Cleanroom / Food Processing Downlights

Sealed, ISO 3 rated cleanroom/food processing downlights in 4” and 6” round and square apertures serve as a barrier to dirt and contaminants between the room and plenum.

Features & Benefits

  • Durable, marine grade, die cast aluminum bezel trim (low-copper alloy) with optional antimicrobial paint finish, is rated for NSF2 non-food zone.
  • Flush, .250" thick polycarbonate lens allows for easy wipe down and impedes the accumulation of dirt and organic material
  • Closed cell silicone gasket protects against dust and water ingress. Supports an ISO 3 cleanroom rating.
  • Wet location and IP66/IP69K ingress protection ratings allow of use in wet environments, including hose down and high temperature, sanitation applications.
  • 50° cutoff to source and source image provides a low glare, distraction free environment with enhanced visual acuity for intricate tasks.
  • Five beam distributions and wall wash allow for controlled illumination.
  • Aluminum anodized reflectors in a wide array of colors and finishes.


4, 6
Aperture Shape
Product Technology
NX Lighting Controls
Lumen Range
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming, DALI, Lutron EcoSystem
CRI Offering
80, 90
Mounting Options
Housing Options
New Construction
Wattage Range
Efficacy Range
Optics & Distributions
Very Narrow, Medium, Wide, Extra Wide, Wall Wash
cCSAus, UL924, IP66, IP69K, IK10, ISO 3, Non-IC, IC, Chicago Plenum (CCEA), Damp, Wet, NSF2 Non-Food Zone
Operating Temp
Lumen Maintenance Rating
L90 @ 55,000 hours
5 year limited

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
LTR-6SQD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-SL35K8MDSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI587 lm757.8 WMedium, 45° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-SL35K8NRSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI611 lm787.8 WNarrow, 37° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-SL35K8VNRSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI599 lm777.8 WVery Narrow, 26° FWHM, (0.4 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-SL35K8WDSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI549 lm707.8 WWide, 57° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-SL35K8XWSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI508 lm657.8 WExtra Wide, 68° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-SL35K8MDSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI938 lm7812 WMedium, 45° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-SL35K8NRSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI976 lm8112 WNarrow, 37° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-SL35K8VNRSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI958 lm8012 WVery Narrow, 26° FWHM, (0.4 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-SL35K8WDSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI877 lm7312 WWide, 57° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-SL35K8XWSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI812 lm6812 WExtra Wide, 68° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-SL35K8MDSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1348 lm7218.7 WMedium, 45° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-SL35K8NRSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1402 lm7518.7 WNarrow, 37° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-SL35K8VNRSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1376 lm7418.7 WVery Narrow, 26° FWHM, (0.4 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-SL35K8WDSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1259 lm6718.7 WWide, 57° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-SL35K8XWSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1166 lm6218.7 WExtra Wide, 68° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-HL35L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-HL35K8MDSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2954 lm6942.9 WMedium, 43° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-HL35L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-HL35K8NRSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3070 lm7242.9 WNarrow, 30° FWHM, (0..50 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-HL35L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-HL35K8WDSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2637 lm6142.9 WWide, 58° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-HL35L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-HL35K8XWSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2734 lm6442.9 WExtra Wide, 74° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-HL35L-DM1_LTR-4RW-T-HL35K8WWSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2327 lm5442.9 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTR-4RD-H-HL40L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-HL35K8MDSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3504 lm6851.5 WMedium, 43° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-HL40L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-HL35K8NRSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3369 lm6551.5 WNarrow, 30° FWHM, (0..50 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-HL40L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-HL35K8WDSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3371 lm6551.5 WWide, 58° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-HL40L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-HL35K8XWSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3010 lm5851.5 WExtra Wide, 74° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-HL40L-DM1_LTR-4RW-T-HL35K8WWSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2656 lm5251.5 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTR-4RD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-ML35K8MDSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1679 lm7522.3 WMedium, 43° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-ML35K8NRSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1745 lm7922 WNarrow, 30° FWHM, (0..50 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-ML35K8VNRSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1678 lm7422.8 WVery Narrow, 20° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-ML35K8WDSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1499 lm6822.2 WWide, 58° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-ML35K8XWSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1554 lm7022.2 WExtra Wide, 74° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-4RW-T-ML35K8WWSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1323 lm6022 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTR-4RD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-ML35K8MDSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2060 lm7427.8 WMedium, 43° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-ML35K8NRSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2141 lm7727.8 WNarrow, 30° FWHM, (0..50 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-ML35K8VNRSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2021 lm7128.6 WVery Narrow, 20° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-ML35K8WDSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1839 lm6627.8 WWide, 58° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-ML35K8XWSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1906 