Ouro Solo Arm

Ouro is a seamless blend of elegant form, performance, visual comfort, controls, scalability and mounting options to enhance the environment in which they occupy.

Features & Benefits

  • Ouro 20" housing with decorative solo arm post top configuration
  • Delivers up to 17,000 lumens
  • Utilizes Strike Optics for superior fixture spacing, uniformity, and performance
  • For use in parking lots, entrances, building perimeters and pathways
  • Three lens configurations clear, diffuse & no lens
  • Nine optical distributions
  • IP66 rated


Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming, DALI
Wattage Range
25 - 315
Color Offering
BLS - Black Gloss Smooth, BLT - Black Matte Textured, DBS - Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, DBT- Dark Bronze Matte Textured, GTT - Graphite Matte Textured, LG - Light Grey Matte Textured, LGS - Light Grey Gloss Smooth, PSS - Platinum Silver Gloss Smooth, VGT - Verde Green Matte Textured, WHS - White Gloss Smooth, WHT - White Matte Textured, CC – Custom Color
TAA (Buy American 52.225-11)

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
UR28-96L-155-3K7-3-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI10873 lm70155.0 WType III
UR28-96L-155-3K7-3-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI11591 lm75155.0 WType III
UR28-96L-155-4K7-3-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI11147 lm72155.0 WType III
UR28-96L-155-4K7-3-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI11882 lm77155.0 WType III
UR28-96L-155-5K7-2-PT5000 K70 CRI19382 lm125155.0 WType II
UR28-96L-155-5K7-3-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI11274 lm73155.0 WType III
UR28-96L-170-3K7-3-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI11942 lm70170.0 WType III
UR28-96L-170-3K7-3-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI12991 lm76170.0 WType III
UR28-96L-170-4K7-3-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI12242 lm72170.0 WType III
UR28-96L-170-4K7-3-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI13318 lm78170.0 WType III
UR28-96L-170-5K7-3-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI12382 lm73170.0 WType III
UR28-96L-170-5K7-3-BC-PT5000 K70 CRI13470 lm79170.0 WType III
UR28-96L-185-3K7-3-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI12673 lm69185.0 WType III
UR28-96L-185-3K7-3-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI13780 lm74185.0 WType III
UR28-96L-185-4K7-3-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI13141 lm71185.0 WType III
UR28-96L-185-4K7-3-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI14127 lm76185.0 WType III
UR28-96L-185-5K7-3-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI13291 lm72185.0 WType III
UR28-96L-185-5K7-3-BC-PT5000 K70 CRI14288 lm77185.0 WType III
UR28-96L-220-3K7-3-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI14780 lm67220.0 WType III
UR28-96L-220-4K7-3-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI15162 lm69220.0 WType III
UR28-96L-220-5K7-3-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI15335 lm70220.0 WType III
UR28-96L-255-3K7-3-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI16623 lm65255.0 WType III
UR28-96L-255-3K7-3-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI16835 lm66255.0 WType III
UR28-96L-255-4K7-3-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI17042 lm67255.0 WType III
UR28-96L-255-4K7-3-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI17258 lm68255.0 WType III
UR28-96L-255-5K7-3-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI17236 lm68255.0 WType III
UR28-96L-255-5K7-3-BC-PT5000 K70 CRI17456 lm68255.0 WType III
UR28-96L-315-3K7-3-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI19810 lm63315.0 WType III
UR28-96L-315-3K7-3-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI20256 lm64315.0 WType III
UR28-96L-315-4K7-3-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI20308 lm64315.0 WType III
UR28-96L-315-4K7-3-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI20765 lm66315.0 WType III
UR28-96L-315-5K7-3-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI20540 lm65315.0 WType III
UR28-96L-315-5K7-3-BC-PT5000 K70 CRI21003 lm67315.0 WType III
UR20-24L-25-3K7-2-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI1631 lm6425.0 WType II
UR20-24L-25-3K7-2-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI1724 lm6825.0 WType II
UR20-24L-25-3K7-2-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI2784 lm10925.0 WType II
UR20-24L-25-3K7-2-PT3000 K70 CRI2943 lm11625.0 WType II
UR20-24L-25-3K7-3-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI1806 lm7225.0 WType III
UR20-24L-25-3K7-3-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI1830 lm7325.0 WType III
UR20-24L-25-3K7-3-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI2845 lm11125.0 WType III
UR20-24L-25-3K7-3-PT3000 K70 CRI3007 lm11825.0 WType III
UR20-24L-25-3K7-4-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI2114 lm8325.0 WType IV
UR20-24L-25-3K7-4-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI2235 lm8825.0 WType IV
UR20-24L-25-3K7-4-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI2891 lm11325.0 WType IV
UR20-24L-25-3K7-4-PT3000 K70 CRI3056 lm12025.0 WType IV
