If a decorative luminaire is desired for roadway or area lighting, the Urban is your ultimate solution and is suitable for walkway lighting and wall mounting.

Features & Benefits

  • 2 unique shade and style options
  • 20KV surge protection standard
  • 2 sizes (large and small) offer a total appearance in all applications
  • LED turtle-friendly option available


Lumen Range
2,501 - 30,000
Dimming Protocol
CCT Offering
3000, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Arm, Pendant
Wattage Range
27 - 136
Color Offering
Black Matte Textured, Black Gloss Smooth, Dark Bronze Matte Textured, Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, Graphite Matte Textured, Light Grey Gloss Smooth, Platinum Silver Smooth, White Matte Textured, White Gloss Smooth, Verde Green Textured
Optics & Distributions
Type II, Type III, Type IV, Type V
Controls & Sensors
Occupancy, Photocontrol, Profile Dimming
DLC Standard, cUL
IP55, Wildlife Lighting
Operating Temp
-40 to 40

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
URB-XXXX-26-48L-110-4K7-4-UNV4000 K70 CRI12639 lm114110 WType IV
URB-XXXX-21-36L-80-5K7-3-UNV5000 K70 CRI9089 lm10785 WType III
URB-XXXX-26-60L-136-3K7-5QM-UNV3000 K70 CRI14813 lm108136 WType V, Square Medium
URB-XXXX-21-36L-80-3K7-2-UNV3000 K70 CRI8823 lm10385 WType II
URB-XXXX-21-24L-55-3K7-3-UNV3000 K70 CRI5744 lm10155 WType III
URB-XXXX-26-60L-136-5K7-5R-UNV5000 K70 CRI15671 lm114136 WType V, Rectangular
URB-XXXX-21-24L-55-3K7-5W-UNV3000 K70 CRI5615 lm9955 WType V, Round Wide
URB-XXXX-21-24L-55-5K7-4W-UNV5000 K70 CRI6020 lm10655 WType IV Wide
URB-XXXX-26-60L-136-4K7-2-UNV4000 K70 CRI15985 lm117136 WType II
URB-XXXX-21-36L-80-4K7-5R-UNV4000 K70 CRI9694 lm11485 WType V, Rectangular
URB-XXXX-26-48L-110-4K7-FR-UNV4000 K70 CRI13294 lm120110 WType I
URB-XXXX-26-48L-110-3K7-FR-UNV3000 K70 CRI12230 lm110110 WType I
URB-XXXX-21-36L-80-5K7-5R-UNV5000 K70 CRI9403 lm11085 WType V, Rectangular
URB-XXXX-26-60L-136-3K7-2-UNV3000 K70 CRI14706 lm107136 WType II
URB-XXXX-21-36L-80-3K7-5QM-UNV3000 K70 CRI8888 lm10485 WType V, Square Medium
URB-XXXX-26-60L-136-5K7-3-UNV5000 K70 CRI15149 lm111136 WType III
URB-XXXX-21-24L-55-4K7-4-UNV4000 K70 CRI6323 lm11155 WType IV
URB-XXXX-21-24L-55-4K7-FR-UNV4000 K70 CRI6650 lm11755 WType I
URB-XXXX-26-60L-136-4K7-5QM-UNV4000 K70 CRI16101 lm118136 WType V, Square Medium
URB-XXXX-21-36L-80-4K7-3-UNV4000 K70 CRI9370 lm11085 WType III
URB-XXXX-26-48L-110-5K7-4W-UNV5000 K70 CRI12033 lm108110 WType IV Wide
