The Traverse is designed to meet strict lighting codes with environment-friendly full cutoff and is available in 6 different distributions.

Features & Benefits

  • Wall surface mounted luminaire with a field replaceable LED light engine & optical bezel system
  • Optional passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor
  • Horizontal opening motion allows for minimal effort during installation, maintenance, or upgrading
  • LED wattages from 30-Watt to 150-Watt. Available in 30W, 60W, &150W lumen packages
  • Can mount in minutes. Simply mount the backplate to wall and attach front on hinges to close


Lumen Range
1 - 2,500
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming
CCT Offering
3000, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Wall (surface)
Wattage Range
27 - 136
Color Offering
Black Matte Textured, Black Gloss Smooth, Dark Bronze Matte Textured, Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, Graphite Matte Textured, Light Grey Gloss Smooth, Platinum Silver Smooth, White Matte Textured, White Gloss Smooth, Verde Green Textured
Optics & Distributions
Type II, Type III, Type IV, Wide, Medium, Narrow
DLC Standard, UL, CSA
TAA (Buy American 52.225-11), Wildlife Lighting
Operating Temp
-40 to 40

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
TRV-24L-55-3K7-23000 K70 CRI5688 lm9855 WType II
TRV-24L-55-3K7-2x23000 K70 CRI6205 lm10755 WNarrow spot flood
TRV-24L-55-3K7-33000 K70 CRI5653 lm9855 WType III
TRV-24L-55-3K7-43000 K70 CRI5715 lm9955 WType IV
TRV-24L-55-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI6501 lm9755 WType IV, Wide
TRV-24L-55-3K7-5R3000 K70 CRI5784 lm10055 WType V, rectangular
TRV-24L-55-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI55 W
TRV-24L-55-3K7-5X53000 K70 CRI5793 lm10055 WMedium flood
TRV-24L-55-4K7-2-UNV4000 K70 CRI6306 lm10955 WType II
TRV-24L-55-4K7-2x2-UNV4000 K70 CRI6879 lm11955 WNarrow spot flood
TRV-24L-55-4K7-3-UNV4000 K70 CRI6267 lm10855 WType III
TRV-24L-55-4K7-4-UNV4000 K70 CRI6336 lm10955 WType IV
TRV-24L-55-4K7-4W-UNV4000 K70 CRI6210 lm10755 WType IV, Wide
TRV-24L-55-4K7-5R4000 K70 CRI6412 lm11155 WType V, rectangular
TRV-24L-55-4K7-5W-UNV4000 K70 CRI55 W
TRV-24L-55-4K7-5X5-UNV4000 K70 CRI6423 lm11155 WMedium flood
TRV-24L-55-5K7-2-UNV5000 K70 CRI6243 lm10855 WType II
TRV-24L-55-5K7-2x2-UNV5000 K70 CRI6810 lm11855 WNarrow spot flood
TRV-24L-55-5K7-3-UNV5000 K70 CRI6204 lm10755 WType III
TRV-24L-55-5K7-4-UNV5000 K70 CRI6273 lm10855 WType IV
TRV-24L-55-5K7-4W-UNV5000 K70 CRI6148 lm10655 WType IV, Wide
TRV-24L-55-5K7-5R-UNV5000 K70 CRI6348 lm11055 WType V, rectangular
TRV-24L-55-5K7-5W-UNV5000 K70 CRI55 W
TRV-24L-55-5K7-5X5-UNV5000 K70 CRI6359 lm11055 WMedium flood
TRV-36L-80-3K7-23000 K70 CRI8531 lm10080 WType II
TRV-36L-80-3K7-2x23000 K70 CRI9308 lm10980 WNarrow spot flood
TRV-36L-80-3K7-33000 K70 CRI8480 lm9980 WType III
TRV-36L-80-3K7-43000 K70 CRI8573 lm10080 WType IV
TRV-36L-80-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI8402 lm9880 WType IV, Wide
TRV-36L-80-3K7-5R3000 K70 CRI8676 lm10280 WType V, rectangular
TRV-36L-80-3K7-5W-UNV3000 K70 CRI80 W
