LiteFrame® 2.0 LFR-4RA

LiteFrame® 2.0 family balances the right solutions and performance while making it simple to select and flexible to use.

Features & Benefits

  • 4" LED round adjustable accent delivering 1000-6000 lumens
  • Direct Install from below ceiling for New Construction or Remodel applications
  • Precise hot aiming/locking 0-40° tilt, full 361° rotation, Select from Angle Cut Cone, Pinhole, or Slot trim styles options
  • Optional housing accessories available


Aperture Shape
Product Technology
SpectraSync™ Color Tuning, NX Lighting Controls
Lumen Range
1,000 - 6,000
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming, DALI, DMX, Lutron EcoSystem, Phase Dimming
CCT Offering
2700, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000, SpectraSync
CRI Offering
80, 90
Mounting Options
Housing Options
Wattage Range
8 - 54
Efficacy Range
69 - 109
Optics & Distributions
Very Narrow, Narrow, Medium, Wide
Damp, Non-IC, IC, Chicago Plenum (CCEA)
Lumen Maintenance Rating
L90 @ 50,000 hours
5 year limited

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
LFR-4RA-M-10L2230TD9MD-DMT_LFR-4RA-T-S3000 K90 CRI760 lm6012.5 WMedium
LFR-4RA-M-10L2230TD9NR-DMT_LFR-4RA-T-S3000 K90 CRI845 lm6712.5 WNarrow
LFR-4RA-M-10L2230TD9WD-DMT_LFR-4RA-T-S3000 K90 CRI756 lm6012.5 WWide
LFR-4RA-M-15L2230TD9MD-DMT_LFR-4RA-T-S3000 K90 CRI1154 lm5620.5 WMedium
LFR-4RA-M-15L2230TD9NR-DMT_LFR-4RA-T-S3000 K90 CRI1282 lm6220.5 WNarrow
LFR-4RA-M-15L2230TD9WD-DMT_LFR-4RA-T-S3000 K90 CRI1148 lm5620.4 WWide
LFR-4RA-M-20L2230TD9MD-DMT_LFR-4RA-T-S3000 K90 CRI1449 lm4532.2 WMedium
LFR-4RA-M-20L2230TD9NR-DMT_LFR-4RA-T-S3000 K90 CRI1609 lm4932.2 WNarrow
LFR-4RA-M-20L2230TD9WD-DMT_LFR-4RA-T-S3000 K90 CRI1441 lm4432.2 WWide
LFR-4RA-M-10L35K8MD-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI749 lm997.6 WMedium
LFR-4RA-M-10L35K8NR-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI826 lm1097.6 WNarrow
LFR-4RA-M-10L35K8VNR-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-VNR-S3500 K80 CRI538 lm717.6 WVery Narrow
LFR-4RA-M-10L35K8WD-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI766 lm1017.6 WWide
LFR-4RA-M-15L35K8MD-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI1125 lm9511.8 WMedium
LFR-4RA-M-15L35K8NR-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI1240 lm10511.8 WNarrow
LFR-4RA-M-15L35K8VNR-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-VNR-S3500 K80 CRI807 lm6811.8 WVery Narrow
LFR-4RA-M-15L35K8WD-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI1150 lm9711.8 WWide
LFR-4RA-M-20L35K8MD-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI1452 lm9515.2 WMedium
LFR-4RA-M-20L35K8NR-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI1600 lm10515.2 WNarrow
LFR-4RA-M-20L35K8VNR-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-VNR-S3500 K80 CRI1042 lm6915.2 WVery Narrow
LFR-4RA-M-20L35K8WD-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI1483 lm9715.2 WWide
LFR-4RA-M-25L35K8MD-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI1885 lm9020.9 WMedium
LFR-4RA-M-25L35K8NR-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI2079 lm9920.9 WNarrow
LFR-4RA-M-25L35K8VNR-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-VNR-S3500 K80 CRI1353 lm6520.9 WVery Narrow
LFR-4RA-M-25L35K8WD-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI1927 lm9220.9 WWide
LFR-4RA-M-30L35K8MD-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI2247 lm8626 WMedium
LFR-4RA-M-30L35K8NR-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI2478 lm9526 WNarrow
LFR-4RA-M-30L35K8VNR-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-VNR-S3500 K80 CRI1613 lm6226 WVery Narrow
LFR-4RA-M-30L35K8WD-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI2297 lm8826 WWide
LFR-4RA-M-35L35K8MD-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI2732 lm9329.4 WMedium
LFR-4RA-M-35L35K8NR-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI3012 lm10229.4 WNarrow
LFR-4RA-M-35L35K8VNR-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-VNR-S3500 K80 CRI1961 lm6729.4 WVery Narrow
LFR-4RA-M-35L35K8WD-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI2792 lm9529.4 WWide
LFR-4RA-M-40L35K8MD-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI3046 lm9332.9 WMedium
LFR-4RA-M-40L35K8NR-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI3358 lm10232.9 WNarrow
LFR-4RA-M-40L35K8VNR-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-VNR-S3500 K80 CRI2186 lm6632.9 WVery Narrow
LFR-4RA-M-40L35K8WD-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI3112 lm9532.9 WWide
LFR-4RA-M-50L35K8MD-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI3705 lm8842 WMedium
LFR-4RA-M-50L35K8NR-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI4085 lm9742 WNarrow
LFR-4RA-M-50L35K8VNR-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-VNR-S3500 K80 CRI2659 lm6342 WVery Narrow
LFR-4RA-M-50L35K8WD-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI3786 lm9042 WWide
LFR-4RA-M-60L35K8MD-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI4420 lm8353.4 WMedium
LFR-4RA-M-60L35K8NR-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI4873 lm9153.4 WNarrow
LFR-4RA-M-60L35K8VNR-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-VNR-S3500 K80 CRI3172 lm5953.4 WVery Narrow
LFR-4RA-M-60L35K8WD-DM1_LFR-4RA-T-S3500 K80 CRI4517 lm8553.4 WWide
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