Providence® Large - PROL2

Providence® Large delivers reliable, operation. Upgrade kits are available for existing HID installations

Features & Benefits

  • 0-10V dimming ready
  • Integral surge suppression
  • Upgrade Kits


UV Output
590nm Amber
Lumen Range
2,526 - 17,415
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming
CCT Offering
3000, 4000, 5000, 590nm Amber
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Wall, Surface, Arm, Post Top
Material - Housing
Wattage Range
75.7 - 159.8
Color Offering
BLS - Black Gloss Smooth, BLT - Black Matte Textured, DBS - Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, DBT- Dark Bronze Matte Textured, GTT - Graphite Matte Textured, LG - Light Grey Matte Textured, LGS - Light Grey Gloss Smooth, PSS - Platinum Silver Gloss Smooth, VGT - Verde Green Matte Textured, WHS - White Gloss Smooth, WHT - White Matte Textured, CC – Custom Color
Optics & Distributions
Type II, Type III, Type IV Wide, Type V Square, Type V Wide
ETL, CSA C22.2 No. 250.0-08
TAA (Buy American 52.225-11), Wet
Operating Temp
-30 to 25

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
PROL2-72L-335-3K7-1-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI3455 lm4675.7 WType I
PROL2-72L-335-3K7-1-CL3000 K70 CRI6380 lm8475.7 WType I
PROL2-72L-335-3K7-1-HS3000 K70 CRI4607 lm6175.7 WType I
PROL2-72L-335-3K7-13000 K70 CRI8507 lm11275.7 WType I
PROL2-72L-335-3K7-2-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2854 lm3875.7 WType II
PROL2-72L-335-3K7-2-CL3000 K70 CRI6141 lm8175.7 WType II
PROL2-72L-335-3K7-2-HS3000 K70 CRI3805 lm5075.7 WType II
PROL2-72L-335-3K7-23000 K70 CRI8188 lm10875.7 WType II
PROL2-72L-335-3K7-3-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2897 lm3875.7 WType III
PROL2-72L-335-3K7-3-CL3000 K70 CRI6196 lm8275.7 WType III
PROL2-72L-335-3K7-3-DL3000 K70 CRI5064 lm6775.7 WType III
PROL2-72L-335-3K7-3-HS3000 K70 CRI3863 lm5175.7 WType III
PROL2-72L-335-3K7-33000 K70 CRI8261 lm10975.7 WType III
PROL2-72L-335-3K7-4W-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2526 lm3375.7 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-335-3K7-4W-CL3000 K70 CRI6263 lm8375.7 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-335-3K7-4W-HS3000 K70 CRI3368 lm4475.7 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-335-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI8351 lm11075.7 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-335-3K7-5Q-CL3000 K70 CRI6647 lm8875.7 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-335-3K7-5Q3000 K70 CRI8864 lm11775.7 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-335-3K7-5W-CL3000 K70 CRI6268 lm8375.7 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-335-3K7-5W-DL3000 K70 CRI5208 lm6975.7 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-335-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI8358 lm11075.7 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-335-4K7-1-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI3577 lm4775.7 WType I
PROL2-72L-335-4K7-1-CL4000 K70 CRI6607 lm8775.7 WType I
PROL2-72L-335-4K7-1-HS4000 K70 CRI4770 lm6375.7 WType I
PROL2-72L-335-4K7-14000 K70 CRI8809 lm11675.7 WType I
PROL2-72L-335-4K7-2-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2955 lm3975.7 WType II
PROL2-72L-335-4K7-2-CL4000 K70 CRI6359 lm8475.7 WType II
PROL2-72L-335-4K7-2-HS4000 K70 CRI3940 lm5275.7 WType II
PROL2-72L-335-4K7-24000 K70 CRI8479 lm11275.7 WType II
PROL2-72L-335-4K7-3-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI3000 lm4075.7 WType III
PROL2-72L-335-4K7-3-CL4000 K70 CRI6415 lm8575.7 WType III
PROL2-72L-335-4K7-3-DL4000 K70 CRI5243 lm6975.7 WType III
PROL2-72L-335-4K7-3-HS4000 K70 CRI4000 lm5375.7 WType III
PROL2-72L-335-4K7-34000 K70 CRI8554 lm11375.7 WType III
