Mitre Medium - M22

The classic geometric form of the Mitre complements architectural expressions of precision, structure and line

Features & Benefits

  • 0-10V dimming ready
  • Integral surge protection
  • 14 standard powder coat finishes
  • Upgrade Kits


UV Output
590nm Amber
Lumen Range
1,686 - 9,051
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming, Step-Dimming
CCT Offering
3000, 4000, 5000, 590nm Amber
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Wall, Arm
Material - Housing
Wattage Range
32.2 - 71.2
Efficacy Range
49.1 - 135.3
Color Offering
BLS - Black Gloss Smooth, BLT - Black Matte Textured, DBS - Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, DBT- Dark Bronze Matte Textured, GTT - Graphite Matte Textured, LG - Light Grey Matte Textured, LGS - Light Grey Gloss Smooth, PSS - Platinum Silver Gloss Smooth, VGT - Verde Green Matte Textured, WHS - White Gloss Smooth, WHT - White Matte Textured, CC – Custom Color
Optics & Distributions
Type II, Type III, Type IV Wide, Type V Square, Type V Wide
ETL, CSA C22.2 No. 250.0-08
TAA (Buy American 52.225-11), Wet
Operating Temp
-40 to 40

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
M22-36L-260-3K7-1-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI1996 lm6232.2 WType I
M22-36L-260-3K7-1-CL3000 K70 CRI3479 lm10832.2 WType I
M22-36L-260-3K7-1-HS3000 K70 CRI2330 lm7232.2 WType I
M22-36L-260-3K7-13000 K70 CRI4061 lm12632.2 WType I
M22-36L-260-3K7-2-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI1728 lm5432.2 WType II
M22-36L-260-3K7-2-CL3000 K70 CRI3199 lm9932.2 WType II
M22-36L-260-3K7-2-HS3000 K70 CRI2017 lm6332.2 WType II
M22-36L-260-3K7-23000 K70 CRI3734 lm11632.2 WType II
M22-36L-260-3K7-3-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI1686 lm5232.2 WType III
M22-36L-260-3K7-3-CL3000 K70 CRI3156 lm9832.2 WType III
M22-36L-260-3K7-3-DL3000 K70 CRI2643 lm8232.2 WType III
M22-36L-260-3K7-3-HS3000 K70 CRI1967 lm6132.2 WType III
M22-36L-260-3K7-33000 K70 CRI3684 lm11432.2 WType III
M22-36L-260-3K7-4W-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI1754 lm5532.2 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-260-3K7-4W-CL3000 K70 CRI3138 lm9832.2 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-260-3K7-4W-HS3000 K70 CRI2047 lm6432.2 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-260-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI3663 lm11432.2 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-260-3K7-5Q-CL3000 K70 CRI3313 lm10332.2 WType V Square
M22-36L-260-3K7-5Q3000 K70 CRI3867 lm12032.2 WType V Square
M22-36L-260-3K7-5W-CL3000 K70 CRI3221 lm10032.2 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-260-3K7-5W-DL3000 K70 CRI2638 lm8232.2 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-260-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI3759 lm11732.2 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-260-4K7-1-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2045 lm6432.2 WType I
M22-36L-260-4K7-1-CL4000 K70 CRI3565 lm11132.2 WType I
M22-36L-260-4K7-1-HS4000 K70 CRI2387 lm7432.2 WType I
M22-36L-260-4K7-14000 K70 CRI4162 lm12932.2 WType I
M22-36L-260-4K7-2-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI1770 lm5532.2 WType II
M22-36L-260-4K7-2-CL4000 K70 CRI3278 lm10232.2 WType II
M22-36L-260-4K7-2-HS4000 K70 CRI2067 lm6432.2 WType II
M22-36L-260-4K7-24000 K70 CRI3826 lm11932.2 WType II
M22-36L-260-4K7-3-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI1727 lm5432.2 WType III
M22-36L-260-4K7-3-CL4000 K70 CRI3234 lm10032.2 WType III
M22-36L-260-4K7-3-DL4000 K70 CRI2708 lm8432.2 WType III
M22-36L-260-4K7-3-HS4000 K70 CRI2016 lm6332.2 WType III
M22-36L-260-4K7-34000 K70 CRI3775 lm11832.2 WType III
