The LXEP vaportite fixture is for indoor parking garage applications. Comes standard with IP65, IP66, IP67 rating. Replaces fluorescent or HID for quick ROI.

Features & Benefits

  • Parking Garage luminaire incorporating LED technology
  • Long life 60,000 hour LEDs at L80 for reduced maintenance
  • Available in 2', 4', or 8' lengths
  • IP65/66 all sizes, IP67 4' and 8'
  • Fiberglass housing with F1 weatherability rating, standard
  • Smooth housing for easy cleaning
  • Gasket is non-porous to ensure seal
  • Impact modified acrylic lens equivalent to 100% DR
  • Lens selections are deep profile frost (DFA) standard, or clear (DCA) optional
  • Lens firmly secured with captive tamper resistance ready polyacetal (POM) latches
  • Stainless steel latching optional
  • Removable gear tray electrical access for modular replaceability
  • Emergency battery pack installed, optional on most models
  • Standard ambient -20ºC to 50ºC (See table for maximum rating)
  • Includes stainless steel surface mounting brackets
  • Occupancy and/or daylight sensing accessories available
  • ControlScope® compatible
  • UL Sanitation certified to NSF standards
  • DLC® (DesignLights Consortium) Qualified - see
  • Five year warranty


Lumen Range
3,000 - 19,700
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming
CCT Offering
3000, 3500, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Surface, Suspended
Material - Housing
Wattage Range
27 - 204
Efficacy Range
88 - 116
Color Offering
CSA, UL 924, NSF, DLC 5.0 Standard, DLC 5.1 Premium
IC, Chicago Plenum (CCEA), Damp
5 year limited

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
LXEP8-40HL-DFA-EDU4000 K80 CRI12001 lm12497 WWide
LXEP8-40LW-DCA-EDU4000 K80 CRI8224 lm12466 WWide
LXEP8-40LW-DFA-EDU4000 K80 CRI8195 lm12466 WWide
LXEP8-40ML-DCA-EDU4000 K80 CRI9950 lm22844 WWide
LXEP8-40ML-DFA-EDU4000 K80 CRI9909 lm11984 WWide
LXEP8-40VL-DCA-EDU4000 K80 CRI15346 lm125123 WWide
LXEP8-40VL-DFA-EDU4000 K80 CRI15219 lm124123 WWide
LXEP8-40VW-DCA-EDU4000 K80 CRI6218 lm13048 WWide
LXEP8-40VW-DFA-EDU4000 K80 CRI6158 lm12948 WWide
LXEP8-40XL-DCA-EDU4000 K80 CRI20185 lm110184 WWide
LXEP8-40XL-DFA-EDU4000 K80 CRI20060 lm109184 WWide
LXEP8-50HL-DCA-EDU5000 K80 CRI12541 lm13097 WWide
LXEP8-50HL-DFA-EDU5000 K80 CRI12396 lm12897 WWide
LXEP8-50LW-DCA-EDU5000 K80 CRI8496 lm12866 WWide
LXEP8-50LW-DFA-EDU5000 K80 CRI8465 lm12866 WWide
LXEP8-50ML-DCA-EDU5000 K80 CRI10278 lm12384 WWide
LXEP8-50ML-DFA-EDU5000 K80 CRI10236 lm12284 WWide
LXEP8-50VL-DCA-EDU5000 K80 CRI15852 lm129123 WWide
LXEP8-50VL-DFA-EDU5000 K80 CRI15721 lm128123 WWide
LXEP8-50VW-DCA-EDU5000 K80 CRI6423 lm13448 WWide
