The CRN2 Wet Location High Bay is wet location, IP66, and IK10 rated making it an ideal choice for general and demanding applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Switchable lumen and CCT technologies maximize inventory versatility and flexibility
  • Polycarbonate lens with reflector options provide glare reduction and aesthetic customization
  • Efficacy up to 162 LPW assures you energy savings over traditional high bay luminaires
  • Offers lumen packages from 14,000 to 38,000 lumens for proper illumination on a variety of high bay applications
  • Optional ‘plug and play’ occupancy sensor is easily installed into the center of the fixture
  • DLC® (DesignLights Consortium) Qualified, with some Premium Qualified configurations. Please refer to the DLC website for specific product qualifications at


Voltage Offering
120-277 V;347-480 V
Lumen Range
14,000 - 38,000
Dimming Protocol
0-10V;10% to 100%
CCT Offering
4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Pendant, Yoke
Material - Housing
Die cast aluminum
Wattage Range
100 - 270
Efficacy Range
126 - 144
Color Offering
Controls & Sensors
UL, DLC 5.0 Standard, DLC 5.0 Premium
IP66, Wet
Operating Temp
-40 up to 55
5 year limited

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
CRN2-50MM-EDU-FP-AL185000 K80 CRI19314 lm128150.59 WAmbient
CRN2-40MV-EDU-FP4000 K80 CRI27856 lm139200.02 WAmbient
CRN2-40LX-EDU-FP-WA184000 K80 CRI13700 lm136100.6 WAmbient
CRN-40MX-EDU4000 K80 CRI33520 lm140239.21 WAmbient
CRN-40MM-EDU-2774000 K80 CRI21118 lm142149.19 WAmbient
CRN-40MX-EDU-2774000 K80 CRI32912 lm142231.58 WAmbient
CRN-40MV-EDU-WA184000 K80 CRI27331 lm136200.55 WAmbient
CRN-50LX-EDU-FP5000 K80 CRI11698 lm116101 WAmbient
CRN2-50MV-EDU-FP-AL185000 K80 CRI24848 lm124200.02 WAmbient
CRN2-50LX-EDU-FP-AL185000 K80 CRI12776 lm127100.6 WAmbient
CRN2-40MX-EDU-AL184000 K80 CRI30506 lm124245.2 WAmbient
CRN2-40HM-EDU-FP-WA184000 K80 CRI36342 lm134271.4 WAmbient
CRN-50MM-EDU-WA185000 K80 CRI21020 lm140150.27 WAmbient
CRN-50MM-EDU-2775000 K80 CRI21414 lm144149.19 WAmbient
CRN-40LX-EDU-WW184000 K80 CRI13561 lm135100.18 WAmbient
CRN-50MX-EDU-AL185000 K80 CRI30538 lm128238.83 WAmbient
CRN-50MV-EDU5000 K80 CRI29019 lm144200.86 WAmbient
CRN-40LX-EDU-FP4000 K80 CRI11527 lm114101 WAmbient
CRN2-50MX-EDU-FP5000 K80 CRI34202 lm139245.2 WAmbient
CRN2-50HM-EDU-FP-AL185000 K80 CRI33891 lm125271.4 WAmbient
CRN2-50HM-EDU-FP5000 K80 CRI37927 lm140271.4 WAmbient
CRN2-50MX-EDU-WA185000 K80 CRI32712 lm133245.2 WAmbient
CRN-40MM-EDU-FP4000 K80 CRI17059 lm113151 WAmbient
CRN-50MV-EDU-WW185000 K80 CRI26971 lm135200.5 WAmbient
CRN-50MX-EDU-2775000 K80 CRI33373 lm144231.58 WAmbient
CRN-40LX-EDU-WA184000 K80 CRI13754 lm137100.28 WAmbient
CRN-50MM-EDU-AL185000 K80 CRI19579 lm130150.21 WAmbient
CRN-50MM-EDU-WW185000 K80 CRI20477 lm136150.2 WAmbient
CRN2-40HM-EDU-FP-AL184000 K80 CRI33891 lm125271.4 WAmbient
CRN2-40MX-EDU-FP4000 K80 CRI34202 lm139245.2 WAmbient
CRN2-50LX-EDU-FP5000 K80 CRI14444 lm144100.6 WAmbient
CRN2-50MV-EDU-FP-WA185000 K80 CRI26645 lm133200.02 WAmbient
