Altitude® 2.0

The ALTITUDE® is the ultimate in luminaire design innovation. The low-profile housing is proportional and scalable with sizes to cover pedestrian/site/roadway environments

Features & Benefits

  • Three Sizes for maximum flexibility to cover more applications
  • IP66 Certified
  • Nine IES distribution patterns
  • Three Lens options: no lens, clear and diffuse for visual comfort
  • NX wired and wireless integrated control system
  • 70, 80 and 90 CRI are available


Voltage Offering
Lumen Range
5,001 - 50,000
Dimming Protocol
0-10V;10%-100%;Dusk to Dawn;Programmable
CCT Offering
3000, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
70, 80, 90
Mounting Options
Wattage Range
50 - 150
Color Offering
BLS - Black Gloss Smooth, BLT - Black Matte Textured, DBS - Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, DBT- Dark Bronze Matte Textured, GTT - Graphite Matte Textured, LG - Light Grey Matte Textured, LGS - Light Grey Gloss Smooth, PSS - Platinum Silver Gloss Smooth, VGT - Verde Green Matte Textured, WHS - White Gloss Smooth, WHT - White Matte Textured, CC – Custom Color
Optics & Distributions
Type II, Type III, Type IV, Type IV Wide, Type V, Type V Square Medium, Type V Square Narrow, Type V Square Wide (Round)
Controls & Sensors
Luminaire Grouping, Occupancy, Lumen Maintenance Compensation, 7-pin ANSI C136.41 Dimming Receptacle, NX Lighting Controls, Profile Dimming
UL 1598, UL 8750, CSA
Operating Temp
-40 to 25

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
ALT1-28L-85-4k7-5QN4000 K70 CRI10014 lm11686 WType 5QN
ALT1-54L-120-AM-CL3760 lm31120 WType CL
ALT2-100L-200-AM-46146 lm31198 WType 4
ALT2-100L-160-4k7-5W4000 K70 CRI21173 lm132160 WType 5W
ALT1-28L-40-27K8-4-CLR2700 K80 CRI3941 lm10438 WType 4
ALT3-168L-350-AM-CR-CLR10486 lm30350 WType CR
ALT3-168L-350-4k7-FR4000 K70 CRI45585 lm131348 WType FR
ALT2-100L-285-5K7-CL-CLR5000 K70 CRI31615 lm111285 WType CL
ALT3-168L-305-5K7-3-HDL5000 K70 CRI30983 lm101307 WType 2
ALT1-28L-20-27K8-CL2700 K80 CRI2717 lm13620 WType CL
ALT2-100L-200-4k7-5R-CLR4000 K70 CRI23116 lm117198 WType 5R
ALT2-100L-240-35K8-CL3500 K80 CRI26472 lm110240 WType CL
ALT1-54L-120-27K8-42700 K80 CRI12618 lm103122 WType 4
ALT1-54L-120-4k7-5QM-CLR4000 K70 CRI14140 lm116122 WType 5QM
ALT1-28L-60-4k7-5W-CLR4000 K70 CRI7032 lm11760 WType 5W
ALT1-54L-95-27K8-4-CLR2700 K80 CRI9671 lm10394 WType 4
ALT2-100L-160-AM-CR-CLR5065 lm32160 WType CR
ALT1-28L-20-4k7-3-CLR4000 K70 CRI2900 lm13222 WType 3
ALT1-54L-95-5K7-2-BC5000 K70 CRI6393 lm6992.54 WType 2
ALT1-28L-40-AM-CL-CLR1184 lm3040 WType CL
ALT3-168L-350-27K8-4W-BC2700 K80 CRI17014 lm49348 WType 4W
ALT3-168L-385-4k7-5W-CLR4000 K70 CRI45816 lm118387 WType 5W
ALT1-54L-120-5K7-CL-CLR5000 K70 CRI13791 lm115120 WType CL
ALT2-100L-285-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI13927 lm49285 WType 4W
ALT2-100L-240-4k7-5QM4000 K70 CRI29809 lm124241 WType 5QM
ALT3-168L-305-27K8-4-CLR2700 K80 CRI31436 lm102307 WType 4
ALT1-28L-60-AM-CR-CLR1786 lm3060 WType CR
