KFL RGBW Architectural Floodlights

The KFL-RGBW is a luminaire with high performance optics, controls, scalability and architectural mounting options for a wide variety of applications

Features & Benefits

  • Second generation LED 2.0
  • 7 beam patterns, Narrow Spot, Spot, Narrow, Medium, Medium Flood, Horizontal and Vertical distributions generate high efficiencies and outstanding uniformity of illumination
  • Die-cast housing with integral cooling ribs promote efficient transfer of heat
  • Thoughtfully designed mounting accessories that integrate into the fixture design
  • IP66 sealed optical chamber
  • Broad offering of wireless control options available for perfectly tailored lighting and ability to meet stringent code requirements.


Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming, DMX
CCT Offering
2700, 5500
Wattage Range
8 - 75
Color Offering
BLS - Black Gloss Smooth, BLT - Black Matte Textured, DBS - Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, DBT- Dark Bronze Matte Textured, GTT - Graphite Matte Textured, LG - Light Grey Matte Textured, LGS - Light Grey Gloss Smooth, PSS - Platinum Silver Gloss Smooth, VGT - Verde Green Matte Textured, WHS - White Gloss Smooth, WHT - White Matte Textured, CC – Custom Color
Optics & Distributions
Narrow Spot, Spot, Narrow, Medium, Medium Flood, Wide Flood, Horizonal Flood, Vertical Flood
UL 1598, UL 8750

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
KFL1-6L-8-RGBW-HF5700 K70 CRI526 lm608.0 WHorizontal Flood
KFL1-6L-8-RGBW-M5700 K70 CRI520 lm608.0 WMedium
KFL1-6L-8-RGBW-MF5700 K70 CRI431 lm498.0 WMedium Flood
KFL1-6L-8-RGBW-N5700 K70 CRI535 lm618.0 WNarrow
KFL1-6L-8-RGBW-NS5700 K70 CRI512 lm598.0 WNarrow Spot
KFL1-6L-8-RGBW-SP5700 K70 CRI522 lm608.0 WSpot
KFL1-6L-8-RGBW-VF5700 K70 CRI531 lm618.0 WVertical Flood
KFL1-6L-8-RGBWW-HF2700 K70 CRI443 lm518.0 WHorizontal Flood
KFL1-6L-8-RGBWW-M2700 K70 CRI438 lm518.0 WMedium
KFL1-6L-8-RGBWW-MF2700 K70 CRI363 lm428.0 WMedium Flood
KFL1-6L-8-RGBWW-N2700 K70 CRI451 lm528.0 WNarrow
KFL1-6L-8-RGBWW-NS2700 K70 CRI431 lm508.0 WNarrow Spot
KFL1-6L-8-RGBWW-SP2700 K70 CRI440 lm508.0 WSpot
KFL1-6L-8-RGBWW-VF2700 K70 CRI447 lm518.0 WVertical Flood
KFL2-11L-15-RGBW-HF5700 K70 CRI989 lm6615.0 WHorizontal Flood
KFL2-11L-15-RGBW-M5700 K70 CRI979 lm6515.0 WMedium
KFL2-11L-15-RGBW-MF5700 K70 CRI833 lm5515.0 WMedium Flood
KFL2-11L-15-RGBW-N5700 K70 CRI1010 lm6715.0 WNarrow
KFL2-11L-15-RGBW-NS5700 K70 CRI971 lm6415.0 WNarrow Spot
KFL2-11L-15-RGBW-SP5700 K70 CRI960 lm6415.0 WSpot
KFL2-11L-15-RGBW-VF5700 K70 CRI994 lm6615.0 WVertical Flood
KFL2-11L-15-RGBWW-HF2700 K70 CRI833 lm5515.0 WHorizontal Flood
KFL2-11L-15-RGBWW-M2700 K70 CRI825 lm5515.0 WMedium
KFL2-11L-15-RGBWW-MF2700 K70 CRI702 lm4715.0 WMedium Flood
KFL2-11L-15-RGBWW-N2700 K70 CRI851 lm5615.0 WNarrow
KFL2-11L-15-RGBWW-NS2700 K70 CRI818 lm5415.0 WNarrow Spot
KFL2-11L-15-RGBWW-SP2700 K70 CRI809 lm5415.0 WSpot
KFL2-11L-15-RGBWW-VF2700 K70 CRI837 lm5615.0 WVertical Flood
KFL2-11L-35-RGBW-HF5700 K70 CRI2250 lm6435.0 WHorizontal Flood
KFL2-11L-35-RGBW-M5700 K70 CRI2227 lm6335.0 WMedium
KFL2-11L-35-RGBW-MF5700 K70 CRI1895 lm5435.0 WMedium Flood
KFL2-11L-35-RGBW-N5700 K70 CRI2298 lm6535.0 WNarrow
KFL2-11L-35-RGBW-NS5700 K70 CRI2209 lm6335.0 WNarrow Spot
KFL2-11L-35-RGBW-SP5700 K70 CRI2184 lm6235.0 WSpot
KFL2-11L-35-RGBW-VF5700 K70 CRI2263 lm6435.0 WVertical Flood
KFL2-11L-35-RGBWW-HF2700 K70 CRI1895 lm5435.0 WHorizontal Flood
KFL2-11L-35-RGBWW-M2700 K70 CRI1876 lm5335.0 WMedium
KFL2-11L-35-RGBWW-MF2700 K70 CRI1596 lm4535.0 WMedium Flood
KFL2-11L-35-RGBWW-N2700 K70 CRI1935 lm5535.0 WNarrow
KFL2-11L-35-RGBWW-NS2700 K70 CRI1861 lm5335.0 WNarrow Spot
KFL2-11L-35-RGBWW-SP2700 K70 CRI1840 lm5235.0 WSpot
KFL2-11L-35-RGBWW-VF2700 K70 CRI1906 lm5435.0 WVertical Flood
KFL3-33L-75-RGBW-HF5700 K70 CRI4218 lm5875.0 WHorizontal Flood
KFL3-33L-75-RGBW-M5700 K70 CRI4058 lm5675.0 WMedium
KFL3-33L-75-RGBW-MF5700 K70 CRI3487 lm4875.0 WMedium Flood
KFL3-33L-75-RGBW-N5700 K70 CRI4216 lm5875.0 WNarrow
KFL3-33L-75-RGBW-NS5700 K70 CRI4077 lm5675.0 WNarrow Spot
KFL3-33L-75-RGBW-SP5700 K70 CRI4147 lm5775.0 WSpot
KFL3-33L-75-RGBW-VF5700 K70 CRI4250 lm5975.0 WVertical Flood
KFL3-33L-75-RGBWW-HF2700 K70 CRI3553 lm4975.0 WHorizontal Flood
KFL3-33L-75-RGBWW-M2700 K70 CRI3418 lm4775.0 WMedium
KFL3-33L-75-RGBWW-MF2700 K70 CRI2937 lm4175.0 WMedium Flood
KFL3-33L-75-RGBWW-N2700 K70 CRI3551 lm4975.0 WNarrow
KFL3-33L-75-RGBWW-NS2700 K70 CRI3434 lm4875.0 WNarrow Spot
KFL3-33L-75-RGBWW-SP2700 K70 CRI3493 lm4875.0 WSpot
KFL3-33L-75-RGBWW-VF2700 K70 CRI3580 lm5075.0 WVertical Flood
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