UR20-24L-25-3K7-4W-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI1808 lm7125.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-24L-25-3K7-4W-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI1912 lm7525.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-24L-25-3K7-4W-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI2999 lm11725.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-24L-25-3K7-4W-PT3000 K70 CRI3171 lm12525.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-24L-25-3K7-5QM-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI2773 lm10925.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-24L-25-3K7-5QM-PT3000 K70 CRI2931 lm11525.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-24L-25-3K7-5QN-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI2549 lm10025.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-24L-25-3K7-5QN-PT3000 K70 CRI2694 lm10625.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-24L-25-3K7-5R-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI2890 lm11325.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-24L-25-3K7-5R-PT3000 K70 CRI3054 lm12025.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-24L-25-3K7-5W-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI2879 lm11325.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-24L-25-3K7-5W-PT3000 K70 CRI3043 lm12025.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-24L-25-3K7-FR-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI1886 lm7425.0 WType I
UR20-24L-25-3K7-FR-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI1994 lm7825.0 WType I
UR20-24L-25-3K7-FR-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI2773 lm10925.0 WType I
UR20-24L-25-3K7-FR-PT3000 K70 CRI2932 lm11525.0 WType I
UR20-24L-25-4K7-2-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI1736 lm6825.0 WType II
UR20-24L-25-4K7-2-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI1834 lm7225.0 WType II
UR20-24L-25-4K7-2-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI2963 lm11625.0 WType II
UR20-24L-25-4K7-2-PT4000 K70 CRI3099 lm12225.0 WType II
UR20-24L-25-4K7-3-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI1922 lm7725.0 WType III
UR20-24L-25-4K7-3-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI1947 lm7825.0 WType III
UR20-24L-25-4K7-3-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI3028 lm11925.0 WType III
UR20-24L-25-4K7-3-PT4000 K70 CRI3200 lm12625.0 WType III
UR20-24L-25-4K7-4-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI2250 lm8825.0 WType IV
UR20-24L-25-4K7-4-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI2377 lm9325.0 WType IV
UR20-24L-25-4K7-4-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI3076 lm12025.0 WType IV
UR20-24L-25-4K7-4-PT4000 K70 CRI3251 lm12825.0 WType IV
UR20-24L-25-4K7-4W-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI1924 lm7525.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-24L-25-4K7-4W-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI2034 lm8025.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-24L-25-4K7-4W-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI3192 lm12525.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-24L-25-4K7-4W-PT4000 K70 CRI3374 lm13325.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-24L-25-4K7-5QM-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI2950 lm11625.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-24L-25-4K7-5QM-PT4000 K70 CRI3119 lm12325.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-24L-25-4K7-5QN-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI2712 lm10625.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-24L-25-4K7-5QN-PT4000 K70 CRI2866 lm11325.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-24L-25-4K7-5R-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI3075 lm12025.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-24L-25-4K7-5R-PT4000 K70 CRI3250 lm12825.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-24L-25-4K7-5W-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI3064 lm12025.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-24L-25-4K7-5W-PT4000 K70 CRI3237 lm12725.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-24L-25-4K7-FR-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI2007 lm7925.0 WType I
UR20-24L-25-4K7-FR-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI2121 lm8325.0 WType I
UR20-24L-25-4K7-FR-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI2951 lm11625.0 WType I
UR20-24L-25-4K7-FR-PT4000 K70 CRI3119 lm12325.0 WType I
UR20-24L-25-5K7-2-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI1723 lm6725.0 WType II
UR20-24L-25-5K7-2-BC-PT5000 K70 CRI1822 lm7225.0 WType II
UR20-24L-25-5K7-2-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI2942 lm11825.0 WType II
UR20-24L-25-5K7-2-PT5000 K70 CRI3110 lm12425.0 WType II
UR20-24L-25-5K7-3-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI1909 lm7625.0 WType III
UR20-24L-25-5K7-3-BC-PT5000 K70 CRI1934 lm7725.0 WType III
UR20-24L-25-5K7-3-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI3007 lm12025.0 WType III
UR20-24L-25-5K7-3-PT5000 K70 CRI3178 lm12725.0 WType III
UR20-24L-25-5K7-4-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI2234 lm8825.0 WType IV
UR20-24L-25-5K7-4-BC-PT5000 K70 CRI2362 lm9325.0 WType IV
UR20-24L-25-5K7-4-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI3055 lm12225.0 WType IV
UR20-24L-25-5K7-4-PT5000 K70 CRI3229 lm12925.0 WType IV
