Cypher - Flat

Cypher Flat is available in 2 sizes: 9” accent scale or 14” large pedestrian scale for mounting heights of 6 to 12' (small) and 8 to 20' (large). Cypher architectural wall mount luminaires provide a myriad of fascia and output options to compliment building features and materials.

Features & Benefits

  • Flat fascia designed to complement its environment in accent or large scale
  • Cypher Flat features optional luminous front panel fascia available in static white or RGBW as a lighting focal point
  • Two sizes 9” accent scale and 14” large pedestrian scale
  • Small 9" accent scale Cypher offers 2 lumen packages 1,500 or 2,500 nominal lumens
  • Large 14" Pedestrian Scale Cypher offers 3 lumen packages 2,500, 3,500 or 4,500 nominal lumens
  • IES Type I, II, III, IV, wall grazer, spot/column and pencil beam distributions
  • Up, down and side lighting optics for up to 360 of
  • Integral battery backup, photocell, and motion sensing control options


Lumen Range
1300 - 5000
Dimming Protocol
0-10V, 10%-100%, Dusk to Dawn, Scheduling
CCT Offering
3000, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
70, 80
Mounting Options
Mount Location
Wattage Range
17 - 52
Color Offering
BLS - Black Gloss Smooth, BLT - Black Matte Textured, DBS - Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, DBT- Dark Bronze Matte Textured, GTT - Graphite Matte Textured, LG - Light Grey Matte Textured, LGS - Light Grey Gloss Smooth, PSS - Platinum Silver Gloss Smooth, VGT - Verde Green Matte Textured, WHS - White Gloss Smooth, WHT - White Matte Textured, CC – Custom Color

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
CY1-15-3K7-1-1D-R3000 K70 CRI1547 lm9117 WType II
CY1-15-3K7-1-1-R3000 K70 CRI1825 lm10617.26 WType I
CY1-15-3K7-1-2D-R3000 K70 CRI1493 lm8717.25 WType II
CY1-15-3K7-1-3D-R3000 K70 CRI1353 lm8017 WType II
CY1-15-3K7-1-3-R3000 K70 CRI1661 lm9617.3 WType III
CY1-15-3K7-1-4D-R3000 K70 CRI1521 lm8817.31 WType III
CY1-15-3K7-1-4-R3000 K70 CRI1668 lm9617.32 WType IV
CY1-15-3K7-1-SP-R3000 K70 CRI1702 lm9817.32 WType VS
CY1-15-3K7-1-WG-R3000 K70 CRI1871 lm10817.36 WType VS
CY1-15-3K7-2-1-1-R3000 K70 CRI1825 lm10617.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-3K7-2-1D-1D-R3000 K70 CRI1547 lm9017.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-3K7-2-2-2-R3000 K70 CRI1638 lm9517.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-3K7-2-2D-2D-R3000 K70 CRI1493 lm8717.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-3K7-2-3-3-R3000 K70 CRI1662 lm9617.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-3K7-2-3D-3D-R3000 K70 CRI1353 lm7817.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-3K7-2-4-4-R3000 K70 CRI1668 lm9717.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-3K7-2-4D-4D-R3000 K70 CRI1521 lm8817.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-3K7-2-SP-SP-R3000 K70 CRI1701 lm9917.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-3K7-2-WG-WG-R3000 K70 CRI1871 lm10817.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-3K7-3-2-PB-R3000 K70 CRI1454 lm8417.25 WType II
CY1-15-3K7-3-2-SP-R3000 K70 CRI1598 lm9317.25 WType II
CY1-15-3K7-3-2-WG-R3000 K70 CRI1617 lm9417.25 WType II
CY1-15-3K7-3-3-PB-R3000 K70 CRI1452 lm8417.25 WType III
CY1-15-3K7-3-3-SP-R3000 K70 CRI1596 lm9317.25 WType III
CY1-15-3K7-3-3-WG-R3000 K70 CRI1615 lm9417.25 WType III
CY1-15-3K7-3-4-PB-R3000 K70 CRI1509 lm8717.25 WType IV
CY1-15-3K7-3-4-SP-R3000 K70 CRI1653 lm9617.25 WType IV
CY1-15-3K7-3-4-WG-R3000 K70 CRI1672 lm9717.25 WType IV
CY1-15-3K7-4-SP-SP-R3000 K70 CRI1701 lm9917.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-3K7-4-WG-WG-R3000 K70 CRI1871 lm10817.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-3K7-5-2-PB-R3000 K70 CRI1196 lm6917.25 WType II