ALT1-54L-155-4k7-44000 K70 CRI17465 lm112156 WType 4
ALT1-28L-40-4k7-FR-CLR4000 K70 CRI4795 lm12638 WType FR
ALT1-54L-95-AM-CL-CLR2882 lm3095 WType CL
ALT2-100L-160-27K8-4W-BC2700 K80 CRI7498 lm48156.84 WType 4W
ALT1-28L-40-4K7-FR-BC4000 K70 CRI3356 lm8838 WType FR
ALT1-54L-155-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI8768 lm56156 WType 4W
ALT1-28L-60-AM-4-BC1407 lm2360 WType 4
ALT3-168L-305-27K8-CR2700 K80 CRI33700 lm110305 WType CR
ALT2-100L-240-5k7-2-CLR5000 K70 CRI26195 lm109241 WType 2
ALT2-100L-285-4k7-4W-CLR4000 K70 CRI30662 lm108285 WType 4W
ALT1-28L-85-3K7-CR3000 K70 CRI9267 lm10985 WType CR
ALT3-168L-385-5k7-4W-CLR5000 K70 CRI45674 lm118387 WType 4W
ALT3-168L-305-AM-CL-CLR9379 lm31305 WType CL
ALT1-28L-60-27K8-4W-BC2700 K80 CRI3614 lm6060 WType 4W
ALT1-54L-95-4k7-3-HDL4000 K70 CRI9196 lm9894 WType 3
ALT1-28L-20-5K7-3-BC5000 K70 CRI1898 lm8522.33 WType 2
ALT2-100L-160-AM-4-BC3145 lm20158.17 WType 4
ALT1-54L-95-27K8-CR2700 K80 CRI10355 lm10995 WType CR
ALT1-28L-60-4K7-4-CLR4000 K70 CRI6844 lm11460 WType 4
ALT1-54L-120-5k7-25000 K70 CRI14591 lm120122 WType 2
ALT1-28L-85-35K8-5W3500 K80 CRI9165 lm10786 WType 5W
ALT2-100L-285-27K8-4W-CLR2700 K80 CRI26628 lm93285 WType 4W
ALT2-100L-200-5k7-3-HDL5000 K70 CRI19343 lm98198 WType 3
ALT1-28L-20-27K8-32700 K80 CRI2692 lm12022.38 WType 3
ALT3-168L-305-4k7-24000 K70 CRI37350 lm122307 WType 2
ALT2-100L-240-3K7-CR3000 K70 CRI27242 lm114240 WType CR
ALT3-168L-350-5k7-5QM5000 K70 CRI45547 lm131348 WType 5QM
ALT3-168L-350-AM-4-BC6671 lm19348 WType 4
ALT1-28L-40-27K8-CR2700 K80 CRI4254 lm10640 WType CR
ALT2-100L-160-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI8634 lm54160 WType 4W
ALT2-100L-200-35K8-5W3500 K80 CRI22597 lm114198 WType 5W
ALT1-54L-155-27K8-4W-CLR2700 K80 CRI14052 lm90156 WType 4W
ALT1-28L-85-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI5813 lm6886 WType 2
ALT1-28L-85-5k7-3-CLR5000 K70 CRI9162 lm10786 WType 3
ALT1-54L-120-AM-33726 lm31122 WType 3
ALT2-100L-200-AM-FR-BC3926 lm20198 WType FR
ALT2-100L-160-5k7-4W5000 K70 CRI20872 lm130160.43 WType 4W
ALT1-28L-20-AM-5W-HDL654 lm3022 WType 5W
ALT3-168L-385-27K8-4W2700 K80 CRI41849 lm108387 WType 4W
ALT3-168L-350-4K7-44000 K70 CRI43268 lm124348 WType 4
ALT3-168L-350-3K7-CL3000 K70 CRI41218 lm118350 WType CL
ALT3-168L-305-5k7-5R-CLR5000 K70 CRI37853 lm123307 WType 5R
ALT3-168L-385-35K8-5W3500 K80 CRI45222 lm117387 WType 5W
ALT1-28L-20-35K8-4W-CLR3500 K80 CRI2661 lm12122 WType 4W
ALT2-100L-200-4K7-4-BC4000 K70 CRI14069 lm71198 WType 4
ALT2-100L-240-35K8-33500 K80 CRI26232 lm109241.2 WType 3
ALT1-54L-120-27K8-FR-BC2700 K80 CRI8754 lm72122 WType FR
ALT1-54L-120-3k7-5W3000 K70 CRI14149 lm116122 WType 5W
ALT1-28L-60-5k7-4W-CLR5000 K70 CRI6900 lm11560 WType 4W
ALT1-54L-155-35K8-5W-HDL3500 K80 CRI13143 lm84156 WType 5W
ALT2-100L-200-27K8-4W2700 K80 CRI20677 lm104198 WType 4W
ALT1-28L-20-3k7-5QN3000 K70 CRI3051 lm13922 WType 5QN
ALT1-54L-95-5k7-5QN5000 K70 CRI12586 lm13394.32 WType 5QN
ALT1-28L-40-AM-3-HDL1018 lm2738.14 WType 3
ALT3-168L-350-27K8-FR-CLR2700 K80 CRI37028 lm106348 WType FR