M22-36L-260-4K7-4W-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI1797 lm5632.2 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-260-4K7-4W-CL4000 K70 CRI3215 lm10032.2 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-260-4K7-4W-HS4000 K70 CRI2098 lm6532.2 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-260-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI3753 lm11732.2 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-260-4K7-5Q-CL4000 K70 CRI3395 lm10532.2 WType V Square
M22-36L-260-4K7-5Q4000 K70 CRI3963 lm12332.2 WType V Square
M22-36L-260-4K7-5W-CL4000 K70 CRI3300 lm10332.2 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-260-4K7-5W-DL4000 K70 CRI2704 lm8432.2 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-260-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI3852 lm12032.2 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-260-5K7-1-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI2148 lm6732.2 WType I
M22-36L-260-5K7-1-CL5000 K70 CRI3744 lm11632.2 WType I
M22-36L-260-5K7-1-HS5000 K70 CRI2507 lm7832.2 WType I
M22-36L-260-5K7-15000 K70 CRI4370 lm13532.2 WType I
M22-36L-260-5K7-2-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI1859 lm5832.2 WType II
M22-36L-260-5K7-2-CL5000 K70 CRI3442 lm10732.2 WType II
M22-36L-260-5K7-2-HS5000 K70 CRI2170 lm6732.2 WType II
M22-36L-260-5K7-25000 K70 CRI4018 lm12432.2 WType II
M22-36L-260-5K7-3-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI1814 lm5632.2 WType III
M22-36L-260-5K7-3-CL5000 K70 CRI3396 lm10632.2 WType III
M22-36L-260-5K7-3-DL5000 K70 CRI2844 lm8832.2 WType III
M22-36L-260-5K7-3-HS5000 K70 CRI2117 lm6632.2 WType III
M22-36L-260-5K7-35000 K70 CRI3964 lm12332.2 WType III
M22-36L-260-5K7-4W-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI1887 lm5932.2 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-260-5K7-4W-CL5000 K70 CRI3376 lm10532.2 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-260-5K7-4W-HS5000 K70 CRI2203 lm6932.2 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-260-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI3941 lm12332.2 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-260-5K7-5Q-CL5000 K70 CRI3565 lm11132.2 WType V Square
M22-36L-260-5K7-5Q5000 K70 CRI4161 lm12932.2 WType V Square
M22-36L-260-5K7-5W-CL5000 K70 CRI3465 lm10832.2 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-260-5K7-5W-DL5000 K70 CRI2839 lm8932.2 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-260-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI4045 lm12632.2 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-325-3K7-1-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2432 lm5941.3 WType I
M22-36L-325-3K7-1-CL3000 K70 CRI4239 lm10341.3 WType I
M22-36L-325-3K7-1-HS3000 K70 CRI2838 lm6941.3 WType I
M22-36L-325-3K7-13000 K70 CRI4948 lm12041.3 WType I
M22-36L-325-3K7-2-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2105 lm5141.3 WType II
M22-36L-325-3K7-2-CL3000 K70 CRI3897 lm9441.3 WType II
M22-36L-325-3K7-2-HS3000 K70 CRI2457 lm6041.3 WType II
M22-36L-325-3K7-23000 K70 CRI4549 lm11041.3 WType II
M22-36L-325-3K7-3-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2053 lm5041.3 WType III
M22-36L-325-3K7-3-CL3000 K70 CRI3845 lm9341.3 WType III
M22-36L-325-3K7-3-DL3000 K70 CRI3185 lm7741.3 WType III
M22-36L-325-3K7-3-HS3000 K70 CRI2397 lm5841.3 WType III
M22-36L-325-3K7-33000 K70 CRI4488 lm10941.3 WType III
M22-36L-325-3K7-4W-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2137 lm5241.3 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-325-3K7-4W-CL3000 K70 CRI3823 lm9341.3 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-325-3K7-4W-HS3000 K70 CRI2494 lm6041.3 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-325-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI4462 lm10841.3 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-325-3K7-5Q-CL3000 K70 CRI4036 lm9841.3 WType V Square