CY1-15-3K7-5-2-SP-R3000 K70 CRI1632 lm9517.25 WType II
CY1-15-3K7-5-2-WG-R3000 K70 CRI1689 lm9817.25 WType II
CY1-15-3K7-5-3-PB-R3000 K70 CRI1194 lm6917.25 WType III
CY1-15-3K7-5-3-SP-R3000 K70 CRI1630 lm9417.25 WType III
CY1-15-3K7-5-3-WG-R3000 K70 CRI1687 lm9817.25 WType III
CY1-15-3K7-5-4-PB-R3000 K70 CRI1239 lm7217.25 WType IV
CY1-15-3K7-5-4-SP-R3000 K70 CRI1674 lm9717.25 WType III
CY1-15-3K7-5-4-WG-R3000 K70 CRI1732 lm10017.25 WType IV
CY1-15-4K7-1-1D-R4000 K70 CRI1633 lm9617 WType II
CY1-15-4K7-1-1-R4000 K70 CRI1927 lm11217.26 WType I
CY1-15-4K7-1-2D-R4000 K70 CRI1576 lm9117.25 WType II
CY1-15-4K7-1-2-R4000 K70 CRI1730 lm10017.26 WType II
CY1-15-4K7-1-3D-R4000 K70 CRI1429 lm8417 WType II
CY1-15-4K7-1-3-R4000 K70 CRI1754 lm10117.3 WType III
CY1-15-4K7-1-4D-R4000 K70 CRI1607 lm9317.31 WType III
CY1-15-4K7-1-4-R4000 K70 CRI1762 lm10217.32 WType IV
CY1-15-4K7-1-SP-R4000 K70 CRI1796 lm10417.32 WType VS
CY1-15-4K7-1-WG-R4000 K70 CRI1975 lm11417.36 WType VS
CY1-15-4K7-2-1-1-R4000 K70 CRI1927 lm11217.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-4K7-2-1D-1D-R4000 K70 CRI1634 lm9517.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-4K7-2-2-2-R4000 K70 CRI1729 lm10017.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-4K7-2-2D-2D-R4000 K70 CRI1577 lm9117.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-4K7-2-3-3-R4000 K70 CRI1755 lm10217.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-4K7-2-3D-3D-R4000 K70 CRI1429 lm8317.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-4K7-2-4-4-R4000 K70 CRI1762 lm10217.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-4K7-2-4D-4D-R4000 K70 CRI1607 lm9317.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-4K7-2-SP-SP-R4000 K70 CRI1797 lm10417.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-4K7-2-WG-WG-R4000 K70 CRI1976 lm11517.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-4K7-3-2-PB-R4000 K70 CRI1535 lm8917.25 WType II
CY1-15-4K7-3-2-SP-R4000 K70 CRI1687 lm9817.25 WType II
CY1-15-4K7-3-2-WG-R4000 K70 CRI1707 lm9917.25 WType II
CY1-15-4K7-3-3-PB-R4000 K70 CRI1533 lm8917.25 WType III
CY1-15-4K7-3-3-SP-R4000 K70 CRI1685 lm9817.25 WType III
CY1-15-4K7-3-3-WG-R4000 K70 CRI1705 lm9917.25 WType III
CY1-15-4K7-3-4-PB-R4000 K70 CRI1593 lm9217.25 WType IV
CY1-15-4K7-3-4-SP-R4000 K70 CRI1745 lm10117.25 WType IV
CY1-15-4K7-3-4-WG-R4000 K70 CRI1766 lm10217.25 WType IV
CY1-15-4K7-4-SP-SP-R4000 K70 CRI1797 lm10417.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-4K7-4-WG-WG-R4000 K70 CRI1976 lm11517.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-4K7-5-2-PB-R4000 K70 CRI1263 lm7317.25 WType II
CY1-15-4K7-5-2-SP-R4000 K70 CRI1724 lm10017.25 WType II
CY1-15-4K7-5-2-WG-R4000 K70 CRI1784 lm10317.25 WType II
CY1-15-4K7-5-3-PB-R4000 K70 CRI1261 lm7317.25 WType III
CY1-15-4K7-5-3-SP-R4000 K70 CRI1722 lm10017.25 WType III
CY1-15-4K7-5-3-WG-R4000 K70 CRI1783 lm10317.25 WType III
CY1-15-4K7-5-4-PB-R4000 K70 CRI1308 lm7617.25 WType IV
CY1-15-4K7-5-4-SP-R4000 K70 CRI1769 lm10317.25 WType III
CY1-15-4K7-5-4-WG-R4000 K70 CRI1830 lm10617.25 WType IV
CY1-15-5K7-1-1D-R5000 K70 CRI1629 lm9617 WType II
CY1-15-5K7-1-1-R5000 K70 CRI1923 lm11117.26 WType I
CY1-15-5K7-1-2D-R5000 K70 CRI1573 lm9117.25 WType II
CY1-15-5K7-1-2-R5000 K70 CRI1726 lm10017.26 WType II
CY1-15-5K7-1-3D-R5000 K70 CRI1425 lm8417 WType II
CY1-15-5K7-1-3-R5000 K70 CRI1750 lm10117.3 WType III
CY1-15-5K7-1-4D-R5000 K70 CRI1602 lm9317.31 WType III
CY1-15-5K7-1-4-R5000 K70 CRI1757 lm10117.32 WType IV
CY1-15-5K7-1-SP-R5000 K70 CRI1792 lm10317.32 WType VS
