The LXEW vaportite is a high/low bay fixture for demanding areas. Standard with IP65, IP66, IP67, Wet Label, F1 Weather and UL Sanitation to NSF Standards.

Features & Benefits

  • High efficacy LED in choice of lumen packages and colors
  • Long-life, 60,000 hour LEDs at L80 for reduced life cycle maintenance costs
  • Available in narrow or wide distribution
  • IP65, IP66, and IP67 rated
  • 1500 PSI High Pressure Hose down rating
  • Fiberglass housing with F1 weatherability rating, standard
  • Gasket is non-porous to ensure seal
  • Impact modified acrylic lenses
  • Lens selections includes clear, frosted, or clear polycarbonate
  • Lens firmly secured with tamper resistance ready latches
  • Lens is tethered and gear tray hinges for ease of maintenance
  • Stainless steel latching and mounting straps optional
  • Removable gear tray electrical access
  • V-Hook mounting brackets included standard
  • UL Sanitation certified to NSF standards
  • Standard ambient -40°C to 50°C
  • IK10 rated when ordered with polycarbonate lens
  • DLC® (DesignLights Consortium) Qualified, with some Premium Qualified configurations - see
  • Five year warranty


Lumen Range
11,000 - 38,200
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming
CCT Offering
3000, 3500, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Surface, Suspended
Wattage Range
91 - 328
Efficacy Range
105 - 137
Color Offering
CSA, UL 924, NSF
TAA (Buy American 52.225-11), IP65, IP66, IP67, Wet
5 year limited

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
LXEW4-50HV-CAW-EU5000 K80 CRI25651 lm136188 WWide
LXEW4-50HV-CPW-EU5000 K80 CRI25439 lm135188 WWide
LXEW4-50HV-FAW-EU5000 K80 CRI25311 lm134188 WWide
LXEW4-50L-CAN-EU5000 K80 CRI12110 lm13391 WWide
LXEW4-50L-CAW-EU5000 K80 CRI12495 lm13791 WWide
LXEW4-50L-CPN-EU5000 K80 CRI11938 lm13191 WWide
LXEW4-50L-CPW-EU5000 K80 CRI12344 lm13591 WWide
LXEW4-50L-FAN-EU5000 K80 CRI11962 lm13191 WWide
LXEW4-50L-FAW-EU5000 K80 CRI12283 lm13591 WWide
LXEW4-50M-CAN-EU5000 K80 CRI16255 lm134121 WWide
LXEW4-50M-CAW-EU5000 K80 CRI16539 lm136122 WWide
LXEW4-50M-CPW-EU5000 K80 CRI16471 lm135122 WWide
LXEW4-50M-FAW-EU5000 K80 CRI16424 lm135122 WWide
LXEW4-50MH-CAN-EU5000 K80 CRI18072 lm132137 WWide
LXEW4-50MH-CAW-EU5000 K80 CRI18689 lm136138 WWide
LXEW4-50MH-CPN-EU5000 K80 CRI17866 lm130137 WWide
LXEW4-50MH-CPW-EU5000 K80 CRI18427 lm134137 WWide
LXEW4-50MH-FAN-EU5000 K80 CRI18149 lm132137 WWide
LXEW4-50MH-FAW-EU5000 K80 CRI18327 lm133137 WWide
LXEW4-50V-CAN-EU5000 K80 CRI31591 lm122258 WWide
LXEW4-50V-CAW-EU5000 K80 CRI32557 lm125260 WWide
LXEW4-50V-CPN-EU5000 K80 CRI31293 lm121259 WWide
LXEW4-50V-CPW-EU5000 K80 CRI32382 lm125259 WWide
LXEW4-50V-FAN-EU5000 K80 CRI31372 lm121259 WWide
LXEW4-50V-FAW-EU5000 K80 CRI32123 lm124259 WWide
LXEW4-50X-CAW-EU5000 K80 CRI38099 lm116328 WWide