M22-36L-325-3K7-5Q3000 K70 CRI4711 lm11441.3 WType V Square
M22-36L-325-3K7-5W-CL3000 K70 CRI3923 lm9541.3 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-325-3K7-5W-DL3000 K70 CRI3250 lm7941.3 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-325-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI4580 lm11141.3 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-325-4K7-1-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2492 lm6041.3 WType I
M22-36L-325-4K7-1-CL4000 K70 CRI4343 lm10541.3 WType I
M22-36L-325-4K7-1-HS4000 K70 CRI2908 lm7141.3 WType I
M22-36L-325-4K7-14000 K70 CRI5070 lm12341.3 WType I
M22-36L-325-4K7-2-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2157 lm5241.3 WType II
M22-36L-325-4K7-2-CL4000 K70 CRI3993 lm9741.3 WType II
M22-36L-325-4K7-2-HS4000 K70 CRI2517 lm6141.3 WType II
M22-36L-325-4K7-24000 K70 CRI4661 lm11341.3 WType II
M22-36L-325-4K7-3-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2104 lm5141.3 WType III
M22-36L-325-4K7-3-CL4000 K70 CRI3940 lm9641.3 WType III
M22-36L-325-4K7-3-DL4000 K70 CRI3264 lm7941.3 WType III
M22-36L-325-4K7-3-HS4000 K70 CRI2456 lm6041.3 WType III
M22-36L-325-4K7-34000 K70 CRI4599 lm11141.3 WType III
M22-36L-325-4K7-4W-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2190 lm5341.3 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-325-4K7-4W-CL4000 K70 CRI3917 lm9541.3 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-325-4K7-4W-HS4000 K70 CRI2556 lm6241.3 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-325-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI4572 lm11141.3 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-325-4K7-5Q-CL4000 K70 CRI4136 lm10041.3 WType V Square
M22-36L-325-4K7-5Q4000 K70 CRI4827 lm11741.3 WType V Square
M22-36L-325-4K7-5W-CL4000 K70 CRI4020 lm9741.3 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-325-4K7-5W-DL4000 K70 CRI3330 lm8141.3 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-325-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI4693 lm11441.3 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-325-5K7-1-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI2616 lm6341.3 WType I
M22-36L-325-5K7-1-CL5000 K70 CRI4561 lm11141.3 WType I
M22-36L-325-5K7-1-HS5000 K70 CRI3054 lm7441.3 WType I
M22-36L-325-5K7-15000 K70 CRI5324 lm12941.3 WType I
M22-36L-325-5K7-2-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI2265 lm5541.3 WType II
M22-36L-325-5K7-2-CL5000 K70 CRI4193 lm10241.3 WType II
M22-36L-325-5K7-2-HS5000 K70 CRI2644 lm6441.3 WType II
M22-36L-325-5K7-25000 K70 CRI4895 lm11941.3 WType II
M22-36L-325-5K7-3-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI2209 lm5441.3 WType III
M22-36L-325-5K7-3-CL5000 K70 CRI4137 lm10041.3 WType III
M22-36L-325-5K7-3-DL5000 K70 CRI3427 lm8341.3 WType III
M22-36L-325-5K7-3-HS5000 K70 CRI2579 lm6341.3 WType III
M22-36L-325-5K7-35000 K70 CRI4829 lm11741.3 WType III
M22-36L-325-5K7-4W-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI2299 lm5641.3 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-325-5K7-4W-CL5000 K70 CRI4113 lm10041.3 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-325-5K7-4W-HS5000 K70 CRI2684 lm6541.3 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-325-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI4801 lm11641.3 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-325-5K7-5Q-CL5000 K70 CRI4343 lm10541.3 WType V Square
M22-36L-325-5K7-5Q5000 K70 CRI5069 lm12341.3 WType V Square
M22-36L-325-5K7-5W-CL5000 K70 CRI4222 lm10241.3 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-325-5K7-5W-DL5000 K70 CRI3497 lm8541.3 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-325-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI4928 lm11941.3 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-420-3K7-1-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2975 lm6049.6 WType I