PROL2-72L-335-4K7-4W-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2615 lm3575.7 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-335-4K7-4W-CL4000 K70 CRI6485 lm8675.7 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-335-4K7-4W-HS4000 K70 CRI3487 lm4675.7 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-335-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI8647 lm11475.7 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-335-4K7-5Q-CL4000 K70 CRI6883 lm9175.7 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-335-4K7-5Q4000 K70 CRI9178 lm12175.7 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-335-4K7-5W-CL4000 K70 CRI6491 lm8675.7 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-335-4K7-5W-DL4000 K70 CRI5393 lm7175.7 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-335-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI8654 lm11475.7 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-335-5K7-1-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI3703 lm4975.7 WType I
PROL2-72L-335-5K7-1-CL5000 K70 CRI6839 lm9075.7 WType I
PROL2-72L-335-5K7-1-HS5000 K70 CRI4938 lm6575.7 WType I
PROL2-72L-335-5K7-15000 K70 CRI9119 lm12075.7 WType I
PROL2-72L-335-5K7-2-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI3059 lm4075.7 WType II
PROL2-72L-335-5K7-2-CL5000 K70 CRI6583 lm8775.7 WType II
PROL2-72L-335-5K7-2-HS5000 K70 CRI4079 lm5475.7 WType II
PROL2-72L-335-5K7-25000 K70 CRI8777 lm11675.7 WType II
PROL2-72L-335-5K7-3-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI3106 lm4175.7 WType III
PROL2-72L-335-5K7-3-CL5000 K70 CRI6641 lm8875.7 WType III
PROL2-72L-335-5K7-3-DL5000 K70 CRI5428 lm7275.7 WType III
PROL2-72L-335-5K7-3-HS5000 K70 CRI4141 lm5575.7 WType III
PROL2-72L-335-5K7-35000 K70 CRI8855 lm11675.7 WType III
PROL2-72L-335-5K7-4W-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI2707 lm3675.7 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-335-5K7-4W-CL5000 K70 CRI6713 lm8975.7 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-335-5K7-4W-HS5000 K70 CRI3610 lm4875.7 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-335-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI8951 lm11875.7 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-335-5K7-5Q-CL5000 K70 CRI7125 lm9475.7 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-335-5K7-5Q5000 K70 CRI9501 lm12675.7 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-335-5K7-5W-CL5000 K70 CRI6719 lm8975.7 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-335-5K7-5W-DL5000 K70 CRI5583 lm7475.7 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-335-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI8959 lm11975.7 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-500-3K7-1-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI4836 lm42114.3 WType I
PROL2-72L-500-3K7-1-CL3000 K70 CRI8930 lm78114.3 WType I
PROL2-72L-500-3K7-1-HS3000 K70 CRI6448 lm56114.3 WType I
PROL2-72L-500-3K7-13000 K70 CRI11907 lm104114.3 WType I
PROL2-72L-500-3K7-2-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI3995 lm35114.3 WType II
PROL2-72L-500-3K7-2-CL3000 K70 CRI8595 lm75114.3 WType II
PROL2-72L-500-3K7-2-HS3000 K70 CRI5326 lm47114.3 WType II
PROL2-72L-500-3K7-23000 K70 CRI11461 lm100114.3 WType II
PROL2-72L-500-3K7-3-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI4055 lm35114.3 WType III
PROL2-72L-500-3K7-3-CL3000 K70 CRI8672 lm76114.3 WType III
PROL2-72L-500-3K7-3-DL3000 K70 CRI7147 lm63114.3 WType III
PROL2-72L-500-3K7-3-HS3000 K70 CRI5407 lm47114.3 WType III
PROL2-72L-500-3K7-33000 K70 CRI11563 lm101114.3 WType III
PROL2-72L-500-3K7-4W-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI3535 lm31114.3 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-500-3K7-4W-CL3000 K70 CRI8766 lm77114.3 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-500-3K7-4W-HS3000 K70 CRI4714 lm41114.3 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-500-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI11688 lm102114.3 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-500-3K7-5Q-CL3000 K70 CRI9304 lm81114.3 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-500-3K7-5Q3000 K70 CRI12406 lm109114.3 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-500-3K7-5W-CL3000 K70 CRI8773 lm77114.3 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-500-3K7-5W-DL3000 K70 CRI7231 lm63114.3 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-500-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI11698 lm102114.3 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-500-4K7-1-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI5007 lm44114.3 WType I