lm6927.8 WExtra Wide, 74° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-4RW-T-ML35K8WWSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1623 lm5827.8 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTR-4RD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-ML35K8MDSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2472 lm7134.6 WMedium, 43° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-ML35K8NRSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2570 lm7434.6 WNarrow, 30° FWHM, (0..50 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-ML35K8VNRSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2358 lm6636 WVery Narrow, 20° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-ML35K8WDSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2207 lm6434.6 WWide, 58° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-ML35K8XWSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2288 lm6634.6 WExtra Wide, 74° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-4RW-T-ML35K8WWSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1948 lm5634.6 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTR-4RD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-SL35K8MDSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI541 lm697.8 WMedium, 43° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-SL35K8NRSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI563 lm727.8 WNarrow, 30° FWHM, (0..50 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-SL35K8VNRSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI571 lm757.6 WVery Narrow, 20° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-SL35K8WDSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI483 lm627.8 WWide, 58° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-SL35K8XWSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI501 lm647.8 WExtra Wide, 74° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-4RW-T-SL35K8WWSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI427 lm557.8 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTR-4RD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-SL35K8MDSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI866 lm7212 WMedium, 43° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-SL35K8NRSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI900 lm7512 WNarrow, 30° FWHM, (0..50 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-SL35K8VNRSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI935 lm8311.3 WVery Narrow, 20° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-SL35K8WDSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI773 lm6412 WWide, 58° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-SL35K8XWSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI802 lm6712 WExtra Wide, 74° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-4RW-T-SL35K8WWSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI682 lm5712 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTR-4RD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-SL35K8MDSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1239 lm6718.6 WMedium, 43° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-SL35K8NRSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1287 lm6918.6 WNarrow, 30° FWHM, (0..50 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-SL35K8VNRSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1340 lm7717.3 WVery Narrow, 20° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-SL35K8WDSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1106 lm5918.6 WWide, 58° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-4RD-T-SL35K8XWSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1146 lm6218.6 WExtra Wide, 74° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4RD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-4RW-T-SL35K8WWSS_LTR-4RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI976 lm5218.6 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTR-4SQD-H-HL35L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-HL35K8MDSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3068 lm7242.9 WMedium, 46° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-HL35L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-HL35K8NRSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3156 lm7442.9 WNarrow, 36° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-HL35L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-HL35K8WDSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2716 lm6342.9 WWide, 58° FWHM, (1.0 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-HL35L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-HL35K8XWSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2711 lm6342.9 WExtra Wide, 67° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-HL40L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-HL35K8MDSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3502 lm6851.5 WMedium, 46° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-HL40L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-HL35K8NRSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3602 lm7051.5 WNarrow, 36° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-HL40L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-HL35K8WDSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3100 lm6051.5 WWide, 58° FWHM, (1.0 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-HL40L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-HL35K8XWSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3094 lm6051.5 WExtra Wide, 67° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8MDSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1744 lm7922.1 WMedium, 46° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8NRSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1794 lm8122.1 WNarrow, 36° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8VNRSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1771 lm7722.8 WVery Narrow, 23° FWHM, (0.4 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8WDSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1544 lm7022.1 WWide, 58° FWHM, (1.0 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8XWSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1541 lm7022.1 WExtra Wide, 67° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8MDSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2140 lm7727.8 WMedium, 46° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8NRSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2201 lm7927.8 WNarrow, 36° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8VNRSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2135 lm7229.6 WVery Narrow, 23° FWHM, (0.4 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8WDSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1894 lm6827.8 WWide, 58° FWHM, (1.0 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8XWSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1891 lm6827.8 WExtra Wide, 67° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8MDSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2568 lm7434.6 WMedium, 46° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8NRSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2642 lm7634.6 WNarrow, 36° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8VNRSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2495 lm6737 