Visual Stealth Technology. The standard for slim, low-profile site lighting, WARP9® features visual stealth technology, the antithesis of ornamental design.

Features & Benefits

  • TIR Strike Optics
  • Aerodynamic design and low EPA for installation in higher wind areas
  • Patented low profile luminaire
  • Available in Monochromatic Amber, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K
  • 0 - 10V dimming drivers standard
  • IP65 optical assembly


Lumen Range
1,783 - 14,924
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming
CCT Offering
3000, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
70, 80, 90
Mounting Options
Wattage Range
95 - 235.6
Color Offering
BLS - Black Gloss Smooth, BLT - Black Matte Textured, DBS - Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, DBT- Dark Bronze Matte Textured, GTT - Graphite Matte Textured, LGS - Light Grey Gloss Smooth, LG - Light Grey Matte Textured, PSS - Platinum Silver Gloss Smooth, VGT - Verde Green Matte Textured, WHS - White Gloss Smooth, WHT - White Matte Textured, CC – Custom Color
Optics & Distributions
Type I, Type II, Type III, Type IV Wide, Type V Square Medium, Right, Left
cUL, UL 1598
TAA (Buy American 52.225-11)

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-1-BC-CLR3000 K70 CRI11974 lm65184.89 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-1-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI10938 lm59184.89 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-1-BC3000 K70 CRI14022 lm76184.89 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-1-CLR3000 K70 CRI18703 lm101184.89 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-1-CP3000 K70 CRI17085 lm92184.89 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-13000 K70 CRI21901 lm118184.89 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-2-BC-CLR3000 K70 CRI11181 lm60184.89 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-2-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI10214 lm55184.89 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI13093 lm71184.89 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-2-CLR3000 K70 CRI17553 lm95184.89 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-2-CP3000 K70 CRI16035 lm87184.89 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-23000 K70 CRI20555 lm111184.89 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-3-BC-CLR3000 K70 CRI10823 lm59184.89 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-3-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI9887 lm53184.89 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-3-BC3000 K70 CRI12674 lm69184.89 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-3-CLR3000 K70 CRI17409 lm94184.89 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-3-CP3000 K70 CRI15903 lm86184.89 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-33000 K70 CRI20386 lm110184.89 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-4-BC-CLR3000 K70 CRI13229 lm72184.89 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-4-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI12085 lm65184.89 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-4-BC3000 K70 CRI15492 lm84184.89 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-4-CLR3000 K70 CRI18290 lm99184.89 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-4-CP3000 K70 CRI16708 lm90184.89 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-43000 K70 CRI21418 lm116184.89 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-4W-BC-CLR3000 K70 CRI11186 lm61184.89 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-4W-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI10218 lm55184.89 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-4W-BC3000 K70 CRI13099 lm71184.89 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-4W-CLR3000 K70 CRI17439 lm94184.89 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-4W-CP3000 K70 CRI15930 lm86184.89 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI20420 lm110184.89 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-5Q-CLR3000 K70 CRI18082 lm98184.89 WType 5Q
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-5Q-CP3000 K70 CRI16518 lm89184.89 WType 5Q
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-5Q3000 K70 CRI21174 lm115184.89 WType 5Q
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-L-CLR3000 K70 CRI17357 lm94184.89 WType L
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-L-CP3000 K70 CRI15855 lm86184.89 WType L
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-L3000 K70 CRI20325 lm110184.89 WType L
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-R-CLR3000 K70 CRI17357 lm94184.89 WType R
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-R-CP3000 K70 CRI15856 lm86184.89 WType R
WP9L2-108L-550-3K7-R3000 K70 CRI20326 lm110184.89 WType R
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-1-BC-CLR4000 K70 CRI12426 lm67184.89 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-1-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI11351 lm61184.89 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-1-BC4000 K70 CRI14551 lm79184.89 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-1-CLR4000 K70 CRI19409 lm105184.89 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-1-CP4000 K70 CRI17730 lm96184.89 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-14000 K70 CRI22728 lm123184.89 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-2-BC-CLR4000 K70 CRI11603 lm63184.89 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-2-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI10599 lm57184.89 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI13587 lm73184.89 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-2-CLR4000 K70 CRI18216 lm99184.89 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-2-CP4000 K70 CRI16640 lm90184.89 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-24000 K70 CRI21331 lm115184.89 