UR20-24L-25-5K7-4W-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI1911 lm7625.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-24L-25-5K7-4W-BC-PT5000 K70 CRI2020 lm7925.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-24L-25-5K7-4W-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI3169 lm12725.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-24L-25-5K7-4W-PT5000 K70 CRI3351 lm13425.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-24L-25-5K7-5QM-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI2931 lm11725.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-24L-25-5K7-5QM-PT5000 K70 CRI3098 lm12425.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-24L-25-5K7-5QN-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI2693 lm10825.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-24L-25-5K7-5QN-PT5000 K70 CRI2847 lm11425.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-24L-25-5K7-5R-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI3054 lm12225.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-24L-25-5K7-5R-PT5000 K70 CRI3228 lm12925.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-24L-25-5K7-5W-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI3042 lm12225.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-24L-25-5K7-5W-PT5000 K70 CRI3216 lm12925.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-24L-25-5K7-FR-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI1993 lm7825.0 WType I
UR20-24L-25-5K7-FR-BC-PT5000 K70 CRI2107 lm8325.0 WType I
UR20-24L-25-5K7-FR-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI2930 lm11725.0 WType I
UR20-24L-25-5K7-FR-PT5000 K70 CRI3098 lm12425.0 WType I
UR20-24L-65-3K7-2-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI3617 lm5565.0 WType II
UR20-24L-65-3K7-2-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI3799 lm5865.0 WType II
UR20-24L-65-3K7-2-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI6258 lm9565.0 WType II
UR20-24L-65-3K7-2-PT3000 K70 CRI6571 lm10165.0 WType II
UR20-24L-65-3K7-3-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI3599 lm5565.0 WType III
UR20-24L-65-3K7-3-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI4032 lm6265.0 WType III
UR20-24L-65-3K7-3-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI6310 lm9665.0 WType III
UR20-24L-65-3K7-3-PT3000 K70 CRI6625 lm10265.0 WType III
UR20-24L-65-3K7-4-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI4688 lm7165.0 WType IV
UR20-24L-65-3K7-4-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI4924 lm7665.0 WType IV
UR20-24L-65-3K7-4-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI6465 lm9865.0 WType IV
UR20-24L-65-3K7-4-PT3000 K70 CRI6788 lm10465.0 WType IV
UR20-24L-65-3K7-4W-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI4011 lm6165.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-24L-65-3K7-4W-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI4212 lm6565.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-24L-65-3K7-4W-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI6572 lm10065.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-24L-65-3K7-4W-PT3000 K70 CRI6900 lm10665.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-24L-65-3K7-5QM-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI6691 lm10165.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-24L-65-3K7-5QM-PT3000 K70 CRI7025 lm10865.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-24L-65-3K7-5QN-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI6632 lm10065.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-24L-65-3K7-5QN-PT3000 K70 CRI6964 lm10765.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-24L-65-3K7-5R-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI6702 lm10265.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-24L-65-3K7-5R-PT3000 K70 CRI7038 lm10865.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-24L-65-3K7-5W-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI6676 lm10165.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-24L-65-3K7-5W-PT3000 K70 CRI7011 lm10865.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-24L-65-3K7-FR-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI4182 lm6365.0 WType I
UR20-24L-65-3K7-FR-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI4392 lm6865.0 WType I
UR20-24L-65-3K7-FR-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI6432 lm9765.0 WType I
UR20-24L-65-3K7-FR-PT3000 K70 CRI6754 lm10465.0 WType I
UR20-24L-65-4K7-2-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI3849 lm5865.0 WType II
UR20-24L-65-4K7-2-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI4042 lm6265.0 WType II
UR20-24L-65-4K7-2-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI6659 lm10165.0 WType II
UR20-24L-65-4K7-2-PT4000 K70 CRI6992 lm10865.0 WType II
UR20-24L-65-4K7-3-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI3829 lm5965.0 WType III
UR20-24L-65-4K7-3-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI4291 lm6665.0 WType III
UR20-24L-65-4K7-3-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI6714 lm10265.0 WType III
UR20-24L-65-4K7-3-PT4000 K70 CRI7051 lm10865.0 WType III
UR20-24L-65-4K7-4-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI4990 lm7665.0 WType IV
UR20-24L-65-4K7-4-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI5239 lm8165.0 WType IV
UR20-24L-65-4K7-4-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI6879 lm10465.0 WType IV
UR20-24L-65-4K7-4-PT4000 K70 CRI7223 lm11165.0 WType IV
