5K7-WW5000 K70 CRI5108 lm12242.02 WWall Wash
INT-3-36L-60-3K7-HF3000 K70 CRI6373 lm10759.5 WHorizontal Flood
INT-3-36L-60-3K7-MF3000 K70 CRI6716 lm11359.5 WMedium Flood
INT-3-36L-60-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI6912 lm11659.5 WNarrow
INT-3-36L-60-3K7-NM3000 K70 CRI6939 lm11759.5 WNarrow Medium
INT-3-36L-60-3K7-WF-DL3000 K70 CRI5837 lm9859.5 WWide Flood
INT-3-36L-60-3K7-WF3000 K70 CRI7062 lm11959.5 WWide Flood
INT-3-36L-60-3K7-WG3000 K70 CRI7047 lm7593.74 WWall Graze
INT-3-36L-60-3K7-WW3000 K70 CRI6529 lm11059.5 WWall Wash
INT-3-36L-60-4K7-HF4000 K70 CRI6701 lm11359.5 WHorizontal Flood
INT-3-36L-60-4K7-MF4000 K70 CRI7061 lm11959.5 WMedium Flood
INT-3-36L-60-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI7267 lm12259.5 WNarrow
INT-3-36L-60-4K7-NM4000 K70 CRI7295 lm12359.5 WNarrow Medium
INT-3-36L-60-4K7-WF-DL4000 K70 CRI6137 lm10359.5 WWide Flood
INT-3-36L-60-4K7-WF4000 K70 CRI7425 lm12559.5 WWide Flood
INT-3-36L-60-4K7-WG4000 K70 CRI7409 lm12559.5 WWall Graze
INT-3-36L-60-4K7-WW4000 K70 CRI6865 lm11559.5 WWall Wash
INT-3-36L-60-5K7-HF5000 K70 CRI6840 lm11559.5 WHorizontal Flood
INT-3-36L-60-5K7-MF5000 K70 CRI7208 lm12159.5 WMedium Flood
INT-3-36L-60-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI7418 lm12559.5 WNarrow
INT-3-36L-60-5K7-NM5000 K70 CRI7447 lm12559.5 WNarrow Medium
INT-3-36L-60-5K7-WF-DL5000 K70 CRI6264 lm10559.5 WWide Flood
INT-3-36L-60-5K7-WF5000 K70 CRI7580 lm12759.5 WWide Flood
INT-3-36L-60-5K7-WG5000 K70 CRI7564 lm12759.5 WWall Graze
INT-3-36L-60-5K7-WW5000 K70 CRI7008 lm11859.5 WWall Wash
INT-3-36L-95-3K7-HF3000 K70 CRI9659 lm10393.63 WHorizontal Flood
INT-3-36L-95-3K7-MF3000 K70 CRI10179 lm10993.77 WMedium Flood
INT-3-36L-95-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI10475 lm11293.79 WNarrow
INT-3-36L-95-3K7-NM3000 K70 CRI10516 lm11293.92 WNarrow Medium
INT-3-36L-95-3K7-WF-DL3000 K70 CRI8846 lm9493.7 WWide Flood
INT-3-36L-95-3K7-WF3000 K70 CRI10703 lm11493.68 WWide Flood
INT-3-36L-95-3K7-WG3000 K70 CRI10680 lm11493.74 WWall Graze
INT-3-36L-95-3K7-WW3000 K70 CRI9895 lm10693.51 WWall Wash
INT-3-36L-95-4K7-HF4000 K70 CRI10155 lm10893.63 WHorizontal Flood
INT-3-36L-95-4K7-MF4000 K70 CRI10701 lm11493.77 WMedium Flood
INT-3-36L-95-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI11013 lm11793.79 WNarrow
INT-3-36L-95-4K7-NM4000 K70 CRI11056 lm11893.92 WNarrow Medium
INT-3-36L-95-4K7-WF-DL4000 K70 CRI9300 lm9993.7 WWide Flood
INT-3-36L-95-4K7-WF4000 K70 CRI11253 lm12093.68 WWide Flood
INT-3-36L-95-4K7-WG4000 K70 CRI11229 lm12093.74 WWall Graze
INT-3-36L-95-4K7-WW4000 K70 CRI10405 lm11193.51 WWall Wash
