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Reflector Finish/Colors


Clear Specular Finish: S

Clear Specular

Clear Semi-Specular Finish: SS

Clear Semi-Specular

White Painted Finish: WC

White Painted

White Painted Flange: WT

White Flange

Black Painted Flange: BT

Black Flange


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LiteFrame Installation breakdown

Multiple Installation Options
Direct Install
Install Option 1

The easiest solution for installing in Non-IC new construction or remodel applications.
Traditional Non-IC
Install Option 2

The Non-IC plaster frame provides rough-in positioning.

IC Construction
Install Option 3

The IC housing provides separation of ceiling insulation from the Fixture Module.
Chicago Plenum
Install Option 4

An integrated shroud seals the Fixture Module for use in Chicago Plenum ceilings eliminating the need for a full housing.




Installation Features

making it simple to dial in a desired performance

Unitized Optical Design

Ensures consistent positioning of optic to ceiling plane

LiteFrame Unitized Optical Design

Beam Distributions

Accommodates varied fixture spacing and mounting heights

LiteFrame Beam Distributions


Visual Cutoff

LiteFrame Visual Cutoff

making it simple to have high quality color consistency

LiteFrame Color Chart

LiteFrame Spectrs Sync

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