LXEP8-50VW-DFA-EDU5000 K80 CRI6362 lm13448 WWide
LXEP8-50XL-DCA-EDU5000 K80 CRI20851 lm113184 WWide
LXEP8-50XL-DFA-EDU5000 K80 CRI20722 lm113184 WWide
LXEP2-30HL-DCA-EDU3000 K80 CRI4896 lm11045 WWide
LXEP2-30HL-DFA-EDU3000 K80 CRI4821 lm10845 WWide
LXEP2-30LW-DCA-EDU3000 K80 CRI3101 lm12225 WWide
LXEP2-30LW-DFA-EDU3000 K80 CRI3058 lm12025 WWide
LXEP2-30ML-DCA-EDU3000 K80 CRI4377 lm11339 WWide
LXEP2-30ML-DFA-EDU3000 K80 CRI4308 lm11139 WWide
LXEP2-30VW-DCA-EDU3000 K80 CRI2363 lm11521 WWide
LXEP2-30VW-DFA-EDU3000 K80 CRI2319 lm11321 WWide
LXEP2-35HL-DCA-EDU3500 K80 CRI4984 lm11145 WWide
LXEP2-35HL-DFA-EDU3500 K80 CRI4908 lm11045 WWide
LXEP2-35LW-DCA-EDU3500 K80 CRI3157 lm12425 WWide
LXEP2-35LW-DFA-EDU3500 K80 CRI3113 lm12325 WWide
LXEP2-35ML-DCA-EDU3500 K80 CRI4456 lm11539 WWide
LXEP2-35ML-DFA-EDU3500 K80 CRI4385 lm11339 WWide
LXEP2-35VW-DCA-EDU3500 K80 CRI2406 lm11721 WWide
LXEP2-35VW-DFA-EDU3500 K80 CRI2361 lm11521 WWide
LXEP2-40HL-DCA-EDU4000 K80 CRI5048 lm11345 WWide
LXEP2-40HL-DFA-EDU4000 K80 CRI4971 lm11145 WWide
LXEP2-40LW-DCA-EDU4000 K80 CRI3197 lm12625 WWide
LXEP2-40LW-DFA-EDU4000 K80 CRI3153 lm12425 WWide
LXEP2-40ML-DCA-EDU4000 K80 CRI4513 lm11739 WWide
LXEP2-40ML-DFA-EDU4000 K80 CRI4441 lm11539 WWide
LXEP2-40VW-DCA-EDU4000 K80 CRI2437 lm11821 WWide
LXEP2-40VW-DFA-EDU4000 K80 CRI2391 lm11621 WWide
LXEP2-50HL-DCA-EDU5000 K80 CRI5214 lm11745 WWide
LXEP2-50HL-DFA-EDU5000 K80 CRI5135 lm11545 WWide
LXEP2-50LW-DCA-EDU5000 K80 CRI3302 lm13025 WWide
LXEP2-50LW-DFA-EDU5000 K80 CRI3257 lm12825 WWide
LXEP2-50ML-DCA-EDU5000 K80 CRI4661 lm12039 WWide
LXEP2-50ML-DFA-EDU5000 K80 CRI4588 lm11939 WWide
LXEP2-50VW-DCA-EDU5000 K80 CRI2517 lm12221 WWide
LXEP2-50VW-DFA-EDU5000 K80 CRI2470 lm12021 WWide
LXEP4-30HL-DCA-EDU3000 K80 CRI5888 lm12248 WWide
LXEP4-30HL-DFA-EDU3000 K80 CRI5820 lm12048 WWide
LXEP4-30LW-DCA-EDU3000 K80 CRI3989 lm12033 WWide
LXEP4-30LW-DFA-EDU3000 K80 CRI3974 lm12033 WWide
LXEP4-30ML-DCA-EDU3000 K80 CRI4825 lm11542 WWide
LXEP4-30ML-DFA-EDU3000 K80 CRI4806 lm11542 WWide
LXEP4-30VL-DCA-EDU3000 K80 CRI7442 lm12162 WWide
LXEP4-30VL-DFA-EDU3000 K80 CRI7381 lm12062 WWide
LXEP4-30VW-DCA-EDU3000 K80 CRI3015 lm12624 WWide
LXEP4-30VW-DFA-EDU3000 K80 CRI2987 lm12524 WWide
LXEP4-30XL-DCA-EDU3000 K80 CRI9789 lm10792 WWide
LXEP4-30XL-DFA-EDU3000 K80 CRI9728 lm10692 WWide
LXEP4-35HL-DCA-EDU3500 K80 CRI5994 lm12448 WWide
LXEP4-35HL-DFA-EDU3500 K80 CRI5925 lm12248 WWide
LXEP4-35LW-DCA-EDU3500 K80 CRI4060 lm12233 WWide
LXEP4-35LW-DFA-EDU3500 K80 CRI4046 lm12233 WWide
LXEP4-35ML-DCA-EDU3500 K80 CRI4912 lm11842 WWide
LXEP4-35ML-DFA-EDU3500 K80 CRI4892 lm11742 WWide
LXEP4-35VL-DCA-EDU3500 K80 CRI7576 lm12362 WWide
LXEP4-35VL-DFA-EDU3500 K80 CRI7514 lm12262 WWide
