Pursuit™ – Direct - Down

Linear Unlimited - low profile linear form factor seamlessly blends with the architecture - day or night

Features & Benefits

  • 2’, 3’, 4’, 6’ & 8’ Housing Lengths
  • diffused lens option
  • Sections can be joined for runs up to 150’ withseamless lens
  • Battery Backup for path of egress
  • Available distributions: Symmetric, Asymmetric & Wall Graze & Wall Wash Distributions


Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming
CCT Offering
3000, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
70, 80, 90
Mounting Options
Wall, Surface
Wattage Range
29 - 131
Color Offering
BLS - Black Gloss Smooth, BLT - Black Matte Textured, DBS - Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, DBT- Dark Bronze Matte Textured, GTT - Graphite Matte Textured, LG - Light Grey Matte Textured, LGS - Light Grey Gloss Smooth, PSS - Platinum Silver Gloss Smooth, VGT - Verde Green Matte Textured, WHS - White Gloss Smooth, WHT - White Matte Textured, CC – Custom Color
Optics & Distributions
Symmetric, Asymmetric, Wall Graze, Wall Wash
TAA (Buy American 52.225-11), IP65
Operating Temp
-40 to 40

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
RN-D-2-5-3K8-SM-DL3000 K80 CRI1138 lm8713.1 WType I
RN-D-2-5-3K9-SM-CL3000 K90 CRI1033 lm7913.1 WType I
RN-D-2-5-3K9-SM-DL3000 K90 CRI922 lm7013.1 WType I
RN-D-2-5-4K8-AS-CL4000 K80 CRI1201 lm9213.1 WType I
RN-D-2-5-4K8-AS-DL4000 K80 CRI1054 lm8013.1 WType I
RN-D-2-5-4K8-WG-CL4000 K80 CRI1380 lm10513.1 WType I
RN-D-2-5-4K8-WW-DL4000 K80 CRI1054 lm8013.1 WN.A.
RN-D-2-5-4K9-AS-CL4000 K90 CRI973 lm7413.1 WType I
RN-D-2-5-4K9-AS-DL4000 K90 CRI854 lm6513.1 WType I
RN-D-2-5-4K9-WG-CL4000 K90 CRI1117 lm8513.1 WType I
RN-D-2-5-4K9-WG-DL4000 K90 CRI1007 lm7713.1 WType I
RN-D-2-5-4K9-WW-CL4000 K90 CRI973 lm7413.1 WN.A.
RN-D-2-5-4K9-WW-DL4000 K90 CRI854 lm6513.1 WN.A.
RN-D-2-5-5K8-SM-CL5000 K80 CRI1372 lm10513.1 WType I
RN-D-2-5-5K8-SM-DL5000 K80 CRI1225 lm9413.1 WType I
RN-D-2-5-35K8-AS-CL3500 K80 CRI1176 lm9013.1 WType I
RN-D-2-5-35K8-AS-DL3500 K80 CRI1026 lm7813.1 WType I
RN-D-2-5-35K8-WG-CL3500 K80 CRI1343 lm10313.1 WType I
RN-D-2-5-35K8-WW-DL3500 K80 CRI1026 lm7813.1 WN.A.
RN-D-2-7-3K8-AS-CL3000 K80 CRI1658 lm8519.6 WType I
RN-D-2-7-3K8-AS-DL3000 K80 CRI1469 lm7519.6 WType I
RN-D-2-7-3K8-WG-CL3000 K80 CRI1922 lm9819.6 WType I
RN-D-2-7-3K8-WG-DL3000 K80 CRI1733 lm8819.6 WType I
RN-D-2-7-3K8-WW-CL3000 K80 CRI1657 lm8519.6 WN.A.
RN-D-2-7-3K8-WW-DL3000 K80 CRI1469 lm7519.6 WN.A.
RN-D-2-7-3K9-AS-CL3000 K90 CRI1343 lm6919.6 WType I
RN-D-2-7-3K9-AS-DL3000 K90 CRI1190 lm6119.6 WType I
RN-D-2-7-3K9-WG-DL3000 K90 CRI1404 lm7219.6 WType I
RN-D-2-7-3K9-WW-CL3000 K90 CRI1342 lm6819.6 WN.A.
RN-D-2-7-4K8-SM-CL4000 K80 CRI1899 lm9719.6 WType I
RN-D-2-7-4K8-SM-DL4000 K80 CRI1708 lm8719.6 WType I
RN-D-2-7-4K9-SM-CL4000 K90 CRI1246 lm6419.6 WType I
RN-D-2-7-5K8-AS-CL5000 K80 CRI1784 lm9119.6 WType I
RN-D-2-7-5K8-AS-DL5000 K80 CRI1580 lm8119.6 WType I
RN-D-2-7-5K8-WG-DL5000 K80 CRI1865 lm9519.6 WType I
RN-D-2-7-5K8-WW-CL5000 K80 CRI1783 lm9119.6 WN.A.
RN-D-2-7-35K8-AS-CL3500 K80 CRI1675 lm8519.6 WType I
RN-D-2-7-35K8-AS-DL3500 K80 CRI1483 lm7619.6 WType I
RN-D-2-7-35K8-WG-CL3500 K80 CRI1941 lm9919.6 WType I
RN-D-2-7-35K8-WG-DL3500 K80 CRI1750 lm8919.6 WType I
RN-D-2-7-35K8-WW-CL3500 K80 CRI1674 lm8519.6 WN.A.
