Scaler™ – SRP

The Scaler SRP edge-lit panel offers a wide variety of configurations with four standard colors, color tuning options and integrated NX Lighting Controls.

Features & Benefits

  • SpectraSyncTM Color Tuning Technology is available
  • NX Lighting Controls wired and wireless control capability
  • ISO Class 5-9 positive pressure cleanrooms are suitable
  • UL Sanitation certified to NSF 2 Food Equipment standard for non-food zones
  • Emergency battery backup is available.


Product Technology
SpectraSync™ Color Tuning, NX Lighting Controls
Lumen Range
1,500 - 9,000
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming
CCT Offering
3000, 3500, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Color Tuning
Tunable White
Mounting Options
Ceiling, Grid, Recessed, Surface
Material - Housing
Wattage Range
13 - 85
Efficacy Range
94 - 128
Color Offering
Optics & Distributions
UL, UL 924, NSF
IC, Chicago Plenum (CCEA), Damp, ISO 5
5 year limited

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
SRP24-30XWHE3000 K80 CRI2617 lm13419.462 WAmbient
SRP24-35HL3500 K80 CRI5465 lm10153.844 WAmbient
SRP24-35HLHEG-EDU3500 K80 CRI5713 lm13542.266 WAmbient
SRP24-35LW3500 K80 CRI4381 lm11338.877 WAmbient
SRP24-35LWHEG-EDU3500 K80 CRI4329 lm13831.476 WAmbient
SRP24-35ML3500 K80 CRI4744 lm10445.421 WAmbient
SRP24-35MLHE3500 K80 CRI4926 lm13636.124 WAmbient
SRP24-35MW3500 K80 CRI3788 lm11433.24 WAmbient
SRP24-35MWHEG-EDU3500 K80 CRI3742 lm13827.059 WAmbient
SRP14-30HL3000 K80 CRI5332 lm12343.267 WAmbient
SRP14-30LW3000 K80 CRI4051 lm12731.973 WAmbient
SRP14-30ML3000 K80 CRI4733 lm12039.324 WAmbient
SRP14-30MW3000 K80 CRI3379 lm12327.485 WAmbient
SRP14-30VL3000 K80 CRI6824 lm11559.092 WAmbient
SRP14-30VW3000 K80 CRI3008 lm12224.676 WAmbient
SRP14-30XW3000 K80 CRI2415 lm12219.797 WAmbient
SRP14-35HL3500 K80 CRI5403 lm12543.267 WAmbient
SRP14-35LW3500 K80 CRI4104 lm12831.973 WAmbient
SRP14-35ML3500 K80 CRI4795 lm12239.324 WAmbient
SRP14-35MW3500 K80 CRI3424 lm12527.485 WAmbient
SRP14-35VL3500 K80 CRI6914 lm11759.092 WAmbient
SRP14-35VW3500 K80 CRI3048 lm12424.676 WAmbient
SRP14-35XW3500 K80 CRI2447 lm12419.797 WAmbient
SRP14-40HL4000 K80 CRI5581 lm12943.267 WAmbient
SRP14-40LW4000 K80 CRI4240 lm13331.973 WAmbient
SRP14-40ML4000 K80 CRI4953 lm12639.324 WAmbient
SRP14-40MW4000 K80 CRI3537 lm12927.485 WAmbient
SRP14-40VL4000 K80 CRI7142 lm12159.092 WAmbient
SRP14-40VW4000 K80 CRI3148 lm12824.676 WAmbient
SRP14-40XW4000 K80 CRI2527 lm12819.797 WAmbient
SRP14-50HL5000 K80 CRI5651 lm13143.267 WAmbient
SRP14-50LW5000 K80 CRI4293 lm13431.973 WAmbient
SRP14-50ML5000 K80 CRI5015 lm12839.324 WAmbient
SRP14-50MW5000 K80 CRI3581 lm13027.485 WAmbient