UR20-24L-65-4K7-4W-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI4268 lm6565.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-24L-65-4K7-4W-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI4482 lm6965.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-24L-65-4K7-4W-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI6993 lm10665.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-24L-65-4K7-4W-PT4000 K70 CRI7343 lm11365.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-24L-65-4K7-5QM-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI7119 lm10865.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-24L-65-4K7-5QM-PT4000 K70 CRI7477 lm11565.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-24L-65-4K7-5QN-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI7058 lm10765.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-24L-65-4K7-5QN-PT4000 K70 CRI7410 lm11465.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-24L-65-4K7-5R-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI7131 lm10865.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-24L-65-4K7-5R-PT4000 K70 CRI7489 lm11565.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-24L-65-4K7-5W-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI7104 lm10865.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-24L-65-4K7-5W-PT4000 K70 CRI7460 lm11565.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-24L-65-4K7-FR-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI4450 lm6765.0 WType I
UR20-24L-65-4K7-FR-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI4673 lm7265.0 WType I
UR20-24L-65-4K7-FR-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI6844 lm10465.0 WType I
UR20-24L-65-4K7-FR-PT4000 K70 CRI7187 lm11165.0 WType I
UR20-24L-65-5K7-2-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI3823 lm5865.0 WType II
UR20-24L-65-5K7-2-BC-PT5000 K70 CRI4014 lm6265.0 WType II
UR20-24L-65-5K7-2-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI6613 lm10265.0 WType II
UR20-24L-65-5K7-2-PT5000 K70 CRI6944 lm10765.0 WType II
UR20-24L-65-5K7-3-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI3803 lm5965.0 WType III
UR20-24L-65-5K7-3-BC-PT5000 K70 CRI4261 lm6665.0 WType III
UR20-24L-65-5K7-3-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI6668 lm10365.0 WType III
UR20-24L-65-5K7-3-PT5000 K70 CRI7002 lm10865.0 WType III
UR20-24L-65-5K7-4-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI4955 lm7565.0 WType IV
UR20-24L-65-5K7-4-BC-PT5000 K70 CRI5203 lm8065.0 WType IV
UR20-24L-65-5K7-4-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI6832 lm10565.0 WType IV
UR20-24L-65-5K7-4-PT5000 K70 CRI7174 lm11065.0 WType IV
UR20-24L-65-5K7-4W-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI4238 lm6465.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-24L-65-5K7-4W-BC-PT5000 K70 CRI4451 lm6865.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-24L-65-5K7-4W-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI6944 lm10765.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-24L-65-5K7-4W-PT5000 K70 CRI7291 lm11265.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-24L-65-5K7-5QM-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI7070 lm10965.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-24L-65-5K7-5QM-PT5000 K70 CRI7425 lm11465.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-24L-65-5K7-5QN-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI7009 lm10865.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-24L-65-5K7-5QN-PT5000 K70 CRI7323 lm11365.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-24L-65-5K7-5R-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI7082 lm10965.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-24L-65-5K7-5R-PT5000 K70 CRI7437 lm11465.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-24L-65-5K7-5W-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI7055 lm10965.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-24L-65-5K7-5W-PT5000 K70 CRI7409 lm11465.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-24L-65-5K7-FR-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI4420 lm6765.0 WType I
UR20-24L-65-5K7-FR-BC-PT5000 K70 CRI4641 lm7165.0 WType I
UR20-24L-65-5K7-FR-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI6798 lm10565.0 WType I
UR20-24L-65-5K7-FR-PT5000 K70 CRI7138 lm11065.0 WType I
UR20-28L-30-3K7-3-HDL-PT3000 K70 CRI2816 lm9630.0 WType III
UR20-28L-30-3K7-5W-HDL-PT3000 K0 CRI2917 lm10030.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-28L-30-4K7-3-HDL-PT4000 K70 CRI2997 lm10230.0 WType III
UR20-28L-30-4K7-5W-HDL-PT4000 K0 CRI3105 lm10630.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-28L-30-5K7-3-HDL-PT5000 K70 CRI3020 lm10130.0 WType III
UR20-28L-30-5K7-5W-HDL-PT5000 K70 CRI3084 lm10330.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-28L-70-3K7-3-HDL-PT3000 K70 CRI6047 lm9270.0 WType III
UR20-28L-70-3K7-5W-HDL-PT3000 K70 CRI6221 lm9470.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-28L-70-4K7-3-HDL-PT4000 K70 CRI6047 lm9270.0 WType III
UR20-28L-70-4K7-5W-HDL-PT4000 K70 CRI6619 lm10070.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-28L-70-5K7-3-HDL-PT5000 K70 CRI6236 lm8970.0 WType III
UR20-28L-70-5K7-5W-HDL-PT5000 K70 CRI6525 lm9370.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-56L-75-3K7-2-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI4989 lm6775.0 WType II
UR20-56L-75-3K7-2-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI5239 lm7075.0 WType II
UR20-56L-75-3K7-2-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI8631 lm11475.0 WType II
UR20-56L-75-3K7-2-PT3000 K70 CRI9063 lm12075.0 WType II
UR20-56L-75-3K7-3-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI4964 lm6675.0 WType III