PROL2-72L-500-4K7-1-CL4000 K70 CRI9247 lm81114.3 WType I
PROL2-72L-500-4K7-1-HS4000 K70 CRI6677 lm58114.3 WType I
PROL2-72L-500-4K7-14000 K70 CRI12330 lm108114.3 WType I
PROL2-72L-500-4K7-2-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI4136 lm36114.3 WType II
PROL2-72L-500-4K7-2-CL4000 K70 CRI8900 lm78114.3 WType II
PROL2-72L-500-4K7-2-HS4000 K70 CRI5515 lm48114.3 WType II
PROL2-72L-500-4K7-24000 K70 CRI11867 lm104114.3 WType II
PROL2-72L-500-4K7-3-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI4199 lm37114.3 WType III
PROL2-72L-500-4K7-3-CL4000 K70 CRI8979 lm79114.3 WType III
PROL2-72L-500-4K7-3-DL4000 K70 CRI7400 lm65114.3 WType III
PROL2-72L-500-4K7-3-HS4000 K70 CRI5599 lm49114.3 WType III
PROL2-72L-500-4K7-34000 K70 CRI11973 lm105114.3 WType III
PROL2-72L-500-4K7-4W-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI3661 lm32114.3 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-500-4K7-4W-CL4000 K70 CRI9077 lm79114.3 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-500-4K7-4W-HS4000 K70 CRI4881 lm43114.3 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-500-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI12103 lm106114.3 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-500-4K7-5Q-CL4000 K70 CRI9634 lm84114.3 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-500-4K7-5Q4000 K70 CRI12846 lm112114.3 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-500-4K7-5W-CL4000 K70 CRI9085 lm79114.3 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-500-4K7-5W-DL4000 K70 CRI7487 lm65114.3 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-500-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI12113 lm106114.3 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-500-5K7-1-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI5183 lm45114.3 WType I
PROL2-72L-500-5K7-1-CL5000 K70 CRI9572 lm84114.3 WType I
PROL2-72L-500-5K7-1-HS5000 K70 CRI6912 lm60114.3 WType I
PROL2-72L-500-5K7-15000 K70 CRI12764 lm112114.3 WType I
PROL2-72L-500-5K7-2-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI4282 lm37114.3 WType II
PROL2-72L-500-5K7-2-CL5000 K70 CRI9213 lm81114.3 WType II
PROL2-72L-500-5K7-2-HS5000 K70 CRI5709 lm50114.3 WType II
PROL2-72L-500-5K7-25000 K70 CRI12285 lm107114.3 WType II
PROL2-72L-500-5K7-3-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI4347 lm38114.3 WType III
PROL2-72L-500-5K7-3-CL5000 K70 CRI9295 lm81114.3 WType III
PROL2-72L-500-5K7-3-DL5000 K70 CRI7660 lm67114.3 WType III
PROL2-72L-500-5K7-3-HS5000 K70 CRI5796 lm51114.3 WType III
PROL2-72L-500-5K7-35000 K70 CRI12394 lm108114.3 WType III
PROL2-72L-500-5K7-4W-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI3789 lm33114.3 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-500-5K7-4W-CL5000 K70 CRI9396 lm82114.3 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-500-5K7-4W-HS5000 K70 CRI5053 lm44114.3 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-500-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI12528 lm110114.3 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-500-5K7-5Q-CL5000 K70 CRI9973 lm87114.3 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-500-5K7-5Q5000 K70 CRI13298 lm116114.3 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-500-5K7-5W-CL5000 K70 CRI9404 lm82114.3 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-500-5K7-5W-DL5000 K70 CRI7750 lm68114.3 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-500-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI12540 lm110114.3 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-700-3K7-1-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI6333 lm40159.8 WType I
