The Windsor Series, a classic 8-sided lantern form factor is available in 2 scaled sizes for different mounting heights.

Features & Benefits

  • IES Distributions
  • Clear or Diffused Lensing
  • Choice of 6 Trim Styles
  • Choice of 5 Fitter Styles
  • Integral surge protection


Lumen Range
2,501 - 10,000
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming
CCT Offering
3000, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Wall (surface), Arm, Pendant, Post Top
Wattage Range
31 - 150
Color Offering
Black Matte Textured, Black Gloss Smooth, Dark Bronze Matte Textured, Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, Graphite Matte Textured, Light Grey Gloss Smooth, Platinum Silver Smooth, White Matte Textured, White Gloss Smooth, Verde Green Textured
Optics & Distributions
Type II, Type III, Type IV, Type V
Operating Temp
-30 to 25

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
WIN40-AF-24L-55-4K7-DIR24000 K70 CRI3530 lm6455 WType III
WIN40-AF-24L-55-4K7-DIR34000 K70 CRI3610 lm6655 WType IV
WIN40-AF-24L-55-4K7-DIR44000 K70 CRI3548 lm6555 WType IV
WIN40-AF-24L-55-4K7-DIR54000 K70 CRI3786 lm6955 WType VS
WIN40-AF-24L-55-5K7-DIR25000 K70 CRI3461 lm6355 WType III
WIN40-AF-24L-55-5K7-DIR35000 K70 CRI3539 lm6455 WType IV
WIN40-AF-24L-55-5K7-DIR45000 K70 CRI3478 lm6355 WType IV
WIN40-AF-24L-55-5K7-DIR55000 K70 CRI3711 lm6755 WType VS
WIN40-AF-36L-80-3K-DIR23000 K70 CRI5030 lm6380 WType III
WIN40-AF-36L-80-3K-DIR33000 K70 CRI5144 lm6480 WType IV
WIN40-AF-36L-80-3K-DIR43000 K70 CRI5056 lm6380 WType IV
WIN40-AF-36L-80-3K-DIR53000 K70 CRI5395 lm6780 WType VS
WIN40-AF-36L-80-4K7-DIR24000 K70 CRI5295 lm6680 WType III
WIN40-AF-36L-80-4K7-DIR34000 K70 CRI5414 lm6880 WType IV
WIN40-AF-36L-80-4K7-DIR44000 K70 CRI5322 lm6780 WType IV
WIN40-AF-36L-80-4K7-DIR54000 K70 CRI5678 lm7180 WType VS
WIN40-AF-36L-80-5K7-DIR25000 K70 CRI5191 lm6580 WType III
WIN40-AF-36L-80-5K7-DIR35000 K70 CRI5308 lm6680 WType IV
WIN40-AF-36L-80-5K7-DIR45000 K70 CRI5218 lm6580 WType IV
WIN40-AF-36L-80-5K7-DIR55000 K70 CRI5567 lm7080 WType VS
WIN40-AF-48L-110-3K-DIR23000 K70 CRI6707 lm61110 WType III
WIN40-AF-48L-110-3K-DIR33000 K70 CRI6858 lm62110 WType IV
WIN40-AF-48L-110-3K-DIR43000 K70 CRI6741 lm61110 WType IV
WIN40-AF-48L-110-3K-DIR53000 K70 CRI7193 lm65110 WType VS
WIN40-AF-48L-110-4K7-DIR24000 K70 CRI7060 lm64110 WType III
WIN40-AF-48L-110-4K7-DIR34000 K70 CRI7219 lm66110 WType IV
WIN40-AF-48L-110-4K7-DIR44000 K70 CRI7096 lm65110 WType IV
WIN40-AF-48L-110-4K7-DIR54000 K70 CRI7571 lm69110 WType VS
WIN40-AF-48L-110-5K7-DIR25000 K70 CRI6922 lm63110 WType III
WIN40-AF-48L-110-5K7-DIR35000 K70 CRI7078 lm64110 WType IV
WIN40-AF-48L-110-5K7-DIR45000 K70 CRI6957 lm63110 WType IV
WIN40-AF-48L-110-5K7-DIR55000 K70 CRI7423 lm67110 WType VS
WIN40-AF-48NB-110-4K-DIR54000 K70 CRI7571 lm69110 WType VS
WIN40-AF-60L-136-3K-DIR23000 K70 CRI8384 lm60139.1 WType III
WIN40-AF-60L-136-3K-DIR33000 K70 CRI8573 lm62139 WType IV
WIN40-AF-60L-136-3K-DIR43000 K70 CRI8427 lm61139.2 WType IV
WIN40-AF-60L-136-3K-DIR53000 K70 CRI8991 lm64139.5 WType VS
WIN40-AF-60L-136-4K7-DIR24000 K70 CRI8825 lm63139.1 WType III
WIN40-AF-60L-136-4K7-DIR34000 K70 CRI9024 lm65139 WType IV
WIN40-AF-60L-136-4K7-DIR44000 K70 CRI8870 lm64139.2 WType IV
WIN40-AF-60L-136-4K7-DIR54000 K70 CRI9464 lm68139.5 WType VS