UR20-56L-75-3K7-3-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI5561 lm7475.0 WType III
UR20-56L-75-3K7-3-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI8703 lm11575.0 WType III
UR20-56L-75-3K7-3-PT3000 K70 CRI9139 lm12575.0 WType III
UR20-56L-75-3K7-4-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI6467 lm8575.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-75-3K7-4-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI6791 lm9075.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-75-3K7-4-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI8916 lm11875.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-75-3K7-4-PT3000 K70 CRI9362 lm12475.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-75-3K7-4W-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI5532 lm7475.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-75-3K7-4W-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI5809 lm7775.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-75-3K7-4W-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI9065 lm12075.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-75-3K7-4W-PT3000 K70 CRI9518 lm12675.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-75-3K7-5QM-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI9228 lm12275.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-56L-75-3K7-5QM-PT3000 K70 CRI9691 lm12975.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-56L-75-3K7-5QN-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI9147 lm12175.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-56L-75-3K7-5QN-PT3000 K70 CRI9606 lm12875.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-56L-75-3K7-5R-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI9244 lm12275.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-56L-75-3K7-5R-PT3000 K70 CRI9706 lm12975.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-56L-75-3K7-5W-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI9208 lm12275.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-56L-75-3K7-5W-PT3000 K70 CRI9669 lm12975.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-56L-75-3K7-FR-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI5769 lm7675.0 WType I
UR20-56L-75-3K7-FR-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI6058 lm8175.0 WType I
UR20-56L-75-3K7-FR-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI8871 lm11775.0 WType I
UR20-56L-75-3K7-FR-PT3000 K70 CRI9315 lm12475.0 WType I
UR20-56L-75-4K7-2-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI5309 lm7175.0 WType II
UR20-56L-75-4K7-2-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI5575 lm7475.0 WType II
UR20-56L-75-4K7-2-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI9183 lm12175.0 WType II
UR20-56L-75-4K7-2-PT4000 K70 CRI9644 lm12875.0 WType II
UR20-56L-75-4K7-3-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI5282 lm7075.0 WType III
UR20-56L-75-4K7-3-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI5877 lm7875.0 WType III
UR20-56L-75-4K7-3-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI9260 lm12275.0 WType III
UR20-56L-75-4K7-3-PT4000 K70 CRI9725 lm13475.0 WType III
UR20-56L-75-4K7-4-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI6881 lm9175.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-75-4K7-4-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI7226 lm9675.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-75-4K7-4-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI9487 lm12575.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-110-3K7-2-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI7200 lm67110.0 WType II
UR20-56L-110-3K7-2-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI7611 lm70110.0 WType II
UR20-56L-110-3K7-2-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI12455 lm115110.0 WType II
UR20-56L-110-3K7-2-PT3000 K70 CRI13165 lm121110.0 WType II
UR20-56L-110-3K7-3-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI7163 lm65110.0 WType III
UR20-56L-110-3K7-3-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI8079 lm73110.0 WType III
UR20-56L-110-3K7-3-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI12560 lm116110.0 WType III
UR20-56L-110-3K7-3-PT3000 K70 CRI13275 lm122110.0 WType III
UR20-56L-110-3K7-4-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI9333 lm86110.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-110-3K7-4-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI9865 lm91110.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-110-3K7-4-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI12868 lm119110.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-110-3K7-4-PT3000 K70 CRI13601 lm125110.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-110-3K7-4W-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI7983 lm74110.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-110-3K7-4W-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI8437 lm78110.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-110-3K7-4W-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI13081 lm121110.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-110-3K7-4W-PT3000 K70 CRI13827 lm127110.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-110-3K7-5QM-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI13318 lm123110.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-56L-110-3K7-5QM-PT3000 K70 CRI14077 lm130110.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-56L-110-3K7-5QN-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI13202 lm122110.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-56L-110-3K7-5QN-PT3000 K70 CRI13953 lm129110.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-56L-110-3K7-5R-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI13341 lm123110.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-56L-110-3K7-5R-PT3000 K70 CRI14100 lm130110.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-56L-110-3K7-5W-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI13290 lm123110.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-56L-110-3K7-5W-PT3000 K70 CRI14046 lm129110.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-56L-110-3K7-FR-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI9298 lm86110.0 WType I