RN-D-2-10-3K8-SM-CL3000 K80 CRI2345 lm9026 WType I
RN-D-2-10-3K9-SM-CL3000 K90 CRI1899 lm7326 WType I
RN-D-2-10-3K9-SM-DL3000 K90 CRI1705 lm6626 WType I
RN-D-2-10-4K8-AS-CL4000 K80 CRI2200 lm8526 WType I
RN-D-2-10-4K8-AS-DL4000 K80 CRI1949 lm7526 WType I
RN-D-2-10-4K8-WG-DL4000 K80 CRI2299 lm8826 WType I
RN-D-2-10-4K8-WW-CL4000 K80 CRI2199 lm8526 WN.A.
RN-D-2-10-4K9-AS-DL4000 K90 CRI1578 lm6126 WType I
RN-D-2-10-4K9-WG-CL4000 K90 CRI2065 lm7926 WType I
RN-D-2-10-4K9-WG-DL4000 K90 CRI1862 lm7226 WType I
RN-D-2-10-4K9-WW-CL4000 K90 CRI1781 lm6926 WN.A.
RN-D-2-10-4K9-WW-DL4000 K90 CRI1578 lm6126 WN.A.
RN-D-2-10-5K8-SM-CL5000 K80 CRI2523 lm9726 WType I
RN-D-2-10-5K8-SM-DL5000 K80 CRI2265 lm8726 WType I
RN-D-2-10-35K8-AS-DL3500 K80 CRI1896 lm7326 WType I
RN-D-2-10-35K8-WG-CL3500 K80 CRI2483 lm9526 WType I
RN-D-2-10-35K8-WG-DL3500 K80 CRI2238 lm8626 WType I
RN-D-2-10-35K8-WW-CL3500 K80 CRI2142 lm8226 WN.A.
RN-D-2-10-35K8-WW-DL3500 K80 CRI1897 lm7326 WN.A.
RN-D-2-15-3K8-AS-CL3000 K80 CRI2853 lm6941.1 WType I
RN-D-2-15-3K8-AS-DL3000 K80 CRI2526 lm6141.1 WType I
RN-D-2-15-3K8-WG-CL3000 K80 CRI3308 lm8041.1 WType I
RN-D-2-15-3K8-WG-DL3000 K80 CRI2981 lm7341.1 WType I
RN-D-2-15-3K8-WW-CL3000 K80 CRI2852 lm6941.1 WN.A.
RN-D-2-15-3K9-AS-DL3000 K90 CRI2046 lm5041.1 WType I
RN-D-2-15-3K9-WG-CL3000 K90 CRI2678 lm6541.1 WType I
RN-D-2-15-3K9-WG-DL3000 K90 CRI2415 lm5941.1 WType I
RN-D-2-15-3K9-WW-CL3000 K90 CRI2311 lm5641.1 WN.A.
RN-D-2-15-3K9-WW-DL3000 K90 CRI2047 lm5041.1 WN.A.
RN-D-2-15-4K8-SM-CL4000 K80 CRI3291 lm8041.1 WType I
RN-D-2-15-4K9-SM-CL4000 K90 CRI2666 lm6541.1 WType I
RN-D-2-15-4K9-SM-DL4000 K90 CRI2380 lm5841.1 WType I
RN-D-2-15-5K8-AS-DL5000 K80 CRI2719 lm6641.1 WType I
RN-D-2-15-5K8-WG-CL5000 K80 CRI3559 lm8741.1 WType I
RN-D-2-15-5K8-WG-DL5000 K80 CRI3208 lm7841.1 WType I
RN-D-2-15-5K8-WW-CL5000 K80 CRI3069 lm7541.1 WN.A.
RN-D-2-15-5K8-WW-DL5000 K80 CRI2719 lm6641.1 WN.A.
RN-D-2-15-35K8-AS-CL3500 K80 CRI2882 lm7041.1 WType I
RN-D-2-15-35K8-WG-CL3500 K80 CRI3341 lm8141.1 WType I
RN-D-2-15-35K8-WG-DL3500 K80 CRI3011 lm7341.1 WType I
RN-D-2-15-35K8-WW-CL3500 K80 CRI2881 lm7041.1 WN.A.
RN-D-2-15-35K8-WW-DL3500 K80 CRI2552 lm6241.1 WN.A.
RN-D-3-5-3K8-SM-CL3000 K80 CRI1913 lm10019.1 WType I
RN-D-3-5-3K9-SM-CL3000 K90 CRI1549 lm8119.1 WType I
RN-D-3-5-3K9-SM-DL3000 K90 CRI1383 lm7219.1 WType I
RN-D-3-5-4K8-AS-CL4000 K80 CRI1786 lm9319.1 WType I
RN-D-3-5-4K8-AS-DL4000 K80 CRI1581 lm8319.1 WType I
RN-D-3-5-4K8-WG-DL4000 K80 CRI1864 lm9819.1 WType I
RN-D-3-5-4K8-WW-CL4000 K80 CRI1785 lm9319.1 WN.A.
RN-D-3-5-4K9-AS-DL4000 K90 CRI1280 lm6719.1 WType I
RN-D-3-5-4K9-WG-CL4000 K90 CRI1675 lm8819.1 WType I
RN-D-3-5-4K9-WG-DL4000 K90 CRI1510 lm7919.1 WType I
RN-D-3-5-4K9-WW-CL4000 K90 CRI1445 lm7619.1 WN.A.
