Universe® Medium - UCM2

CCT, IES distributions, 5 luminous elements, 15 hood styles and over 60 mountings enable specifiers to create the exact configuration for any application

Features & Benefits

  • IP66
  • Custom lumen packages


Lumen Range
2,501 - 10,000
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming
CCT Offering
3000, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Wall, Surface, Arm, Post Top, Pendant
Wattage Range
31 - 150
Color Offering
BLS - Black Gloss Smooth, BLT - Black Matte Textured, DBS - Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, DBT- Dark Bronze Matte Textured, GTT - Graphite Matte Textured, LG - Light Grey Matte Textured, LGS - Light Grey Gloss Smooth, PSS - Platinum Silver Gloss Smooth, VGT - Verde Green Matte Textured, WHS - White Gloss Smooth, WHT - White Matte Textured, CC – Custom Color
Optics & Distributions
Type II, Type III, Type IV, Type V
cUL, DLC Standard
TAA (Buy American 52.225-11), IP66
Operating Temp
-30 to 40

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-3K7-1-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2129 lm6831.5 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-3K7-1-CL3000 K70 CRI3769 lm12031.5 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-3K7-1-HS3000 K70 CRI2316 lm7331.5 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-3K7-13000 K70 CRI4100 lm13031.5 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-3K7-2-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI1860 lm5931.5 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-3K7-2-CL3000 K70 CRI3482 lm11031.5 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-3K7-2-HS3000 K70 CRI2023 lm6431.5 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-3K7-23000 K70 CRI3788 lm12031.5 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-3K7-3-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI1821 lm5831.5 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-3K7-3-CL3000 K70 CRI3409 lm10831.5 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-3K7-3-DL3000 K70 CRI2943 lm9331.5 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-3K7-3-HS3000 K70 CRI1981 lm6331.5 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-3K7-33000 K70 CRI3708 lm11531.5 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-3K7-4W-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI1879 lm6031.5 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-3K7-4W-CL3000 K70 CRI3447 lm10931.5 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-3K7-4W-HS3000 K70 CRI2044 lm6531.5 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI3749 lm11931.5 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-3K7-5Q-CL3000 K70 CRI3618 lm11531.5 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-3K7-5Q3000 K70 CRI3936 lm12531.5 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-3K7-5W-CL3000 K70 CRI3513 lm11131.5 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-3K7-5W-DL3000 K70 CRI3020 lm9631.5 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI3822 lm12131.5 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-4K7-1-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2169 lm6931.5 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-4K7-1-CL4000 K70 CRI3839 lm12231.5 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-4K7-1-HS4000 K70 CRI2359 lm7531.5 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-4K7-14000 K70 CRI4176 lm13231.5 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-4K7-2-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI1895 lm6031.5 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-4K7-2-CL4000 K70 CRI3547 lm11331.5 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-4K7-2-HS4000 K70 CRI2061 lm6531.5 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-4K7-24000 K70 CRI3859 lm12231.5 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-4K7-3-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI1855 lm5931.5 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-4K7-3-CL4000 K70 CRI3472 lm11031.5 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-4K7-3-DL4000 K70 CRI2998 lm9531.5 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-4K7-3-HS4000 K70 CRI2018 lm6431.5 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-4K7-34000 K70 CRI3777 lm11831.5 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-4K7-4W-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI1914 lm6131.5 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-4K7-4W-CL4000 K70 CRI3511 lm11131.5 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-4K7-4W-HS4000 K70 CRI2082 lm6631.5 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI3819 lm12131.5 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-4K7-5Q-CL4000 K70 CRI3685 lm11731.5 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-4K7-5Q4000 K70 CRI4009 lm12731.5 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-4K7-5W-CL4000 K70 CRI3579 lm11431.5 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-4K7-5W-DL4000 K70 CRI3076 lm9831.5 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI3893 lm12431.5 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-5K7-1-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI2261 lm7231.5 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-5K7-1-CL5000 K70 CRI4002 lm12731.5 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-5K7-1-HS5000 K70 CRI2460 lm7831.5 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-5K7-15000 K70 CRI4354 lm13931.5 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-5K7-2-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI1975 lm6331.5 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-5K7-2-CL5000 K70 CRI3698 lm11731.5 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-5K7-2-HS5000 K70 CRI2149 lm6931.5 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-5K7-25000 K70 CRI4023 lm12831.5 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-5K7-3-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI1934 lm6131.5 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-5K7-3-CL5000 K70 CRI3620 lm11531.5 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-5K7-3-DL5000 K70 CRI3126 lm9931.5 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-5K7-3-HS5000 K70 CRI2104 lm6731.5 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-5K7-35000 K70 CRI3938 lm12531.5 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-5K7-4W-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI1996 