LXEP4-35VW-DCA-EDU3500 K80 CRI3070 lm12824 WWide
LXEP4-35VW-DFA-EDU3500 K80 CRI3040 lm12824 WWide
LXEP4-35XL-DCA-EDU3500 K80 CRI9965 lm10892 WWide
LXEP4-35XL-DFA-EDU3500 K80 CRI9904 lm10892 WWide
LXEP4-40HL-DCA-EDU4000 K80 CRI6070 lm12548 WWide
LXEP4-40HL-DFA-EDU4000 K80 CRI6000 lm12448 WWide
LXEP4-40LW-DCA-EDU4000 K80 CRI4112 lm12433 WWide
LXEP4-40LW-DFA-EDU4000 K80 CRI4097 lm12433 WWide
LXEP4-40ML-DCA-EDU4000 K80 CRI4975 lm11942 WWide
LXEP4-40ML-DFA-EDU4000 K80 CRI4955 lm11942 WWide
LXEP4-40VL-DCA-EDU4000 K80 CRI7673 lm12562 WWide
LXEP4-40VL-DFA-EDU4000 K80 CRI7610 lm12462 WWide
LXEP4-40VW-DCA-EDU4000 K80 CRI3109 lm13024 WWide
LXEP4-40VW-DFA-EDU4000 K80 CRI3079 lm12924 WWide
LXEP4-40XL-DCA-EDU4000 K80 CRI10093 lm11092 WWide
LXEP4-40XL-DFA-EDU4000 K80 CRI10030 lm10992 WWide
LXEP4-50HL-DCA-EDU5000 K80 CRI6271 lm13048 WWide
LXEP4-50HL-DFA-EDU5000 K80 CRI6198 lm12848 WWide
LXEP4-50LW-DCA-EDU5000 K80 CRI4248 lm12833 WWide
LXEP4-50LW-DFA-EDU5000 K80 CRI4232 lm12833 WWide
LXEP4-50ML-DCA-EDU5000 K80 CRI5139 lm12342 WWide
LXEP4-50ML-DFA-EDU5000 K80 CRI5118 lm12242 WWide
LXEP4-50VL-DCA-EDU5000 K80 CRI7926 lm12962 WWide
LXEP4-50VL-DFA-EDU5000 K80 CRI7861 lm12862 WWide
LXEP4-50VW-DCA-EDU5000 K80 CRI3212 lm13424 WWide
LXEP4-50VW-DFA-EDU5000 K80 CRI3181 lm13424 WWide
LXEP4-50XL-DCA-EDU5000 K80 CRI10425 lm11392 WWide
LXEP4-50XL-DFA-EDU5000 K80 CRI10361 lm11392 WWide
LXEP8-30HL-DCA-EDU3000 K80 CRI11776 lm12297 WWide
LXEP8-30HL-DFA-EDU3000 K80 CRI11640 lm12097 WWide
LXEP8-30LW-DCA-EDU3000 K80 CRI7977 lm12066 WWide
LXEP8-30LW-DFA-EDU3000 K80 CRI7948 lm12066 WWide
LXEP8-30ML-DCA-EDU3000 K80 CRI9650 lm22144 WWide
LXEP8-30ML-DFA-EDU3000 K80 CRI9612 lm11584 WWide
LXEP8-30VL-DCA-EDU3000 K80 CRI14884 lm121123 WWide
LXEP8-30VL-DFA-EDU3000 K80 CRI14762 lm120123 WWide
LXEP8-30VW-DCA-EDU3000 K80 CRI6031 lm12648 WWide
LXEP8-30VW-DFA-EDU3000 K80 CRI5973 lm12548 WWide
LXEP8-30XL-DCA-EDU3000 K80 CRI19578 lm107184 WWide
LXEP8-30XL-DFA-EDU3000 K80 CRI19457 lm106184 WWide
LXEP8-35HL-DCA-EDU3500 K80 CRI11988 lm12497 WWide
LXEP8-35HL-DFA-EDU3500 K80 CRI11849 lm12297 WWide
LXEP8-35LW-DCA-EDU3500 K80 CRI8121 lm12266 WWide
LXEP8-35LW-DFA-EDU3500 K80 CRI8091 lm12266 WWide
LXEP8-35ML-DCA-EDU3500 K80 CRI9824 lm22544 WWide
LXEP8-35ML-DFA-EDU3500 K80 CRI9785 lm11784 WWide
LXEP8-35VL-DCA-EDU3500 K80 CRI15152 lm123123 WWide
LXEP8-35VL-DFA-EDU3500 K80 CRI15028 lm122123 WWide
LXEP8-35VW-DCA-EDU3500 K80 CRI6140 lm12848 WWide
LXEP8-35VW-DFA-EDU3500 K80 CRI6081 lm12848 WWide
LXEP8-35XL-DCA-EDU3500 K80 CRI19931 lm108184 WWide
LXEP8-35XL-DFA-EDU3500 K80 CRI19807 lm108184 WWide
LXEP8-40HL-DCA-EDU4000 K80 CRI12141 lm12597 WWide
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