CY1-15-5K7-2-1-1-R5000 K70 CRI1923 lm11117.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-5K7-2-1D-1D-R5000 K70 CRI1629 lm9417.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-5K7-2-2-2-R5000 K70 CRI1726 lm10017.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-5K7-2-2D-2D-R5000 K70 CRI1573 lm9117.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-5K7-2-3-3-R5000 K70 CRI1750 lm10117.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-5K7-2-3D-3D-R5000 K70 CRI1425 lm8317.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-5K7-2-4-4-R5000 K70 CRI1757 lm10217.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-5K7-2-4D-4D-R5000 K70 CRI1602 lm9317.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-5K7-2-SP-SP-R5000 K70 CRI1791 lm10417.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-5K7-2-WG-WG-R5000 K70 CRI1971 lm11417.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-5K7-3-2-PB-R5000 K70 CRI1531 lm8917.25 WType II
CY1-15-5K7-3-2-SP-R5000 K70 CRI1683 lm9817.25 WType II
CY1-15-5K7-3-2-WG-R5000 K70 CRI1703 lm9917.25 WType II
CY1-15-5K7-3-3-PB-R5000 K70 CRI1529 lm8917.25 WType III
CY1-15-5K7-3-3-SP-R5000 K70 CRI1681 lm9717.25 WType III
CY1-15-5K7-3-3-WG-R5000 K70 CRI1701 lm9917.25 WType III
CY1-15-5K7-3-4-PB-R5000 K70 CRI1589 lm9217.25 WType IV
CY1-15-5K7-3-4-SP-R5000 K70 CRI1740 lm10117.25 WType IV
CY1-15-5K7-3-4-WG-R5000 K70 CRI1762 lm10217.25 WType IV
CY1-15-5K7-4-SP-SP-R5000 K70 CRI1792 lm10417.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-5K7-4-WG-WG-R5000 K70 CRI1971 lm11417.25 WN.A.
CY1-15-5K7-5-2-PB-R5000 K70 CRI1259 lm7317.25 WType II
CY1-15-5K7-5-2-SP-R5000 K70 CRI1719 lm10017.25 WType II
CY1-15-5K7-5-2-WG-R5000 K70 CRI1779 lm10317.25 WType II
CY1-15-5K7-5-3-PB-R5000 K70 CRI1257 lm7317.25 WType III
CY1-15-5K7-5-3-SP-R5000 K70 CRI1717 lm10017.25 WType III
CY1-15-5K7-5-3-WG-R5000 K70 CRI1777 lm10317.25 WType III
CY1-15-5K7-5-4-PB-R5000 K70 CRI1304 lm7617.25 WType IV
CY1-15-5K7-5-4-SP-R5000 K70 CRI1764 lm10217.25 WType IV
CY1-15-5K7-5-4-WG-R5000 K70 CRI1824 lm10617.25 WType IV
CY1-25-3K7-1-1D-R5000 K70 CRI2225 lm8526.31 WType II
CY1-25-3K7-1-1-R5000 K70 CRI2390 lm9126.35 WType II
CY1-25-3K7-1-2D-R5000 K70 CRI1993 lm7626.22 WType II
CY1-25-3K7-1-2-R5000 K70 CRI2120 lm8126.26 WType II
CY1-25-3K7-1-3D-R5000 K70 CRI1946 lm7426.36 WType II
CY1-25-3K7-1-3-R5000 K70 CRI2117 lm8026.45 WType III
CY1-25-3K7-1-4D-R5000 K70 CRI2016 lm7626.41 WType III
CY1-25-3K7-1-4-R5000 K70 CRI2201 lm8326.45 WType IV
CY1-25-3K7-1-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2346 lm9026.21 WType VS
CY1-25-3K7-1-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2605 lm9926.28 WType VS
CY1-25-3K7-2-1-1-R5000 K70 CRI2390 lm9126.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-3K7-2-1D-1D-R5000 K70 CRI2225 lm8426.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-3K7-2-2-2-R5000 K70 CRI2120 lm8026.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-3K7-2-2D-2D-R5000 K70 CRI1958 lm7426.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-3K7-2-3-3-R5000 K70 CRI2117 lm8026.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-3K7-2-3D-3D-R5000 K70 CRI1946 lm7426.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-3K7-2-4-4-R5000 K70 CRI2201 lm8426.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-3K7-2-4D-4D-R5000 K70 CRI2016 lm7726.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-3K7-2-SP-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2346 lm8926.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-3K7-2-WG-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2605 lm9926.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-3K7-3-2-PB-R5000 K70 CRI1948 lm7426.35 WType II
CY1-25-3K7-3-2-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2142 lm8126.35 WType II