lm6331.5 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-5K7-4W-CL5000 K70 CRI3660 lm11631.5 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-5K7-4W-HS5000 K70 CRI2171 lm6931.5 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI3982 lm12731.5 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-5K7-5Q-CL5000 K70 CRI3842 lm12231.5 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-5K7-5Q5000 K70 CRI4180 lm13331.5 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-5K7-5W-CL5000 K70 CRI3731 lm11831.5 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-5K7-5W-DL5000 K70 CRI3207 lm10231.5 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-260-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI4059 lm13031.5 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-3K7-1-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI3271 lm6649.8 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-3K7-1-CL3000 K70 CRI5790 lm11649.8 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-3K7-1-HS3000 K70 CRI3559 lm7149.8 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-3K7-13000 K70 CRI6298 lm12649.8 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-3K7-2-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2858 lm5749.8 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-3K7-2-CL3000 K70 CRI5350 lm10749.8 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-3K7-2-HS3000 K70 CRI3109 lm6249.8 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-3K7-23000 K70 CRI5820 lm11749.8 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-3K7-3-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2798 lm5649.8 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-3K7-3-CL3000 K70 CRI5237 lm10549.8 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-3K7-3-DL3000 K70 CRI4511 lm9149.8 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-3K7-3-HS3000 K70 CRI3044 lm6149.8 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-3K7-33000 K70 CRI5697 lm11449.8 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-3K7-4W-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2887 lm5849.8 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-3K7-4W-CL3000 K70 CRI5295 lm10649.8 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-3K7-4W-HS3000 K70 CRI3141 lm6349.8 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI5760 lm11649.8 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-3K7-5Q-CL3000 K70 CRI5558 lm11249.8 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-3K7-5Q3000 K70 CRI6047 lm12149.8 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-3K7-5W-CL3000 K70 CRI5398 lm10849.8 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-3K7-5W-DL3000 K70 CRI4562 lm9249.8 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI5872 lm11849.8 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-4K7-1-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI3332 lm6749.8 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-4K7-1-CL4000 K70 CRI5898 lm11849.8 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-4K7-1-HS4000 K70 CRI3625 lm7349.8 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-4K7-14000 K70 CRI6416 lm12949.8 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-4K7-2-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2911 lm5849.8 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-4K7-2-CL4000 K70 CRI5449 lm10949.8 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-4K7-2-HS4000 K70 CRI3167 lm6449.8 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-4K7-24000 K70 CRI5928 lm11949.8 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-4K7-3-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2850 lm5749.8 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-4K7-3-CL4000 K70 CRI5334 lm10749.8 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-4K7-3-DL4000 K70 CRI4595 lm9249.8 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-4K7-3-HS4000 K70 CRI3100 lm6249.8 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-4K7-34000 K70 CRI5803 lm11649.8 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-4K7-4W-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2941 lm5949.8 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-4K7-4W-CL4000 K70 CRI5394 lm10849.8 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-4K7-4W-HS4000 K70 CRI3199 lm6449.8 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI5867 lm11849.8 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-4K7-5Q-CL4000 K70 CRI5662 lm11449.8 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-4K7-5Q4000 K70 CRI6159 lm12449.8 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-4K7-5W-CL4000 K70 CRI5498 lm11049.8 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-4K7-5W-DL4000 K70 CRI4647 lm9349.8 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI5981 lm12049.8 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-5K7-1-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI3474 lm7049.8 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-5K7-1-CL5000 K70 CRI6149 lm12349.8 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-5K7-1-HS5000 K70 CRI3779 lm7649.8 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-5K7-15000 K70 CRI6689 lm13449.8 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-5K7-2-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI3035 lm6149.8 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-5K7-2-CL5000 K70 CRI5681 lm11449.8 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-5K7-2-HS5000 K70 CRI3302 lm6649.8 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-5K7-25000 K70 CRI6181 lm12449.8 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-5K7-3-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI2971 lm6049.8 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-5K7-3-CL5000 K70 CRI5561 lm11249.8 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-5K7-3-DL5000 K70 CRI4791 lm9649.8 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-5K7-3-HS5000 K70 CRI3232 lm6549.8 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-5K7-35000 K70 CRI6050 lm12149.8 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-5K7-4W-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI3066 lm6249.8 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-5K7-4W-CL5000 K70 CRI5624 lm11349.8 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-5K7-4W-HS5000 