PROL2-72L-700-3K7-1-CL3000 K70 CRI11695 lm73159.8 WType I
PROL2-72L-700-3K7-1-HS3000 K70 CRI8444 lm53159.8 WType I
PROL2-72L-700-3K7-13000 K70 CRI15594 lm98159.8 WType I
PROL2-72L-700-3K7-2-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI5231 lm33159.8 WType II
PROL2-72L-700-3K7-2-CL3000 K70 CRI11256 lm70159.8 WType II
PROL2-72L-700-3K7-2-HS3000 K70 CRI6975 lm44159.8 WType II
PROL2-72L-700-3K7-23000 K70 CRI15009 lm94159.8 WType II
PROL2-72L-700-3K7-3-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI5311 lm33159.8 WType III
PROL2-72L-700-3K7-3-CL3000 K70 CRI11356 lm71159.8 WType III
PROL2-72L-700-3K7-3-DL3000 K70 CRI9359 lm59159.8 WType III
PROL2-72L-700-3K7-3-HS3000 K70 CRI7081 lm44159.8 WType III
PROL2-72L-700-3K7-33000 K70 CRI15142 lm95159.8 WType III
PROL2-72L-700-3K7-4W-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI4630 lm29159.8 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-700-3K7-4W-CL3000 K70 CRI11479 lm72159.8 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-700-3K7-4W-HS3000 K70 CRI6173 lm39159.8 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-700-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI15306 lm96159.8 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-700-3K7-5Q-CL3000 K70 CRI12185 lm76159.8 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-700-3K7-5Q3000 K70 CRI16247 lm102159.8 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-700-3K7-5W-CL3000 K70 CRI11490 lm72159.8 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-700-3K7-5W-DL3000 K70 CRI9469 lm59159.8 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-700-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI15320 lm96159.8 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-700-4K7-1-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI6557 lm41159.8 WType I
PROL2-72L-700-4K7-1-CL4000 K70 CRI12110 lm76159.8 WType I
PROL2-72L-700-4K7-1-HS4000 K70 CRI8744 lm55159.8 WType I
PROL2-72L-700-4K7-14000 K70 CRI16147 lm101159.8 WType I
PROL2-72L-700-4K7-2-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI5417 lm34159.8 WType II
PROL2-72L-700-4K7-2-CL4000 K70 CRI11655 lm73159.8 WType II
PROL2-72L-700-4K7-2-HS4000 K70 CRI7223 lm45159.8 WType II
PROL2-72L-700-4K7-24000 K70 CRI15541 lm97159.8 WType II
PROL2-72L-700-4K7-3-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI5499 lm34159.8 WType III
PROL2-72L-700-4K7-3-CL4000 K70 CRI11759 lm74159.8 WType III
PROL2-72L-700-4K7-3-DL4000 K70 CRI9691 lm61159.8 WType III
PROL2-72L-700-4K7-3-HS4000 K70 CRI7332 lm46159.8 WType III
PROL2-72L-700-4K7-34000 K70 CRI15679 lm98159.8 WType III
PROL2-72L-700-4K7-4W-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI4794 lm30159.8 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-700-4K7-4W-CL4000 K70 CRI11886 lm74159.8 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-700-4K7-4W-HS4000 K70 CRI6392 lm40159.8 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-700-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI15849 lm99159.8 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-700-4K7-5Q-CL4000 K70 CRI12617 lm79159.8 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-700-4K7-5Q4000 K70 CRI16823 lm105159.8 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-700-4K7-5W-CL4000 K70 CRI11897 lm74159.8 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-700-4K7-5W-DL4000 K70 CRI9805 lm61159.8 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-700-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI15863 lm99159.8 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-700-5K7-1-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI6788 lm42159.8 WType I
PROL2-72L-700-5K7-1-CL5000 K70 CRI12536 lm78159.8 WType I
PROL2-72L-700-5K7-1-HS5000 K70 CRI9051 lm57159.8 WType I
PROL2-72L-700-5K7-15000 K70 CRI16715 lm105159.8 WType I
PROL2-72L-700-5K7-2-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI5607 lm35159.8 WType II
PROL2-72L-700-5K7-2-CL5000 K70 CRI12066 lm76159.8 WType II
PROL2-72L-700-5K7-2-HS5000 K70 CRI7477 lm47159.8 WType II