RN-D-3-5-4K9-WW-DL4000 K90 CRI1281 lm6719.1 WN.A.
RN-D-3-5-5K8-SM-CL5000 K80 CRI2058 lm10819.1 WType I
RN-D-3-5-5K8-SM-DL5000 K80 CRI1839 lm9619.1 WType I
RN-D-3-5-35K8-AS-CL3500 K80 CRI1738 lm9119.1 WType I
RN-D-3-5-35K8-WG-CL3500 K80 CRI2013 lm10519.1 WType I
RN-D-3-5-35K8-WG-DL3500 K80 CRI1815 lm9519.1 WType I
RN-D-3-5-35K8-WW-CL3500 K80 CRI1738 lm9119.1 WN.A.
RN-D-3-5-35K8-WW-DL3500 K80 CRI1540 lm8119.1 WN.A.
RN-D-3-7-3K8-AS-CL3000 K80 CRI2487 lm8728.6 WType I
RN-D-3-7-3K8-WG-CL3000 K80 CRI2881 lm10128.6 WType I
RN-D-3-7-3K8-WG-DL3000 K80 CRI2599 lm9128.6 WType I
RN-D-3-7-3K8-WW-CL3000 K80 CRI2487 lm8728.6 WN.A.
RN-D-3-7-3K8-WW-DL3000 K80 CRI2204 lm7728.6 WN.A.
RN-D-3-7-3K9-AS-CL3000 K90 CRI2014 lm7028.6 WType I
RN-D-3-7-3K9-AS-DL3000 K90 CRI1784 lm6228.6 WType I
RN-D-3-7-3K9-WG-CL3000 K90 CRI2334 lm8228.6 WType I
RN-D-3-7-3K9-WW-DL3000 K90 CRI1785 lm6228.6 WN.A.
RN-D-3-7-4K8-SM-CL4000 K80 CRI2850 lm10028.6 WType I
RN-D-3-7-4K8-SM-DL4000 K80 CRI2561 lm9028.6 WType I
RN-D-3-7-4K9-SM-DL4000 K90 CRI2075 lm7328.6 WType I
RN-D-3-7-5K8-AS-CL5000 K80 CRI2676 lm9428.6 WType I
RN-D-3-7-5K8-AS-DL5000 K80 CRI2370 lm8328.6 WType I
RN-D-3-7-5K8-WG-CL5000 K80 CRI3100 lm10828.6 WType I
RN-D-3-7-5K8-WW-DL5000 K80 CRI2371 lm8328.6 WN.A.
RN-D-3-7-35K8-AS-DL3500 K80 CRI2225 lm7828.6 WType I
RN-D-3-7-35K8-WG-CL3500 K80 CRI2910 lm10228.6 WType I
RN-D-3-7-35K8-WG-DL3500 K80 CRI2625 lm9228.6 WType I
RN-D-3-7-35K8-WW-CL3500 K80 CRI2512 lm8828.6 WN.A.
RN-D-3-7-35K8-WW-DL3500 K80 CRI2226 lm7828.6 WN.A.
RN-D-3-10-3K8-SM-CL3000 K80 CRI3518 lm9238.4 WType I
RN-D-3-10-3K8-SM-DL3000 K80 CRI3158 lm8238.4 WType I
RN-D-3-10-3K9-SM-CL3000 K90 CRI2849 lm7438.4 WType I
RN-D-3-10-4K8-AS-CL4000 K80 CRI3300 lm8638.4 WType I
RN-D-3-10-4K8-AS-DL4000 K80 CRI2923 lm7638.4 WType I
RN-D-3-10-4K8-WG-CL4000 K80 CRI3823 lm10038.4 WType I
RN-D-3-10-4K8-WG-DL4000 K80 CRI3447 lm9038.4 WType I
RN-D-3-10-4K8-WW-CL4000 K80 CRI3300 lm8638.4 WN.A.
RN-D-3-10-4K8-WW-DL4000 K80 CRI2924 lm7638.4 WN.A.
RN-D-3-10-4K9-AS-CL4000 K90 CRI2673 lm7038.4 WType I
RN-D-3-10-4K9-AS-DL4000 K90 CRI2368 lm6238.4 WType I
RN-D-3-10-4K9-WG-DL4000 K90 CRI2792 lm7338.4 WType I
RN-D-3-10-4K9-WW-CL4000 K90 CRI2673 lm7038.4 WN.A.
RN-D-3-10-5K8-SM-CL5000 K80 CRI3786 lm9938.4 WType I
RN-D-3-10-35K8-AS-CL3500 K80 CRI3213 lm8438.4 WType I
RN-D-3-10-35K8-AS-DL3500 K80 CRI2845 lm7438.4 WType I
RN-D-3-10-35K8-WG-CL3500 K80 CRI3723 lm9738.4 WType I
RN-D-3-10-35K8-WW-CL3500 K80 CRI3213 lm8438.4 WN.A.
RN-D-3-10-35K8-WW-DL3500 K80 CRI2846 lm7438.4 WN.A.
RN-D-3-15-3K8-AS-DL3000 K80 CRI3791 lm6261.2 WType I
RN-D-3-15-3K8-WG-CL3000 K80 CRI4960 lm8161.2 WType I
RN-D-3-15-3K8-WG-DL3000 K80 CRI4471 lm7361.2 WType I
RN-D-3-15-3K8-WW-CL3000 K80 CRI4280 lm7061.2 WN.A.