LXEW4-50X-CPW-EU5000 K80 CRI38191 lm116328 WWide
LXEW4-50X-FAN-EU5000 K80 CRI37321 lm113329 WWide
LXEW4-50X-FAW-EU5000 K80 CRI37900 lm116328 WWide
LXEW4-30H-CAN-EU3000 K80 CRI20257 lm117173 WWide
LXEW4-30H-CAW-EU3000 K80 CRI20714 lm119174 WWide
LXEW4-30H-CPN-EU3000 K80 CRI20051 lm116173 WWide
LXEW4-30H-CPW-EU3000 K80 CRI20531 lm118174 WWide
LXEW4-30H-FAN-EU3000 K80 CRI20053 lm113178 WWide
LXEW4-30H-FAW-EU3000 K80 CRI20433 lm118173 WWide
LXEW4-30HV-CAW-EU3000 K80 CRI23805 lm126188 WWide
LXEW4-30HV-CPW-EU3000 K80 CRI23608 lm125188 WWide
LXEW4-30HV-FAW-EU3000 K80 CRI23489 lm125188 WWide
LXEW4-30L-CAN-EU3000 K80 CRI11238 lm12391 WWide
LXEW4-30L-CAW-EU3000 K80 CRI11596 lm12791 WWide
LXEW4-30L-CPN-EU3000 K80 CRI11079 lm12191 WWide
LXEW4-30L-CPW-EU3000 K80 CRI11455 lm12691 WWide
LXEW4-30L-FAN-EU3000 K80 CRI11101 lm12291 WWide
LXEW4-30L-FAW-EU3000 K80 CRI11399 lm12591 WWide
LXEW4-30M-CAN-EU3000 K80 CRI15085 lm124121 WWide
LXEW4-30M-CAW-EU3000 K80 CRI15349 lm126122 WWide
LXEW4-30M-CPW-EU3000 K80 CRI15286 lm125122 WWide
LXEW4-30M-FAW-EU3000 K80 CRI15242 lm125122 WWide
LXEW4-30MH-CAN-EU3000 K80 CRI16771 lm122137 WWide
LXEW4-30MH-CAW-EU3000 K80 CRI17344 lm126138 WWide
LXEW4-30MH-CPN-EU3000 K80 CRI16580 lm121137 WWide
LXEW4-30MH-CPW-EU3000 K80 CRI17101 lm125137 WWide
LXEW4-30MH-FAN-EU3000 K80 CRI16843 lm123137 WWide
LXEW4-30MH-FAW-EU3000 K80 CRI17008 lm124137 WWide
LXEW4-30V-CAN-EU3000 K80 CRI29317 lm114258 WWide
LXEW4-30V-CAW-EU3000 K80 CRI30214 lm116260 WWide
LXEW4-30V-CPN-EU3000 K80 CRI29040 lm112259 WWide
LXEW4-30V-CPW-EU3000 K80 CRI30051 lm116259 WWide
LXEW4-30V-FAN-EU3000 K80 CRI29114 lm112259 WWide
LXEW4-30V-FAW-EU3000 K80 CRI29811 lm115259 WWide
LXEW4-30X-CAW-EU3000 K80 CRI35357 lm108328 WWide
LXEW4-30X-CPW-EU3000 K80 CRI35443 lm108328 WWide
LXEW4-30X-FAN-EU3000 K80 CRI34635 lm105329 WWide
LXEW4-30X-FAW-EU3000 K80 CRI35172 lm107328 WWide
LXEW4-35H-CAN-EU3500 K80 CRI20948 lm121173 WWide
LXEW4-35H-CAW-EU3500 K80 CRI21421 lm123174 WWide
LXEW4-35H-CPN-EU3500 K80 CRI20736 lm120173 WWide
LXEW4-35H-CPW-EU3500 K80 CRI21232 lm122174 WWide
LXEW4-35H-FAN-EU3500 K80 CRI20738 lm116178 WWide
LXEW4-35H-FAW-EU3500 K80 CRI21130 lm122173 WWide
LXEW4-35HV-CAW-EU3500 K80 CRI24617 lm131188 WWide
LXEW4-35HV-CPW-EU3500 K80 CRI24414 lm130188 WWide
LXEW4-35HV-FAW-EU3500 K80 CRI24290 lm129188 WWide
LXEW4-35L-CAN-EU3500 K80 CRI11622 lm12791 WWide
LXEW4-35L-CAW-EU3500 K80 CRI11992 lm13191 WWide
LXEW4-35L-CPN-EU3500 K80 CRI11457 lm12691 WWide
LXEW4-35L-CPW-EU3500 K80 CRI11846 lm13091 WWide
LXEW4-35L-FAN-EU3500 K80 CRI11480 lm12691 WWide
LXEW4-35L-FAW-EU3500 K80 CRI11788 lm12991 WWide
LXEW4-35M-CAN-EU3500 K80 CRI15600 lm128121 WWide
LXEW4-35M-CAW-EU3500 K80 CRI15873 lm130122 WWide
LXEW4-35M-CPW-EU3500 K80 CRI15807 lm130122 WWide
LXEW4-35M-FAW-EU3500 K80 CRI15762 lm129122 WWide
LXEW4-35MH-CAN-EU3500 K80 CRI17343 lm126137 WWide