UR20-56L-110-3K7-FR-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI8799 lm81110.0 WType I
UR20-56L-110-3K7-FR-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI12803 lm118110.0 WType I
UR20-56L-110-3K7-FR-PT3000 K70 CRI13533 lm125110.0 WType I
UR20-56L-110-4K7-2-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI7661 lm71110.0 WType II
UR20-56L-110-4K7-2-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI8098 lm75110.0 WType II
UR20-56L-110-4K7-2-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI13254 lm123110.0 WType II
UR20-56L-110-4K7-2-PT4000 K70 CRI14009 lm129110.0 WType II
UR20-56L-110-4K7-3-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI7622 lm69110.0 WType III
UR20-56L-110-4K7-3-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI8596 lm78110.0 WType III
UR20-56L-110-4K7-3-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI13365 lm124110.0 WType III
UR20-56L-110-4K7-3-PT4000 K70 CRI14126 lm130110.0 WType III
UR20-56L-110-4K7-4-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI9931 lm92110.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-110-4K7-4-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI10497 lm97110.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-110-4K7-4-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI13692 lm127110.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-110-4K7-4-PT4000 K70 CRI14472 lm133110.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-110-4K7-4W-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI8495 lm79110.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-110-4K7-4W-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI8978 lm83110.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-110-4K7-4W-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI13920 lm129110.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-110-4K7-4W-PT4000 K70 CRI14713 lm136110.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-110-4K7-5QM-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI14172 lm131110.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-56L-110-4K7-5QM-PT4000 K70 CRI14979 lm138110.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-56L-110-4K7-5QN-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI14048 lm130110.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-56L-110-4K7-5QN-PT4000 K70 CRI14848 lm137110.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-56L-110-4K7-5R-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI14195 lm131110.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-56L-110-4K7-5R-PT4000 K70 CRI15004 lm138110.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-56L-110-4K7-5W-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI14141 lm131110.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-56L-110-4K7-5W-PT4000 K70 CRI14946 lm138110.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-56L-110-4K7-FR-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI8325 lm77110.0 WType I
UR20-56L-110-4K7-FR-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI9363 lm86110.0 WType I
UR20-56L-110-4K7-FR-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI13624 lm126110.0 WType I
UR20-56L-110-4K7-FR-PT4000 K70 CRI14399 lm133110.0 WType I
UR20-56L-110-5K7-2-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI7610 lm70110.0 WType II
UR20-56L-110-5K7-2-BC-PT5000 K70 CRI8042 lm74110.0 WType II
UR20-56L-110-5K7-2-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI13164 lm120110.0 WType II
UR20-56L-110-5K7-2-PT5000 K70 CRI13913 lm126110.0 WType II
UR20-56L-110-5K7-3-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI7570 lm69110.0 WType III
UR20-56L-110-5K7-3-BC-PT5000 K70 CRI8538 lm78110.0 WType III
UR20-56L-110-5K7-3-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI13273 lm121110.0 WType III
UR20-56L-110-5K7-3-PT5000 K70 CRI14030 lm128110.0 WType III
UR20-56L-110-5K7-4-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI9864 lm90110.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-110-5K7-4-BC-PT5000 K70 CRI10425 lm96110.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-110-5K7-4-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI13599 lm124110.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-110-5K7-4-PT5000 K70 CRI14373 lm131110.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-110-5K7-4W-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI8436 lm78110.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-110-5K7-4W-BC-PT5000 K70 CRI8916 lm82110.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-110-5K7-4W-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI13823 lm126110.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-110-5K7-4W-PT5000 K70 CRI14611 lm133110.