RN-D-3-15-3K8-WW-DL3000 K80 CRI3791 lm6261.2 WN.A.
RN-D-3-15-3K9-AS-CL3000 K90 CRI3467 lm5761.2 WType I
RN-D-3-15-3K9-AS-DL3000 K90 CRI3071 lm5061.2 WType I
RN-D-3-15-3K9-WG-DL3000 K90 CRI3621 lm5961.2 WType I
RN-D-3-15-3K9-WW-CL3000 K90 CRI3467 lm5761.2 WN.A.
RN-D-3-15-3K9-WW-DL3000 K90 CRI3071 lm5061.2 WN.A.
RN-D-3-15-4K8-SM-CL4000 K80 CRI4938 lm8161.2 WType I
RN-D-3-15-4K8-SM-DL4000 K80 CRI4409 lm7261.2 WType I
RN-D-3-15-4K9-SM-CL4000 K90 CRI4000 lm6561.2 WType I
RN-D-3-15-4K9-SM-DL4000 K90 CRI3571 lm5861.2 WType I
RN-D-3-15-5K8-AS-CL5000 K80 CRI4606 lm7561.2 WType I
RN-D-3-15-5K8-AS-DL5000 K80 CRI4079 lm6761.2 WType I
RN-D-3-15-5K8-WG-CL5000 K80 CRI5337 lm8761.2 WType I
RN-D-3-15-5K8-WG-DL5000 K80 CRI4811 lm7961.2 WType I
RN-D-3-15-5K8-WW-CL5000 K80 CRI4606 lm7561.2 WN.A.
RN-D-3-15-35K8-AS-CL3500 K80 CRI4323 lm7161.2 WType I
RN-D-3-15-35K8-AS-DL3500 K80 CRI3829 lm6361.2 WType I
RN-D-3-15-35K8-WG-CL3500 K80 CRI5009 lm8261.2 WType I
RN-D-3-15-35K8-WG-DL3500 K80 CRI4516 lm7461.2 WType I
RN-D-3-15-35K8-WW-CL3500 K80 CRI4323 lm7161.2 WN.A.
RN-D-4-5-3K8-SM-CL3000 K80 CRI2551 lm10225 WType I
RN-D-4-5-3K8-SM-DL3000 K80 CRI2278 lm9125 WType I
RN-D-4-5-3K9-SM-DL3000 K90 CRI1845 lm7425 WType I
RN-D-4-5-4K8-AS-CL4000 K80 CRI2380 lm9525 WType I
RN-D-4-5-4K8-WG-CL4000 K80 CRI2756 lm11025 WType I
RN-D-4-5-4K8-WG-DL4000 K80 CRI2485 lm9925 WType I
RN-D-4-5-4K8-WW-CL4000 K80 CRI2380 lm9525 WN.A.
RN-D-4-5-4K8-WW-DL4000 K80 CRI2108 lm8425 WN.A.
RN-D-4-5-4K9-AS-CL4000 K90 CRI1927 lm7725 WType I
RN-D-4-5-4K9-AS-DL4000 K90 CRI1707 lm6825 WType I
RN-D-4-5-4K9-WG-CL4000 K90 CRI2233 lm8925 WType I
RN-D-4-5-4K9-WG-DL4000 K90 CRI2013 lm8125 WType I
RN-D-4-5-4K9-WW-DL4000 K90 CRI1707 lm6825 WN.A.
RN-D-4-5-5K8-SM-CL5000 K80 CRI2744 lm11025 WType I
RN-D-4-5-5K8-SM-DL5000 K80 CRI2451 lm9825 WType I
RN-D-4-5-35K8-SM-CL3500 K80 CRI2576 lm10325 WType I
RN-D-4-5-35K8-SM-DL3500 K80 CRI2301 lm9225 WType I
RN-D-4-7-3K8-AS-CL3000 K80 CRI3316 lm8837.8 WType I
RN-D-4-7-3K8-AS-DL3000 K80 CRI2938 lm7837.8 WType I
RN-D-4-7-3K8-WG-CL3000 K80 CRI3842 lm10237.8 WType I
RN-D-4-7-3K8-WG-DL3000 K80 CRI3464 lm9237.8 WType I
RN-D-4-7-3K8-WW-CL3000 K80 CRI3317 lm8837.8 WN.A.
RN-D-4-7-3K9-AS-DL3000 K90 CRI2380 lm6337.8 WType I
RN-D-4-7-3K9-WG-CL3000 K90 CRI3112 lm8237.8 WType I
RN-D-4-7-3K9-WG-DL3000 K90 CRI2806 lm7437.8 WType I
RN-D-4-7-3K9-WW-CL3000 K90 CRI2687 lm7137.8 WN.A.
RN-D-4-7-3K9-WW-DL3000 K90 CRI2380 lm6337.8 WN.A.
RN-D-4-7-4K8-SM-CL4000 K80 CRI3799 lm10037.8 WType I
RN-D-4-7-4K9-SM-CL4000 K90 CRI3077 lm8137.8 WType I
RN-D-4-7-4K9-SM-DL4000 K90 CRI2766 lm7337.8 WType I
RN-D-4-7-5K8-AS-DL5000 K80 CRI3162 lm8437.8 WType I
RN-D-4-7-5K8-WG-CL5000 K80 CRI4134 lm10937.8 WType I
RN-D-4-7-5K8-WG-DL5000 K80 CRI3727 lm9937.8 WType I
RN-D-4-7-5K8-WW-CL5000 K80 CRI3569 lm9437.8 WN.A.