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-3-BC-CLR4000 K70 CRI11232 lm61184.89 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-3-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI10260 lm55184.89 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI13152 lm71184.89 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-3-CLR4000 K70 CRI18066 lm98184.89 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-3-CP4000 K70 CRI16503 lm89184.89 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-34000 K70 CRI21155 lm114184.89 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-4-BC-CLR4000 K70 CRI13729 lm74184.89 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-4-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI12541 lm68184.89 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-4-BC4000 K70 CRI16076 lm87184.89 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-4-CLR4000 K70 CRI18981 lm103184.89 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-4-CP4000 K70 CRI17339 lm94184.89 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-44000 K70 CRI22227 lm120184.89 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-4W-BC-CLR4000 K70 CRI11609 lm63184.89 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-4W-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI10604 lm57184.89 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI13594 lm74184.89 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-4W-CLR4000 K70 CRI18097 lm98184.89 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-4W-CP4000 K70 CRI16531 lm89184.89 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI21192 lm115184.89 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-5Q-CLR4000 K70 CRI18765 lm101184.89 WType 5Q
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-5Q-CP4000 K70 CRI17141 lm93184.89 WType 5Q
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-5Q4000 K70 CRI21973 lm119184.89 WType 5Q
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-L-CLR4000 K70 CRI18012 lm97184.89 WType L
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-L-CP4000 K70 CRI16453 lm89184.89 WType L
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-L4000 K70 CRI21092 lm114184.89 WType L
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-R-CLR4000 K70 CRI18012 lm97184.89 WType R
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-R-CP4000 K70 CRI16454 lm89184.89 WType R
WP9L2-108L-550-4K7-R4000 K70 CRI21092 lm114184.89 WType R
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-1-BC-CLR5000 K70 CRI12939 lm70184.89 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-1-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI11819 lm64184.89 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-1-BC5000 K70 CRI15151 lm82184.89 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-1-CLR5000 K70 CRI20210 lm109184.89 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-1-CP5000 K70 CRI18462 lm100184.89 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-15000 K70 CRI23666 lm128184.89 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-2-BC-CLR5000 K70 CRI12082 lm65184.89 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-2-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI11037 lm60184.89 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-2-BC5000 K70 CRI14148 lm77184.89 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-2-CLR5000 K70 CRI18968 lm103184.89 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-2-CP5000 K70 CRI17327 lm94184.89 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-25000 K70 CRI22211 lm120184.89 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-3-BC-CLR5000 K70 CRI11695 lm63184.89 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-3-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI10683 lm58184.89 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-3-BC5000 K70 CRI13695 lm74184.89 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-3-CLR5000 K70 CRI18811 lm102184.89 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-3-CP5000 K70 CRI17184 lm93184.89 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-35000 K70 CRI22028 lm119184.89 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-4-BC-CLR5000 K70 CRI14295 lm77184.89 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-4-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI13058 lm71184.89 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-4-BC5000 K70 CRI16740 lm91184.89 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-4-CLR5000 K70 CRI19764 lm107184.89 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-4-CP5000 K70 CRI18054 lm98184.89 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-45000 K70 CRI23144 lm125184.89 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-4W-BC-CLR5000 K70 CRI12087 lm65184.89 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-4W-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI11042 lm60184.89 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI14154 lm77184.89 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-4W-CLR5000 K70 CRI18843 lm102184.89 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-4W-CP5000 K70 CRI17213 lm93184.89 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI22066 lm119184.89 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-5Q-CLR5000 K70 CRI19539 lm106184.89 WType 5Q
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-5Q-CP5000 K70 CRI17848 lm97184.89 WType 5Q
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-5Q5000 K70 CRI22880 lm124184.89 WType 5Q
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-L-CLR5000 K70 CRI18755 lm101184.89 WType L
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-L-CP5000 K70 CRI17133 lm93184.89 WType L
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-L5000 K70 CRI21963 lm119184.89 WType L
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-R-CLR5000 K70 CRI18756 lm101184.89 WType R
