Wall Forms® - Round

The Round Wall Forms luminaires suits any building application. The classic spherical shape and cross bar design have become an icon in outdoor lighting.


UV Output
580nm Amber
Lumen Range
1 - 2,500
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming
CCT Offering
3000, 5000
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Wall (surface)
Color Offering
BLS - Black Gloss Smooth, BLT - Black Matte Textured, DBS - Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, DBT- Dark Bronze Matte Textured, GTT - Graphite Matte Textured, LG - Light Grey Matte Textured, LGS - Light Grey Gloss Smooth, PSS - Platinum Silver Gloss Smooth, VGT - Verde Green Matte Textured, WHS - White Gloss Smooth, WHT - White Matte Textured, CC – Custom Color
Operating Temp
-40 to 40

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
WF2030P-9L3K3000 K70 CRI1111 lm9311.9 WPrismed
WF2030P-9L4K4200 K70 CRI1135 lm9511.9 WPrismed
WF2030P-9L5K5100 K70 CRI1170 lm9811.9 WPrismed
WF2030P-18L3K3000 K70 CRI2116 lm10520.2 WPrismed
WF2030P-18L4K4200 K70 CRI2161 lm10720.2 WPrismed
WF2030P-18L5K5100 K70 CRI2228 lm11020.2 WPrismed
WF2030S-9L3K3000 K70 CRI1131 lm9511.9 WSmooth
WF2030S-9L4K4200 K70 CRI1115 lm9411.9 WSmooth
WF2030S-9L5K5100 K70 CRI1191 lm10011.9 WSmooth
WF2030S-18L3K3000 K70 CRI2111 lm10520.2 WSmooth
WF2030S-18L4K4200 K70 CRI2155 lm10720.2 WSmooth
WF2030S-18L5K5100 K70 CRI2222 lm11020.2 WSmooth
WF2131P-18L3K3000 K70 CRI1181 lm5920.1 WPrismed
WF2131P-18L4K4200 K70 CRI1217 lm6120.1 WPrismed
WF2131P-18L5K5100 K70 CRI1231 lm6120.1 WPrismed
WF2131P-9L3K3000 K70 CRI644 lm5511.8 WPrismed
WF2131P-9L4K4200 K70 CRI663 lm5611.8 WPrismed
WF2131P-9L5K5100 K70 CRI671 lm5711.8 WPrismed
WF2131S-18L3K3000 K70 CRI1101 lm5520.2 WSmooth
WF2131S-18L4K4200 K70 CRI1134 lm5620.2 WSmooth
WF2131S-18L5K5100 K70 CRI1147 lm5720.2 WSmooth
WF2131S-9L3K3000 K70 CRI640 lm5411.8 WSmooth
WF2131S-9L4K4200 K70 CRI640 lm5411.8 WSmooth
WF2131S-9L5K5100 K70 CRI667 lm5711.8 WSmooth
WF2030P-18L3K3000 K70 CRI2116 lm104.7524752475247620.2 WSymmetric
WF2030P-18L4K4200 K70 CRI2161 lm106.9801980198019920.2 WSymmetric
WF2030P-18L5K5000 K70 CRI2228 lm110.297029702970320.2 WSymmetric
WF2030P-9L3K3000 K70 CRI1111 lm93.3613445378151311.9 WSymmetric
WF2030P-9L4K4200 K70 CRI1135 lm95.378151260504211.9 WSymmetric
WF2030P-9L5K5000 K70 CRI1170 lm98.3193277310924311.9 WSymmetric
WF2030S-18L3K3000 K70 CRI2111 lm104.5049504950495120.2 WSymmetric
WF2030S-18L4K4200 K70 CRI2155 lm106.6831683168316820.2 WSymmetric
WF2030S-18L5K5000 K70 CRI2222 lm11020.2 WSymmetric
WF2030S-9L3K3000 K70 CRI1131 lm95.0420168067226911.9 WSymmetric
WF2030S-9L4K4200 K70 CRI1115 lm93.6974789915966411.9 WSymmetric
WF2030S-9L5K5000 K70 CRI1191 lm100.0840336134453711.9 WSymmetric
WF2131P-18L3K3000 K70 CRI1181 lm58.75621890547263620.1 WType II
WF2131P-18L4K4200 K70 CRI1217 lm60.54726368159203520.1 WType II
WF2131P-18L5K5000 K70 CRI1231 lm61.2437810945273620.1 WType II
WF2131P-9L3K3000 K70 CRI644 lm54.5762711864406811.8 WType II
WF2131P-9L4K4200 K70 CRI663 lm56.186440677966111.8 WType II
WF2131P-9L5K5000 K70 CRI671 lm56.8644067796610111.8 WType II
WF2131S-18L3K3000 K70 CRI1101 lm54.50495049504950620.2 WType II
WF2131S-18L4K4200 K70 CRI1134 lm56.1386138613861420.2 WType II
WF2131S-18L5K5000 K70 CRI1147 lm56.7821782178217920.2 WType II
WF2131S-9L3K3000 K70 CRI640 lm54.2372881355932211.8 WType III
WF2131S-9L4K4200 K70 CRI640 lm54.2372881355932211.8 WType III
WF2131S-9L5K5000 K70 CRI667 lm56.5254237288135611.8 WType III
WF2232-18L3K3000 K70 CRI894 lm44.477611940298520.1 WType II
WF2232-18L4K4000 K70 CRI909 lm45.2238805970149220.1 WType II
WF2232-18L5K5000 K70 CRI928 lm46.1691542288557220.1 WType II
WF2232-9L3K3000 K70 CRI495 lm41.9491525423728811.8 WType II
WF2232-9L4K4000 K70 CRI502 lm42.5423728813559311.8 WType II
WF2232-9L5K5000 K70 CRI512 lm43.38983050847457411.8 WType II
WF2333-18L3K3000 K70 CRI773 lm38.45771144278606420.1 WType II
WF2333-18L4K4000 K70 CRI799 lm39.7512437810945220.1 WType II
WF2333-18L5K5000 K70 CRI850 lm42.28855721393034620.1 WType II
WF2333-9L3K3000 K70 CRI438 lm37.4358974358974411.7 WType II
WF2333-9L4K4000 K70 CRI452 lm38.6324786324786411.7 WType II
WF2333-9L5K5000 K70 CRI481 lm41.11111111111111411.7 WType II
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