WIN40-AF-60L-136-5K7-DIR25000 K70 CRI8652 lm62139.1 WType III
WIN40-AF-60L-136-5K7-DIR35000 K70 CRI8847 lm64139 WType IV
WIN40-AF-60L-136-5K7-DIR45000 K70 CRI8696 lm62139.2 WType IV
WIN40-AF-60L-136-5K7-DIR55000 K70 CRI9279 lm67139.5 WType VS
WIN40-AF-24L-55-3K-DIR23000 K70 CRI3354 lm6155 WType III
WIN40-AF-24L-55-3K-DIR33000 K70 CRI3429 lm6255 WType IV
WIN40-AF-24L-55-3K-DIR43000 K70 CRI3371 lm6155 WType IV
WIN40-AF-24L-55-3K-DIR53000 K70 CRI3596 lm6555 WType VS
WIN40-AC-24L-55-3K7-DIR570 K3000 CRI4425 lm8055 WType VS
WIN40-AC-24L-55-4K7-DIR270 K4000 CRI4363 lm7955 WType II
WIN40-AC-24L-55-4K7-DIR370 K4000 CRI4465 lm8155 WType III
WIN40-AC-24L-55-4K7-DIR470 K4000 CRI4473 lm8155 WType IV
WIN40-AC-24L-55-4K7-DIR570 K4000 CRI4657 lm8555 WType VS
WIN40-AC-24L-55-5K7-DIR270 K5000 CRI4278 lm7855 WType II
WIN40-AC-24L-55-5K7-DIR370 K5000 CRI4377 lm8055 WType III
WIN40-AC-24L-55-5K7-DIR470 K5000 CRI4385 lm8055 WType IV
WIN40-AC-24L-55-5K7-DIR570 K5000 CRI4566 lm8355 WType VS
WIN40-AC-36L-80-3K7-DIR270 K3000 CRI6218 lm7880 WType II
WIN40-AC-36L-80-3K7-DIR370 K3000 CRI6363 lm8080 WType III
WIN40-AC-36L-80-3K7-DIR470 K3000 CRI6374 lm8080 WType IV
WIN40-AC-36L-80-3K7-DIR570 K3000 CRI6637 lm8380 WType VS
WIN40-AC-36L-80-4K7-DIR270 K4000 CRI6545 lm8280 WType II
WIN40-AC-36L-80-4K7-DIR370 K4000 CRI6698 lm8480 WType III
WIN40-AC-36L-80-4K7-DIR470 K4000 CRI6709 lm8480 WType IV
WIN40-AC-36L-80-4K7-DIR570 K4000 CRI6986 lm8780 WType VS
WIN40-AC-36L-80-5K7-DIR270 K5000 CRI6416 lm8080 WType II
WIN40-AC-36L-80-5K7-DIR370 K5000 CRI6566 lm8280 WType III
WIN40-AC-36L-80-5K7-DIR470 K5000 CRI6577 lm8280 WType IV
WIN40-AC-36L-80-5K7-DIR570 K5000 CRI6849 lm8680 WType VS
WIN40-AC-48L-110-3K7-DIR270 K3000 CRI8290 lm75110 WType II
WIN40-AC-48L-110-3K7-DIR370 K3000 CRI8484 lm77110 WType III
WIN40-AC-48L-110-3K7-DIR470 K3000 CRI8498 lm77110 WType IV
WIN40-AC-48L-110-3K7-DIR570 K3000 CRI8849 lm80110 WType VS
WIN40-AC-48L-110-4K7-DIR270 K4000 CRI8726 lm79110 WType II
WIN40-AC-48L-110-4K7-DIR370 K4000 CRI8930 lm81110 WType III
WIN40-AC-48L-110-4K7-DIR470 K4000 CRI8945 lm81110 WType IV
WIN40-AC-48L-110-4K7-DIR570 K4000 CRI9315 lm85110 WType VS
WIN40-AC-48L-110-5K7-DIR270 K5000 CRI8555 lm78110 WType II
WIN40-AC-48L-110-5K7-DIR370 K5000 CRI8755 lm80110 WType III
WIN40-AC-48L-110-5K7-DIR470 K5000 CRI8770 lm80110 WType IV
WIN40-AC-48L-110-5K7-DIR570 K5000 CRI9132 lm83110 WType VS
WIN40-AC-60L-136-3K7-DIR270 K3000 CRI10363 lm80130.1 WType II
WIN40-AC-60L-136-3K7-DIR370 K3000 CRI10604 lm81130.2 WType III
WIN40-AC-60L-136-3K7-DIR470 K3000 CRI10623 lm82130.1 WType IV
WIN40-AC-60L-136-3K7-DIR570 K3000 CRI11061 lm85130.5 WType VS
WIN40-AC-60L-136-4K7-DIR270 K4000 CRI10908 lm84130.1 WType II
WIN40-AC-60L-136-4K7-DIR370 K4000 CRI11163 lm86130.2 WType III
WIN40-AC-60L-136-4K7-DIR470 K4000 CRI11182 lm86130.1 WType IV
WIN40-AC-60L-136-4K7-DIR570 K4000 CRI11644 lm89130.5 WType VS
WIN40-AC-60L-136-5K7-DIR270 K5000 CRI10694 lm82130.1 WType II
WIN40-AC-60L-136-5K7-DIR370 K5000 CRI10944 lm84130.2 WType III
WIN40-AC-60L-136-5K7-DIR470 K5000 CRI10962 lm84130.1 WType IV
WIN40-AC-60L-136-5K7-DIR570 K5000 CRI11415 lm87130.5 WType VS
WIN40-AC-24L-55-3K7-DIR270 K3000 CRI4145 lm7555 WType II
WIN40-AC-24L-55-3K7-DIR370 K3000 CRI4242 lm7755 WType III
WIN40-AC-24L-55-3K7-DIR470 K3000 CRI4249 lm7755 WType IV
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