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-R-CP5000 K70 CRI17133 lm93184.89 WType R
WP9L2-108L-550-5K7-R5000 K70 CRI21963 lm119184.89 WType R
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-1-BC-CLR3000 K70 CRI14421 lm61235.6 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-1-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI13173 lm56235.6 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-1-BC3000 K70 CRI16887 lm72235.6 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-1-CLR3000 K70 CRI22525 lm96235.6 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-1-CP3000 K70 CRI20576 lm87235.6 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-13000 K70 CRI26376 lm112235.6 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-2-BC-CLR3000 K70 CRI13466 lm57235.6 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-2-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI12301 lm52235.6 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI15768 lm67235.6 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-2-CLR3000 K70 CRI21140 lm90235.6 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-2-CP3000 K70 CRI19311 lm82235.6 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-23000 K70 CRI24755 lm105235.6 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-3-BC-CLR3000 K70 CRI13034 lm55235.6 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-3-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI11907 lm51235.6 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-3-BC3000 K70 CRI15263 lm65235.6 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-3-CLR3000 K70 CRI20966 lm89235.6 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-3-CP3000 K70 CRI19152 lm81235.6 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-33000 K70 CRI24551 lm104235.6 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-4-BC-CLR3000 K70 CRI15932 lm68235.59 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-4-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI14554 lm62235.59 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-4-BC3000 K70 CRI18657 lm79235.59 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-4-CLR3000 K70 CRI22028 lm94235.59 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-4-CP3000 K70 CRI20122 lm85235.59 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-43000 K70 CRI25795 lm109235.59 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-4W-BC-CLR3000 K70 CRI13472 lm57235.6 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-4W-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI12306 lm52235.6 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-4W-BC3000 K70 CRI15776 lm67235.6 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-4W-CLR3000 K70 CRI21002 lm89235.6 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-4W-CP3000 K70 CRI19185 lm81235.6 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI24593 lm104235.6 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-5Q-CLR3000 K70 CRI21776 lm92235.6 WType 5Q
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-5Q-CP3000 K70 CRI19892 lm84235.6 WType 5Q
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-5Q3000 K70 CRI25500 lm108235.6 WType 5Q
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-L-CLR3000 K70 CRI20903 lm89235.6 WType L
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-L-CP3000 K70 CRI19095 lm81235.6 WType L
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-L3000 K70 CRI24478 lm104235.6 WType L
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-R-CLR3000 K70 CRI20903 lm89235.6 WType R
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-R-CP3000 K70 CRI19095 lm81235.6 WType R
WP9L2-108L-700-3K7-R3000 K70 CRI24478 lm104235.6 WType R
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-1-BC-CLR4000 K70 CRI14965 lm64235.6 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-1-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI13670 lm58235.6 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-1-BC4000 K70 CRI17524 lm74235.6 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-1-CLR4000 K70 CRI23375 lm99235.6 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-1-CP4000 K70 CRI21353 lm91235.6 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-14000 K70 CRI27372 lm116235.6 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-2-BC-CLR4000 K70 CRI13974 lm59235.6 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-2-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI12765 lm54235.6 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI16364 lm69235.6 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-2-CLR4000 K70 CRI21938 lm93235.6 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-2-CP4000 K70 CRI20040 lm85235.6 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-24000 K70 CRI25690 lm109235.6 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-3-BC-CLR4000 K70 CRI13526 lm57235.6 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-3-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI12356 lm52235.6 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI15840 lm67235.6 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-3-CLR4000 K70 CRI21757 lm92235.6 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-3-CP4000 K70 CRI19875 lm84235.6 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-34000 K70 CRI25478 lm108235.6 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-4-BC-CLR4000 K70 CRI16534 lm70235.59 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-4-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI15104 lm64235.59 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-4-BC4000 K70 CRI19361 lm82235.59 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-4-CLR4000 K70 CRI22859 lm97235.59 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-4-CP4000 K70 CRI20882 lm89235.59 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-44000 K70 CRI26768 lm114235.59 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-4W-BC-CLR4000 K70 CRI13981 lm59235.6 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-4W-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI12771 lm54235.6 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI16371 lm69235.6 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-4W-CLR4000 K70 CRI21795 lm93235.6 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-4W-CP4000 K70 CRI19909 lm85235.6 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI25522 lm108235.6 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-5Q-CLR4000 K70 CRI22599 lm96235.6 WType 5Q