ALT3-168L-385-4K7-34000 K70 CRI47968 lm124387 WType 3
ALT1-54L-95-3K7-CL3000 K70 CRI11328 lm11995 WType CL
ALT2-100L-285-5k7-5W5000 K70 CRI34152 lm120285 WType 5W
ALT2-100L-240-3k7-FR3000 K70 CRI28519 lm118241 WType FR
ALT2-100L-285-35K8-5W-HDL3500 K80 CRI24739 lm87285 WType 5W
ALT1-28L-85-27K8-4W2700 K80 CRI8346 lm9786 WType 4W
ALT1-54L-155-3k7-5R3000 K70 CRI17051 lm109156 WType 5R
ALT1-28L-40-5k7-5QM5000 K70 CRI5127 lm13538 WType 5QM
ALT1-54L-95-AM-3-HDL2376 lm2593.64 WType 3
ALT2-100L-160-27K8-FR-CLR2700 K80 CRI17821 lm113158 WType FR
ALT1-28L-40-3k7-5QM-CLR3000 K70 CRI4496 lm11838 WType 5QM
ALT1-54L-155-5k7-5W-CLR5000 K70 CRI16970 lm109156 WType 5W
ALT1-28L-60-35K8-5W-CLR3500 K80 CRI6493 lm10860 WType 5W
ALT3-168L-305-35K8-5QM-CLR3500 K80 CRI34712 lm113307 WType 5QM
ALT1-28L-20-3K7-CL3000 K70 CRI2972 lm14920 WType CL
ALT2-100L-285-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI16921 lm59285 WType 2
ALT2-100L-285-3k7-5W-CLR3000 K70 CRI29947 lm105285 WType 5W
ALT1-28L-40-5K7-CR-CLR5000 K70 CRI4643 lm11640 WType CR
ALT3-168L-305-AM-3-HDL7901 lm26307 WType 2
ALT1-28L-60-27K8-FR-CLR2700 K80 CRI6281 lm10560 WType FR
ALT1-54L-95-3k7-5QN-CLR3000 K70 CRI11036 lm11794 WType 5QN
ALT1-28L-20-5k7-5R-CLR5000 K70 CRI3018 lm13722 WType 5R
ALT2-100L-160-35K8-5W-CLR3500 K80 CRI18283 lm116158 WType 5W
ALT1-54L-95-35K8-5QM-CLR3500 K80 CRI10698 lm11494 WType 5QM
ALT1-28L-60-3k7-33000 K70 CRI6956 lm11660 WType 3
ALT1-54L-120-5k7-FR-CLR5000 K70 CRI14356 lm118122 WType FR
ALT1-28L-85-35K8-3-CLR3500 K80 CRI8347 lm9786 WType 3
ALT2-100L-285-27K8-FR2700 K80 CRI30327 lm107284.53 WType FR
ALT2-100L-240-3K7-4-CLR3000 K70 CRI25014 lm104241 WType 4
ALT3-168L-305-3k7-5QN3000 K70 CRI38032 lm124307 WType 5QN
ALT2-100L-160-5K7-CR-CLR5000 K70 CRI19863 lm124160 WType CR
ALT3-168L-385-3K7-4W-BC3000 K70 CRI20767 lm54387 WType 4W
ALT3-168L-350-35K8-5W-CLR3500 K80 CRI37909 lm109348 WType 5W
ALT1-28L-40-35K8-5QM-CLR3500 K80 CRI4368 lm11538 WType 5QM
ALT2-100L-160-3k7-4W-CLR3000 K70 CRI18302 lm114160 WType 4W
ALT2-100L-200-35K8-3-CLR3500 K80 CRI20729 lm105198 WType 3
ALT1-54L-155-27K8-FR2700 K80 CRI15813 lm102155.54 WType FR
ALT1-28L-85-3k7-23000 K70 CRI9054 lm10586 WType 2
ALT1-54L-120-3K7-3-BC3000 K70 CRI7655 lm63122 WType 2
ALT1-54L-120-35K8-5R3500 K80 CRI13782 lm113122 WType 5R
ALT2-100L-240-27K8-5QM2700 K80 CRI25889 lm107241 WType 5QM
ALT2-100L-200-3K7-5W-HDL3000 K70 CRI18491 lm93198 WType 5W
ALT1-28L-20-AM-3-BC484 lm2222.33 WType 2
ALT3-168L-385-35K8-2-BC3500 K80 CRI24104 lm62387 WType 2
ALT3-168L-350-3k7-5QM-CLR3000 K70 CRI39938 lm115348 WType 5QM
ALT3-168L-385-5K7-CR-CLR5000 K70 CRI45883 lm119385 WType CR
ALT3-168L-385-4K7-CR-CLR4000 K70 CRI45277 lm118385 WType CR
ALT3-168L-350-3k7-2-CLR3000 K70 CRI37107 lm107348 WType 2
ALT3-168L-385-35K8-3-CLR3500 K80 CRI41420 lm107387 WType 3
ALT1-28L-20-35K8-FR3500 K80 CRI3022 lm13522.4 WType FR
ALT2-100L-200-3k7-3-CLR3000 K70 CRI21332 lm108198 WType 3
ALT2-100L-240-27K8-5R2700 K80 CRI25405 lm105241 WType 5R
ALT1-54L-120-35K8-5QM3500 K80 CRI13957 lm114122 WType 5QM