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-110-5K7-5QM-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI14075 lm128110.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-56L-110-5K7-5QM-PT5000 K70 CRI14876 lm135110.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-56L-110-5K7-5QN-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI13951 lm127110.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-56L-110-5K7-5QN-PT5000 K70 CRI14747 lm134110.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-56L-110-5K7-5R-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI14099 lm128110.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-56L-110-5K7-5R-PT5000 K70 CRI14901 lm135110.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-56L-110-5K7-5W-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI14044 lm128110.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-56L-110-5K7-5W-PT5000 K70 CRI14844 lm135110.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-56L-110-5K7-FR-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI8798 lm81110.0 WType I
UR20-56L-110-5K7-FR-BC-PT5000 K70 CRI9300 lm85110.0 WType I
UR20-56L-110-5K7-FR-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI13531 lm123110.0 WType I
UR20-56L-110-5K7-FR-PT5000 K70 CRI14301 lm130110.0 WType I
UR20-56L-140-3K7-2-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI8178 lm59140.0 WType II
UR20-56L-140-3K7-2-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI8618 lm63140.0 WType II
UR20-56L-140-3K7-2-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI14146 lm102140.0 WType II
UR20-56L-140-3K7-2-PT3000 K70 CRI14897 lm108140.0 WType II
UR20-56L-140-3K7-3-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI8136 lm58140.0 WType III
UR20-56L-140-3K7-3-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI9147 lm65140.0 WType III
UR20-56L-140-3K7-3-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI14265 lm103140.0 WType III
UR20-56L-140-3K7-3-PT3000 K70 CRI15032 lm109140.0 WType III
UR20-56L-140-3K7-4-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI10600 lm76140.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-140-3K7-4-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI11170 lm81140.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-140-3K7-4-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI14614 lm105140.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-140-3K7-4-PT3000 K70 CRI15400 lm112140.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-140-3K7-4W-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI9067 lm65140.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-140-3K7-4W-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI9554 lm69140.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-140-3K7-4W-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI14858 lm107140.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-140-3K7-4W-PT3000 K70 CRI15656 lm114140.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-140-3K7-5QM-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI15126 lm109140.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-56L-140-3K7-5QM-PT3000 K70 CRI15939 lm116140.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-56L-140-3K7-5QN-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI14994 lm108140.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-56L-140-3K7-5QN-PT3000 K70 CRI15801 lm115140.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-56L-140-3K7-5R-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI15152 lm109140.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-56L-140-3K7-5R-PT3000 K70 CRI15966 lm116140.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-56L-140-3K7-5W-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI15094 lm109140.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-56L-140-3K7-5W-PT3000 K70 CRI15906 lm115140.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-56L-140-3K7-FR-BC-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI9456 lm68140.0 WType I
UR20-56L-140-3K7-FR-BC-PT3000 K70 CRI9964 lm72140.0 WType I
UR20-56L-140-3K7-FR-CLR-PT3000 K70 CRI14541 lm105140.0 WType I
UR20-56L-140-3K7-FR-PT3000 K70 CRI15323 lm111140.0 WType I
UR20-56L-140-4K7-2-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI8702 lm63140.0 WType II
UR20-56L-140-4K7-2-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI9169 lm67140.0 WType II
UR20-56L-140-4K7-2-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI15053 lm108140.0 WType II
UR20-56L-140-4K7-2-PT4000 K70 CRI15852 lm115140.0 WType II
UR20-56L-140-4K7-3-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI8657 lm62140.0 WType III
UR20-56L-140-4K7-3-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI9733 lm70140.0 WType III
UR20-56L-140-4K7-3-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI15179 lm109140.0 WType III
UR20-56L-140-4K7-3-PT4000 K70 CRI15996 lm116140.0 WType III