TRV-36L-80-3K7-5X5-UNV3000 K70 CRI8690 lm10280 WMedium flood
TRV-36L-80-4K7-2-UNV4000 K70 CRI9458 lm11180 WType II
TRV-36L-80-4K7-2x2-UNV4000 K70 CRI10319 lm12180 WNarrow spot flood
TRV-36L-80-4K7-3-UNV4000 K70 CRI9401 lm11080 WType III
TRV-36L-80-4K7-4-UNV4000 K70 CRI9504 lm11180 WType IV
TRV-36L-80-4K7-4W-UNV4000 K70 CRI9315 lm10980 WType IV, Wide
TRV-36L-80-4K7-5R4000 K70 CRI9618 lm11380 WType V, rectangular
TRV-36L-80-4K7-5W-UNV4000 K70 CRI80 W
TRV-36L-80-4K7-5X5-UNV4000 K70 CRI9635 lm11380 WMedium flood
TRV-36L-80-5K7-2-UNV5000 K70 CRI9364 lm11080 WType II
TRV-36L-80-5K7-2x2-UNV5000 K70 CRI10215 lm12080 WNarrow spot flood
TRV-36L-80-5K7-3-UNV5000 K70 CRI9307 lm10980 WType III
TRV-36L-80-5K7-4-UNV5000 K70 CRI9409 lm11080 WType IV
TRV-36L-80-5K7-4W-UNV5000 K70 CRI9221 lm10880 WType IV, Wide
TRV-36L-80-5K7-5R-UNV5000 K70 CRI9522 lm11180 WType V, rectangular
TRV-36L-80-5K7-5W-UNV5000 K70 CRI80 W
TRV-36L-80-5K7-5X5-UNV5000 K70 CRI9538 lm11280 WMedium flood
TRV-48L-110-3K7-2-UNV3000 K70 CRI11375 lm104110 WType II
TRV-48L-110-3K7-2x2-UNV3000 K70 CRI12410 lm113110 WNarrow spot flood
TRV-48L-110-3K7-3-UNV3000 K70 CRI11306 lm103110 WType III
TRV-48L-110-3K7-4-UNV3000 K70 CRI11430 lm104110 WType IV
TRV-48L-110-3K7-4W-UNV3000 K70 CRI11202 lm102110 WType IV, Wide
TRV-48L-110-3K7-5R-UNV3000 K70 CRI11568 lm105110 WType V, rectangular
TRV-48L-110-3K7-5W-UNV3000 K70 CRI110 W
TRV-48L-110-3K7-5X5-UNV3000 K70 CRI11587 lm106110 WMedium flood
TRV-48L-110-4K7-2-UNV4000 K70 CRI12611 lm115110 WType II
TRV-48L-110-4K7-2x2-UNV4000 K70 CRI13758 lm125110 WNarrow spot flood
TRV-48L-110-4K7-3-UNV4000 K70 CRI12534 lm114110 WType III
TRV-48L-110-4K7-4-UNV4000 K70 CRI12672 lm116110 WType IV
TRV-48L-110-4K7-4W-UNV4000 K70 CRI12419 lm113110 WType IV, Wide
TRV-48L-110-4K7-5R4000 K70 CRI12824 lm117110 WType V, rectangular
TRV-48L-110-4K7-5W-UNV4000 K70 CRI110 W
TRV-48L-110-4K7-5X5-UNV4000 K70 CRI12846 lm117110 WMedium flood
TRV-48L-110-5K7-2-UNV5000 K70 CRI12485 lm114110 WType II
TRV-48L-110-5K7-2x2-UNV5000 K70 CRI13620 lm124110 WNarrow spot flood
TRV-48L-110-5K7-3-UNV5000 K70 CRI12409 lm113110 WType III
TRV-48L-110-5K7-4-UNV5000 K70 CRI12546 lm114110 WType IV
TRV-48L-110-5K7-4W-UNV5000 K70 CRI12295 lm112110 WType IV, Wide
TRV-48L-110-5K7-5R-UNV5000 K70 CRI12696 lm116110 WType V, rectangular
TRV-48L-110-5K7-5W-UNV5000 K70 CRI110 W
TRV-48L-110-5K7-5X5-UNV5000 K70 CRI12717 lm116110 WMedium flood
TRV-60L-136-3K7-2-UNV3000 K70 CRI14219 lm104136 WType II
TRV-60L-136-3K7-2x2-UNV3000 K70 CRI15512 lm114136 WNarrow spot flood
TRV-60L-136-3K7-3-UNV3000 K70 CRI14133 lm104136 WType III
TRV-60L-136-3K7-4-UNV3000 K70 CRI14288 lm105136 WType IV
TRV-60L-136-3K7-4W-UNV3000 K70 CRI14003 lm103136 WType IV, Wide
TRV-60L-136-3K7-5R-UNV3000 K70 CRI14459 lm106136 WType V, rectangular
TRV-60L-136-3K7-5W-UNV3000 K70 CRI136 W
TRV-60L-136-3K7-5x5-UNV3000 K70 CRI14484 lm106136 WMedium flood
TRV-60L-136-4K7-2-UNV4000 K70 CRI15764 lm116136 WType II
TRV-60L-136-4K7-2x2-UNV4000 K70 CRI17198 lm126136 WNarrow spot flood
TRV-60L-136-4K7-3-UNV4000 K70 CRI15668 lm115136 WType III
TRV-60L-136-4K7-4-UNV4000 K70 CRI15840 lm116136 WType IV