K70 CRI3335 lm6749.8 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI6118 lm12349.8 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-5K7-5Q-CL5000 K70 CRI5903 lm11849.8 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-5K7-5Q5000 K70 CRI6422 lm12949.8 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-5K7-5W-CL5000 K70 CRI5732 lm11549.8 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-5K7-5W-DL5000 K70 CRI4845 lm9749.8 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-420-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI6236 lm12549.8 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-3K7-1-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI4566 lm6471.6 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-3K7-1-CL3000 K70 CRI8081 lm11371.6 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-3K7-1-HS3000 K70 CRI4967 lm6971.6 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-3K7-13000 K70 CRI8791 lm12371.6 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-3K7-2-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI3988 lm5671.6 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-3K7-2-CL3000 K70 CRI7467 lm10471.6 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-3K7-2-HS3000 K70 CRI4339 lm6171.6 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-3K7-23000 K70 CRI8122 lm11371.6 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-3K7-3-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI3905 lm5571.6 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-3K7-3-CL3000 K70 CRI7309 lm10271.6 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-3K7-3-DL3000 K70 CRI6297 lm8871.6 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-3K7-3-HS3000 K70 CRI4248 lm5971.6 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-3K7-33000 K70 CRI7951 lm11171.6 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-3K7-4W-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI4029 lm5671.6 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-3K7-4W-CL3000 K70 CRI7390 lm10371.6 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-3K7-4W-HS3000 K70 CRI4383 lm6171.6 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI8040 lm11271.6 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-3K7-5Q-CL3000 K70 CRI7758 lm10871.6 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-3K7-5Q3000 K70 CRI8439 lm11871.6 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-3K7-5W-CL3000 K70 CRI7533 lm10571.6 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-3K7-5W-DL3000 K70 CRI6490 lm9171.6 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI8195 lm11471.6 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-4K7-1-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI4651 lm6571.6 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-4K7-1-CL4000 K70 CRI8231 lm11571.6 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-4K7-1-HS4000 K70 CRI5059 lm7171.6 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-4K7-14000 K70 CRI8954 lm12571.6 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-4K7-2-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI4063 lm5771.6 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-4K7-2-CL4000 K70 CRI7605 lm10671.6 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-4K7-2-HS4000 K70 CRI4420 lm6271.6 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-4K7-24000 K70 CRI8274 lm11671.6 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-4K7-3-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI3978 lm5671.6 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-4K7-3-CL4000 K70 CRI7445 lm10471.6 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-4K7-3-DL4000 K70 CRI6414 lm9071.6 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-4K7-3-HS4000 K70 CRI4327 lm6071.6 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-4K7-34000 K70 CRI8099 lm11371.6 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-4K7-4W-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI4104 lm5771.6 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-4K7-4W-CL4000 K70 CRI7528 lm10571.6 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-4K7-4W-HS4000 K70 CRI4465 lm6271.6 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI8189 lm11471.6 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-4K7-5Q-CL4000 K70 CRI7902 lm11071.6 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-4K7-5Q4000 K70 CRI8596 lm12071.6 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-4K7-5W-CL4000 K70 CRI7674 lm10771.6 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-4K7-5W-DL4000 K70 CRI6611 lm9271.6 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI8348 lm11771.6 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-5K7-1-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI4849 lm6871.6 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-5K7-1-CL5000 K70 CRI8582 lm12071.6 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-5K7-1-HS5000 K70 CRI5275 lm7471.6 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-5K7-15000 K70 CRI9336 lm13071.6 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-5K7-2-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI4236 lm5971.6 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-5K7-2-CL5000 K70 CRI7930 lm11171.6 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-5K7-2-HS5000 K70 CRI4608 lm6471.6 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-5K7-25000 K70 CRI8626 lm12071.6 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-5K7-3-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI4147 lm5871.6 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-5K7-3-CL5000 K70 CRI7762 lm10871.6 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-5K7-3-DL5000 K70 CRI6687 lm9371.6 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-5K7-3-HS5000 K70 CRI4511 lm6371.6 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-5K7-35000 K70 CRI8444 lm11871.6 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-5K7-4W-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI4279 lm6071.6 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-5K7-4W-CL5000 K70 CRI7849 lm11071.6 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-5K7-4W-HS5000 K70 CRI4655 lm6571.6 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI8538 lm11971.6 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-5K7-5Q-CL5000 K70 