WVery Narrow, 23° FWHM, (0.4 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8WDSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2274 lm6634.6 WWide, 58° FWHM, (1.0 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-ML35K8XWSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2269 lm6634.6 WExtra Wide, 67° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8MDSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI562 lm727.8 WMedium, 46° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8NRSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI579 lm747.8 WNarrow, 36° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8VNRSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI597 lm738.2 WVery Narrow, 23° FWHM, (0.4 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8WDSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI498 lm647.8 WWide, 58° FWHM, (1.0 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8XWSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI497 lm647.8 WExtra Wide, 67° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8MDSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI900 lm7512 WMedium, 46° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8NRSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI925 lm7712 WNarrow, 36° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8VNRSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI981 lm7812.5 WVery Narrow, 23° FWHM, (0.4 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8WDSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI796 lm6612 WWide, 58° FWHM, (1.0 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8XWSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI795 lm6612 WExtra Wide, 67° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8MDSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1287 lm6918.6 WMedium, 46° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8NRSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1323 lm7118.6 WNarrow, 36° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8VNRSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1409 lm7818 WVery Narrow, 23° FWHM, (0.4 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8WDSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1139 lm6118.6 WWide, 58° FWHM, (1.0 SC)
LTR-4SQD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-4SQD-T-SL35K8XWSS_LTR-4SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1137 lm6118.6 WExtra Wide, 67° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-HL35L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-HL35K8MDSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3465 lm8143 WMedium, 40° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-HL35L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-HL35K8NRSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3361 lm7843 WNarrow, 30° FWHM, (0..50 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-HL35L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-HL35K8VNRSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3472 lm8143 WVery Narrow, 20° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-HL35L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-HL35K8WDSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3027 lm7043 WWide, 59° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-HL35L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-HL35K8XWSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3275 lm7643 WExtra Wide, 74° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-HL35L-DM1_LTR-6RW-T-HL35K8WWSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2821 lm6643 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTR-6RD-H-HL40L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-HL35K8MDSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3961 lm7751.6 WMedium, 40° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-HL40L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-HL35K8NRSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3842 lm7451.6 WNarrow, 30° FWHM, (0..50 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-HL40L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-HL35K8VNRSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3969 lm7751.6 WVery Narrow, 20° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-HL40L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-HL35K8WDSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3460 lm6751.6 WWide, 59° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-HL40L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-HL35K8XWSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3743 lm7351.6 WExtra Wide, 74° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-HL40L-DM1_LTR-6RW-T-HL35K8WWSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3224 lm6251.6 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTR-6RD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-ML35K8MDSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1969 lm8922.2 WMedium, 40° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-ML35K8NRSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1910 lm8622.2 WNarrow, 30° FWHM, (0..50 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-ML35K8VNRSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1973 lm8922.2 WVery Narrow, 20° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-ML35K8WDSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1720 lm7722.2 WWide, 59° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-ML35K8XWSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1861 lm8422.2 WExtra Wide, 74° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-6RW-T-ML35K8WWSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1603 lm7222.2 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTR-6RD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-ML35K8MDSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2394 lm8627.7 WMedium, 40° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-ML35K8NRSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2322 lm8427.7 WNarrow, 30° FWHM, (0..50 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-ML35K8VNRSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2398 lm8727.7 WVery Narrow, 20° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-ML35K8WDSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2091 lm7527.7 WWide, 59° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-ML35K8XWSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2262 lm8227.7 WExtra Wide, 74° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-6RW-T-ML35K8WWSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1949 lm7027.7 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTR-6RD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-ML35K8MDSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2852 lm8334.3 WMedium, 40° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-ML35K8NRSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2767 lm8134.3 WNarrow, 30° FWHM, (0..50 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-ML35K8VNRSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2858 lm8334.3 WVery Narrow, 20° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-ML35K8WDSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2492 lm7334.3 WWide, 59° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-ML35K8XWSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2696 