RN-D-4-7-5K8-WW-DL5000 K80 CRI3162 lm8437.8 WN.A.
RN-D-4-7-35K8-SM-CL3500 K80 CRI3697 lm9837.8 WType I
RN-D-4-7-35K8-SM-DL3500 K80 CRI3325 lm8837.8 WType I
RN-D-4-10-3K8-AS-DL3000 K80 CRI3757 lm7351.8 WType I
RN-D-4-10-3K8-WG-CL3000 K80 CRI4914 lm9551.8 WType I
RN-D-4-10-3K8-WG-DL3000 K80 CRI4430 lm8651.8 WType I
RN-D-4-10-3K8-WW-CL3000 K80 CRI4242 lm8251.8 WN.A.
RN-D-4-10-3K8-WW-DL3000 K80 CRI3757 lm7351.8 WN.A.
RN-D-4-10-3K9-AS-CL3000 K90 CRI3436 lm6651.8 WType I
RN-D-4-10-3K9-AS-DL3000 K90 CRI3043 lm5951.8 WType I
RN-D-4-10-3K9-WG-CL3000 K90 CRI3981 lm7751.8 WType I
RN-D-4-10-3K9-WG-DL3000 K90 CRI3589 lm6951.8 WType I
RN-D-4-10-3K9-WW-CL3000 K90 CRI3436 lm6651.8 WN.A.
RN-D-4-10-4K8-SM-CL4000 K80 CRI4865 lm9451.8 WType I
RN-D-4-10-4K8-SM-DL4000 K80 CRI4368 lm8451.8 WType I
RN-D-4-10-4K9-SM-CL4000 K90 CRI3941 lm7651.8 WType I
RN-D-4-10-4K9-SM-DL4000 K90 CRI3538 lm6851.8 WType I
RN-D-4-10-5K8-AS-CL5000 K80 CRI4564 lm8851.8 WType I
RN-D-4-10-5K8-AS-DL5000 K80 CRI4042 lm7851.8 WType I
RN-D-4-10-5K8-WG-DL5000 K80 CRI4767 lm9251.8 WType I
RN-D-4-10-5K8-WW-CL5000 K80 CRI4565 lm8851.8 WN.A.
RN-D-4-10-5K8-WW-DL5000 K80 CRI4043 lm7851.8 WN.A.
RN-D-4-10-35K8-AS-CL3500 K80 CRI4284 lm8351.8 WType I
RN-D-4-10-35K8-AS-DL3500 K80 CRI3795 lm7351.8 WType I
RN-D-4-10-35K8-WG-CL3500 K80 CRI4964 lm9651.8 WType I
RN-D-4-10-35K8-WG-DL3500 K80 CRI4474 lm8651.8 WType I
RN-D-4-10-35K8-WW-CL3500 K80 CRI4284 lm8351.8 WN.A.
RN-D-4-10-35K8-WW-DL3500 K80 CRI3795 lm7351.8 WN.A.
RN-D-4-15-3K8-SM-CL3000 K80 CRI6346 lm7881.8 WType I
RN-D-4-15-3K8-SM-DL3000 K80 CRI5665 lm6981.8 WType I
RN-D-4-15-3K9-SM-CL3000 K90 CRI5139 lm6381.8 WType I
RN-D-4-15-4K8-AS-DL4000 K80 CRI5245 lm6481.8 WType I
RN-D-4-15-4K8-WG-CL4000 K80 CRI6861 lm8481.8 WType I
RN-D-4-15-4K8-WG-DL4000 K80 CRI6184 lm7681.8 WType I
RN-D-4-15-4K8-WW-CL4000 K80 CRI5920 lm7281.8 WN.A.
RN-D-4-15-4K8-WW-DL4000 K80 CRI5245 lm6481.8 WN.A.
RN-D-4-15-4K9-AS-CL4000 K90 CRI4795 lm5981.8 WType I
RN-D-4-15-4K9-AS-DL4000 K90 CRI4249 lm5281.8 WType I
RN-D-4-15-4K9-WG-DL4000 K90 CRI5009 lm6181.8 WType I
RN-D-4-15-4K9-WW-CL4000 K90 CRI4795 lm5981.8 WN.A.
RN-D-4-15-5K8-SM-CL5000 K80 CRI6828 lm8381.8 WType I
RN-D-4-15-35K8-AS-DL3500 K80 CRI5106 lm6281.8 WType I
RN-D-4-15-35K8-WG-CL3500 K80 CRI6679 lm8281.8 WType I
RN-D-4-15-35K8-WG-DL3500 K80 CRI6021 lm7481.8 WType I
RN-D-4-15-35K8-WW-CL3500 K80 CRI5764 lm7081.8 WN.A.
RN-D-4-15-35K8-WW-DL3500 K80 CRI5106 lm6281.8 WN.A.
RN-D-6-5-3K8-AS-CL3000 K80 CRI3440 lm9237.2 WType I
RN-D-6-5-3K8-AS-DL3000 K80 CRI3047 lm8237.2 WType I
RN-D-6-5-3K8-WG-DL3000 K80 CRI3594 lm9737.2 WType I
RN-D-6-5-3K8-WW-CL3000 K80 CRI3440 lm9237.2 WN.A.