M22-36L-420-3K7-1-CL3000 K70 CRI5187 lm10549.6 WType I
M22-36L-420-3K7-1-HS3000 K70 CRI3473 lm7049.6 WType I
M22-36L-420-3K7-13000 K70 CRI6054 lm12249.6 WType I
M22-36L-420-3K7-2-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2575 lm5249.6 WType II
M22-36L-420-3K7-2-CL3000 K70 CRI4769 lm9649.6 WType II
M22-36L-420-3K7-2-HS3000 K70 CRI3006 lm6149.6 WType II
M22-36L-420-3K7-23000 K70 CRI5566 lm11249.6 WType II
M22-36L-420-3K7-3-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2513 lm5149.6 WType III
M22-36L-420-3K7-3-CL3000 K70 CRI4705 lm9549.6 WType III
M22-36L-420-3K7-3-DL3000 K70 CRI3897 lm7949.6 WType III
M22-36L-420-3K7-3-HS3000 K70 CRI2933 lm5949.6 WType III
M22-36L-420-3K7-33000 K70 CRI5492 lm11149.6 WType III
M22-36L-420-3K7-4W-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2615 lm5349.6 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-420-3K7-4W-CL3000 K70 CRI4677 lm9449.6 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-420-3K7-4W-HS3000 K70 CRI3052 lm6249.6 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-420-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI5460 lm11049.6 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-420-3K7-5Q-CL3000 K70 CRI4939 lm10049.6 WType V Square
M22-36L-420-3K7-5Q3000 K70 CRI5765 lm11649.6 WType V Square
M22-36L-420-3K7-5W-CL3000 K70 CRI4801 lm9749.6 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-420-3K7-5W-DL3000 K70 CRI3977 lm8049.6 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-420-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI5604 lm11349.6 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-420-4K7-1-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI3049 lm6149.6 WType I
M22-36L-420-4K7-1-CL4000 K70 CRI5315 lm10749.6 WType I
M22-36L-420-4K7-1-HS4000 K70 CRI3559 lm7249.6 WType I
M22-36L-420-4K7-14000 K70 CRI6204 lm12549.6 WType I
M22-36L-420-4K7-2-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2639 lm5349.6 WType II
M22-36L-420-4K7-2-CL4000 K70 CRI4887 lm9949.6 WType II
M22-36L-420-4K7-2-HS4000 K70 CRI3081 lm6249.6 WType II
M22-36L-420-4K7-24000 K70 CRI5704 lm11549.6 WType II
M22-36L-420-4K7-3-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2575 lm5249.6 WType III
M22-36L-420-4K7-3-CL4000 K70 CRI4821 lm9749.6 WType III
M22-36L-420-4K7-3-DL4000 K70 CRI3993 lm8149.6 WType III
M22-36L-420-4K7-3-HS4000 K70 CRI3005 lm6149.6 WType III
M22-36L-420-4K7-34000 K70 CRI5627 lm11349.6 WType III
M22-36L-420-4K7-4W-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2679 lm5449.6 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-420-4K7-4W-CL4000 K70 CRI4793 lm9749.6 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-420-4K7-4W-HS4000 K70 CRI3127 lm6349.6 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-420-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI5595 lm11349.6 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-420-4K7-5Q-CL4000 K70 CRI5061 lm10249.6 WType V Square
M22-36L-420-4K7-5Q4000 K70 CRI5907 lm11949.6 WType V Square
M22-36L-420-4K7-5W-CL4000 K70 CRI4919 lm9949.6 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-420-4K7-5W-DL4000 K70 CRI4075 lm8249.6 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-420-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI5742 lm11649.6 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-420-5K7-1-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI3202 lm6549.6 WType I
M22-36L-420-5K7-1-CL5000 K70 CRI5581 lm11349.6 WType I
M22-36L-420-5K7-1-HS5000 K70 CRI3737 lm7549.6 WType I
M22-36L-420-5K7-15000 K70 CRI6514 lm13149.6 WType I
M22-36L-420-5K7-2-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI2771 lm5649.6 WType II
M22-36L-420-5K7-2-CL5000 K70 CRI5131 lm10349.6 WType II