ALT1-54L-120-3k7-2-CLR3000 K70 CRI12795 lm105122 WType 2
ALT1-28L-85-3K7-43000 K70 CRI9177 lm10786 WType 4
ALT1-54L-155-35K8-3-BC3500 K80 CRI8942 lm57156 WType 2
ALT2-100L-200-35K8-2-BC3500 K80 CRI11943 lm60198 WType 2
ALT1-28L-20-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI1772 lm8122 WType 2
ALT2-100L-160-3k7-23000 K70 CRI19189 lm120160 WType 2
ALT1-28L-40-35K8-5R-CLR3500 K80 CRI4305 lm11338 WType 5R
ALT3-168L-350-35K8-5QN-CLR3500 K80 CRI38647 lm111348 WType 5QN
ALT3-168L-385-3k7-23000 K70 CRI44266 lm114387 WType 2
ALT2-100L-160-4K7-CR-CLR4000 K70 CRI19601 lm123160 WType CR
ALT3-168L-305-3k7-4W3000 K70 CRI36698 lm120307 WType 4W
ALT2-100L-240-3K7-FR-BC3000 K70 CRI17084 lm71241 WType FR
ALT2-100L-285-35K8-3-BC3500 K80 CRI15053 lm53285 WType 3
ALT1-28L-85-35K8-2-BC3500 K80 CRI5368 lm6286 WType 2
ALT1-54L-155-3K7-4-BC3000 K70 CRI10696 lm69156 WType 4
ALT1-28L-60-3k7-2-CLR3000 K70 CRI6414 lm10760 WType 2
ALT1-54L-95-35K8-5R-CLR3500 K80 CRI10564 lm11294 WType 5R
ALT2-100L-160-35K8-5QN-CLR3500 K80 CRI18418 lm117158 WType 5QN
ALT1-28L-20-5k7-5W5000 K70 CRI3226 lm14422.41 WType 5W
ALT1-54L-95-3k7-4W-CLR3000 K70 CRI10479 lm11194 WType 4W
ALT1-28L-60-35K8-23500 K80 CRI6663 lm11160 WType 2
ALT3-168L-305-AM-2-CLR9028 lm29307 WType 2
ALT1-28L-40-4K7-CR-CLR4000 K70 CRI4581 lm11540 WType CR
ALT2-100L-285-3k7-5QN-CLR3000 K70 CRI30169 lm106285 WType 5QN
ALT2-100L-285-3K7-43000 K70 CRI31109 lm109285 WType 4
ALT1-28L-20-4K7-CL4000 K70 CRI3128 lm15620 WType CL
ALT3-168L-305-35K8-5R-CLR3500 K80 CRI34484 lm112307 WType 5R
ALT1-28L-60-35K8-5QN-CLR3500 K80 CRI6550 lm10960 WType 5QN
ALT1-54L-155-5k7-FR5000 K70 CRI18452 lm119155.54 WType FR
ALT1-28L-40-3k7-3-HDL3000 K70 CRI3742 lm9838 WType 3
ALT2-100L-160-35K8-23500 K80 CRI18647 lm117158.91 WType 2
ALT1-54L-95-AM-2-CLR3000 lm3294 WType 2
ALT1-28L-40-5k7-5R5000 K70 CRI5052 lm13338 WType 5R
ALT1-54L-155-3k7-5QM3000 K70 CRI17267 lm111156 WType 5QM
ALT1-28L-85-27K8-5QN2700 K80 CRI8697 lm10186 WType 5QN
ALT2-100L-285-35K8-5QN3500 K80 CRI31343 lm110285 WType 5QN
ALT2-100L-240-3k7-5R3000 K70 CRI27792 lm115241 WType 5R
ALT3-168L-305-3K7-3-BC3000 K70 CRI18765 lm61307 WType 3
ALT1-54L-95-4K7-CL4000 K70 CRI11923 lm12695 WType CL
ALT3-168L-385-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI26109 lm67387 WType 2
ALT3-168L-350-35K8-23500 K80 CRI38552 lm111348 WType 2
ALT1-28L-40-AM-2-CLR1157 lm3038 WType 2
ALT1-54L-95-5k7-5W-HDL5000 K70 CRI9763 lm10494.15 WType 5W
ALT1-28L-20-3k7-4W3000 K70 CRI2928 lm13322 WType 4W
ALT2-100L-200-27K8-5QN2700 K80 CRI21415 lm108198 WType 5QN
ALT1-54L-155-35K8-5QN3500 K80 CRI16819 lm108156 WType 5QN
ALT1-28L-60-5k7-5QN-CLR5000 K70 CRI7190 lm12060 WType 5QN
ALT1-54L-120-3k7-5R-CLR3000 K70 CRI13266 lm109122 WType 5R
ALT1-54L-120-35K8-2-CLR3500 K80 CRI12433 lm102122 WType 2
ALT2-100L-240-35K8-23500 K80 CRI25515 lm106241 WType 2
ALT2-100L-200-3k7-FR-CLR3000 K70 CRI22537 lm114198 WType FR
ALT1-28L-20-35K8-5QN-CLR3500 K80 CRI2773 lm12622 WType 5QN
ALT3-168L-385-35K8-5R-CLR3500 K80 CRI43018 lm111387 WType 5R