CY1-25-3K7-3-2-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2289 lm8726.35 WType II
CY1-25-3K7-3-3-PB-R5000 K70 CRI1945 lm7426.35 WType III
CY1-25-3K7-3-3-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2139 lm8126.35 WType III
CY1-25-3K7-3-3-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2164 lm8226.35 WType III
CY1-25-3K7-3-4-PB-R5000 K70 CRI2022 lm7726.35 WType IV
CY1-25-3K7-3-4-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2216 lm8426.35 WType IV
CY1-25-3K7-3-4-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2242 lm8526.35 WType IV
CY1-25-3K7-4-SP-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2346 lm8926.35 WN.A.
CY1-25-3K7-4-WG-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2605 lm9926.35 WN.A.
CY1-25-3K7-5-2-PB-R5000 K70 CRI1604 lm6126.35 WType II
CY1-25-3K7-5-2-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2187 lm8326.35 WType II
CY1-25-3K7-5-2-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2264 lm8626.35 WType II
CY1-25-3K7-5-3-PB-R5000 K70 CRI1601 lm6126.35 WType III
CY1-25-3K7-5-3-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2184 lm8326.35 WType III
CY1-25-3K7-5-3-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2261 lm8626.36 WType III
CY1-25-3K7-5-4-PB-R5000 K70 CRI1660 lm6326.35 WType IV
CY1-25-3K7-5-4-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2244 lm8526.35 WType IV
CY1-25-3K7-5-4-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2321 lm8826.35 WType IV
CY1-25-4K7-1-1D-R5000 K70 CRI2349 lm8926.31 WType II
CY1-25-4K7-1-1-R5000 K70 CRI2524 lm9626.35 WType II
CY1-25-4K7-1-2D-R5000 K70 CRI2068 lm7926.22 WType II
CY1-25-4K7-1-2-R5000 K70 CRI2239 lm8526.26 WType II
CY1-25-4K7-1-3D-R5000 K70 CRI2056 lm7826.36 WType II
CY1-25-4K7-1-3-R5000 K70 CRI2235 lm8526.27 WType III
CY1-25-4K7-1-4D-R5000 K70 CRI2129 lm8126.41 WType III
CY1-25-4K7-1-4-R5000 K70 CRI2324 lm8826.45 WType IV
CY1-25-4K7-1-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2478 lm9526.21 WType VS
CY1-25-4K7-1-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2752 lm10526.28 WType VS
CY1-25-4K7-2-1-1-R5000 K70 CRI2523 lm9626.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-4K7-2-1D-1D-R5000 K70 CRI2349 lm8926.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-4K7-2-2D-2D-R5000 K70 CRI2068 lm7826.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-4K7-2-3-3-R5000 K70 CRI2236 lm8526.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-4K7-2-3D-3D-R5000 K70 CRI2056 lm7826.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-4K7-2-4-4-R5000 K70 CRI2324 lm8826.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-4K7-2-4D-4D-R5000 K70 CRI2128 lm8126.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-4K7-2-SP-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2477 lm9426.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-4K7-2-WG-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2751 lm10426.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-4K7-3-2-PB-R5000 K70 CRI2058 lm7826.35 WType II
CY1-25-4K7-3-2-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2262 lm8626.35 WType II
CY1-25-4K7-3-3-PB-R5000 K70 CRI2054 lm7826.35 WType III
CY1-25-4K7-3-3-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2259 lm8626.35 WType III
CY1-25-4K7-3-3-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2286 lm8726.35 WType III
CY1-25-4K7-3-4-PB-R5000 K70 CRI2136 lm8126.35 WType IV
CY1-25-4K7-3-4-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2341 lm8926.35 WType IV
CY1-25-4K7-3-4-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2367 lm9026.35 WType IV
CY1-25-4K7-4-SP-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2477 lm9426.35 WN.A.