PROL2-72L-700-5K7-25000 K70 CRI16088 lm101159.8 WType II
PROL2-72L-700-5K7-3-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI5693 lm36159.8 WType III
PROL2-72L-700-5K7-3-CL5000 K70 CRI12173 lm76159.8 WType III
PROL2-72L-700-5K7-3-DL5000 K70 CRI10032 lm63159.8 WType III
PROL2-72L-700-5K7-3-HS5000 K70 CRI7590 lm48159.8 WType III
PROL2-72L-700-5K7-35000 K70 CRI16231 lm102159.8 WType III
PROL2-72L-700-5K7-4W-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI4963 lm31159.8 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-700-5K7-4W-CL5000 K70 CRI12305 lm77159.8 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-700-5K7-4W-HS5000 K70 CRI6617 lm41159.8 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-700-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI16407 lm103159.8 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-700-5K7-5Q-CL5000 K70 CRI13061 lm82159.8 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-700-5K7-5Q5000 K70 CRI17415 lm109159.8 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-700-5K7-5W-CL5000 K70 CRI12316 lm77159.8 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-700-5K7-5W-DL5000 K70 CRI10150 lm64159.8 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-700-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI16422 lm103159.8 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-270-3K7-1-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2854 lm4760.5 WType I
PROL2-72L-270-3K7-1-CL3000 K70 CRI5271 lm8760.5 WType I
PROL2-72L-270-3K7-1-HS3000 K70 CRI3806 lm6360.5 WType I
PROL2-72L-270-3K7-13000 K70 CRI7028 lm11660.5 WType I
PROL2-72L-270-3K7-2-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2358 lm3960.5 WType II
PROL2-72L-270-3K7-2-CL3000 K70 CRI5073 lm8460.5 WType II
PROL2-72L-270-3K7-2-HS3000 K70 CRI3144 lm5260.5 WType II
PROL2-72L-270-3K7-23000 K70 CRI6764 lm11260.5 WType II
PROL2-72L-270-3K7-3-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2393 lm4060.5 WType III
PROL2-72L-270-3K7-3-CL3000 K70 CRI5118 lm8560.5 WType III
PROL2-72L-270-3K7-3-DL3000 K70 CRI4218 lm5660.5 WType III
PROL2-72L-270-3K7-3-HS3000 K70 CRI3191 lm5360.5 WType III
PROL2-72L-270-3K7-33000 K70 CRI6824 lm11360.5 WType III
PROL2-72L-270-3K7-4W-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2087 lm3460.5 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-270-3K7-4W-CL3000 K70 CRI5174 lm8660.5 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-270-3K7-4W-HS3000 K70 CRI2782 lm4660.5 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-270-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI6898 lm11460.5 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-270-3K7-5Q-CL3000 K70 CRI5491 lm9160.5 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-270-3K7-5Q3000 K70 CRI7322 lm12160.5 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-270-3K7-5W-CL3000 K70 CRI5178 lm8660.5 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-270-3K7-5W-DL3000 K70 CRI4268 lm5660.5 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-270-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI6904 lm11460.5 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-270-4K7-1-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2955 lm4960.5 WType I
PROL2-72L-270-4K7-1-CL4000 K70 CRI5458 lm9060.5 WType I
PROL2-72L-270-4K7-1-HS4000 K70 CRI3941 lm6560.5 WType I
PROL2-72L-270-4K7-14000 K70 CRI7277 lm12060.5 WType I
PROL2-72L-270-4K7-2-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2441 lm4060.5 WType II
PROL2-72L-270-4K7-2-CL4000 K70 CRI5253 lm8760.5 WType II
PROL2-72L-270-4K7-2-HS4000 K70 CRI3255 lm5460.5 WType II
PROL2-72L-270-4K7-24000 K70 CRI7004 lm11660.5 WType II
PROL2-72L-270-4K7-3-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2478 lm4160.5 WType III
PROL2-72L-270-4K7-3-CL4000 K70 CRI5300 lm8860.5 WType III
PROL2-72L-270-4K7-3-DL4000 K70 CRI4368 lm5860.5 WType III
PROL2-72L-270-4K7-3-HS4000 K70 CRI3305 lm5560.5 WType III
PROL2-72L-270-4K7-34000 K70 CRI7066 lm11760.5 WType III