CRI8239 lm11571.6 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-5K7-5Q5000 K70 CRI8963 lm12571.6 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-5K7-5W-CL5000 K70 CRI8001 lm11271.6 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-5K7-5W-DL5000 K70 CRI6893 lm9671.6 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-615-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI8703 lm12271.6 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-3K7-1-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2596 lm6540 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-3K7-1-CL3000 K70 CRI4595 lm11540 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-3K7-1-HS3000 K70 CRI2825 lm7140 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-3K7-13000 K70 CRI4999 lm12540 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-3K7-2-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2268 lm5740 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-3K7-2-CL3000 K70 CRI4246 lm10640 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-3K7-2-HS3000 K70 CRI2467 lm6240 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-3K7-23000 K70 CRI4619 lm11540 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-3K7-3-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2221 lm5640 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-3K7-3-CL3000 K70 CRI4156 lm10440 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-3K7-3-DL3000 K70 CRI3581 lm9040 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-3K7-3-HS3000 K70 CRI2416 lm6040 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-3K7-33000 K70 CRI4522 lm11340 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-3K7-4W-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2291 lm5740 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-3K7-4W-CL3000 K70 CRI4203 lm10540 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-3K7-4W-HS3000 K70 CRI2493 lm6240 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI4572 lm11440 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-3K7-5Q-CL3000 K70 CRI4412 lm11040 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-3K7-5Q3000 K70 CRI4799 lm12040 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-3K7-5W-CL3000 K70 CRI4284 lm10740 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-3K7-5W-DL3000 K70 CRI3691 lm9240 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI4660 lm11740 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-4K7-1-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2645 lm6640 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-4K7-1-CL4000 K70 CRI4681 lm11740 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-4K7-1-HS4000 K70 CRI2877 lm7240 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-4K7-14000 K70 CRI5092 lm12740 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-4K7-2-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2310 lm5840 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-4K7-2-CL4000 K70 CRI4325 lm10840 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-4K7-2-HS4000 K70 CRI2513 lm6340 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-4K7-24000 K70 CRI4705 lm11840 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-4K7-3-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2262 lm5740 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-4K7-3-CL4000 K70 CRI4234 lm10640 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-4K7-3-DL4000 K70 CRI3647 lm9140 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-4K7-3-HS4000 K70 CRI2461 lm6240 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-4K7-34000 K70 CRI4606 lm11540 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-4K7-4W-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2334 lm5840 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-4K7-4W-CL4000 K70 CRI4281 lm10740 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-4K7-4W-HS4000 K70 CRI2539 lm6340 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI4657 lm11640 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-4K7-5Q-CL4000 K70 CRI4494 lm11240 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-4K7-5Q4000 K70 CRI4889 lm12240 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-4K7-5W-CL4000 K70 CRI4364 lm10940 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-4K7-5W-DL4000 K70 CRI3760 lm9440 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI4747 lm11940 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-5K7-1-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI2757 lm6940 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-5K7-1-CL5000 K70 CRI4881 lm12240 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-5K7-1-HS5000 K70 CRI3000 lm7540 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-5K7-15000 K70 CRI5309 lm13340 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-5K7-2-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI2409 lm6040 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-5K7-2-CL5000 K70 CRI4510 lm11340 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-5K7-2-HS5000 K70 CRI2620 lm6640 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-5K7-25000 K70 CRI4906 lm12340 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-5K7-3-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI2358 lm5940 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-5K7-3-CL5000 K70 CRI4414 lm11040 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-5K7-3-DL5000 K70 CRI3803 lm9540 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-5K7-3-HS5000 K70 CRI2566 lm6440 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-5K7-35000 K70 CRI4802 lm12040 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-5K7-4W-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI2434 lm6140 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-5K7-4W-CL5000 K70 CRI4464 lm11240 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-5K7-4W-HS5000 K70 CRI2647 lm6640 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI4856 lm12140 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-5K7-5Q-CL5000 K70 CRI4685 lm11740 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-5K7-5Q5000 K70 CRI5097 lm12740 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-5K7-5W-CL5000 K70 CRI4550 lm11440 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-5K7-5W-DL5000 K70 CRI3920 lm9840 