lm7934.3 WExtra Wide, 74° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-6RW-T-ML35K8WWSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2322 lm6834.3 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTR-6RD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-SL35K8MDSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI624 lm807.8 WMedium, 40° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-SL35K8NRSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI605 lm787.8 WNarrow, 30° FWHM, (0..50 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-SL35K8VNRSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI625 lm807.8 WVery Narrow, 20° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-SL35K8WDSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI545 lm707.8 WWide, 59° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-SL35K8XWSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI590 lm767.8 WExtra Wide, 74° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-SL06L-DM1_LTR-6RW-T-SL35K8WWSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI508 lm657.8 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTR-6RD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-SL35K8MDSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI997 lm8312 WMedium, 40° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-SL35K8NRSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI967 lm8112 WNarrow, 30° FWHM, (0..50 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-SL35K8VNRSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI999 lm8312 WVery Narrow, 20° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-SL35K8WDSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI871 lm7312 WWide, 59° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-SL35K8XWSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI942 lm7912 WExtra Wide, 74° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-SL10L-DM1_LTR-6RW-T-SL35K8WWSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI812 lm6812 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTR-6RD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-SL35K8MDSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1432 lm7718.7 WMedium, 40° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-SL35K8NRSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1390 lm7418.7 WNarrow, 30° FWHM, (0..50 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-SL35K8VNRSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1435 lm7718.7 WVery Narrow, 20° FWHM, (0.3 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-SL35K8WDSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1251 lm6718.7 WWide, 59° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-6RD-T-SL35K8XWSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1354 lm7218.7 WExtra Wide, 74° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-6RD-H-SL15L-DM1_LTR-6RW-T-SL35K8WWSS_LTR-6RD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1166 lm6218.7 WOpen Single Wall Wash
LTR-6SQD-H-HL35L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-HL35K8MDSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3261 lm7643 WMedium, 45° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-HL35L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-HL35K8NRSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3391 lm7943 WNarrow, 37° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-HL35L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-HL35K8VNRSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3327 lm7743 WVery Narrow, 26° FWHM, (0.4 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-HL35L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-HL35K8WDSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3046 lm7143 WWide, 57° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-HL35L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-HL35K8XWSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2821 lm6643 WExtra Wide, 68° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-HL40L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-HL35K8MDSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3727 lm7251.6 WMedium, 45° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-HL40L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-HL35K8NRSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3876 lm7551.6 WNarrow, 37° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-HL40L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-HL35K8VNRSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3804 lm7451.6 WVery Narrow, 26° FWHM, (0.4 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-HL40L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-HL35K8WDSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3482 lm6751.6 WWide, 57° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-HL40L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-HL35K8XWSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI3224 lm6251.6 WExtra Wide, 68° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-ML35K8MDSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1853 lm8422.2 WMedium, 45° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-ML35K8NRSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1927 lm8722.2 WNarrow, 37° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-ML35K8VNRSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1891 lm8522.2 WVery Narrow, 26° FWHM, (0.4 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-ML35K8WDSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1731 lm7822.2 WWide, 57° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-ML20L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-ML35K8XWSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1603 lm7322.1 WExtra Wide, 68° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-ML35K8MDSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2253 lm8127.7 WMedium, 45° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-ML35K8NRSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2342 lm8527.7 WNarrow, 37° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-ML35K8VNRSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2299 lm8327.7 WVery Narrow, 26° FWHM, (0.4 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-ML35K8WDSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2104 lm7627.7 WWide, 57° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-ML25L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-ML35K8XWSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI1949 lm7027.7 WExtra Wide, 68° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-ML35K8MDSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2684 lm7834.3 WMedium, 45° FWHM, (0.7 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-ML35K8NRSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2791 lm8134.3 WNarrow, 37° FWHM, (0.6 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-ML35K8VNRSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2739 lm8034.3 WVery Narrow, 26° FWHM, (0.4 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-ML35K8WDSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2508 lm7334.3 WWide, 57° FWHM, (0.9 SC)
LTR-6SQD-H-ML30L-DM1_LTR-6SQD-T-ML35K8XWSS_LTR-6SQD-CE-WT3500 K80 CRI2322 lm6834.3 WExtra Wide, 68° FWHM, (1.1 SC)
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