M22-36L-420-5K7-2-HS5000 K70 CRI3235 lm6549.6 WType II
M22-36L-420-5K7-25000 K70 CRI5989 lm12149.6 WType II
M22-36L-420-5K7-3-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI2704 lm5549.6 WType III
M22-36L-420-5K7-3-CL5000 K70 CRI5062 lm10249.6 WType III
M22-36L-420-5K7-3-DL5000 K70 CRI4193 lm8549.6 WType III
M22-36L-420-5K7-3-HS5000 K70 CRI3156 lm6449.6 WType III
M22-36L-420-5K7-35000 K70 CRI5909 lm11949.6 WType III
M22-36L-420-5K7-4W-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI2813 lm5749.6 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-420-5K7-4W-CL5000 K70 CRI5033 lm10149.6 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-420-5K7-4W-HS5000 K70 CRI3284 lm6649.6 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-420-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI5875 lm11849.6 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-420-5K7-5Q-CL5000 K70 CRI5314 lm10749.6 WType V Square
M22-36L-420-5K7-5Q5000 K70 CRI6203 lm12549.6 WType V Square
M22-36L-420-5K7-5W-CL5000 K70 CRI5166 lm10449.6 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-420-5K7-5W-DL5000 K70 CRI4279 lm8649.6 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-420-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI6030 lm12249.6 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-475-3K7-1-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI3309 lm5856.7 WType I
M22-36L-475-3K7-1-CL3000 K70 CRI5769 lm10256.7 WType I
M22-36L-475-3K7-1-HS3000 K70 CRI3863 lm6856.7 WType I
M22-36L-475-3K7-13000 K70 CRI6733 lm11956.7 WType I
M22-36L-475-3K7-2-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2864 lm5156.7 WType II
M22-36L-475-3K7-2-CL3000 K70 CRI5304 lm9456.7 WType II
M22-36L-475-3K7-2-HS3000 K70 CRI3344 lm5956.7 WType II
M22-36L-475-3K7-23000 K70 CRI6191 lm10956.7 WType II
M22-36L-475-3K7-3-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2795 lm4956.7 WType III
M22-36L-475-3K7-3-CL3000 K70 CRI5233 lm9256.7 WType III
M22-36L-475-3K7-3-DL3000 K70 CRI4334 lm7656.7 WType III
M22-36L-475-3K7-3-HS3000 K70 CRI3262 lm5856.7 WType III
M22-36L-475-3K7-33000 K70 CRI6108 lm10856.7 WType III
M22-36L-475-3K7-4W-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI2908 lm5156.7 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-475-3K7-4W-CL3000 K70 CRI5202 lm9256.7 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-475-3K7-4W-HS3000 K70 CRI3394 lm6056.7 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-475-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI6072 lm10756.7 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-475-3K7-5Q-CL3000 K70 CRI5493 lm9756.7 WType V Square
M22-36L-475-3K7-5Q3000 K70 CRI6411 lm11356.7 WType V Square
M22-36L-475-3K7-5W-CL3000 K70 CRI5340 lm9456.7 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-475-3K7-5W-DL3000 K70 CRI4423 lm7856.7 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-475-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI6233 lm11056.7 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-475-4K7-1-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI3391 lm6056.7 WType I
M22-36L-475-4K7-1-CL4000 K70 CRI5911 lm10456.7 WType I
M22-36L-475-4K7-1-HS4000 K70 CRI3958 lm7056.7 WType I
M22-36L-475-4K7-14000 K70 CRI6900 lm12256.7 WType I
M22-36L-475-4K7-2-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2935 lm5256.7 WType II
M22-36L-475-4K7-2-CL4000 K70 CRI5435 lm9656.7 WType II
M22-36L-475-4K7-2-HS4000 K70 CRI3426 lm6056.7 WType II
M22-36L-475-4K7-24000 K70 CRI6344 lm11256.7 WType II
M22-36L-475-4K7-3-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2864 lm5156.7 WType III
M22-36L-475-4K7-3-CL4000 K70 CRI5362 lm9556.7 WType III
M22-36L-475-4K7-3-DL4000 K70 CRI4441 lm7856.7 WType III
M22-36L-475-4K7-3-HS4000 K70 CRI3342 lm5956.7 WType III