PROL2-72L-270-4K7-4W-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2161 lm3660.5 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-270-4K7-4W-CL4000 K70 CRI5357 lm8960.5 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-270-4K7-4W-HS4000 K70 CRI2881 lm4860.5 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-270-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI7143 lm11860.5 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-270-4K7-5Q-CL4000 K70 CRI5686 lm9460.5 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-270-4K7-5Q4000 K70 CRI7582 lm12560.5 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-270-4K7-5W-CL4000 K70 CRI5362 lm8960.5 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-270-4K7-5W-DL4000 K70 CRI4419 lm5860.5 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-270-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI7149 lm11860.5 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-270-5K7-1-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI3059 lm5160.5 WType I
PROL2-72L-270-5K7-1-CL5000 K70 CRI5650 lm9360.5 WType I
PROL2-72L-270-5K7-1-HS5000 K70 CRI4079 lm6760.5 WType I
PROL2-72L-270-5K7-15000 K70 CRI7533 lm12460.5 WType I
PROL2-72L-270-5K7-2-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI2527 lm4260.5 WType II
PROL2-72L-270-5K7-2-CL5000 K70 CRI5438 lm9060.5 WType II
PROL2-72L-270-5K7-2-HS5000 K70 CRI3370 lm5660.5 WType II
PROL2-72L-270-5K7-25000 K70 CRI7251 lm12060.5 WType II
PROL2-72L-270-5K7-3-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI2566 lm4260.5 WType III
PROL2-72L-270-5K7-3-CL5000 K70 CRI5486 lm9160.5 WType III
PROL2-72L-270-5K7-3-DL5000 K70 CRI4521 lm7560.5 WType III
PROL2-72L-270-5K7-3-HS5000 K70 CRI3421 lm5760.5 WType III
PROL2-72L-270-5K7-35000 K70 CRI7315 lm12160.5 WType III
PROL2-72L-270-5K7-4W-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI2237 lm3760.5 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-270-5K7-4W-CL5000 K70 CRI5546 lm9260.5 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-270-5K7-4W-HS5000 K70 CRI2982 lm4960.5 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-270-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI7394 lm12260.5 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-270-5K7-5Q-CL5000 K70 CRI5886 lm9760.5 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-270-5K7-5Q5000 K70 CRI7849 lm13060.5 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-270-5K7-5W-CL5000 K70 CRI5550 lm9260.5 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-270-5K7-5W-DL5000 K70 CRI4574 lm7660.5 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-270-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI7401 lm12260.5 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-425-3K7-1-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI4195 lm4496.0 WType I
PROL2-72L-425-3K7-1-CL3000 K70 CRI7746 lm8196.0 WType I
PROL2-72L-425-3K7-1-HS3000 K70 CRI5593 lm5896.0 WType I
PROL2-72L-425-3K7-13000 K70 CRI10329 lm10896.0 WType I
PROL2-72L-425-3K7-2-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI3465 lm3696.0 WType II
PROL2-72L-425-3K7-2-CL3000 K70 CRI7456 lm7896.0 WType II
PROL2-72L-425-3K7-2-HS3000 K70 CRI4620 lm4896.0 WType II
PROL2-72L-425-3K7-23000 K70 CRI9941 lm10496.0 WType II
PROL2-72L-425-3K7-3-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI3518 lm3796.0 WType III
PROL2-72L-425-3K7-3-CL3000 K70 CRI7522 lm7896.0 WType III
PROL2-72L-425-3K7-3-DL3000 K70 CRI6199 lm6596.0 WType III
PROL2-72L-425-3K7-3-HS3000 K70 CRI4690 lm4996.0 WType III
PROL2-72L-425-3K7-33000 K70 CRI10030 lm10496.0 WType III