ALT3-168L-305-5k7-FR-CLR5000 K70 CRI38646 lm126307 WType FR
ALT3-168L-350-4K7-CL4000 K70 CRI43384 lm124350 WType CL
ALT3-168L-350-4K7-3-HDL4000 K70 CRI34440 lm100346 WType 2
ALT3-168L-385-27K8-5QN2700 K80 CRI43371 lm112387 WType 5QN
ALT1-28L-20-AM-5QN830 lm3722.41 WType 5QN
ALT2-100L-160-5k7-5QN5000 K70 CRI21616 lm136158.89 WType 5QN
ALT2-100L-240-27K8-2-CLR2700 K80 CRI22449 lm93241 WType 2
ALT1-54L-120-AM-23721 lm30122 WType 2
ALT1-28L-85-5k7-4W5000 K70 CRI9739 lm11386 WType 4W
ALT1-28L-85-3k7-5W-HDL3000 K70 CRI7500 lm8786 WType 5W
ALT1-54L-155-27K8-5QN-CLR2700 K80 CRI14799 lm95156 WType 5QN
ALT2-100L-200-35K8-5R-CLR3500 K80 CRI21340 lm108198 WType 5R
ALT2-100L-160-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI10244 lm64160 WType 3
ALT1-28L-40-35K8-2-BC3500 K80 CRI2695 lm7138 WType 2
ALT3-168L-350-AM-3-BC5707 lm16348 WType 3
ALT3-168L-350-5k7-5R5000 K70 CRI45248 lm130348 WType 5R
ALT2-100L-200-5K7-CR5000 K70 CRI24550 lm123200 WType CR
ALT3-168L-305-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI17522 lm57307 WType 4W
ALT1-28L-20-27K8-22700 K80 CRI2654 lm11822.41 WType 2
ALT2-100L-200-5k7-5QM-CLR5000 K70 CRI23871 lm121198 WType 5QM
ALT2-100L-285-27K8-5QN-CLR2700 K80 CRI27578 lm97285 WType 5QN
ALT1-28L-85-35K8-5R-CLR3500 K80 CRI8572 lm10086 WType 5R
ALT1-54L-120-5k7-4-CLR5000 K70 CRI13771 lm113122 WType 4
ALT1-28L-60-3k7-FR3000 K70 CRI7347 lm12260 WType FR
ALT1-54L-95-35K8-2-BC3500 K80 CRI5824 lm6392.54 WType 2
ALT2-100L-160-AM-3-BC2647 lm17157.81 WType 3
ALT1-28L-20-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI1785 lm8022.33 WType 4W
ALT1-54L-95-4K7-FR-BC4000 K70 CRI8261 lm8894 WType FR
ALT1-28L-60-27K8-5QM2700 K80 CRI6627 lm11060 WType 5QM
ALT3-168L-305-AM-5R10320 lm34306.57 WType 5R
ALT3-168L-385-5k7-5QN-CLR5000 K70 CRI47334 lm122387 WType 5QN
ALT1-28L-60-5K7-CR5000 K70 CRI7487 lm12560 WType CR
ALT2-100L-285-4k7-24000 K70 CRI32148 lm113285 WType 2
ALT2-100L-240-5k7-35000 K70 CRI28795 lm119241.2 WType 3
ALT3-168L-305-35K8-2-BC3500 K80 CRI19322 lm64303.81 WType 2
ALT1-28L-60-AM-3-BC1143 lm1960 WType 2
ALT1-54L-155-5k7-3-CLR5000 K70 CRI16430 lm105156 WType 3
ALT1-28L-40-4K7-4-BC4000 K70 CRI3609 lm9538 WType 4
ALT2-100L-160-27K8-5QM2700 K80 CRI18920 lm118160.72 WType 5QM
ALT1-54L-95-AM-5R3161 lm3394.58 WType 5R
ALT1-28L-40-5K7-4-BC5000 K70 CRI3656 lm9638 WType 4
ALT1-54L-155-4k7-3-CLR4000 K70 CRI16212 lm104156 WType 3
ALT1-28L-60-AM-FR1998 lm3360 WType FR
ALT3-168L-305-27K8-3-CLR2700 K80 CRI31235 lm102307 WType 3
ALT2-100L-240-4k7-34000 K70 CRI28415 lm118241 WType 3
ALT2-100L-285-5k7-25000 K70 CRI32578 lm114285 WType 2
ALT1-54L-155-3K7-CL-CLR3000 K70 CRI15543 lm100155 WType CL
ALT3-168L-385-4k7-5QN-CLR4000 K70 CRI46708 lm121387 WType 5QN
ALT3-168L-350-27K8-5QM2700 K80 CRI39033 lm112348 WType 5QM
ALT1-28L-40-AM-5R1288 lm3438 WType 5R
ALT1-54L-95-5K7-FR-BC5000 K70 CRI8371 lm9092.66 WType FR
ALT1-28L-20-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI1762 lm8022 WType 4W
ALT2-100L-160-AM-FR5669 lm36159.53 WType FR