INT-3-36L-95-5K7-HF5000 K70 CRI10366 lm11193.63 WHorizontal Flood
INT-3-36L-95-5K7-MF5000 K70 CRI10924 lm11693.77 WMedium Flood
INT-3-36L-95-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI11242 lm12093.79 WNarrow
INT-3-36L-95-5K7-NM5000 K70 CRI11286 lm12093.92 WNarrow Medium
INT-3-36L-95-5K7-WF-DL5000 K70 CRI9494 lm10193.7 WWide Flood
INT-3-36L-95-5K7-WF5000 K70 CRI11487 lm12393.68 WWide Flood
INT-3-36L-95-5K7-WG5000 K70 CRI11463 lm12293.74 WWall Graze
INT-3-36L-95-5K7-WW5000 K70 CRI10621 lm11493.51 WWall Wash
INT-4-48L-125-3K7-HF3000 K70 CRI12565 lm102123.25 WHorizontal Flood
INT-4-48L-125-3K7-MF3000 K70 CRI13241 lm107123.35 WMedium Flood
INT-4-48L-125-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI13627 lm110123.35 WNarrow
INT-4-48L-125-3K7-NM3000 K70 CRI13680 lm111123.35 WNarrow Medium
INT-4-48L-125-3K7-WF-DL3000 K70 CRI11676 lm95123.09 WWide Flood
INT-4-48L-125-3K7-WF3000 K70 CRI14127 lm114123.72 WWide Flood
INT-4-48L-125-3K7-WG3000 K70 CRI13894 lm113123.35 WWall Graze
INT-4-48L-125-3K7-WW3000 K70 CRI12873 lm104123.35 WWall Wash
INT-4-48L-125-4K7-HF4000 K70 CRI13210 lm107123.25 WHorizontal Flood
INT-4-48L-125-4K7-MF4000 K70 CRI13921 lm113123.35 WMedium Flood
INT-4-48L-125-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI14327 lm116123.35 WNarrow
INT-4-48L-125-4K7-NM4000 K70 CRI14383 lm117123.35 WNarrow Medium
INT-4-48L-125-4K7-WF-DL4000 K70 CRI12276 lm100123.09 WWide Flood
INT-4-48L-125-4K7-WF4000 K70 CRI14853 lm120123.72 WWide Flood
INT-4-48L-125-4K7-WG4000 K70 CRI14608 lm118123.35 WWall Graze
INT-4-48L-125-4K7-WW4000 K70 CRI13535 lm110123.35 WWall Wash
INT-4-48L-125-5K7-HF5000 K70 CRI13485 lm109123.25 WHorizontal Flood
INT-4-48L-125-5K7-MF5000 K70 CRI14211 lm115123.35 WMedium Flood
INT-4-48L-125-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI14625 lm119123.35 WNarrow
INT-4-48L-125-5K7-NM5000 K70 CRI14682 lm119123.35 WNarrow Medium
INT-4-48L-125-5K7-WF-DL5000 K70 CRI12531 lm102123.09 WWide Flood
INT-4-48L-125-5K7-WF5000 K70 CRI15162 lm123123.72 WWide Flood
INT-4-48L-125-5K7-WG5000 K70 CRI14912 lm121123.35 WWall Graze
INT-4-48L-125-5K7-WW5000 K70 CRI13816 lm112123.35 WWall Wash
INT-4-48L-55-3K7-HF3000 K70 CRI6124 lm11353.96 WHorizontal Flood
INT-4-48L-55-3K7-MF3000 K70 CRI6454 lm12053.96 WMedium Flood
INT-4-48L-55-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI6642 lm12353.96 WNarrow
INT-4-48L-55-3K7-NM3000 K70 CRI6668 lm12453.96 WNarrow Medium
INT-4-48L-55-3K7-WF-DL3000 K70 CRI5609 lm10453.96 WWide Flood
INT-4-48L-55-3K7-WF3000 K70 CRI6787 lm12653.96 WWide Flood