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-5Q-CP4000 K70 CRI20644 lm88235.6 WType 5Q
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-5Q4000 K70 CRI26463 lm112235.6 WType 5Q
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-L-CLR4000 K70 CRI21693 lm92235.6 WType L
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-L-CP4000 K70 CRI19816 lm84235.6 WType L
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-L4000 K70 CRI25402 lm108235.6 WType L
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-R-CLR4000 K70 CRI21693 lm92235.6 WType R
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-R-CP4000 K70 CRI19816 lm84235.6 WType R
WP9L2-108L-700-4K7-R4000 K70 CRI25402 lm108235.6 WType R
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-1-BC-CLR5000 K70 CRI15582 lm66234.99 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-1-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI14234 lm61234.99 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-1-BC5000 K70 CRI18247 lm78234.99 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-1-CLR5000 K70 CRI24339 lm103235.26 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-1-CP5000 K70 CRI22234 lm95235.26 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-15000 K70 CRI28501 lm121235.26 WType 1
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-2-BC-CLR5000 K70 CRI14550 lm62234.53 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-2-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI13292 lm57234.53 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-2-BC5000 K70 CRI17039 lm73234.53 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-2-CLR5000 K70 CRI22843 lm97234.83 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-2-CP5000 K70 CRI20867 lm89234.83 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-25000 K70 CRI26749 lm114234.83 WType 2
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-3-BC-CLR5000 K70 CRI14084 lm60234.07 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-3-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI12866 lm55234.07 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-3-BC5000 K70 CRI16493 lm70234.07 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-3-CLR5000 K70 CRI22655 lm96236.19 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-3-CP5000 K70 CRI20695 lm88236.19 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-35000 K70 CRI26529 lm112236.19 WType 3
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-4-BC-CLR5000 K70 CRI17216 lm73235.59 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-4-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI15727 lm67235.59 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-4-BC5000 K70 CRI20160 lm86234.77 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-4-CLR5000 K70 CRI23802 lm101235.59 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-4-CP5000 K70 CRI21743 lm92235.59 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-45000 K70 CRI27873 lm118235.55 WType 4
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-4W-BC-CLR5000 K70 CRI14557 lm62234.82 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-4W-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI13298 lm57234.82 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI17047 lm73234.82 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-4W-CLR5000 K70 CRI22694 lm96235.38 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-4W-CP5000 K70 CRI20730 lm88235.38 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI26574 lm113235.38 WType 4W
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-5Q-CLR5000 K70 CRI23531 lm99236.51 WType 5Q
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-5Q-CP5000 K70 CRI21495 lm91236.51 WType 5Q
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-5Q5000 K70 CRI27555 lm117236.51 WType 5Q
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-L-CLR5000 K70 CRI22587 lm95236.52 WType L
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-L-CP5000 K70 CRI20633 lm87236.52 WType L
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-L5000 K70 CRI26450 lm112236.52 WType L
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-R-CLR5000 K70 CRI22587 lm95236.52 WType R
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-R-CP5000 K70 CRI20633 lm87236.52 WType R
WP9L2-108L-700-5K7-R5000 K70 CRI26450 lm112236.52 WType R
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-1-BC-CLR3000 K70 CRI9027 lm65138.03 WType 1
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-1-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI8246 lm60138.03 WType 1
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-1-BC3000 K70 CRI10571 lm77138.03 WType 1
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-1-CLR3000 K70 CRI14100 lm102138.03 WType 1
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-1-CP3000 K70 CRI12880 lm93138.03 WType 1
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-13000 K70 CRI16511 lm120138.03 WType 1
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-2-BC-CLR3000 K70 CRI8429 lm61138.03 WType 2
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-2-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI7700 lm56138.03 WType 2
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI9871 lm72138.03 WType 2