CY1-25-4K7-4-WG-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2751 lm10426.35 WN.A.
CY1-25-4K7-5-2-PB-R5000 K70 CRI1693 lm6426.35 WType II
CY1-25-4K7-5-2-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2310 lm8826.35 WType II
CY1-25-4K7-5-2-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2391 lm9126.35 WType II
CY1-25-4K7-5-3-PB-R5000 K70 CRI1690 lm6426.35 WType III
CY1-25-4K7-5-3-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2307 lm8826.35 WType III
CY1-25-4K7-5-3-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2388 lm9126.36 WType III
CY1-25-4K7-5-4-PB-R5000 K70 CRI1753 lm6726.35 WType IV
CY1-25-4K7-5-4-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2370 lm9026.35 WType IV
CY1-25-4K7-5-4-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2451 lm9326.35 WType IV
CY1-25-5K7-1-1D-R5000 K70 CRI2343 lm8926.31 WType II
CY1-25-5K7-1-1-R5000 K70 CRI2517 lm9626.35 WType II
CY1-25-5K7-1-2D-R5000 K70 CRI2062 lm7926.22 WType II
CY1-25-5K7-1-2-R5000 K70 CRI2233 lm8526.26 WType II
CY1-25-5K7-1-3D-R5000 K70 CRI2050 lm7826.36 WType II
CY1-25-5K7-1-3-R5000 K70 CRI2229 lm8526.37 WType III
CY1-25-5K7-1-4D-R5000 K70 CRI2123 lm8026.41 WType III
CY1-25-5K7-1-4-R5000 K70 CRI2319 lm8826.45 WType IV
CY1-25-5K7-1-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2471 lm9426.21 WType VS
CY1-25-5K7-1-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2744 lm10426.28 WType VS
CY1-25-5K7-2-1-1-R5000 K70 CRI2517 lm9626.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-5K7-2-1D-1D-R5000 K70 CRI2344 lm8926.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-5K7-2-2-2-R5000 K70 CRI2233 lm8526.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-5K7-2-2D-2D-R5000 K70 CRI2062 lm7826.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-5K7-2-3-3-R5000 K70 CRI2229 lm8526.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-5K7-2-3D-3D-R5000 K70 CRI2050 lm7826.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-5K7-2-4-4-R5000 K70 CRI2319 lm8826.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-5K7-2-4D-4D-R5000 K70 CRI2123 lm8126.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-5K7-2-SP-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2471 lm9426.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-5K7-2-WG-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2743 lm10426.34 WN.A.
CY1-25-5K7-3-2-PB-R5000 K70 CRI2051 lm7826.35 WType II
CY1-25-5K7-3-2-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2256 lm8626.35 WType II
CY1-25-5K7-3-2-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2283 lm8726.35 WType II
CY1-25-5K7-3-3-PB-R5000 K70 CRI2049 lm7826.35 WType III
CY1-25-5K7-3-3-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2253 lm8626.35 WType III
CY1-25-5K7-3-3-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2280 lm8726.35 WType III
CY1-25-5K7-3-4-PB-R5000 K70 CRI2130 lm8126.35 WType IV
CY1-25-5K7-3-4-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2333 lm8926.35 WType IV
CY1-25-5K7-3-4-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2361 lm9026.35 WType IV
CY1-25-5K7-4-SP-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2471 lm9426.35 WN.A.
CY1-25-5K7-4-WG-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2744 lm10426.35 WN.A.