ALT1-54L-95-27K8-3-CLR2700 K80 CRI9650 lm10393.72 WType 3
ALT1-28L-60-4k7-FR4000 K70 CRI7733 lm12960 WType FR
ALT1-54L-120-4k7-4-CLR4000 K70 CRI13589 lm111122 WType 4
ALT1-54L-120-27K8-5QM-CLR2700 K80 CRI12281 lm101122 WType 5QM
ALT2-100L-240-35K8-5W-CLR3500 K80 CRI25017 lm104241 WType 5W
ALT2-100L-200-4k7-5QM-CLR4000 K70 CRI23556 lm119198 WType 5QM
ALT1-28L-20-27K8-FR-CLR2700 K80 CRI2660 lm12122 WType FR
ALT3-168L-305-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI17757 lm59302.79 WType 4W
ALT3-168L-305-3K7-CL-CLR3000 K70 CRI34482 lm113305 WType CL
ALT3-168L-350-4k7-5R4000 K70 CRI44649 lm128348 WType 5R
ALT3-168L-350-AM-FR11780 lm34348 WType FR
ALT1-28L-40-27K8-3-CLR2700 K80 CRI3961 lm10438.1 WType 3
ALT2-100L-160-5K7-3-BC5000 K70 CRI10381 lm66157.81 WType 3
ALT2-100L-200-AM-5QM-CLR6087 lm31198 WType 5QM
ALT1-54L-120-AM-5W-CLR3600 lm30122 WType 5W
ALT1-28L-85-4k7-5W-HDL4000 K70 CRI7894 lm9286 WType 5W
ALT1-28L-85-4k7-4W4000 K70 CRI9609 lm11286 WType 4W
ALT1-54L-120-AM-FR-CLR3661 lm30122 WType FR
ALT2-100L-200-AM-3-HDL4933 lm25198 WType 3
ALT2-100L-160-4k7-5QN4000 K70 CRI21330 lm133160 WType 5QN
ALT1-28L-40-27K8-4W2700 K80 CRI4190 lm11038 WType 4W
ALT3-168L-350-AM-5W-HDL9289 lm27346.49 WType 5W
ALT3-168L-350-5K7-3-HDL5000 K70 CRI34901 lm101345.71 WType 2
ALT2-100L-285-4K7-CL-CLR4000 K70 CRI31197 lm109285 WType CL
ALT3-168L-305-4k7-FR-CLR4000 K70 CRI38135 lm124307 WType FR
ALT1-28L-20-27K8-5W-CLR2700 K80 CRI2586 lm11822 WType 5W
ALT2-100L-200-4k7-FR-CLR4000 K70 CRI23722 lm120198 WType FR
ALT2-100L-240-35K8-FR-CLR3500 K80 CRI25921 lm108241 WType FR
ALT1-54L-120-27K8-3-HDL2700 K80 CRI9957 lm82122 WType 3
ALT1-54L-120-4k7-5R-CLR4000 K70 CRI13964 lm114122 WType 5R
ALT1-28L-60-4k7-5QN-CLR4000 K70 CRI7095 lm11860 WType 5QN
ALT1-54L-95-27K8-4W2700 K80 CRI10241 lm10894.44 WType 4W
ALT2-100L-160-AM-5W-HDL4413 lm28159.52 WType 5W
ALT1-28L-20-4k7-4W4000 K70 CRI3081 lm14022 WType 4W
ALT1-54L-95-4k7-5W-HDL4000 K70 CRI9634 lm10294 WType 5W
ALT1-28L-40-AM-FR-BC867 lm2338 WType FR
ALT3-168L-350-27K8-32700 K80 CRI37337 lm107348.03 WType 3
ALT3-168L-385-5K7-2-BC5000 K70 CRI26459 lm68387 WType 2
ALT1-54L-120-4K7-CL-CLR4000 K70 CRI13609 lm113120 WType CL
ALT2-100L-285-5K7-3-BC5000 K70 CRI16523 lm58285 WType 3
ALT2-100L-240-4k7-5R4000 K70 CRI29253 lm121241 WType 5R
ALT3-168L-305-27K8-4W2700 K80 CRI33548 lm109306.75 WType 4W
ALT1-28L-60-AM-5W-HDL1545 lm2660 WType 5W
ALT1-54L-155-4k7-5QM4000 K70 CRI18173 lm116156 WType 5QM
ALT1-28L-40-4k7-5R4000 K70 CRI4985 lm13138 WType 5R
ALT1-54L-95-AM-FR-BC2135 lm2392.66 WType FR
ALT2-100L-160-27K8-32700 K80 CRI18035 lm113159.51 WType 3
ALT1-28L-40-4k7-3-HDL4000 K70 CRI3938 lm10438 WType 3
ALT1-54L-155-4k7-FR4000 K70 CRI18208 lm117156 WType FR
ALT1-28L-60-AM-4W-CLR1760 lm2960 WType 4W
ALT3-168L-305-27K8-5W2700 K80 CRI34102 lm111305.95 WType 5W
ALT2-100L-240-5K7-45000 K70 CRI28527 lm118241 WType 4
ALT2-100L-285-4k7-5QN-CLR4000 K70 CRI31754 lm111285 WType 5QN
ALT1-28L-85-4K7-CR4000 K70 CRI9754 lm11585 WType CR
ALT3-168L-385-5K7-5W-HDL5000 K70 CRI39469 lm102387 WType 5W