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-325-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI4950 lm12440 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-3K7-1-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI3537 lm6454.9 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-3K7-1-CL3000 K70 CRI6261 lm11454.9 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-3K7-1-HS3000 K70 CRI3848 lm7054.9 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-3K7-13000 K70 CRI6811 lm12454.9 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-3K7-2-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI3090 lm5654.9 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-3K7-2-CL3000 K70 CRI5785 lm10554.9 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-3K7-2-HS3000 K70 CRI3362 lm6154.9 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-3K7-23000 K70 CRI6293 lm11554.9 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-3K7-3-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI3025 lm5554.9 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-3K7-3-CL3000 K70 CRI5662 lm10354.9 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-3K7-3-DL3000 K70 CRI4878 lm8954.9 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-3K7-3-HS3000 K70 CRI3291 lm6054.9 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-3K7-33000 K70 CRI6160 lm11254.9 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-3K7-4W-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI3122 lm5754.9 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-3K7-4W-CL3000 K70 CRI5726 lm10454.9 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-3K7-4W-HS3000 K70 CRI3396 lm6254.9 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI6229 lm11354.9 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-3K7-5Q-CL3000 K70 CRI6010 lm10954.9 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-3K7-5Q3000 K70 CRI6538 lm11954.9 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-3K7-5W-CL3000 K70 CRI5836 lm10654.9 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-3K7-5W-DL3000 K70 CRI5028 lm9254.9 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI6349 lm11654.9 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-4K7-1-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI3603 lm6654.9 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-4K7-1-CL4000 K70 CRI6377 lm11654.9 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-4K7-1-HS4000 K70 CRI3920 lm7154.9 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-4K7-14000 K70 CRI6937 lm12654.9 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-4K7-2-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI3148 lm5754.9 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-4K7-2-CL4000 K70 CRI5892 lm10754.9 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-4K7-2-HS4000 K70 CRI3424 lm6254.9 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-4K7-24000 K70 CRI6410 lm11754.9 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-4K7-3-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI3082 lm5654.9 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-4K7-3-CL4000 K70 CRI5768 lm10554.9 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-4K7-3-DL4000 K70 CRI4969 lm9154.9 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-4K7-3-HS4000 K70 CRI3352 lm6154.9 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-4K7-34000 K70 CRI6275 lm11454.9 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-4K7-4W-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI3180 lm5854.9 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-4K7-4W-CL4000 K70 CRI5832 lm10654.9 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-4K7-4W-HS4000 K70 CRI3459 lm6354.9 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI6345 lm11654.9 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-4K7-5Q-CL4000 K70 CRI6122 lm11254.9 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-4K7-5Q4000 K70 CRI6660 lm12154.9 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-4K7-5W-CL4000 K70 CRI5945 lm10854.9 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-4K7-5W-DL4000 K70 CRI5122 lm9354.9 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI6467 lm11854.9 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-5K7-1-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI3757 lm6854.9 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-5K7-1-CL5000 K70 CRI6649 lm12154.9 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-5K7-1-HS5000 K70 CRI4087 lm7454.9 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-5K7-15000 K70 CRI7233 lm13254.9 WType I
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-5K7-2-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI3282 lm6054.9 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-5K7-2-CL5000 K70 CRI6144 lm11254.9 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-5K7-2-HS5000 K70 CRI3570 lm6554.9 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-5K7-25000 K70 CRI6683 lm12254.9 WType II
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-5K7-3-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI3213 lm5954.9 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-5K7-3-CL5000 K70 CRI6014 lm11054.9 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-5K7-3-DL5000 K70 CRI5181 lm9454.9 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-5K7-3-HS5000 K70 CRI3495 lm6454.9 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-5K7-35000 K70 CRI6542 lm11954.9 WType III
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-5K7-4W-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI3315 lm6054.9 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-5K7-4W-CL5000 K70 CRI6081 lm11154.9 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-5K7-4W-HS5000 K70 CRI3607 lm6654.9 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI6615 lm12054.9 WType IV Wide
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-5K7-5Q-CL5000 K70 CRI6383 lm11654.9 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-5K7-5Q5000 K70 CRI6944 lm12654.9 WType V Square
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-5K7-5W-CL5000 K70 CRI6199 lm11354.9 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-5K7-5W-DL5000 K70 CRI5340 lm9754.9 WType V Wide(Round)
UCM2-ANG-36L-460-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI6743 lm12354.9 WType V Wide(Round)
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