TRV-60L-136-4K7-4W-UNV4000 K70 CRI15524 lm114136 WType IV, Wide
TRV-60L-136-4K7-5R4000 K70 CRI16030 lm117136 WType V, rectangular
TRV-60L-136-4K7-5W-UNV4000 K70 CRI136 W
TRV-60L-136-4K7-5x5-UNV4000 K70 CRI16058 lm118136 WMedium flood
TRV-60L-136-5K7-2-UNV5000 K70 CRI15606 lm114136 WType II
TRV-60L-136-5K7-2x2-UNV5000 K70 CRI17026 lm125136 WNarrow spot flood
TRV-60L-136-5K7-3-UNV5000 K70 CRI15511 lm114136 WType III
TRV-60L-136-5K7-4-UNV5000 K70 CRI15682 lm115136 WType IV
TRV-60L-136-5K7-4W-UNV5000 K70 CRI15369 lm113136 WType IV, Wide
TRV-60L-136-5K7-5R5000 K70 CRI15870 lm116136 WType V, rectangular
TRV-60L-136-5K7-5R-UNV5000 K70 CRI15870 lm116136 WType V, rectangular
TRV-60L-136-5K7-5W-UNV5000 K70 CRI136 W
TRV-60L-136-5K7-5x5-UNV5000 K70 CRI15897 lm116136 WMedium flood
TRV-24L-27-3K7-23000 K70 CRI3413 lm12627 WType II
TRV-24L-27-3K7-2x23000 K70 CRI3723 lm13827 WNarrow spot flood
TRV-24L-27-3K7-33000 K70 CRI3392 lm12627 WType III
TRV-24L-27-3K7-4-UNV3000 K70 CRI2850 lm10627 WType IV
TRV-24L-27-3K7-43000 K70 CRI2850 lm10627 WType IV
TRV-24L-27-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI3360 lm12427 WType IV, Wide
TRV-24L-27-3K7-5R3000 K70 CRI3470 lm12927 WType V, rectangular
TRV-24L-27-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI27 W
TRV-24L-27-3K7-5X53000 K70 CRI3476 lm12927 WMedium flood
TRV-24L-27-4K7-2-UNV4000 K70 CRI3783 lm14227 WType II
TRV-24L-27-4K7-2x2-UNV4000 K70 CRI4127 lm15527 WNarrow spot flood
TRV-24L-27-4K7-3-UNV4000 K70 CRI3760 lm14127 WType III
TRV-24L-27-4K7-4-UNV4000 K70 CRI3791 lm14227 WType IV
TRV-24L-27-4K7-4W-UNV4000 K70 CRI3726 lm14027 WType IV, Wide
TRV-24L-27-4K7-5R4000 K70 CRI3847 lm14427 WType V, rectangular
TRV-24L-27-4K7-5W-UNV4000 K70 CRI27 W
TRV-24L-27-4K7-5X5-UNV4000 K70 CRI3854 lm14427 WMedium flood
TRV-24L-27-5K7-2-UNV5000 K70 CRI3746 lm13927 WType II
TRV-24L-27-5K7-2x2-UNV5000 K70 CRI4086 lm15127 WNarrow spot flood
TRV-24L-27-5K7-3-UNV5000 K70 CRI3723 lm13827 WType III
TRV-24L-27-5K7-4-UNV5000 K70 CRI3753 lm13927 WType IV
TRV-24L-27-5K7-4W-UNV5000 K70 CRI3689 lm13727 WType IV, Wide
TRV-24L-27-5K7-5R-UNV5000 K70 CRI3809 lm14127 WType V, rectangular
TRV-24L-27-5K7-5W-UNV5000 K70 CRI27 W
TRV-24L-27-5K7-5X5-UNV5000 K70 CRI3815 lm14127 WMedium flood
TRV-24E2-45-AMB-245 WType II
TRV-24E2-45-AMB-345 WType III
TRV-24E2-45-AMB-445 WType IV
TRV-24E2-45-AMB-4W45 WType IV, Wide
TRV-24E2-45-AMB-5R45 WType V, rectangular
TRV-24E2-45-AMB-5W45 WType V, Wide
TRV-36E2-65-AMB-265 WType II
TRV-36E2-65-AMB-365 WType III
TRV-36E2-65-AMB-465 WType IV
TRV-36E2-65-AMB-4W65 WType IV, Wide
TRV-36E2-65-AMB-5R65 WType V, rectangular
TRV-36E2-65-AMB-5W65 WType V, Wide
TRV-48E2-85-AMB-285 WType II
TRV-48E2-85-AMB-385 WType III
TRV-48E2-85-AMB-485 WType IV
TRV-48E2-85-AMB-4W85 WType IV, Wide
TRV-48E2-85-AMB-5R85 WType V, rectangular
TRV-48E2-85-AMB-5W85 WType V, Wide
TRV-60E2-105-AMB-2105 WType II
TRV-60E2-105-AMB-3105 WType III
TRV-60E2-105-AMB-4105 WType IV
TRV-60E2-105-AMB-4W105 WType IV, Wide
TRV-60E2-105-AMB-5R105 WType V, rectangular
TRV-60E2-105-AMB-5W105 WType V, Wide
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