M22-36L-475-4K7-34000 K70 CRI6259 lm11056.7 WType III
M22-36L-475-4K7-4W-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI2980 lm5356.7 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-475-4K7-4W-CL4000 K70 CRI5331 lm9456.7 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-475-4K7-4W-HS4000 K70 CRI3478 lm6156.7 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-475-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI6222 lm11056.7 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-475-4K7-5Q-CL4000 K70 CRI5628 lm9956.7 WType V Square
M22-36L-475-4K7-5Q4000 K70 CRI6570 lm11656.7 WType V Square
M22-36L-475-4K7-5W-CL4000 K70 CRI5471 lm9756.7 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-475-4K7-5W-DL4000 K70 CRI4532 lm8056.7 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-475-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI6387 lm11356.7 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-475-5K7-1-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI3561 lm6356.7 WType I
M22-36L-475-5K7-1-CL5000 K70 CRI6207 lm11056.7 WType I
M22-36L-475-5K7-1-HS5000 K70 CRI4156 lm7356.7 WType I
M22-36L-475-5K7-15000 K70 CRI7245 lm12856.7 WType I
M22-36L-475-5K7-2-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI3082 lm5456.7 WType II
M22-36L-475-5K7-2-CL5000 K70 CRI5707 lm10156.7 WType II
M22-36L-475-5K7-2-HS5000 K70 CRI3598 lm6356.7 WType II
M22-36L-475-5K7-25000 K70 CRI6662 lm11856.7 WType II
M22-36L-475-5K7-3-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI3007 lm5356.7 WType III
M22-36L-475-5K7-3-CL5000 K70 CRI5630 lm9956.7 WType III
M22-36L-475-5K7-3-DL5000 K70 CRI4664 lm8256.7 WType III
M22-36L-475-5K7-3-HS5000 K70 CRI3510 lm6256.7 WType III
M22-36L-475-5K7-35000 K70 CRI6572 lm11656.7 WType III
M22-36L-475-5K7-4W-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI3129 lm5556.7 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-475-5K7-4W-CL5000 K70 CRI5598 lm9956.7 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-475-5K7-4W-HS5000 K70 CRI3652 lm6456.7 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-475-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI6534 lm11556.7 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-475-5K7-5Q-CL5000 K70 CRI5910 lm10456.7 WType V Square
M22-36L-475-5K7-5Q5000 K70 CRI6899 lm12256.7 WType V Square
M22-36L-475-5K7-5W-CL5000 K70 CRI5745 lm10156.7 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-475-5K7-5W-DL5000 K70 CRI4759 lm8456.7 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-475-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI6706 lm11856.7 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-615-3K7-1-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI4134 lm5871.1 WType I
M22-36L-615-3K7-1-CL3000 K70 CRI7206 lm10171.1 WType I
M22-36L-615-3K7-1-HS3000 K70 CRI4826 lm6871.1 WType I
M22-36L-615-3K7-13000 K70 CRI8412 lm11871.1 WType I
M22-36L-615-3K7-2-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI3578 lm5071.1 WType II
M22-36L-615-3K7-2-CL3000 K70 CRI6626 lm9371.1 WType II
M22-36L-615-3K7-2-HS3000 K70 CRI4177 lm5971.1 WType II
M22-36L-615-3K7-23000 K70 CRI7734 lm10971.1 WType II
M22-36L-615-3K7-3-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI3491 lm4971.1 WType III
M22-36L-615-3K7-3-CL3000 K70 CRI6537 lm9271.1 WType III
M22-36L-615-3K7-3-DL3000 K70 CRI5415 lm7671.1 WType III
M22-36L-615-3K7-3-HS3000 K70 CRI4075 lm5771.1 WType III
M22-36L-615-3K7-33000 K70 CRI7630 lm10771.1 WType III
M22-36L-615-3K7-4W-CL-HS3000 K70 CRI3633 lm5171.1 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-615-3K7-4W-CL3000 K70 CRI6499 lm9171.1 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-615-3K7-4W-HS3000 K70 CRI4240 lm6071.1 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-615-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI7586 lm10771.1 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-615-3K7-5Q-CL3000 K70 CRI6862 lm9771.1 WType V Square