CRN-50MM-EDU-FP5000 K80 CRI17289 lm114151 WAmbient
CRN-40MM-EDU-WW184000 K80 CRI20195 lm134150.2 WAmbient
CRN-40MX-EDU-AL184000 K80 CRI30116 lm126238.83 WAmbient
CRN-40LX-EDU-AL184000 K80 CRI12969 lm129100.26 WAmbient
CRN-50LX-EDU-WA185000 K80 CRI13945 lm139100.28 WAmbient
CRN2-40LX-EDU-FP-AL184000 K80 CRI12776 lm127100.6 WAmbient
CRN2-40MV-EDU-FP-AL184000 K80 CRI24848 lm124200.02 WAmbient
CRN2-50MM-EDU-FP5000 K80 CRI21702 lm144150.59 WAmbient
CRN2-50MM-EDU-FP-WA185000 K80 CRI20711 lm138150.59 WAmbient
CRN2-40MM-EDU-FP-WW184000 K80 CRI19860 lm132150.59 WAmbient
CRN2-40LX-EDU-FP-WW184000 K80 CRI13137 lm131100.6 WAmbient
CRN-40MX-EDU-WA184000 K80 CRI32118 lm134238.86 WAmbient
CRN-40MM-EDU-AL184000 K80 CRI19309 lm129150.21 WAmbient
CRN-40MV-EDU-AL184000 K80 CRI25668 lm128200.53 WAmbient
CRN-40MV-EDU-WW184000 K80 CRI26598 lm133200.5 WAmbient
CRN2-40MM-EDU-FP-AL184000 K80 CRI19314 lm128150.59 WAmbient
CRN-40MX-EDU-FP4000 K80 CRI27704 lm115241 WAmbient
CRN2-50MV-EDU-FP5000 K80 CRI27856 lm139200.02 WAmbient
CRN2-50LX-EDU-FP-WA185000 K80 CRI13700 lm136100.6 WAmbient
CRN2-40MV-EDU-FP-WW184000 K80 CRI25550 lm128200.02 WAmbient
CRN2-40HM-EDU-FP-WW184000 K80 CRI34848 lm128271.4 WAmbient
CRN-50LX-EDU5000 K80 CRI14628 lm146100.31 WAmbient
CRN-50LX-EDU-AL185000 K80 CRI13151 lm131100.26 WAmbient
CRN-40LX-EDU4000 K80 CRI14426 lm144100.31 WAmbient
CRN-50MX-EDU-WA185000 K80 CRI32567 lm136238.86 WAmbient
CRN-50MX-EDU-FP5000 K80 CRI28092 lm117241 WAmbient
CRN2-50MX-EDU-AL185000 K80 CRI30506 lm124245.2 WAmbient
CRN2-50HM-EDU-FP-WA185000 K80 CRI36342 lm134271.4 WAmbient
CRN2-40MX-EDU-WW184000 K80 CRI31368 lm128245.2 WAmbient
CRN2-50MX-EDU-WW185000 K80 CRI31368 lm128245.2 WAmbient
CRN-40MV-EDU-FP4000 K80 CRI118200.5 WAmbient
CRN-50MV-EDU-WA185000 K80 CRI27712 lm138200.55 WAmbient
CRN-50MV-EDU-AL185000 K80 CRI26028 lm130200.53 WAmbient
CRN-50MV-EDU-2775000 K80 CRI27852 lm145191.6 WAmbient
CRN-50MM-EDU5000 K80 CRI21982 lm146150.36 WAmbient
CRN2-40HM-EDU-FP4000 K80 CRI37927 lm140271.4 WAmbient
CRN2-40MX-EDU-WA184000 K80 CRI32712 lm133245.2 WAmbient
CRN2-50HM-EDU-FP-WW185000 K80 CRI34848 lm128271.4 WAmbient
CRN2-50MV-EDU-FP-WW185000 K80 CRI25550 lm128200.02 WAmbient
CRN-50MV-EDU-FP5000 K80 CRI24085 lm120201 WAmbient
CRN-50MX-EDU5000 K80 CRI33990 lm142239.21 WAmbient
CRN-40MM-EDU-WA184000 K80 CRI20732 lm138150.27 WAmbient
CRN-50LX-EDU-2775000 K80 CRI13985 lm14397.65 WAmbient
CRN-40LX-EDU-2774000 K80 CRI13792 lm14197.65 WAmbient
CRN-50LX-EDU-WW185000 K80 CRI13751 lm137100.18 WAmbient
CRN2-40LX-EDU-FP4000 K80 CRI14444 lm144100.6 WAmbient
CRN2-40MV-EDU-FP-WA184000 K80 CRI26645 lm133200.02 WAmbient
CRN2-50LX-EDU-FP-WW185000 K80 CRI13137 lm131100.6 WAmbient
CRN2-50MM-EDU-FP-WW185000 K80 CRI19860 lm132150.59 WAmbient
CRN2-40MM-EDU-FP-WA184000 K80 CRI20711 lm138150.59 WAmbient
CRN2-40MM-EDU-FP4000 K80 CRI21702 lm144150.59 WAmbient
CRN-40MV-EDU4000 K80 CRI28618 lm142200.86 WAmbient
CRN-40MV-EDU-2774000 K80 CRI27468 lm143191.6 WAmbient
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