SRP14-50VL5000 K80 CRI7232 lm12259.092 WAmbient
SRP14-50VW5000 K80 CRI3188 lm12924.676 WAmbient
SRP14-50XW5000 K80 CRI2559 lm12919.797 WAmbient
SRP22-30HL3000 K80 CRI3546 lm10832.863 WAmbient
SRP22-30HLHEG-EDU3000 K80 CRI3571 lm13426.74 WAmbient
SRP22-30LW3000 K80 CRI2643 lm11423.284 WAmbient
SRP22-30LWHEG-EDU3000 K80 CRI2641 lm13319.853 WAmbient
SRP22-30ML3000 K80 CRI3062 lm10329.829 WAmbient
SRP22-30MLHE3000 K80 CRI3286 lm13025.273 WAmbient
SRP22-30MW3000 K80 CRI2071 lm11318.35 WAmbient
SRP22-30MWHEG-EDU3000 K80 CRI2098 lm13215.923 WAmbient
SRP22-30VL3000 K80 CRI4218 lm10440.571 WAmbient
SRP22-30VLHE3000 K80 CRI4324 lm13133.031 WAmbient
SRP22-30VW3000 K80 CRI1492 lm11113.464 WAmbient
SRP22-30VWHE3000 K80 CRI1597 lm13012.299 WAmbient
SRP22-35HL3500 K80 CRI3694 lm11232.863 WAmbient
SRP22-35HLHEG-EDU3500 K80 CRI3618 lm13526.74 WAmbient
SRP22-35LW3500 K80 CRI2753 lm11823.284 WAmbient
SRP22-35LWHEG-EDU3500 K80 CRI2676 lm13519.853 WAmbient
SRP22-35ML3500 K80 CRI3190 lm10729.829 WAmbient
SRP22-35MLHE3500 K80 CRI3329 lm13225.273 WAmbient
SRP22-35MW3500 K80 CRI2157 lm11818.35 WAmbient
SRP22-35MWHEG-EDU3500 K80 CRI2126 lm13415.923 WAmbient
SRP22-35VL3500 K80 CRI4394 lm10840.571 WAmbient
SRP22-35VLHE3500 K80 CRI4381 lm13333.031 WAmbient
SRP22-35VW3500 K80 CRI1554 lm11513.464 WAmbient
SRP22-35VWHE3500 K80 CRI1618 lm13212.299 WAmbient
SRP22-40HL4000 K80 CRI3841 lm11732.863 WAmbient
SRP22-40HLHEG-EDU4000 K80 CRI3738 lm14026.74 WAmbient
SRP22-40LW4000 K80 CRI2863 lm12323.284 WAmbient
SRP22-40LWHEG-EDU4000 K80 CRI2764 lm13919.853 WAmbient
SRP22-40ML4000 K80 CRI3317 lm11129.829 WAmbient
SRP22-40MLHE4000 K80 CRI3439 lm13625.273 WAmbient
SRP22-40MW4000 K80 CRI2243 lm12218.35 WAmbient
SRP22-40MWHEG-EDU4000 K80 CRI2196 lm13815.923 WAmbient
SRP22-40VL4000 K80 CRI4570 lm11340.571 WAmbient
SRP22-40VLHE4000 K80 CRI4525 lm13733.031 WAmbient
SRP22-40VW4000 K80 CRI1616 lm12013.464 WAmbient
SRP22-40VWHE4000 K80 CRI1671 lm13612.299 WAmbient
SRP22-50HL5000 K80 CRI3989 lm12132.863 WAmbient
SRP22-50HLHEG-EDU5000 K80 CRI3785 lm14226.74 WAmbient
SRP22-50LW5000 K80 CRI2973 lm12823.284 WAmbient
SRP22-50LWHEG-EDU5000 K80 CRI2799 lm14119.853 WAmbient
SRP22-50ML5000 K80 CRI3445 lm11529.829 WAmbient
SRP22-50MLHE5000 K80 CRI3482 lm13825.273 WAmbient
SRP22-50MW5000 K80 CRI2330 lm12718.35 WAmbient
SRP22-50MWHEG-EDU5000 K80 CRI2224 lm14015.923 WAmbient
SRP22-50VL5000 K80 CRI4746 lm11740.571 WAmbient
SRP22-50VLHE5000 K80 CRI4582 lm13933.031 WAmbient
SRP22-50VW5000 K80 CRI1678 lm12513.464 WAmbient
SRP22-50VWHE5000 K80 CRI1692 lm13812.299 WAmbient
SRP24-30HL3000 K80 CRI5246 lm9753.844 WAmbient
SRP24-30HLHEG-EDU3000 K80 CRI5639 lm13342.266 WAmbient
SRP24-30LW3000 K80 CRI4206 lm10838.877 WAmbient
