Kim Lighting KFL Family

Kim Lighting KFL Family Flood Lighting

KFL Architectural Flood Lighting

This striking timeless form seamlessly blends high performance optics, controls, scalability and architectural mounting options that cover a variety of applications and enhance their environment.


Luminaire form integrates a three band design element that is replicated on a variety of Kim Lighting luminaires to provide a complete and coordinated site offering.

Painted optic bezel matches luminaire finish for seamless appearance.


Available with white, RGBW or RGBWW (warm white) LEDs to enhance the ambiance in any environment.

Glass lens protects internal components with a clean, high quality finish.

IP66 rated for worry-free performance in demanding outdoor applications.


Broad offering of wireless control options available for perfectly tailored lighting and ability to meet stringent code requirements.

Thoughtfully designed mounting accessories that integrate into the fixture design.


Engineering Excellence

  • Quality:high quality glass lens, stainless steel hardware and much more
  • Performance: white, RGBW, RGBWW enhance ambiance
  • Form: 3 band design, painted optic bezel matching luminaire
  • Integration: broad offering of wireless control options, mounting accessories integrate into the fixture


  • IES White: 6 distribution patterns
  • IES RGBW: 7 distribution patterns

They illuminate and enhance a variety of applications

Mounting Options

The KFL collection is extremely versatile and can adapt to virtually any application, which requires a variety of architectural mounting options with the same level of flexibility.


Static White

The KFL is available with six distinct distribution patterns to illuminate a variety of applications.

KFL Family Static White Distributions


The KFL is available with seven distinct color distribution patterns to illuminate a variety of applications.

KFL Family RGBW Color Distributions

Colors are meant to draw attention, make an impact, and evoke feelings. The flexibility that RGBW lighting gives us is the ability to alter the story of a space any day of the week.

Kim Lighting architectural color changing flood is unique in it’s optical approach. All color mixing takes place within the optic to ensure a uniform color is shown on the desired surface. This eliminates the possibility of colors splitting and showing red, green, and blue shadows.

Color Options

Static White Control Options

Luminaires enabled with NX Distributed Intelligence wireless radios create an intelligent mesh network with the interior controls. Groups are dimmed via an astronomical time clock and schedules can be updated at anytime with the Bluetooth commissioning app.

KFL Family Enabled with NX Distributed Intelligence

RGBW Control Options

Set the mood with the KFL collection by dimming and color control via Bluetooth app provides a cost-effective way to set color, add presets, dim the luminaires, or even pull specific colors from a photograph. A wired DMX protocol can also be used to create stunning light shows that seamlessly change color.

KFL Family Color Control with Bluetooth

Optical Accessories

KFL Half Glare Shield

KFL Barndoor Shield

Mounting Options

KFL Architectural Junction Box

Architectural Junction Box

KFL In-grade Staked Architectural Junction Box

In-Grade Staked Architectural Junction Box

KFL Surface Conduit Mount

Surface Conduit Mount

KFL Wall or Ceiling Mount

Wall or Ceiling Mount

KFL Stanchion Mount

Stanchion Mount

KFL Wall Mount

Wall Mount

KFL Side Pole Mount

Side Pole Mount

KFL Twin Mount

Twin Mount

KFL Post Top Mount

Post Top Mount

KFL Twin Post Top Mount

Twin Post Top Mount

KFL Surface Mount Tenon

Surface Mount Tenon

KFL Side Pole Mount Tenon

Side Pole Mount Tenon

KFL Wall Mount Tenon

Wall Mount Tenon

KFL Twin Mount Tenon

Twin Mount Tenon

KFL Triple Mount Tenon

Triple Mount Tenon

KFL Stanchion Mount Tenon

Stanchion Mount Tenon