ALT3-168L-305-AM-FR-BC6287 lm21303.39 WType FR
ALT1-28L-60-27K8-32700 K80 CRI6359 lm10560.38 WType 3
ALT1-54L-95-4k7-4W-CLR4000 K70 CRI11029 lm11794 WType 4W
ALT1-28L-20-4k7-5W4000 K70 CRI3183 lm14522 WType 5W
ALT2-100L-160-AM-4W-CLR4978 lm32158 WType 4W
ALT1-54L-95-27K8-5W2700 K80 CRI10599 lm11294.26 WType 5W
ALT1-28L-60-4k7-2-CLR4000 K70 CRI6751 lm11360 WType 2
ALT1-54L-120-5K7-4-BC5000 K70 CRI9490 lm78122 WType 4
ALT1-28L-85-35K8-CR3500 K80 CRI9005 lm10685 WType CR
ALT2-100L-285-27K8-4-BC2700 K80 CRI16823 lm59285 WType 4
ALT2-100L-200-5K7-FR-BC5000 K70 CRI15395 lm78198 WType FR
ALT1-28L-20-27K8-4W-BC2700 K80 CRI1530 lm6922.33 WType 4W
ALT3-168L-305-4k7-4W4000 K70 CRI38627 lm126307 WType 4W
ALT2-100L-240-4K7-CR4000 K70 CRI28674 lm119240 WType CR
ALT3-168L-350-5k7-25000 K70 CRI42318 lm122348 WType 2
ALT3-168L-350-AM-4W-CLR10438 lm30348 WType 4W
ALT1-28L-40-27K8-5W2700 K80 CRI4330 lm11438 WType 5W
ALT2-100L-160-4k7-24000 K70 CRI20198 lm126160 WType 2
ALT2-100L-200-35K8-CR3500 K80 CRI22365 lm112200 WType CR
ALT1-54L-155-27K8-4-BC2700 K80 CRI9778 lm63156 WType 4
ALT1-28L-85-4K7-44000 K70 CRI9660 lm11286 WType 4
ALT1-28L-85-5K7-4W-BC5000 K70 CRI5567 lm6586 WType 4W
ALT1-54L-120-AM-4W-BC1860 lm15122 WType 4W
ALT2-100L-200-AM-CL-CLR5855 lm29200 WType CL
ALT2-100L-160-5k7-3-CLR5000 K70 CRI19248 lm122158.16 WType 3
ALT1-28L-20-AM-CR-CLR756 lm3820 WType CR
ALT3-168L-385-27K8-4-CLR2700 K80 CRI39215 lm101387 WType 4
ALT3-168L-350-4k7-2-CLR4000 K70 CRI39058 lm112348 WType 2
ALT3-168L-305-5K7-CL5000 K70 CRI39323 lm129305 WType CL
ALT3-168L-305-5k7-5QM-CLR5000 K70 CRI38103 lm124307 WType 5QM
ALT3-168L-385-35K8-CR3500 K80 CRI44689 lm116385 WType CR
ALT1-28L-20-35K8-4-BC3500 K80 CRI2127 lm9522.36 WType 4
ALT2-100L-200-4K7-5W-HDL4000 K70 CRI19463 lm98198 WType 5W
ALT2-100L-240-35K8-4W-BC3500 K80 CRI10907 lm45241 WType 4W
ALT1-54L-120-27K8-CL-CLR2700 K80 CRI11819 lm98120 WType CL
ALT1-54L-120-4K7-3-BC4000 K70 CRI8056 lm66122 WType 2
ALT1-28L-60-5k7-25000 K70 CRI7314 lm12260 WType 2
ALT1-54L-155-35K8-CR-CLR3500 K80 CRI15104 lm97155 WType CR
ALT2-100L-200-27K8-4-CLR2700 K80 CRI19318 lm98198 WType 4
ALT1-28L-20-3k7-5W-HDL3000 K70 CRI2405 lm10922 WType 5W
ALT1-54L-95-5k7-4W5000 K70 CRI11950 lm12794.44 WType 4W
ALT1-28L-40-AM-41253 lm3338 WType 4
ALT3-168L-350-27K8-CL2700 K80 CRI37678 lm108350 WType CL
ALT3-168L-385-4K7-4W-BC4000 K70 CRI21859 lm56387 WType 4W
ALT1-54L-155-5K7-CL5000 K70 CRI17726 lm114155 WType CL
ALT2-100L-285-5k7-5QN5000 K70 CRI34405 lm121285 WType 5QN
ALT2-100L-240-4K7-4-CLR4000 K70 CRI26329 lm109241 WType 4
ALT2-100L-285-35K8-CR-CLR3500 K80 CRI28801 lm101285 WType CR
ALT1-28L-85-27K8-4-CLR2700 K80 CRI7847 lm9186 WType 4
ALT1-54L-155-3k7-FR-CLR3000 K70 CRI16180 lm104156 WType FR
ALT1-28L-40-5k7-35000 K70 CRI4919 lm12938.19 WType 3
ALT1-54L-95-AM-43077 lm3394.12 WType 4
ALT2-100L-160-27K8-CL2700 K80 CRI18199 lm114160 WType CL
ALT1-28L-40-3k7-5R-CLR3000 K70 CRI4430 lm11738 WType 5R
ALT1-54L-155-5k7-5QN-CLR5000 K70 CRI17269 lm111156 WType 5QN
ALT1-28L-60-35K8-CL3500 K80 CRI6821 lm11460 WType CL