RN-D-6-5-3K9-AS-DL3000 K90 CRI2468 lm6637.2 WType I
RN-D-6-5-3K9-WG-CL3000 K90 CRI3229 lm8737.2 WType I
RN-D-6-5-3K9-WG-DL3000 K90 CRI2911 lm7837.2 WType I
RN-D-6-5-3K9-WW-CL3000 K90 CRI2787 lm7537.2 WN.A.
RN-D-6-5-3K9-WW-DL3000 K90 CRI2468 lm6637.2 WN.A.
RN-D-6-5-4K8-SM-CL4000 K80 CRI3968 lm10737.2 WType I
RN-D-6-5-4K9-SM-CL4000 K90 CRI3214 lm8637.2 WType I
RN-D-6-5-4K9-SM-DL4000 K90 CRI2871 lm7737.2 WType I
RN-D-6-5-5K8-AS-CL5000 K80 CRI3703 lm10037.2 WType I
RN-D-6-5-5K8-AS-DL5000 K80 CRI3279 lm8837.2 WType I
RN-D-6-5-5K8-WG-CL5000 K80 CRI4290 lm11537.2 WType I
RN-D-6-5-5K8-WG-DL5000 K80 CRI3867 lm10437.2 WType I
RN-D-6-5-5K8-WW-CL5000 K80 CRI3702 lm10037.2 WN.A.
RN-D-6-5-5K8-WW-DL5000 K80 CRI3279 lm8837.2 WN.A.
RN-D-6-5-35K8-AS-DL3500 K80 CRI3078 lm8337.2 WType I
RN-D-6-5-35K8-WG-CL3500 K80 CRI4027 lm10837.2 WType I
RN-D-6-5-35K8-WG-DL3500 K80 CRI3630 lm9837.2 WType I
RN-D-6-5-35K8-WW-CL3500 K80 CRI3474 lm9337.2 WN.A.
RN-D-6-5-35K8-WW-DL3500 K80 CRI3078 lm8337.2 WN.A.
RN-D-6-7-3K8-SM-CL3000 K80 CRI5492 lm9856 WType I
RN-D-6-7-3K8-SM-DL3000 K80 CRI4938 lm8856 WType I
RN-D-6-7-3K9-SM-DL3000 K90 CRI3999 lm7156 WType I
RN-D-6-7-4K8-AS-CL4000 K80 CRI5161 lm9256 WType I
RN-D-6-7-4K8-WG-CL4000 K80 CRI5979 lm10756 WType I
RN-D-6-7-4K8-WG-DL4000 K80 CRI5390 lm9656 WType I
RN-D-6-7-4K8-WW-CL4000 K80 CRI5160 lm9256 WN.A.
RN-D-6-7-4K8-WW-DL4000 K80 CRI4572 lm8256 WN.A.
RN-D-6-7-4K9-AS-CL4000 K90 CRI4181 lm7556 WType I
RN-D-6-7-4K9-AS-DL4000 K90 CRI3702 lm6656 WType I
RN-D-6-7-4K9-WG-CL4000 K90 CRI4844 lm8656 WType I
RN-D-6-7-4K9-WW-DL4000 K90 CRI3703 lm6656 WN.A.
RN-D-6-7-5K8-SM-DL5000 K80 CRI5313 lm9556 WType I
RN-D-6-7-35K8-AS-CL3500 K80 CRI5025 lm9056 WType I
RN-D-6-7-35K8-WG-CL3500 K80 CRI5822 lm10456 WType I
RN-D-6-7-35K8-WG-DL3500 K80 CRI5248 lm9456 WType I
RN-D-6-7-35K8-WW-CL3500 K80 CRI5024 lm9056 WN.A.
RN-D-6-7-35K8-WW-DL3500 K80 CRI4451 lm7956 WN.A.
RN-D-6-10-3K8-SM-CL3000 K80 CRI7034 lm9376 WType I
RN-D-6-10-3K8-SM-DL3000 K80 CRI6316 lm8376 WType I
RN-D-6-10-3K9-SM-DL3000 K90 CRI5116 lm6776 WType I
RN-D-6-10-4K8-AS-CL4000 K80 CRI6600 lm8776 WType I
RN-D-6-10-4K8-WG-CL4000 K80 CRI7649 lm10176 WType I
RN-D-6-10-4K8-WG-DL4000 K80 CRI6894 lm9176 WType I
RN-D-6-10-4K8-WW-CL4000 K80 CRI6601 lm8776 WN.A.
RN-D-6-10-4K8-WW-DL4000 K80 CRI5847 lm7776 WN.A.
RN-D-6-10-4K9-AS-CL4000 K90 CRI5346 lm7076 WType I
RN-D-6-10-4K9-AS-DL4000 K90 CRI4735 lm6276 WType I
RN-D-6-10-4K9-WG-CL4000 K90 CRI6195 lm8276 WType I
RN-D-6-10-4K9-WG-DL4000 K90 CRI5584 lm7376 WType I
RN-D-6-10-4K9-WW-DL4000 K90 CRI4736 lm6276 WN.A.
