LITEISTRY™ offers a broad palette of architectural downlighting solutions with consistent aperture appearance, quiet ceiling design, and optical performance. 

Features & Benefits

  • 6" architectural LED round downlight and wall wash cylinder delivering 600 - 7000 lm
  • Available with SpectraSync™ Tunable White and Dim-to-Warm options
  • NX Lighting Controls™, wired and wireless capability available
  • Quiet reflector appearance with 50° optical cutoff
  • Available in Surface, Wall, Pendant, or Cable/Cord Mount configurations
  • Versatile canopy options for recessed and surface-mounted J-box applications


Aperture Shape
Product Technology
NX Lighting Controls, SpectraSync™ Color Tuning
Voltage Offering
Lumen Range
600 - 7,000
Dimming Protocol
CCT Offering
2700, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
80, 90
Mounting Options
Surface, Pendant, Cord/Cable, Wall
Wattage Range
8 - 72
Efficacy Range
94 - 104
Optics & Distributions
Very Narrow, Narrow, Medium, Wide, Extra Wide, Wall Wash
Controls & Sensors
NX Lighting Controls
Damp, Wet, TAA (Buy American 52.225-11)
Lumen Maintenance Rating
L90 @ 55,000 hours;L70 @ 60,000 hours
5 year limited

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
LTC-6RD-P-50L35K8VNR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI5740 lm11848.7 WVery Narrow,18° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-70L35K8XW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI6819 lm9572.1 WExtra Wide, 76° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-45L35K8WD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI4602 lm8455.1 WWide, 59° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTC-6RW-P-06L35K8WW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI711 lm927.8 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTC-6RD-P-25L35K8NR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI2751 lm9927.7 WNarrow, 29° FWHM, (0.5 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-20L35K8NR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI2263 lm10022.7 WNarrow, 29° FWHM, (0.5 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-06L35K8MD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI746 lm967.8 WMedium, 37° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTC-6RW-P-25L35K8WW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI2726 lm9927.7 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTC-6RD-P-40L35K8WD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI4385 lm8551.6 WWide, 59° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-30L35K8VNR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI3686 lm10734.3 WVery Narrow,18° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-60L35K8XW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI5848 lm9760.68 WExtra Wide, 76° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-50L35K8WD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI4918 lm10148.7 WWide, 59° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-30L35K8NR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI3278 lm9634.3 WNarrow, 29° FWHM, (0.5 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-15L35K8NR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI1623 lm8718.7 WNarrow, 28° FWHM, (0.5 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-10L35K8MD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI1192 lm10012 WMedium, 37° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTC-6RW-P-45L35K8WW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI4734 lm8655.1 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTC-6RD-P-35L35K8WD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI3836 lm9043 WWide, 59° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-10L35K8VNR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI1288 lm10712.0 WVery Narrow,18° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-55L35K8XW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI5250 lm9853.9 WExtra Wide, 76° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-55L35K8WD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI5454 lm10253.9 WWide, 59° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-06L35K8VNR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI806 lm1037.8 WVery Narrow,18° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-35L35K8NR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI3942 lm9343.0 WNarrow, 29° FWHM, (0.5 SC)
LTC-6RW-P-50L35K8WW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI5059 lm10448.7 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTC-6RD-P-10L35K8NR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI1146 lm9612.0 WNarrow, 28° FWHM, (0.5 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-15L35K8MD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI1712 lm9218.7 WMedium, 37° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTC-6RW-P-70L35K8WW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI7285 lm10272.1 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTC-6RD-P-30L35K8WD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI3158 lm9234.33 WWide, 59° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-50L35K8XW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI4734 lm9848.7 WExtra Wide, 76° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-60L35K8WD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI6075 lm10160.68 WWide, 59° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-25L35K8VNR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI3093 lm11227.7 WVery Narrow,18° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-40L35K8NR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI4552 lm8851.6 WNarrow, 29° FWHM, (0.5 SC)
LTC-6RW-P-30L35K8WW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI3248 lm9534.33 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTC-6RD-P-06L35K8NR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI717 lm927.8 WNarrow, 28° FWHM, (0.5 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-20L35K8MD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI2265 lm10122.641 WMedium, 37° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-25L35K8WD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI2650 lm9627.7 WWide, 59° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-45L35K8XW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI4430 lm8155.1 WExtra Wide, 76° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-70L35K8WD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI7083 lm9972.1 WWide, 59° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-45L35K8VNR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI5371 lm9855.1 WVery Narrow,18° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-55L35K8VNR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI6365 lm11953.9 WVery Narrow,18° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-45L35K8NR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI4775 lm8755.1 WNarrow, 29° FWHM, (0.5 SC)
LTC-6RW-P-10L35K8WW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI1136 lm9512 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTC-6RD-P-25L35K8MD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI2860 lm10427.7 WMedium, 37° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-20L35K8WD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI2180 lm9722.694 WWide, 59° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTC-6RW-P-20L35K8WW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI2211 lm9722.817 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTC-6RD-P-40L35K8XW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI4221 lm8251.6 WExtra Wide, 76° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-70L35K8VNR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI8266 lm11572.1 WVery Narrow,18° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-35L35K8VNR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI4477 lm10443.0 WVery Narrow,18° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-70L35K8MD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI7645 lm10772.1 WMedium, 37° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-50L35K8NR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI5105 lm10548.7 WNarrow, 34° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-30L35K8MD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI3409 lm10034.33 WMedium, 37° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-15L35K8WD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI1586 lm8518.7 WWide, 59° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-06L35K8XW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI665 lm867.8 WExtra Wide, 76° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTC-6RW-P-40L35K8WW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI4510 lm8851.6 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTC-6RD-P-35L35K8XW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI3693 lm8643 WExtra Wide, 76° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-15L35K8VNR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI1851 lm9918.7 WVery Narrow,18° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-60L35K8MD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI6557 lm10960.68 WMedium, 37° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-55L35K8NR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI5662 lm10553.9 WNarrow, 34° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-35L35K8MD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI4140 lm9743 WMedium, 37° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTC-6RW-P-55L35K8WW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI5610 lm10553.9 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTC-6RD-P-10L35K8WD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI1104 lm9212 WWide, 59° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-10L35K8XW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI1063 lm8912 WExtra Wide, 76° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTC-6RW-P-60L35K8WW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI6249 lm10360.68 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTC-6RD-P-30L35K8XW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI3040 lm8934.33 WExtra Wide, 76° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-55L35K8MD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI5887 lm11053.9 WMedium, 37° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-60L35K8NR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI6299 lm10460.7 WNarrow, 34° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-20L35K8VNR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI2355 lm10422.6 WVery Narrow,18° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-40L35K8MD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI4733 lm9251.6 WMedium, 37° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTC-6RW-P-35L35K8WW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI3946 lm9243 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTC-6RD-P-06L35K8WD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI691 lm897.8 WWide, 59° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-15L35K8XW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI1527 lm8218.7 WExtra Wide, 76° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-25L35K8XW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI2551 lm9327.7 WExtra Wide, 76° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-50L35K8MD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI5308 lm10948.7 WMedium, 37° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-70L35K8NR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI7353 lm10272.1 WNarrow, 34° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-40L35K8VNR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI5117 lm10051.6 WVery Narrow,18° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-60L35K8VNR-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI8266 lm11760.7 WVery Narrow,18° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTC-6RD-P-45L35K8MD-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI4967 lm9155.1 WMedium, 37° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTC-6RW-P-15L35K8WW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI1631 lm8818.7 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTC-6RD-P-20L35K8XW-DM1-S-BL3500 K80 CRI2139 lm9522.653 WExtra Wide, 76° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
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