URB-XXXX-26-48L-110-3K7-4-UNV3000 K70 CRI11628 lm105110 WType IV
URB-XXXX-26-48L-110-3K7-3-UNV3000 K70 CRI11494 lm104110 WType III
URB-XXXX-26-48L-110-5K7-5QM-UNV5000 K70 CRI12494 lm113110 WType V, Square Medium
URB-XXXX-21-36L-80-4K7-2-UNV4000 K70 CRI9591 lm11285 WType II
URB-XXXX-26-60L-136-4K7-5R-UNV4000 K70 CRI16156 lm118136 WType V, Rectangular
URB-XXXX-21-24L-55-4K7-5W-UNV4000 K70 CRI6110 lm10755 WType V, Round Wide
URB-XXXX-21-24L-55-4K7-4W-UNV4000 K70 CRI6206 lm10955 WType IV Wide
URB-XXXX-26-60L-136-5K7-2-UNV5000 K70 CRI15505 lm113136 WType II
URB-XXXX-21-36L-80-3K7-5R-UNV3000 K70 CRI8918 lm10585 WType V, Rectangular
URB-XXXX-26-48L-110-5K7-T5W-U5000 K70 CRI110 W
URB-XXXX-21-36L-80-5K7-5W-UNV5000 K70 CRI8885 lm10585 WType V, Round Wide
URB-XXXX-26-48L-110-3K7-5R-UNV3000 K70 CRI11891 lm107110 WType V, Rectangular
URB-XXXX-26-48L-110-4K7-T5W-U4000 K70 CRI110 W
URB-XXXX-21-36L-80-4K7-5QM-UNV4000 K70 CRI9661 lm11385 WType V, Square Medium
URB-XXXX-26-60L-136-4K7-3-UNV4000 K70 CRI15617 lm114136 WType III
URB-XXXX-21-24L-55-5K7-4-UNV5000 K70 CRI6133 lm10855 WType IV
URB-XXXX-21-24L-55-3K7-FR-UNV3000 K70 CRI6112 lm10755 WType I
URB-XXXX-26-60L-136-5K7-5QM-UNV5000 K70 CRI15618 lm114136 WType V, Square Medium
URB-XXXX-21-24L-55-3K7-2-UNV3000 K70 CRI5879 lm10355 WType II
URB-XXXX-21-36L-80-3K7-3-UNV3000 K70 CRI8621 lm10185 WType III
URB-XXXX-26-60L-136-3K7-4W-UNV3000 K70 CRI14266 lm104136 WType IV Wide
URB-XXXX-21-36L-80-5K7-4-UNV5000 K70 CRI9195 lm10885 WType IV
URB-XXXX-26-48L-110-4K7-3-UNV4000 K70 CRI12494 lm113110 WType III
URB-XXXX-26-48L-110-4K7-4W-UNV4000 K70 CRI12405 lm112110 WType IV Wide
URB-XXXX-21-36L-80-5K7-2-UNV5000 K70 CRI9303 lm10985 WType II
URB-XXXX-26-60L-136-3K7-5R-UNV3000 K70 CRI14864 lm108136 WType V, Rectangular
URB-XXXX-21-24L-55-5K7-FR-UNV5000 K70 CRI6451 lm11355 WType I
URB-XXXX-21-24L-55-3K7-4W-UNV3000 K70 CRI5703 lm10055 WType IV Wide
URB-XXXX-26-60L-136-5K7-FR-UNV5000 K70 CRI16119 lm117136 WType I
URB-XXXX-21-24L-55-3K7-5R-UNV3000 K70 CRI5942 lm10455 WType V, Rectangular
URB-XXXX-21-24L-55-5K7-5R-UNV5000 K70 CRI6272 lm11055 WType V, Rectangular
URB-XXXX-26-60L-136-3K7-T5W-U3000 K70 CRI136 W
URB-XXXX-21-36L-80-4K7-5W-UNV4000 K70 CRI9160 lm10885 WType V, Round Wide
URB-XXXX-26-48L-110-4K7-5R-UNV4000 K70 CRI12925 lm116110 WType V, Rectangular
URB-XXXX-26-48L-110-3K7-T5W-U3000 K70 CRI110 W
URB-XXXX-21-36L-80-5K7-5QM-UNV5000 K70 CRI9371 lm11085 WType V, Square Medium
URB-XXXX-26-60L-136-3K7-3-UNV3000 K70 CRI14368 lm105136 WType III