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-2-CLR3000 K70 CRI13233 lm96138.03 WType 2
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-2-CP3000 K70 CRI12089 lm88138.03 WType 2
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-23000 K70 CRI15496 lm112138.03 WType 2
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-3-BC-CLR3000 K70 CRI8159 lm59138.03 WType 3
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-3-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI7454 lm54138.03 WType 3
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-3-BC3000 K70 CRI9555 lm69138.03 WType 3
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-3-CLR3000 K70 CRI13124 lm95138.03 WType 3
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-3-CP3000 K70 CRI11989 lm87138.03 WType 3
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-33000 K70 CRI15369 lm111138.03 WType 3
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-4-BC-CLR3000 K70 CRI9974 lm72138.03 WType 4
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-4-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI9111 lm66138.03 WType 4
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-4-BC3000 K70 CRI11679 lm85138.03 WType 4
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-4-CLR3000 K70 CRI13789 lm100138.03 WType 4
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-4-CP3000 K70 CRI12596 lm91138.03 WType 4
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-43000 K70 CRI16147 lm117138.03 WType 4
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-4W-BC-CLR3000 K70 CRI8433 lm61138.03 WType 4W
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-4W-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI7704 lm56138.03 WType 4W
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-4W-BC3000 K70 CRI9875 lm72138.03 WType 4W
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-4W-CLR3000 K70 CRI13147 lm95138.03 WType 4W
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-4W-CP3000 K70 CRI12009 lm87138.03 WType 4W
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI15395 lm112138.03 WType 4W
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-5Q-CLR3000 K70 CRI13632 lm99138.03 WType 5Q
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-5Q-CP3000 K70 CRI12453 lm90138.03 WType 5Q
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-5Q3000 K70 CRI15963 lm116138.03 WType 5Q
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-L-CLR3000 K70 CRI13086 lm95138.03 WType L
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-L-CP3000 K70 CRI11954 lm87138.03 WType L
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-L3000 K70 CRI15324 lm111138.03 WType L
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-R-CLR3000 K70 CRI13086 lm95138.03 WType R
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-R-CP3000 K70 CRI11954 lm87138.03 WType R
WP9L2-81L-550-3K7-R3000 K70 CRI15323 lm111138.03 WType R
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-1-BC-CLR4000 K70 CRI9368 lm68138.03 WType 1
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-1-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI8558 lm62138.03 WType 1
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-1-BC4000 K70 CRI10970 lm79138.03 WType 1
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-1-CLR4000 K70 CRI14633 lm106138.03 WType 1
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-1-CP4000 K70 CRI13367 lm97138.03 WType 1
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-14000 K70 CRI17135 lm124138.03 WType 1
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-2-BC-CLR4000 K70 CRI8748 lm63138.03 WType 2
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-2-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI7991 lm58138.03 WType 2
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI10243 lm74138.03 WType 2
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-2-CLR4000 K70 CRI13733 lm99138.03 WType 2
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-2-CP4000 K70 CRI12545 lm91138.03 WType 2
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-24000 K70 CRI16081 lm117138.03 WType 2
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-3-BC-CLR4000 K70 CRI8468 lm61138.03 WType 3
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-3-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI7735 lm56138.03 WType 3
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI9915 lm72138.03 WType 3
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-3-CLR4000 K70 CRI13620 lm99138.03 WType 3
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-3-CP4000 K70 CRI12442 lm90138.03 WType 3
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-34000 K70 CRI15949 lm116138.03 WType 3
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-4-BC-CLR4000 K70 CRI10350 lm75138.03 WType 4
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-4-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI9455 lm68138.03 WType 4
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-4-BC4000 K70 CRI12120 lm88138.03 WType 4
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-4-CLR4000 K70 CRI14310 lm104138.03 WType 4
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-4-CP4000 K70 CRI13072 lm95138.03 WType 4
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-44000 K70 CRI16757 lm121138.03 WType 4
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-4W-BC-CLR4000 K70 CRI8752 lm63138.03 WType 4W
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-4W-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI7995 lm58138.03 WType 4W
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI10248 lm74138.03 WType 4W
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-4W-CLR4000 K70 CRI13643 lm99138.03 WType 4W
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-4W-CP4000 K70 CRI12463 lm90138.03 WType 4W
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI15976 lm116138.03 WType 4W
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-5Q-CLR4000 K70 CRI14147 lm102138.03 WType 5Q