CY1-25-5K7-5-2-PB-R5000 K70 CRI1689 lm6426.35 WType II
CY1-25-5K7-5-2-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2304 lm8726.35 WType II
CY1-25-5K7-5-2-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2385 lm9126.35 WType II
CY1-25-5K7-5-3-PB-R5000 K70 CRI1686 lm6426.35 WType III
CY1-25-5K7-5-3-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2301 lm8726.35 WType III
CY1-25-5K7-5-3-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2382 lm9026.36 WType III
CY1-25-5K7-5-4-PB-R5000 K70 CRI1748 lm6626.35 WType IV
CY1-25-5K7-5-4-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2364 lm9026.35 WType IV
CY1-25-5K7-5-4-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2445 lm9326.35 WType IV
CY2-25-3K7-1-2D-R3000 K70 CRI2004 lm7825.7 WType II
CY2-25-3K7-1-2-R3000 K70 CRI2265 lm8825.7 WType II
CY2-25-3K7-1-3D-R3000 K70 CRI1906 lm7425.7 WType II
CY2-25-3K7-1-3-R4000 K70 CRI2413 lm9425.7 WType III
CY2-25-3K7-1-4D-R4000 K70 CRI1936 lm7525.7 WType III
CY2-25-3K7-1-WG-R4000 K70 CRI2462 lm9625.7 WType VS
CY2-25-3K7-2-1-1-R3000 K70 CRI2500 lm9725.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-3K7-2-1D-1D-R3000 K70 CRI2193 lm8525.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-3K7-2-2-2-R3000 K70 CRI2265 lm8825.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-3K7-2-2D-2D-R3000 K70 CRI2004 lm7825.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-3K7-2-3-3-R3000 K70 CRI2414 lm9425.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-3K7-2-3D-3D-R3000 K70 CRI1906 lm7425.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-3K7-2-4-4-R3000 K70 CRI2213 lm8625.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-3K7-2-4D-4D-R3000 K70 CRI1936 lm7525.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-3K7-2-SP-SP-R3000 K70 CRI2089 lm8125.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-3K7-2-WG-WG-R3000 K70 CRI2461 lm9625.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-3K7-3-2-PB-R3000 K70 CRI2078 lm8125.7 WType II
CY2-25-3K7-3-2-SP-R3000 K70 CRI2246 lm8725.7 WType II
CY2-25-3K7-3-2-WG-R3000 K70 CRI2283 lm8925.7 WType II
CY2-25-3K7-3-3-PB-R3000 K70 CRI2138 lm8325.7 WType III
CY2-25-3K7-3-3-SP-R3000 K70 CRI2306 lm9025.7 WType III
CY2-25-3K7-3-3-WG-R3000 K70 CRI2342 lm9125.7 WType III
CY2-25-3K7-3-4-PB-R3000 K70 CRI2032 lm7925.7 WType III
CY2-25-3K7-3-4-SP-R3000 K70 CRI2200 lm8625.7 WType III
CY2-25-3K7-3-4-WG-R3000 K70 CRI2237 lm8725.7 WType III
CY2-25-3K7-4-2-PB-R3000 K70 CRI1706 lm6625.7 WType II
CY2-25-3K7-4-2-SP-R3000 K70 CRI2211 lm8625.7 WType II
CY2-25-3K7-4-2-WG-R3000 K70 CRI2323 lm9025.7 WType II
CY2-25-3K7-4-3-PB-R3000 K70 CRI1753 lm6825.7 WType III
CY2-25-3K7-4-SP-SP-R3000 K70 CRI2089 lm8125.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-3K7-4-WG-WG-R3000 K70 CRI2462 lm9625.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-3K7-5-2-PB-R3000 K70 CRI1706 lm6625.7 WType II
CY2-25-3K7-5-2-SP-R3000 K70 CRI2211 lm8625.7 WType II
CY2-25-3K7-5-2-WG-R3000 K70 CRI2323 lm9025.7 WType II
CY2-25-3K7-5-3-PB-R3000 K70 CRI1753 lm6825.7 WType III
CY2-25-4K7-1-1D-R4000 K70 CRI2278 lm8925.7 WType II
CY2-25-4K7-1-2D-R4000 K70 CRI2082 lm8125.7 WType II
CY2-25-4K7-1-2-R4000 K70 CRI2353 lm9225.7 WType II
CY2-25-4K7-1-3D-R4000 K70 CRI1980 lm7725.7 WType II
CY2-25-4K7-1-3-R4000 K70 CRI2507 lm9825.7 WType III
CY2-25-4K7-1-4D-R4000 K70 CRI2011 lm7825.7 WType III
CY2-25-4K7-1-WG-R4000 K70 CRI2558 lm10025.7 WType VS
CY2-25-4K7-2-1-1-R4000 K70 CRI2597 lm10125.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-4K7-2-1D-1D-R4000 K70 CRI2278 lm8925.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-4K7-2-2-2-R4000 K70 CRI2354 lm9225.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-4K7-2-2D-2D-R4000 K70 CRI2083 lm8125.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-4K7-2-3-3-R4000 K70 CRI2507 lm9825.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-4K7-2-3D-3D-R4000 K70 CRI1980 lm7725.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-4K7-2-4-4-R4000 K70 CRI2300 lm8925.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-4K7-2-4D-4D-R4000 K70 CRI2011 lm7825.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-4K7-2-SP-SP-R4000 K70 CRI2172 lm8425.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-4K7-2-WG-WG-R4000 K70 CRI2559 lm10025.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-4K7-3-2-PB-R4000 K70 CRI2160 lm8425.7 WType II