INT-4-48L-55-3K7-WG3000 K70 CRI6772 lm12653.96 WWall Graze
INT-4-48L-55-3K7-WW3000 K70 CRI6275 lm11653.96 WWall Wash
INT-4-48L-55-4K7-HF4000 K70 CRI6439 lm11953.96 WHorizontal Flood
INT-4-48L-55-4K7-MF4000 K70 CRI6786 lm12653.96 WMedium Flood
INT-4-48L-55-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI6983 lm12953.96 WNarrow
INT-4-48L-55-4K7-NM4000 K70 CRI7011 lm7593.92 WNarrow Medium
INT-4-48L-55-4K7-WF-DL4000 K70 CRI5897 lm10953.96 WWide Flood
INT-4-48L-55-4K7-WF4000 K70 CRI7135 lm13253.96 WWide Flood
INT-4-48L-55-4K7-WG4000 K70 CRI7120 lm13253.96 WWall Graze
INT-4-48L-55-4K7-WW4000 K70 CRI6597 lm12253.96 WWall Wash
INT-4-48L-55-5K7-HF5000 K70 CRI6573 lm12253.96 WHorizontal Flood
INT-4-48L-55-5K7-MF5000 K70 CRI6927 lm12853.96 WMedium Flood
INT-4-48L-55-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI7128 lm13253.96 WNarrow
INT-4-48L-55-5K7-NM5000 K70 CRI7156 lm13353.96 WNarrow Medium
INT-4-48L-55-5K7-WF-DL5000 K70 CRI6020 lm11253.96 WWide Flood
INT-4-48L-55-5K7-WF5000 K70 CRI7284 lm13553.96 WWide Flood
INT-4-48L-55-5K7-WG5000 K70 CRI7268 lm13553.96 WWall Graze
INT-4-48L-55-5K7-WW5000 K70 CRI6734 lm12553.96 WWall Wash
INT-4-48L-80-3K7-HF3000 K70 CRI8499 lm10878.6 WHorizontal Flood
INT-4-48L-80-3K7-MF3000 K70 CRI8956 lm11478.6 WMedium Flood
INT-4-48L-80-3K7-N3000 K70 CRI9217 lm11778.6 WNarrow
INT-4-48L-80-3K7-NM3000 K70 CRI9253 lm11878.6 WNarrow Medium
INT-4-48L-80-3K7-WF-DL3000 K70 CRI7783 lm9978.6 WWide Flood
INT-4-48L-80-3K7-WF3000 K70 CRI9418 lm12078.6 WWide Flood
INT-4-48L-80-3K7-WG3000 K70 CRI9398 lm12078.6 WWall Graze
INT-4-48L-80-3K7-WW3000 K70 CRI8707 lm11178.6 WWall Wash
INT-4-48L-80-4K7-HF4000 K70 CRI8935 lm11478.6 WHorizontal Flood
INT-4-48L-80-4K7-MF4000 K70 CRI9416 lm12078.6 WMedium Flood
INT-4-48L-80-4K7-N4000 K70 CRI9690 lm12378.6 WNarrow
INT-4-48L-80-4K7-NM4000 K70 CRI9728 lm12478.6 WNarrow Medium
INT-4-48L-80-4K7-WF-DL4000 K70 CRI8183 lm10478.6 WWide Flood
INT-4-48L-80-4K7-WF4000 K70 CRI9901 lm12678.6 WWide Flood
INT-4-48L-80-4K7-WG4000 K70 CRI9880 lm12678.6 WWall Graze
INT-4-48L-80-4K7-WW4000 K70 CRI9154 lm11678.6 WWall Wash
INT-4-48L-80-5K7-HF5000 K70 CRI9121 lm11678.6 WHorizontal Flood
INT-4-48L-80-5K7-MF5000 K70 CRI9612 lm12278.6 WMedium Flood
INT-4-48L-80-5K7-N5000 K70 CRI9892 lm12678.6 WNarrow
INT-4-48L-80-5K7-NM5000 K70 CRI9931 lm12678.6 WNarrow Medium
INT-4-48L-80-5K7-WF-DL5000 K70 CRI8353 lm10678.6 WWide Flood
INT-4-48L-80-5K7-WF5000 K70 CRI10107 lm12978.6 WWide Flood
INT-4-48L-80-5K7-WG5000 K70 CRI10086 lm12878.6 WWall Graze
INT-4-48L-80-5K7-WW5000 K70 CRI9344 lm11978.6 WWall Wash
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