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-5Q-CP4000 K70 CRI12923 lm94138.03 WType 5Q
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-5Q4000 K70 CRI16566 lm120138.03 WType 5Q
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-L-CLR4000 K70 CRI13579 lm98138.03 WType L
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-L-CP4000 K70 CRI12405 lm90138.03 WType L
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-L4000 K70 CRI15902 lm115138.03 WType L
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-R-CLR4000 K70 CRI13580 lm98138.03 WType R
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-R-CP4000 K70 CRI12405 lm90138.03 WType R
WP9L2-81L-550-4K7-R4000 K70 CRI15902 lm115138.03 WType R
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-1-BC-CLR5000 K70 CRI9755 lm71138.03 WType 1
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-1-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI8911 lm65138.03 WType 1
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-1-BC5000 K70 CRI11423 lm83138.03 WType 1
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-1-CLR5000 K70 CRI15236 lm110138.03 WType 1
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-1-CP5000 K70 CRI13918 lm101138.03 WType 1
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-15000 K70 CRI17842 lm129138.03 WType 1
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-2-BC-CLR5000 K70 CRI9108 lm66138.03 WType 2
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-2-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI8320 lm60138.03 WType 2
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-2-BC5000 K70 CRI10666 lm77138.03 WType 2
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-2-CLR5000 K70 CRI14300 lm104138.03 WType 2
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-2-CP5000 K70 CRI13063 lm95138.03 WType 2
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-25000 K70 CRI16745 lm121138.03 WType 2
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-3-BC-CLR5000 K70 CRI8817 lm64138.03 WType 3
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-3-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI8054 lm58138.03 WType 3
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-3-BC5000 K70 CRI10324 lm75138.03 WType 3
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-3-CLR5000 K70 CRI14182 lm103138.03 WType 3
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-3-CP5000 K70 CRI12955 lm94138.03 WType 3
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-35000 K70 CRI16607 lm120138.03 WType 3
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-4-BC-CLR5000 K70 CRI10777 lm78138.03 WType 4
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-4-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI9845 lm71138.03 WType 4
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-4-BC5000 K70 CRI12620 lm91138.03 WType 4
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-4-CLR5000 K70 CRI14900 lm108138.03 WType 4
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-4-CP5000 K70 CRI13611 lm99138.03 WType 4
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-45000 K70 CRI17448 lm126138.03 WType 4
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-4W-BC-CLR5000 K70 CRI9113 lm66138.03 WType 4W
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-4W-BC-CP5000 K70 CRI8324 lm60138.03 WType 4W
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI10671 lm77138.03 WType 4W
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-4W-CLR5000 K70 CRI14206 lm103138.03 WType 4W
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-4W-CP5000 K70 CRI12977 lm94138.03 WType 4W
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI16635 lm121138.03 WType 4W
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-5Q-CLR5000 K70 CRI14730 lm107138.03 WType 5Q
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-5Q-CP5000 K70 CRI13456 lm97138.03 WType 5Q
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-5Q5000 K70 CRI17249 lm125138.03 WType 5Q
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-L-CLR5000 K70 CRI14140 lm102138.03 WType L
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-L-CP5000 K70 CRI12917 lm94138.03 WType L
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-L5000 K70 CRI16558 lm120138.03 WType L
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-R-CLR5000 K70 CRI14140 lm102138.03 WType R
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-R-CP5000 K70 CRI12917 lm94138.03 WType R
WP9L2-81L-550-5K7-R5000 K70 CRI16558 lm120138.03 WType R
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-1-BC-CLR3000 K70 CRI2188 lm6931.6 WType 1
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-1-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI1989 lm6331.6 WType 1
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-1-BC3000 K70 CRI2483 lm7931.6 WType 1
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-1-CLR3000 K70 CRI3354 lm10631.6 WType 1
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-1-CP3000 K70 CRI3048 lm9631.6 WType 1
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-13000 K70 CRI3806 lm12031.6 WType 1
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-2-BC-CLR3000 K70 CRI2047 lm6531.6 WType 2
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-2-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI1860 lm5931.6 WType 2
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI2322 lm7331.6 WType 2
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-2-CLR3000 K70 CRI3185 lm10131.6 WType 2
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-2-CP3000 K70 CRI2894 lm9231.6 WType 2
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-23000 K70 CRI3614 lm11431.6 WType 2
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-3-BC-CLR3000 K70 CRI1962 lm6231.6 WType 3
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-3-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI1783 lm5631.6 WType 3