SRP24-30LWHEG-EDU3000 K80 CRI4272 lm13631.476 WAmbient
SRP24-30ML3000 K80 CRI4554 lm10045.421 WAmbient
SRP24-30MLHE3000 K80 CRI4861 lm13536.124 WAmbient
SRP24-30MW3000 K80 CRI3637 lm10933.24 WAmbient
SRP24-30MWHEG-EDU3000 K80 CRI3694 lm13627.059 WAmbient
SRP24-30VL3000 K80 CRI6812 lm9968.5 WAmbient
SRP24-30VLHEG-EDU3000 K80 CRI7075 lm13054.32 WAmbient
SRP24-30VW3000 K80 CRI3094 lm11327.397 WAmbient
SRP24-30VWHEG-EDU3000 K80 CRI3288 lm13424.516 WAmbient
SRP24-30XL3000 K80 CRI7996 lm9484.84 WAmbient
SRP24-30XLHE3000 K80 CRI8474 lm12866.453 WAmbient
SRP24-30XW3000 K80 CRI2566 lm11422.459 WAmbient
SRP24-50VW5000 K80 CRI3480 lm12727.397 WAmbient
SRP24-50VWHEG-EDU5000 K80 CRI3485 lm14224.516 WAmbient
SRP24-50XL5000 K80 CRI8995 lm10684.84 WAmbient
SRP24-50XLHE5000 K80 CRI8981 lm13566.453 WAmbient
SRP24-50XW5000 K80 CRI2886 lm12922.459 WAmbient
SRP24-50XWHE5000 K80 CRI2774 lm14319.462 WAmbient
SRP24-35VL3500 K80 CRI7095 lm10468.5 WAmbient
SRP24-35VLHEG-EDU3500 K80 CRI7168 lm13254.32 WAmbient
SRP24-35VW3500 K80 CRI3222 lm11827.397 WAmbient
SRP24-35VWHEG-EDU3500 K80 CRI3331 lm13624.516 WAmbient
SRP24-35XL3500 K80 CRI8329 lm9884.84 WAmbient
SRP24-35XLHE3500 K80 CRI8586 lm12966.453 WAmbient
SRP24-35XW3500 K80 CRI2672 lm11922.459 WAmbient
SRP24-35XWHE3500 K80 CRI2652 lm13619.462 WAmbient
SRP24-40HL4000 K80 CRI5683 lm10653.844 WAmbient
SRP24-40HLHEG-EDU4000 K80 CRI5902 lm14042.266 WAmbient
SRP24-40LW4000 K80 CRI4557 lm11738.877 WAmbient
SRP24-40LWHEG-EDU4000 K80 CRI4471 lm14231.476 WAmbient
SRP24-40ML4000 K80 CRI4934 lm10945.421 WAmbient
SRP24-40MLHE4000 K80 CRI5088 lm14136.124 WAmbient
SRP24-40MW4000 K80 CRI3940 lm11933.24 WAmbient
SRP24-40MWHEG-EDU4000 K80 CRI3866 lm14327.059 WAmbient
SRP24-40VL4000 K80 CRI7379 lm10868.5 WAmbient
SRP24-40VLHEG-EDU4000 K80 CRI7404 lm13654.32 WAmbient
SRP24-40VW4000 K80 CRI3351 lm12227.397 WAmbient
SRP24-40VWHEG-EDU4000 K80 CRI3441 lm14024.516 WAmbient
SRP24-40XL4000 K80 CRI8662 lm10284.84 WAmbient
SRP24-40XLHE4000 K80 CRI8869 lm13366.453 WAmbient
SRP24-40XW4000 K80 CRI2779 lm12422.459 WAmbient
SRP24-40XWHE4000 K80 CRI2739 lm14119.462 WAmbient
SRP24-50HL5000 K80 CRI5902 lm11053.844 WAmbient
SRP24-50HLHEG-EDU5000 K80 CRI5976 lm14142.266 WAmbient
SRP24-50LW5000 K80 CRI4732 lm12238.877 WAmbient
SRP24-50LWHEG-EDU5000 K80 CRI4528 lm14431.476 WAmbient
SRP24-50ML5000 K80 CRI5123 lm11345.421 WAmbient
SRP24-50MLHE5000 K80 CRI5152 lm14336.124 WAmbient
SRP24-50MW5000 K80 CRI4091 lm12333.24 WAmbient
SRP24-50MWHEG-EDU5000 K80 CRI3914 lm14527.059 WAmbient
SRP24-50VL5000 K80 CRI7663 lm11268.5 WAmbient
SRP24-50VLHEG-EDU5000 K80 CRI7498 lm13854.32 WAmbient
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