CY2-25-4K7-3-2-SP-R4000 K70 CRI2335 lm9125.7 WType II
CY2-25-4K7-3-2-WG-R4000 K70 CRI2374 lm9225.7 WType II
CY2-25-4K7-3-3-PB-R4000 K70 CRI2222 lm8625.7 WType III
CY2-25-4K7-3-3-SP-R4000 K70 CRI2397 lm9325.7 WType III
CY2-25-4K7-3-3-WG-R4000 K70 CRI2435 lm9525.7 WType III
CY2-25-4K7-3-4-PB-R4000 K70 CRI2111 lm8225.7 WType III
CY2-25-4K7-3-4-SP-R4000 K70 CRI2287 lm8925.7 WType III
CY2-25-4K7-3-4-WG-R4000 K70 CRI2326 lm9025.7 WType III
CY2-25-4K7-4-2-PB-R4000 K70 CRI1773 lm6925.7 WType II
CY2-25-4K7-4-2-SP-R4000 K70 CRI2297 lm8925.7 WType II
CY2-25-4K7-4-2-WG-R4000 K70 CRI2414 lm9425.7 WType II
CY2-25-4K7-4-3-PB-R4000 K70 CRI1823 lm7125.7 WType III
CY2-25-4K7-4-SP-SP-R4000 K70 CRI2171 lm8425.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-4K7-4-WG-WG-R4000 K70 CRI2559 lm10025.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-4K7-5-2-PB-R4000 K70 CRI1773 lm6925.7 WType II
CY2-25-4K7-5-2-SP-R4000 K70 CRI2297 lm8925.7 WType II
CY2-25-4K7-5-2-WG-R4000 K70 CRI2414 lm9425.7 WType II
CY2-25-4K7-5-3-PB-R4000 K70 CRI1823 lm7125.7 WType III
CY2-25-5K7-1-1-R4000 K70 CRI2836 lm11025.7 WType I
CY2-25-5K7-1-2D-R4000 K70 CRI2274 lm8825.7 WType II
CY2-25-5K7-1-2-R4000 K70 CRI2570 lm10025.7 WType II
CY2-25-5K7-1-3D-R4000 K70 CRI2163 lm8425.7 WType II
CY2-25-5K7-1-3-R4000 K70 CRI2739 lm10725.7 WType III
CY2-25-5K7-1-4D-R4000 K70 CRI2197 lm8525.7 WType III
CY2-25-5K7-1-WG-R4000 K70 CRI2795 lm10925.7 WType VS
CY2-25-5K7-2-1-1-R5000 K70 CRI2836 lm11025.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-5K7-2-1D-1D-R5000 K70 CRI2488 lm9725.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-5K7-2-2-2-R5000 K70 CRI2570 lm10025.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-5K7-2-2D-2D-R5000 K70 CRI2274 lm8825.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-5K7-2-3-3-R5000 K70 CRI2739 lm10725.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-5K7-2-3D-3D-R5000 K70 CRI2163 lm8425.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-5K7-2-4-4-R5000 K70 CRI2512 lm9825.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-5K7-2-4D-4D-R5000 K70 CRI2197 lm8525.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-5K7-2-SP-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2371 lm9225.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-5K7-2-WG-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2795 lm10925.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-5K7-3-2-PB-R5000 K70 CRI2359 lm9225.7 WType II
CY2-25-5K7-3-2-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2551 lm9925.7 WType II
CY2-25-5K7-3-2-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2592 lm10125.7 WType II
CY2-25-5K7-3-3-PB-R5000 K70 CRI2426 lm9425.7 WType III
CY2-25-5K7-3-3-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2617 lm10225.7 WType III
CY2-25-5K7-3-3-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2659 lm10325.7 WType III
CY2-25-5K7-3-4-PB-R5000 K70 CRI2308 lm9025.7 WType III
CY2-25-5K7-3-4-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2497 lm9725.7 WType III
CY2-25-5K7-3-4-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2540 lm9925.7 WType III
CY2-25-5K7-4-2-PB-R5000 K70 CRI1936 lm7525.7 WType II
CY2-25-5K7-4-2-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2509 lm9825.7 WType II
CY2-25-5K7-4-2-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2636 lm10325.7 WType II
CY2-25-5K7-4-3-PB-R5000 K70 CRI1990 lm7725.7 WType III
CY2-25-5K7-4-SP-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2371 lm9225.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-5K7-4-WG-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2795 lm10925.7 WN.A.