LXEW4-35MH-CAW-EU3500 K80 CRI17936 lm130138 WWide
LXEW4-35MH-CPN-EU3500 K80 CRI17146 lm125137 WWide
LXEW4-35MH-CPW-EU3500 K80 CRI17684 lm129137 WWide
LXEW4-35MH-FAN-EU3500 K80 CRI17418 lm127137 WWide
LXEW4-35MH-FAW-EU3500 K80 CRI17589 lm128137 WWide
LXEW4-35V-CAN-EU3500 K80 CRI30318 lm117258 WWide
LXEW4-35V-CAW-EU3500 K80 CRI31245 lm120260 WWide
LXEW4-35V-CPW-EU3500 K80 CRI31077 lm120259 WWide
LXEW4-35V-FAN-EU3500 K80 CRI30107 lm116259 WWide
LXEW4-35V-FAW-EU3500 K80 CRI30828 lm119259 WWide
LXEW4-35X-CAW-EU3500 K80 CRI36563 lm112328 WWide
LXEW4-35X-CPW-EU3500 K80 CRI36652 lm112328 WWide
LXEW4-35X-FAN-EU3500 K80 CRI35816 lm109329 WWide
LXEW4-35X-FAW-EU3500 K80 CRI36372 lm111328 WWide
LXEW4-40H-CAN-EU4000 K80 CRI21262 lm123173 WWide
LXEW4-40H-CAW-EU4000 K80 CRI21742 lm125174 WWide
LXEW4-40H-CPN-EU4000 K80 CRI21047 lm121173 WWide
LXEW4-40H-CPW-EU4000 K80 CRI21550 lm124174 WWide
LXEW4-40H-FAN-EU4000 K80 CRI21049 lm118178 WWide
LXEW4-40H-FAW-EU4000 K80 CRI21447 lm124173 WWide
LXEW4-40H-FAW-EU_14000 K80 CRI20433 lm118173 WWide
LXEW4-40HV-CAW-EU4000 K80 CRI24986 lm133188 WWide
LXEW4-40HV-CPW-EU4000 K80 CRI24780 lm132188 WWide
LXEW4-40HV-FAW-EU4000 K80 CRI24655 lm131188 WWide
LXEW4-40L-CAN-EU4000 K80 CRI11796 lm12991 WWide
LXEW4-40L-CAW-EU4000 K80 CRI12172 lm13391 WWide
LXEW4-40L-CPN-EU4000 K80 CRI11628 lm12891 WWide
LXEW4-40L-CPW-EU4000 K80 CRI12024 lm13291 WWide
LXEW4-40L-FAN-EU4000 K80 CRI11652 lm12891 WWide
LXEW4-40L-FAW-EU4000 K80 CRI11965 lm13191 WWide
LXEW4-40M-CAN-EU4000 K80 CRI15834 lm130121 WWide
LXEW4-40M-CAW-EU4000 K80 CRI16111 lm132122 WWide
LXEW4-40M-CPW-EU4000 K80 CRI16044 lm132122 WWide
LXEW4-40M-FAW-EU4000 K80 CRI15998 lm131122 WWide
LXEW4-40MH-CAN-EU4000 K80 CRI17603 lm128137 WWide
LXEW4-40MH-CAW-EU4000 K80 CRI18205 lm132138 WWide
LXEW4-40MH-CPN-EU4000 K80 CRI17403 lm127137 WWide
LXEW4-40MH-CPW-EU4000 K80 CRI17950 lm131137 WWide
LXEW4-40MH-FAN-EU4000 K80 CRI17679 lm129137 WWide
LXEW4-40MH-FAW-EU4000 K80 CRI17852 lm130137 WWide
LXEW4-40V-CAN-EU4000 K80 CRI30773 lm119258 WWide
LXEW4-40V-CAW-EU4000 K80 CRI31714 lm122260 WWide
LXEW4-40V-CPN-EU4000 K80 CRI30482 lm118259 WWide
LXEW4-40V-CPW-EU4000 K80 CRI31543 lm122259 WWide
LXEW4-40V-FAN-EU4000 K80 CRI30559 lm118259 WWide
LXEW4-40V-FAW-EU4000 K80 CRI31290 lm121259 WWide
LXEW4-40X-CAW-EU4000 K80 CRI37112 lm113328 WWide
LXEW4-40X-CPW-EU4000 K80 CRI37202 lm113328 WWide
LXEW4-40X-FAN-EU4000 K80 CRI36354 lm110329 WWide
LXEW4-40X-FAW-EU4000 K80 CRI36918 lm113328 WWide
LXEW4-50H-CAN-EU5000 K80 CRI21828 lm126173 WWide
LXEW4-50H-CAW-EU5000 K80 CRI22321 lm129174 WWide
LXEW4-50H-CPN-EU5000 K80 CRI21607 lm125173 WWide
LXEW4-50H-CPW-EU5000 K80 CRI22124 lm127174 WWide
LXEW4-50H-FAN-EU5000 K80 CRI21609 lm121178 WWide
LXEW4-50H-FAW-EU5000 K80 CRI22018 lm127173 WWide
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