ALT3-168L-305-35K8-43500 K80 CRI35728 lm116307.19 WType 4
ALT2-100L-240-5k7-5W-CLR5000 K70 CRI27461 lm114241 WType 5W
ALT2-100L-285-4K7-2-BC4000 K70 CRI17811 lm62285 WType 2
ALT1-28L-60-3K7-CR-CLR3000 K70 CRI6565 lm10960 WType CR
ALT3-168L-305-AM-410001 lm33307.19 WType 4
ALT1-28L-60-27K8-CL2700 K80 CRI6416 lm10760 WType CL
ALT1-54L-95-3k7-5W-CLR3000 K70 CRI10846 lm11594 WType 5W
ALT1-28L-20-5k7-5QM-CLR5000 K70 CRI3062 lm13922 WType 5QM
ALT2-100L-160-35K8-CL3500 K80 CRI19346 lm121160 WType CL
ALT1-54L-95-35K8-43500 K80 CRI10991 lm11794.12 WType 4
ALT1-28L-60-3k7-5QM3000 K70 CRI7250 lm12160 WType 5QM
ALT1-54L-120-5k7-5R5000 K70 CRI15129 lm124122 WType 5R
ALT1-28L-85-35K8-4-CLR3500 K80 CRI8341 lm9786 WType 4
ALT2-100L-285-27K8-CR-CLR2700 K80 CRI27094 lm95285 WType CR
ALT2-100L-200-5k7-FR5000 K70 CRI25702 lm130198 WType FR
ALT3-168L-305-3k7-5W3000 K70 CRI37305 lm122307 WType 5W
ALT2-100L-200-3K7-CR-CLR3000 K70 CRI21527 lm108200 WType CR
ALT3-168L-385-3K7-33000 K70 CRI45573 lm118387 WType 3
ALT3-168L-350-35K8-CL3500 K80 CRI40052 lm114350 WType CL
ALT1-28L-40-35K8-43500 K80 CRI4478 lm11838 WType 4
ALT2-100L-160-3k7-5QN-CLR3000 K70 CRI18954 lm118160 WType 5QN
ALT2-100L-200-35K8-4-CLR3500 K80 CRI20536 lm104198 WType 4
ALT1-54L-155-27K8-CR-CLR2700 K80 CRI14209 lm92155 WType CR
ALT1-28L-85-3k7-4W-CLR3000 K70 CRI8538 lm9986 WType 4W
ALT1-28L-85-5k7-5W5000 K70 CRI10060 lm11786 WType 5W
ALT1-54L-120-35K8-CL-CLR3500 K80 CRI12564 lm105120 WType CL
ALT2-100L-240-27K8-4W-BC2700 K80 CRI10261 lm43241 WType 4W
ALT2-100L-200-3K7-4-BC3000 K70 CRI13366 lm68198 WType 4
ALT1-28L-20-AM-4-BC595 lm2722.36 WType 4
ALT3-168L-385-27K8-CR2700 K80 CRI42040 lm109385 WType CR
ALT3-168L-350-3k7-5R-CLR3000 K70 CRI39677 lm114348 WType 5R
ALT3-168L-385-3K7-CR-CLR3000 K70 CRI43015 lm112385 WType CR
ALT3-168L-350-3K7-43000 K70 CRI41107 lm118348 WType 4
ALT3-168L-385-35K8-4-CLR3500 K80 CRI41686 lm108387 WType 4
ALT1-28L-20-35K8-CR-CLR3500 K80 CRI2701 lm13520 WType CR
ALT2-100L-200-3k7-4W3000 K70 CRI22620 lm114198 WType 4W
ALT2-100L-240-27K8-CL-CLR2700 K80 CRI23292 lm97240 WType CL
ALT1-54L-120-35K8-4W-BC3500 K80 CRI6645 lm54122 WType 4W
ALT1-54L-120-3k7-33000 K70 CRI13698 lm112122 WType 3
ALT1-28L-85-3K7-2-BC3000 K70 CRI5523 lm6486 WType 2
ALT1-54L-155-35K8-4-BC3500 K80 CRI10394 lm67156 WType 4
ALT2-100L-200-27K8-CR2700 K80 CRI21039 lm105200 WType CR
ALT1-28L-20-3K7-43000 K70 CRI2943 lm13422 WType 4
ALT2-100L-160-3K7-4W-BC3000 K70 CRI8203 lm51160 WType 4W
ALT1-28L-40-35K8-5W3500 K80 CRI4602 lm12138 WType 5W
ALT3-168L-350-35K8-4W-CLR3500 K80 CRI37292 lm107348 WType 4W
ALT3-168L-385-3k7-5QM3000 K70 CRI47643 lm123387 WType 5QM
ALT2-100L-160-3K7-CR-CLR3000 K70 CRI18622 lm116160 WType CR
ALT3-168L-305-3k7-23000 K70 CRI35485 lm116307 WType 2
ALT2-100L-240-3k7-3-HDL3000 K70 CRI21465 lm89241 WType 3
ALT2-100L-285-35K8-4-BC3500 K80 CRI17883 lm63285 WType 4
ALT1-28L-85-27K8-CR2700 K80 CRI8472 lm10085 WType CR
ALT1-54L-155-3k7-23000 K70 CRI16444 lm105156 WType 2
ALT1-28L-60-3K7-4-CLR3000 K70 CRI6502 lm10860 WType 4