Drive SRT1

Small edge-lit luminaire for parking garage and canopy applications provides exceptional visual comfort and performance in sleek low profile housing.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact and low profile housing measuring 12” x 3.1”
  • Visual comfort edge-lit designs
  • Option uplight module provides 800 lumens of indirect illumination
  • Surface and pendant mounting options
  • Control options including occupancy sensing with photocontrol
  • Optional bird shield and vandal deterring wire guard


Voltage Offering
Lumen Range
2,501 - 5,000
Dimming Protocol
0-10V;Dims to Off (10% Brightness Cutoff)
Mounting Options
Ceiling (junction box), Pendant
Wattage Range
20 - 49
Color Offering
Black Matte Textured, Black Gloss Smooth, Dark Bronze Matte Textured, Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, Graphite Matte Textured, Light Grey Gloss Smooth, Platinum Silver Smooth, White Matte Textured, White Gloss Smooth, Verde Green Textured
Optics & Distributions
Type VQW, Type T5C
Controls & Sensors
Occupancy, Photocontrol
UL, CSA, cULus
Operating Temp
-40 to 40

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
SRT1-35-4K7-5C-UNV4000 K70 CRI4729 lm13036.3 W5C
SRT1-20-3K7-5C-UNV3000 K70 CRI2956 lm13122.6 W5C
SRT1-55-5K7-5C-UNV5000 K70 CRI6806 lm12753.6 W5C
SRT1-55-5K7-5QW-UNV5000 K70 CRI6553 lm12253.6 W5QW
SRT1-15-5K7-5QW-UNV5000 K70 CRI2379 lm14116.85 W5QW
SRT1-35-3K7-5QW-UNV3000 K70 CRI4378 lm12136.3 W5QW
SRT1-35-4K7-5QW-UNV4000 K70 CRI4553 lm12536.3 W5QW
SRT1-15-3K7-5C-UNV3000 K70 CRI2364 lm14016.85 W5C
SRT1-55-4K7-5QW-UNV4000 K70 CRI6521 lm12253.6 W5QW
SRT1-20-3K7-5QW-UNV3000 K70 CRI2846 lm12622.6 W5QW
SRT1-35-5K7-5C-UNV5000 K70 CRI4751 lm13136.3 W5C
SRT1-35-3K7-5C-UNV3000 K70 CRI4547 lm12536.3 W5C
SRT1-20-4K7-5C-UNV4000 K70 CRI3075 lm13622.6 W5C
SRT1-55-4K7-5C-UNV4000 K70 CRI6773 lm12653.6 W5C
SRT1-15-5K7-5C-UNV5000 K70 CRI2471 lm14716.85 W5C
SRT1-20-5K7-5QW-UNV5000 K70 CRI2974 lm13222.6 W5QW
SRT1-35-5K7-5QW-UNV5000 K70 CRI4575 lm12636.3 W5QW
SRT1-15-3K7-5QW-UNV3000 K70 CRI2276 lm13516.85 W5QW
SRT1-15-4K7-5C-UNV4000 K70 CRI2459 lm14616.85 W5C
SRT1-55-3K7-5QW-UNV3000 K70 CRI6270 lm11753.6 W5QW
SRT1-20-4K7-5QW-UNV4000 K70 CRI2960 lm13122.6 W5QW
SRT1-15-4K7-5QW-UNV4000 K70 CRI2367 lm14116.85 W5QW
SRT1-55-3K7-5C-UNV3000 K70 CRI6513 lm12253.6 W5C
SRT1-20-5K7-5C-UNV5000 K70 CRI3088 lm13722.6 W5C
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