RN-D-6-10-5K8-SM-CL5000 K80 CRI7569 lm10076 WType I
RN-D-6-10-5K8-SM-DL5000 K80 CRI6797 lm8976 WType I
RN-D-6-10-35K8-AS-CL3500 K80 CRI6426 lm8576 WType I
RN-D-6-10-35K8-AS-DL3500 K80 CRI5692 lm7576 WType I
RN-D-6-10-35K8-WW-DL3500 K80 CRI5692 lm7576 WN.A.
RN-D-6-15-3K8-AS-CL3000 K80 CRI8560 lm69124 WType I
RN-D-6-15-3K8-WG-CL3000 K80 CRI9919 lm80124 WType I
RN-D-6-15-3K8-WG-DL3000 K80 CRI8941 lm72124 WType I
RN-D-6-15-3K8-WW-CL3000 K80 CRI8561 lm69124 WN.A.
RN-D-6-15-3K8-WW-DL3000 K80 CRI7583 lm61124 WN.A.
RN-D-6-15-3K9-AS-CL3000 K90 CRI6934 lm56124 WType I
RN-D-6-15-3K9-AS-DL3000 K90 CRI6141 lm50124 WType I
RN-D-6-15-3K9-WG-CL3000 K90 CRI8035 lm65124 WType I
RN-D-6-15-3K9-WW-DL3000 K90 CRI6141 lm50124 WN.A.
RN-D-6-15-4K8-SM-CL4000 K80 CRI9874 lm80124 WType I
RN-D-6-15-4K8-SM-DL4000 K80 CRI8816 lm71124 WType I
RN-D-6-15-4K9-SM-DL4000 K90 CRI7141 lm58124 WType I
RN-D-6-15-5K8-AS-CL5000 K80 CRI9211 lm74124 WType I
RN-D-6-15-5K8-AS-DL5000 K80 CRI8160 lm66124 WType I
RN-D-6-15-5K8-WG-CL5000 K80 CRI10674 lm86124 WType I
RN-D-6-15-5K8-WW-DL5000 K80 CRI8160 lm66124 WN.A.
RN-D-6-15-35K8-AS-CL3500 K80 CRI8646 lm70124 WType I
RN-D-6-15-35K8-AS-DL3500 K80 CRI7658 lm62124 WType I
RN-D-6-15-35K8-WG-DL3500 K80 CRI9031 lm73124 WType I
RN-D-6-15-35K8-WW-CL3500 K80 CRI8646 lm70124 WN.A.
RN-D-8-5-3K8-AS-CL3000 K80 CRI4587 lm9249.7 WType I
RN-D-8-5-3K8-AS-DL3000 K80 CRI4063 lm8249.7 WType I
RN-D-8-5-3K8-WG-CL3000 K80 CRI5316 lm10749.7 WType I
RN-D-8-5-3K8-WG-DL3000 K80 CRI4791 lm9649.7 WType I
RN-D-8-5-3K8-WW-CL3000 K80 CRI4587 lm9249.7 WN.A.
RN-D-8-5-3K8-WW-DL3000 K80 CRI4063 lm8249.7 WN.A.
RN-D-8-5-3K9-AS-CL3000 K90 CRI3715 lm7549.7 WType I
RN-D-8-5-3K9-WG-CL3000 K90 CRI4306 lm8749.7 WType I
RN-D-8-5-3K9-WG-DL3000 K90 CRI3881 lm7849.7 WType I
RN-D-8-5-3K9-WW-CL3000 K90 CRI3715 lm7549.7 WN.A.
RN-D-8-5-3K9-WW-DL3000 K90 CRI3291 lm6649.7 WN.A.
RN-D-8-5-4K8-SM-DL4000 K80 CRI4724 lm9549.7 WType I
RN-D-8-5-4K9-SM-CL4000 K90 CRI4286 lm8649.7 WType I
RN-D-8-5-4K9-SM-DL4000 K90 CRI3827 lm7749.7 WType I
RN-D-8-5-5K8-AS-CL5000 K80 CRI4936 lm9949.7 WType I
RN-D-8-5-5K8-WG-CL5000 K80 CRI5721 lm11549.7 WType I
RN-D-8-5-5K8-WG-DL5000 K80 CRI5156 lm10449.7 WType I
RN-D-8-5-5K8-WW-CL5000 K80 CRI4936 lm9949.7 WN.A.
RN-D-8-5-5K8-WW-DL5000 K80 CRI4372 lm8849.7 WN.A.
RN-D-8-5-35K8-AS-CL3500 K80 CRI4633 lm9349.7 WType I
RN-D-8-5-35K8-WG-CL3500 K80 CRI5370 lm10849.7 WType I
RN-D-8-5-35K8-WG-DL3500 K80 CRI4839 lm9749.7 WType I
RN-D-8-5-35K8-WW-CL3500 K80 CRI4633 lm9349.7 WN.A.
RN-D-8-5-35K8-WW-DL3500 K80 CRI4104 lm8349.7 WN.A.
RN-D-8-7-3K8-SM-CL3000 K80 CRI7323 lm9874.8 WType I
RN-D-8-7-3K8-SM-DL3000 K80 CRI6583 lm8874.8 WType I
RN-D-8-7-3K9-SM-CL3000 K90 CRI5931 lm7974.8 WType I
RN-D-8-7-4K8-AS-DL4000 K80 CRI6094 lm8174.8 WType I
RN-D-8-7-4K8-WG-CL4000 K80 CRI7973 lm10774.8 WType I
RN-D-8-7-4K8-WG-DL4000 K80 CRI7187 lm9674.8 WType I
RN-D-8-7-4K8-WW-CL4000 K80 CRI6880 lm9274.8 WN.A.