PROL2-72L-425-3K7-4W-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI3067 lm3296.0 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-425-3K7-4W-CL3000 K70 CRI7604 lm7996.0 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-425-3K7-4W-HS3000 K70 CRI4089 lm4396.0 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-425-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI10139 lm10696.0 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-425-3K7-5Q-CL3000 K70 CRI8071 lm8496.0 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-425-3K7-5Q3000 K70 CRI10762 lm11296.0 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-425-3K7-5W-CL3000 K70 CRI7610 lm7996.0 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-425-3K7-5W-DL3000 K70 CRI6272 lm6596.0 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-425-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI10148 lm10696.0 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-425-4K7-1-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI4343 lm4596.0 WType I
PROL2-72L-425-4K7-1-CL4000 K70 CRI8021 lm8496.0 WType I
PROL2-72L-425-4K7-1-HS4000 K70 CRI5792 lm6096.0 WType I
PROL2-72L-425-4K7-14000 K70 CRI10695 lm11196.0 WType I
PROL2-72L-425-4K7-2-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI3588 lm3796.0 WType II
PROL2-72L-425-4K7-2-CL4000 K70 CRI7720 lm8096.0 WType II
PROL2-72L-425-4K7-2-HS4000 K70 CRI4784 lm5096.0 WType II
PROL2-72L-425-4K7-24000 K70 CRI10294 lm10796.0 WType II
PROL2-72L-425-4K7-3-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI3642 lm3896.0 WType III
PROL2-72L-425-4K7-3-CL4000 K70 CRI7789 lm8196.0 WType III
PROL2-72L-425-4K7-3-DL4000 K70 CRI6419 lm6796.0 WType III
PROL2-72L-425-4K7-3-HS4000 K70 CRI4857 lm5196.0 WType III
PROL2-72L-425-4K7-34000 K70 CRI10386 lm10896.0 WType III
PROL2-72L-425-4K7-4W-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI3175 lm3396.0 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-425-4K7-4W-CL4000 K70 CRI7873 lm8296.0 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-425-4K7-4W-HS4000 K70 CRI4234 lm4496.0 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-425-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI10498 lm10996.0 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-425-4K7-5Q-CL4000 K70 CRI8357 lm8796.0 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-425-4K7-5Q4000 K70 CRI11143 lm11696.0 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-425-4K7-5W-CL4000 K70 CRI7880 lm8296.0 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-425-4K7-5W-DL4000 K70 CRI6494 lm6896.0 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-425-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI10508 lm10996.0 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-425-5K7-1-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI4496 lm4796.0 WType I
PROL2-72L-425-5K7-1-CL5000 K70 CRI8303 lm8696.0 WType I
PROL2-72L-425-5K7-1-HS5000 K70 CRI5995 lm6296.0 WType I
PROL2-72L-425-5K7-15000 K70 CRI11072 lm11596.0 WType I
PROL2-72L-425-5K7-2-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI3714 lm3996.0 WType II
PROL2-72L-425-5K7-2-CL5000 K70 CRI7992 lm8396.0 WType II
PROL2-72L-425-5K7-2-HS5000 K70 CRI4952 lm5296.0 WType II
PROL2-72L-425-5K7-25000 K70 CRI10656 lm11196.0 WType II
PROL2-72L-425-5K7-3-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI3771 lm3996.0 WType III
PROL2-72L-425-5K7-3-CL5000 K70 CRI8063 lm8496.0 WType III
PROL2-72L-425-5K7-3-DL5000 K70 CRI6645 lm6996.0 WType III
PROL2-72L-425-5K7-3-HS5000 K70 CRI5028 lm5296.0 WType III
PROL2-72L-425-5K7-35000 K70 CRI10751 lm11296.0 WType III
PROL2-72L-425-5K7-4W-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI3287 lm3496.0 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-425-5K7-4W-CL5000 K70 CRI8150 lm8596.0 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-425-5K7-4W-HS5000 K70 CRI4383 lm4696.0 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-425-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI10868 lm11396.0 WType IV Wide
PROL2-72L-425-5K7-5Q-CL5000 K70 CRI8651 lm9096.0 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-425-5K7-5Q5000 K70 CRI11535 lm12096.0 WType V Square
PROL2-72L-425-5K7-5W-CL5000 K70 CRI8158 lm8596.0 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-425-5K7-5W-DL5000 K70 CRI6723 lm7096.0 WType V Wide(Round)
PROL2-72L-425-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI10877 lm11396.0 WType V Wide(Round)
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