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-3-BC3000 K70 CRI2227 lm7031.6 WType 3
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-3-CLR3000 K70 CRI3176 lm10131.6 WType 3
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-3-CP3000 K70 CRI2887 lm9131.6 WType 3
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-33000 K70 CRI3604 lm11431.6 WType 3
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-4-BC-CLR3000 K70 CRI2426 lm7731.6 WType 4
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-4-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI2205 lm7031.6 WType 4
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-4-BC3000 K70 CRI2753 lm8731.6 WType 4
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-4-CLR3000 K70 CRI3314 lm10531.6 WType 4
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-4-CP3000 K70 CRI3011 lm9531.6 WType 4
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-43000 K70 CRI3760 lm11931.6 WType 4
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-4W-BC-CLR3000 K70 CRI2051 lm6531.6 WType 4W
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-4W-BC-CP3000 K70 CRI1864 lm5931.6 WType 4W
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-4W-BC3000 K70 CRI2327 lm7431.6 WType 4W
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-4W-CLR3000 K70 CRI3159 lm10031.6 WType 4W
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-4W-CP3000 K70 CRI2871 lm9131.6 WType 4W
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI3585 lm11331.6 WType 4W
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-5Q-CLR3000 K70 CRI3292 lm10431.6 WType 5Q
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-5Q-CP3000 K70 CRI2992 lm9531.6 WType 5Q
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-5Q3000 K70 CRI3736 lm11831.6 WType 5Q
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-L-CLR3000 K70 CRI3147 lm10031.6 WType L
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-L-CP3000 K70 CRI2860 lm9131.6 WType L
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-L3000 K70 CRI3572 lm11331.6 WType L
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-R-CLR3000 K70 CRI3148 lm10031.6 WType R
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-R-CP3000 K70 CRI2861 lm9131.6 WType R
WP9S2-27L-350-3K7-R3000 K70 CRI3572 lm11331.6 WType R
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-1-BC-CLR4000 K70 CRI2265 lm7231.6 WType 1
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-1-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI2059 lm6531.6 WType 1
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-1-BC4000 K70 CRI2570 lm8131.6 WType 1
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-1-CLR4000 K70 CRI3472 lm11031.6 WType 1
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-1-CP4000 K70 CRI3155 lm10031.6 WType 1
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-14000 K70 CRI3940 lm12531.6 WType 1
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-2-BC-CLR4000 K70 CRI2119 lm6731.6 WType 2
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-2-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI1925 lm6131.6 WType 2
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI2404 lm7631.6 WType 2
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-2-CLR4000 K70 CRI3297 lm10431.6 WType 2
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-2-CP4000 K70 CRI2996 lm9531.6 WType 2
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-24000 K70 CRI3741 lm11831.6 WType 2
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-3-BC-CLR4000 K70 CRI2031 lm6431.6 WType 3
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-3-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI1846 lm5831.6 WType 3
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI2305 lm7331.6 WType 3
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-3-CLR4000 K70 CRI3288 lm10431.6 WType 3
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-3-CP4000 K70 CRI2988 lm9531.6 WType 3
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-34000 K70 CRI3731 lm11831.6 WType 3
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-4-BC-CLR4000 K70 CRI2511 lm7931.6 WType 4
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-4-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI2282 lm7231.6 WType 4
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-4-BC4000 K70 CRI2849 lm9031.6 WType 4
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-4-CLR4000 K70 CRI3430 lm10931.6 WType 4
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-4-CP4000 K70 CRI3117 lm9931.6 WType 4
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-44000 K70 CRI3892 lm12331.6 WType 4
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-4W-BC-CLR4000 K70 CRI2123 lm6731.6 WType 4W
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-4W-BC-CP4000 K70 CRI1930 lm6131.6 WType 4W
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI2409 lm7631.6 WType 4W
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-4W-CLR4000 K70 CRI3270 lm10331.6 WType 4W
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-4W-CP4000 K70 CRI2972 lm9431.6 WType 4W
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI3711 lm11731.6 WType 4W
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-5Q-CLR4000 K70 CRI3409 lm10831.6 WType 5Q
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-5Q-CP4000 K70 CRI3098 lm9831.6 WType 5Q
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-5Q4000 K70 CRI3868 lm12231.6 WType 5Q
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-L-CLR4000 K70 CRI3258 lm10331.6 WType L
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-L-CP4000 K70 CRI2961 lm9431.6 WType L
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-L4000 K70 CRI3697 lm11731.6 WType L
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-R-CLR4000 K70 CRI3258 lm10331.6 WType R
WP9S2-27L-350-4K7-R-CP4000 K70 CRI2961 lm9431.6 WType R