RN-D-8-7-4K8-WW-DL4000 K80 CRI6094 lm8174.8 WN.A.
RN-D-8-7-4K9-AS-CL4000 K90 CRI5573 lm7574.8 WType I
RN-D-8-7-4K9-AS-DL4000 K90 CRI4936 lm6674.8 WType I
RN-D-8-7-4K9-WG-CL4000 K90 CRI6458 lm8674.8 WType I
RN-D-8-7-4K9-WG-DL4000 K90 CRI5821 lm7874.8 WType I
RN-D-8-7-4K9-WW-CL4000 K90 CRI5573 lm7574.8 WN.A.
RN-D-8-7-5K8-SM-CL5000 K80 CRI7880 lm10574.8 WType I
RN-D-8-7-5K8-SM-DL5000 K80 CRI7085 lm9574.8 WType I
RN-D-8-7-35K8-AS-CL3500 K80 CRI6699 lm9074.8 WType I
RN-D-8-7-35K8-AS-DL3500 K80 CRI5933 lm7974.8 WType I
RN-D-8-7-35K8-WG-CL3500 K80 CRI7762 lm10474.8 WType I
RN-D-8-7-35K8-WG-DL3500 K80 CRI6996 lm9474.8 WType I
RN-D-8-7-35K8-WW-CL3500 K80 CRI6699 lm9074.8 WN.A.
RN-D-8-7-35K8-WW-DL3500 K80 CRI5933 lm7974.8 WN.A.
RN-D-8-10-3K8-SM-CL3000 K80 CRI9378 lm91103.6 WType I
RN-D-8-10-3K8-SM-DL3000 K80 CRI8422 lm81103.6 WType I
RN-D-8-10-3K9-SM-CL3000 K90 CRI7597 lm73103.6 WType I
RN-D-8-10-3K9-SM-DL3000 K90 CRI6821 lm66103.6 WType I
RN-D-8-10-4K8-AS-DL4000 K80 CRI7795 lm75103.6 WType I
RN-D-8-10-4K8-WG-CL4000 K80 CRI10198 lm98103.6 WType I
RN-D-8-10-4K8-WG-DL4000 K80 CRI9192 lm89103.6 WType I
RN-D-8-10-4K8-WW-CL4000 K80 CRI8801 lm85103.6 WN.A.
RN-D-8-10-4K8-WW-DL4000 K80 CRI7795 lm75103.6 WN.A.
RN-D-8-10-4K9-AS-CL4000 K90 CRI7129 lm69103.6 WType I
RN-D-8-10-4K9-AS-DL4000 K90 CRI6314 lm61103.6 WType I
RN-D-8-10-4K9-WG-DL4000 K90 CRI7446 lm72103.6 WType I
RN-D-8-10-4K9-WW-CL4000 K90 CRI7129 lm69103.6 WN.A.
RN-D-8-10-4K9-WW-DL4000 K90 CRI6314 lm61103.6 WN.A.
RN-D-8-10-5K8-SM-CL5000 K80 CRI10092 lm97103.6 WType I
RN-D-8-10-35K8-SM-CL3500 K80 CRI9472 lm91103.6 WType I
RN-D-8-10-35K8-SM-DL3500 K80 CRI8506 lm82103.6 WType I
RN-D-8-15-3K8-AS-CL3000 K80 CRI11414 lm70163.1 WType I
RN-D-8-15-3K8-AS-DL3000 K80 CRI10109 lm62163.1 WType I
RN-D-8-15-3K8-WG-CL3000 K80 CRI13227 lm81163.1 WType I
RN-D-8-15-3K8-WG-DL3000 K80 CRI11922 lm73163.1 WType I
RN-D-8-15-3K8-WW-CL3000 K80 CRI11414 lm70163.1 WN.A.
RN-D-8-15-3K8-WW-DL3000 K80 CRI10109 lm62163.1 WN.A.
RN-D-8-15-3K9-AS-CL3000 K90 CRI9246 lm57163.1 WType I
RN-D-8-15-3K9-AS-DL3000 K90 CRI8188 lm50163.1 WType I
RN-D-8-15-3K9-WG-DL3000 K90 CRI9657 lm59163.1 WType I
RN-D-8-15-3K9-WW-CL3000 K90 CRI9246 lm57163.1 WN.A.
RN-D-8-15-4K8-SM-CL4000 K80 CRI13165 lm81163.1 WType I
RN-D-8-15-4K8-SM-DL4000 K80 CRI11755 lm72163.1 WType I
RN-D-8-15-4K9-SM-CL4000 K90 CRI10664 lm65163.1 WType I
RN-D-8-15-5K8-AS-CL5000 K80 CRI12282 lm75163.1 WType I
RN-D-8-15-5K8-AS-DL5000 K80 CRI10878 lm67163.1 WType I
RN-D-8-15-5K8-WG-DL5000 K80 CRI12829 lm79163.1 WType I
RN-D-8-15-5K8-WW-CL5000 K80 CRI12283 lm75163.1 WN.A.
RN-D-8-15-35K8-SM-CL3500 K80 CRI12817 lm79163.1 WType I
RN-D-8-15-35K8-SM-DL3500 K80 CRI11444 lm70163.1 WType I
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