M22-36L-615-3K7-5Q3000 K70 CRI8009 lm11371.1 WType V Square
M22-36L-615-3K7-5W-CL3000 K70 CRI6670 lm9471.1 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-615-3K7-5W-DL3000 K70 CRI5525 lm7871.1 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-615-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI7786 lm10971.1 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-615-4K7-1-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI4236 lm6071.1 WType I
M22-36L-615-4K7-1-CL4000 K70 CRI7384 lm10471.1 WType I
M22-36L-615-4K7-1-HS4000 K70 CRI4945 lm7071.1 WType I
M22-36L-615-4K7-14000 K70 CRI8619 lm12171.1 WType I
M22-36L-615-4K7-2-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI3667 lm5271.1 WType II
M22-36L-615-4K7-2-CL4000 K70 CRI6789 lm9571.1 WType II
M22-36L-615-4K7-2-HS4000 K70 CRI4280 lm6071.1 WType II
M22-36L-615-4K7-24000 K70 CRI7925 lm11171.1 WType II
M22-36L-615-4K7-3-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI3577 lm5071.1 WType III
M22-36L-615-4K7-3-CL4000 K70 CRI6698 lm9471.1 WType III
M22-36L-615-4K7-3-DL4000 K70 CRI5548 lm7871.1 WType III
M22-36L-615-4K7-3-HS4000 K70 CRI4176 lm5971.1 WType III
M22-36L-615-4K7-34000 K70 CRI7819 lm11071.1 WType III
M22-36L-615-4K7-4W-CL-HS4000 K70 CRI3723 lm5271.1 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-615-4K7-4W-CL4000 K70 CRI6659 lm9471.1 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-615-4K7-4W-HS4000 K70 CRI4345 lm6171.1 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-615-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI7773 lm10971.1 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-615-4K7-5Q-CL4000 K70 CRI7031 lm9971.1 WType V Square
M22-36L-615-4K7-5Q4000 K70 CRI8207 lm11571.1 WType V Square
M22-36L-615-4K7-5W-CL4000 K70 CRI6835 lm9671.1 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-615-4K7-5W-DL4000 K70 CRI5662 lm8071.1 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-615-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI7978 lm11271.1 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-615-5K7-1-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI4448 lm6371.1 WType I
M22-36L-615-5K7-1-CL5000 K70 CRI7754 lm10971.1 WType I
M22-36L-615-5K7-1-HS5000 K70 CRI5192 lm7371.1 WType I
M22-36L-615-5K7-15000 K70 CRI9051 lm12771.1 WType I
M22-36L-615-5K7-2-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI3850 lm5471.1 WType II
M22-36L-615-5K7-2-CL5000 K70 CRI7129 lm10071.1 WType II
M22-36L-615-5K7-2-HS5000 K70 CRI4494 lm6371.1 WType II
M22-36L-615-5K7-25000 K70 CRI8322 lm11771.1 WType II
M22-36L-615-5K7-3-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI3756 lm5371.1 WType III
M22-36L-615-5K7-3-CL5000 K70 CRI7034 lm9971.1 WType III
M22-36L-615-5K7-3-DL5000 K70 CRI5826 lm8271.1 WType III
M22-36L-615-5K7-3-HS5000 K70 CRI4385 lm6271.1 WType III
M22-36L-615-5K7-35000 K70 CRI8210 lm11571.1 WType III
M22-36L-615-5K7-4W-CL-HS5000 K70 CRI3909 lm5571.1 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-615-5K7-4W-CL5000 K70 CRI6993 lm9871.1 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-615-5K7-4W-HS5000 K70 CRI4563 lm6471.1 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-615-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI8162 lm11571.1 WType IV Wide
M22-36L-615-5K7-5Q-CL5000 K70 CRI7383 lm10471.1 WType V Square
M22-36L-615-5K7-5Q5000 K70 CRI8618 lm12171.1 WType V Square
M22-36L-615-5K7-5W-CL5000 K70 CRI7177 lm10171.1 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-615-5K7-5W-DL5000 K70 CRI5945 lm8471.1 WType V Wide(Round)
M22-36L-615-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI8378 lm11871.1 WType V Wide(Round)
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