UR20-56L-140-4K7-4-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI11279 lm81140.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-140-4K7-4-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI11886 lm86140.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-140-4K7-4-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI15551 lm112140.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-140-4K7-4-PT4000 K70 CRI16387 lm119140.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-140-4K7-4W-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI9649 lm70140.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-140-4K7-4W-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI10166 lm74140.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-140-4K7-4W-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI15811 lm114140.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-140-4K7-4W-PT4000 K70 CRI16660 lm121140.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-140-4K7-5QM-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI16095 lm116140.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-56L-140-4K7-5QM-PT4000 K70 CRI16962 lm123140.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-56L-140-4K7-5QN-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI15955 lm115140.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-56L-140-4K7-5QN-PT4000 K70 CRI16813 lm122140.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-56L-140-4K7-5R-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI16122 lm116140.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-56L-140-4K7-5R-PT4000 K70 CRI16990 lm123140.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-56L-140-4K7-5W-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI16061 lm116140.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-56L-140-4K7-5W-PT4000 K70 CRI16925 lm123140.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-56L-140-4K7-FR-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI10061 lm72140.0 WType I
UR20-56L-140-4K7-FR-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI10603 lm77140.0 WType I
UR20-56L-140-4K7-FR-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI15473 lm111140.0 WType I
UR20-56L-140-4K7-FR-PT4000 K70 CRI16306 lm118140.0 WType I
UR20-56L-140-5K7-2-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI8642 lm62140.0 WType II
UR20-56L-140-5K7-2-BC-PT5000 K70 CRI9107 lm66140.0 WType II
UR20-56L-140-5K7-2-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI14950 lm107140.0 WType II
UR20-56L-140-5K7-2-PT5000 K70 CRI15743 lm112140.0 WType II
UR20-56L-140-5K7-3-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI8598 lm61140.0 WType III
UR20-56L-140-5K7-3-BC-PT5000 K70 CRI9667 lm69140.0 WType III
UR20-56L-140-5K7-3-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI15076 lm108140.0 WType III
UR20-56L-140-5K7-3-PT5000 K70 CRI15886 lm113140.0 WType III
UR20-56L-140-5K7-4-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI11203 lm81140.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-140-5K7-4-BC-PT5000 K70 CRI11804 lm86140.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-140-5K7-4-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI15445 lm110140.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-140-5K7-4-PT5000 K70 CRI16275 lm116140.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-140-5K7-4W-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI9581 lm69140.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-140-5K7-4W-BC-PT5000 K70 CRI10095 lm73140.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-140-5K7-4W-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI15700 lm112140.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-140-5K7-4W-PT5000 K70 CRI16544 lm118140.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-140-5K7-5QM-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI15985 lm114140.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-56L-140-5K7-5QM-PT5000 K70 CRI16845 lm120140.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-56L-140-5K7-5QN-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI15846 lm113140.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-56L-140-5K7-5QN-PT5000 K70 CRI16698 lm119140.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-56L-140-5K7-5R-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI16012 lm114140.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-56L-140-5K7-5R-PT5000 K70 CRI16874 lm121140.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-56L-140-5K7-5W-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI15951 lm114140.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-56L-140-5K7-5W-PT5000 K70 CRI16808 lm120140.0 WType V Wide(Round)
UR20-56L-140-5K7-FR-BC-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI9993 lm72140.0 WType I
UR20-56L-140-5K7-FR-BC-PT5000 K70 CRI10530 lm76140.0 WType I
UR20-56L-140-5K7-FR-CLR-PT5000 K70 CRI15367 lm110140.0 WType I
UR20-56L-140-5K7-FR-PT5000 K70 CRI16194 lm116140.0 WType I
UR20-56L-75-4K7-4-PT4000 K70 CRI9362 lm12475.0 WType IV
UR20-56L-75-4K7-4W-BC-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI5887 lm7875.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-75-4K7-4W-BC-PT4000 K70 CRI6181 lm8275.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-75-4K7-4W-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI9646 lm12875.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-75-4K7-4W-PT4000 K70 CRI10129 lm13575.0 WType IV Wide
UR20-56L-75-4K7-5QM-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI9820 lm13075.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-56L-75-4K7-5QM-PT4000 K70 CRI10312 lm13775.0 WType V Square Medium
UR20-56L-75-4K7-5QN-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI9734 lm12975.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-56L-75-4K7-5QN-PT4000 K70 CRI10222 lm13675.0 WType V Square Narrow
UR20-56L-75-4K7-5R-CLR-PT4000 K70 CRI9836 lm13075.0 WType V Rectangular
UR20-56L-75-4K7-5R-PT4000 K70 CRI10328 lm13775.0 WType V Rectangular