CY2-25-5K7-5-2-PB-R5000 K70 CRI1936 lm7525.7 WType II
CY2-25-5K7-5-2-SP-R5000 K70 CRI2509 lm9825.7 WType II
CY2-25-5K7-5-2-WG-R5000 K70 CRI2636 lm10325.7 WType II
CY2-25-5K7-5-3-PB-R5000 K70 CRI1990 lm7725.7 WType III
CY2-35-3K7-1-1D-R4000 K70 CRI3101 lm7839.93 WType II
CY2-35-3K7-1-1-R4000 K70 CRI3534 lm8939.93 WType I
CY2-35-3K7-1-2D-R4000 K70 CRI2835 lm7139.93 WType II
CY2-35-3K7-1-3D-R4000 K70 CRI2695 lm7137.93 WType II
CY2-35-3K7-1-3-R4000 K70 CRI3413 lm9037.93 WType III
CY2-35-3K7-1-4D-R4000 K70 CRI2738 lm6939.93 WType III
CY2-35-3K7-1-4-R4000 K70 CRI3131 lm7839.93 WType III
CY2-35-3K7-1-SP-R4000 K70 CRI2955 lm7439.93 WType VS
CY2-35-3K7-1-WG-R4000 K70 CRI3499 lm8839.93 WType VS
CY2-35-3K7-2-1-1-R3000 K70 CRI3534 lm8939.93 WN.A.
CY2-35-3K7-2-1D-1D-R3000 K70 CRI3101 lm7839.93 WN.A.
CY2-35-3K7-2-2-2-R3000 K70 CRI3203 lm8039.93 WN.A.
CY2-35-3K7-2-2D-2D-R3000 K70 CRI2835 lm7139.93 WN.A.
CY2-35-3K7-2-3-3-R3000 K70 CRI3413 lm8539.93 WN.A.
CY2-35-3K7-2-3D-3D-R3000 K70 CRI2695 lm6739.93 WN.A.
CY2-35-3K7-2-4-4-R3000 K70 CRI3131 lm7839.93 WN.A.
CY2-35-3K7-2-4D-4D-R3000 K70 CRI2738 lm6939.93 WN.A.
CY2-35-3K7-2-SP-SP-R3000 K70 CRI2955 lm7439.93 WN.A.
CY2-35-3K7-2-WG-WG-R3000 K70 CRI3483 lm8739.93 WN.A.
CY2-35-3K7-3-2-PB-R3000 K70 CRI2940 lm7439.93 WType II
CY2-35-3K7-3-2-SP-R3000 K70 CRI3178 lm8039.93 WType II
CY2-35-3K7-3-2-WG-R3000 K70 CRI3230 lm8139.93 WType II
CY2-35-3K7-3-3-PB-R3000 K70 CRI3024 lm7639.93 WType III
CY2-35-3K7-3-3-SP-R3000 K70 CRI3262 lm8239.93 WType III
CY2-35-3K7-3-3-WG-R3000 K70 CRI3315 lm8339.93 WType III
CY2-35-3K7-3-4-PB-R3000 K70 CRI2875 lm7239.93 WType III
CY2-35-3K7-3-4-SP-R3000 K70 CRI3113 lm7839.93 WType III
CY2-35-3K7-4-2-PB-R3000 K70 CRI2413 lm6039.93 WType II
CY2-35-3K7-4-2-SP-R3000 K70 CRI3128 lm7839.93 WType II
CY2-35-3K7-4-2-WG-R3000 K70 CRI3286 lm8239.93 WType II
CY2-35-3K7-4-3-PB-R3000 K70 CRI2480 lm6239.93 WType III
CY2-35-3K7-4-3-SP-R3000 K70 CRI3193 lm8039.93 WType III
CY2-35-3K7-4-3-WG-R3000 K70 CRI3352 lm8439.93 WType III
CY2-35-3K7-4-4-PB-R3000 K70 CRI2364 lm5939.93 WType III
CY2-35-3K7-4-4-SP-R3000 K70 CRI3077 lm7739.93 WType III
CY2-35-3K7-4-4-WG-R3000 K70 CRI3235 lm8139.93 WType III
CY2-35-3K7-4-SP-SP-R3000 K70 CRI2955 lm7439.93 WN.A.
CY2-35-3K7-4-WG-WG-R3000 K70 CRI3483 lm8739.93 WN.A.
CY2-35-3K7-5-2-PB-R3000 K70 CRI2413 lm6039.93 WType II
CY2-35-3K7-5-2-SP-R3000 K70 CRI3128 lm7839.93 WType II
CY2-35-3K7-5-2-WG-R3000 K70 CRI3286 lm8239.93 WType II
CY2-35-3K7-5-3-PB-R3000 K70 CRI2480 lm6239.93 WType III
CY2-35-3K7-5-3-SP-R3000 K70 CRI3193 lm8039.93 WType III
CY2-35-3K7-5-3-WG-R3000 K70 CRI3352 lm8439