URB-XXXX-21-36L-80-3K7-4W-UNV3000 K70 CRI8559 lm10085 WType IV Wide
URB-XXXX-26-60L-136-5K7-4-UNV5000 K70 CRI15324 lm112136 WType IV
URB-XXXX-21-24L-55-4K7-3-UNV4000 K70 CRI6250 lm11055 WType III
URB-XXXX-21-24L-55-5K7-2-UNV5000 K70 CRI6251 lm11055 WType II
URB-XXXX-26-60L-136-4K7-4W-UNV4000 K70 CRI15506 lm113136 WType IV Wide
URB-XXXX-21-36L-80-4K7-4-UNV4000 K70 CRI9479 lm11185 WType IV
URB-XXXX-26-48L-110-5K7-4-UNV5000 K70 CRI12260 lm110110 WType IV
URB-XXXX-26-48L-110-3K7-4W-UNV3000 K70 CRI11413 lm103110 WType IV Wide
URB-XXXX-26-48L-110-3K7-2-UNV3000 K70 CRI11765 lm106110 WType II
URB-XXXX-26-48L-110-5K7-5R-UNV5000 K70 CRI12537 lm113110 WType V, Rectangular
URB-XXXX-21-36L-80-3K7-FR-UNV3000 K70 CRI9173 lm10785 WType I
URB-XXXX-26-48L-110-5K7-2-UNV5000 K70 CRI12404 lm112110 WType II
URB-XXXX-26-60L-136-4K7-FR-UNV4000 K70 CRI16618 lm121136 WType I
URB-XXXX-21-24L-55-4K7-5R-UNV4000 K70 CRI6466 lm11355 WType V, Rectangular
URB-XXXX-21-24L-55-4K7-5QM-UNV4000 K70 CRI6444 lm11355 WType V, Square Medium
URB-XXXX-26-60L-136-4K7-T5W-U4000 K70 CRI136 W
URB-XXXX-21-24L-55-3K7-4-UNV3000 K70 CRI5811 lm10255 WType IV
URB-XXXX-21-36L-80-3K7-5W-UNV3000 K70 CRI8427 lm10085 WType V, Round Wide
URB-XXXX-26-48L-110-5K7-FR-UNV5000 K70 CRI12895 lm116110 WType I
URB-XXXX-21-36L-80-5K7-FR-UNV5000 K70 CRI9672 lm11385 WType I
URB-XXXX-26-48L-110-3K7-5QM-UNV3000 K70 CRI11850 lm107110 WType V, Square Medium
URB-XXXX-26-48L-110-5K7-3-UNV5000 K70 CRI12119 lm109110 WType III
URB-XXXX-21-36L-80-4K7-4W-UNV4000 K70 CRI9304 lm10985 WType IV Wide
URB-XXXX-26-60L-136-4K7-4-UNV4000 K70 CRI15798 lm115136 WType IV
URB-XXXX-21-24L-55-5K7-3-UNV5000 K70 CRI6063 lm10655 WType III
URB-XXXX-21-24L-55-4K7-2-UNV4000 K70 CRI6397 lm11255 WType II
URB-XXXX-26-60L-136-5K7-4W-UNV5000 K70 CRI15041 lm110136 WType IV Wide
URB-XXXX-21-36L-80-3K7-4-UNV3000 K70 CRI8721 lm10285 WType IV
URB-XXXX-26-60L-136-3K7-4-UNV3000 K70 CRI14534 lm106136 WType IV
URB-XXXX-21-36L-80-5K7-4W-UNV5000 K70 CRI9025 lm10685 WType IV Wide
URB-XXXX-26-48L-110-4K7-2-UNV4000 K70 CRI12788 lm115110 WType II
URB-XXXX-26-48L-110-4K7-5QM-UNV4000 K70 CRI12881 lm116110 WType V, Square Medium
URB-XXXX-21-36L-80-4K7-FR-UNV4000 K70 CRI9970 lm11785 WType I
URB-XXXX-26-60L-136-3K7-FR-UNV3000 K70 CRI15288 lm112136 WType I
URB-XXXX-21-24L-55-5K7-5W-UNV5000 K70 CRI6926 lm10455 WType V, Round Wide
URB-XXXX-21-24L-55-3K7-5QM-UNV3000 K70 CRI5922 lm10455 WType V, Square Medium
URB-XXXX-26-60L-136-5K7-T5W-U5000 K70 CRI136 W
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