Ceileo is a low-profile recessed ceiling luminaire available in square and round form factors. Features Micro Strike and Strike optics maximizing uniformity and low glare appearance.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be used with 0–10V current-sinking control devices (occupancy sensors, external dimmers, etc)
  • Cast LED housing is designed for easy removal and access to driver compartment
  • Ten position dimming dial optional – default setting at 100% and capable of dimming down to 30%
  • Low-profile, ultimate solution in LED recessed canopy lighting applications
  • Available in round and square versions.


Lumen Range
3,200 - 6,200
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming
CCT Offering
3000, 4000, 5000
CRI Offering
Mounting Options
Recessed Ceiling
Wattage Range
25 - 50
Color Offering
Black Matte Textured, Black Gloss Smooth, Dark Bronze Matte Textured, Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, Graphite Matte Textured, Light Grey Gloss Smooth, Platinum Silver Smooth, White Matte Textured, White Gloss Smooth, Verde Green Textured
Optics & Distributions
Type 2, Type 3, Type 4 Forward, Type 4 Wide, Type 5 Rectangular, Type 5 Square Medium, Type 5 Square Narrow, Type 5 Square Wide, Type 5 Round Wide, Aisle Lighter
DLC Standard, UL
Operating Temp
-40 to 25

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Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
CLO-18L-25-3K7-2X23000 K70 CRI3416 lm12125 W2x2
CLO-18L-25-3K7-33000 K70 CRI3224 lm11525 W3
CLO-18L-25-3K7-4F3000 K70 CRI3256 lm11525 W4F
CLO-18L-25-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI3168 lm11225 W4W
CLO-18L-25-3K7-4x43000 K70 CRI3372 lm11925 W4x4
CLO-18L-25-3K7-5QM3000 K70 CRI3354 lm11925 W5QM
CLO-18L-25-3K7-5QN3000 K70 CRI3372 lm11925 W5QN
CLO-18L-25-3K7-5QW3000 K70 CRI3037 lm10725 W5QW
CLO-18L-25-3K7-5RW3000 K70 CRI3221 lm11525 W5RW
CLO-18L-25-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI3237 lm11525 W5W
CLO-18L-25-3K7-5x53000 K70 CRI3318 lm11825 W5x5
CLO-18L-25-3K7-6x63000 K70 CRI3410 lm12125 W6x6
CLO-18L-25-3K7-FR3000 K70 CRI3369 lm11925 WFR
CLO-18L-25-4K7-24000 K70 CRI3368 lm11925 W2
CLO-18L-25-4K7-2X24000 K70 CRI3569 lm12625 W2x2
CLO-18L-25-4K7-34000 K70 CRI3368 lm12025 W3
CLO-18L-25-4K7-4F4000 K70 CRI3402 lm12025 W4F
CLO-18L-25-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI3310 lm11725 W4W
CLO-18L-25-4K7-4x44000 K70 CRI3523 lm12425 W4x4
CLO-18L-25-4K7-5QM4000 K70 CRI3504 lm12525 W5QM
CLO-18L-25-4K7-5QN4000 K70 CRI3523 lm12425 W5QN
CLO-18L-25-4K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI3174 lm11225 W5QW
CLO-18L-25-4K7-5RW4000 K70 CRI3365 lm12025 W5RW
CLO-18L-25-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI3382 lm12025 W5W
CLO-18L-25-4K7-5x54000 K70 CRI3467 lm12325 W5x5
CLO-18L-25-4K7-6x64000 K70 CRI3563 lm12725 W6x6
CLO-18L-25-4K7-FR4000 K70 CRI3520 lm12425 WFR
CLO-18L-25-5K7-25000 K70 CRI3320 lm11725 W2
CLO-18L-25-5K7-2X25000 K70 CRI3518 lm12425 W2x2
CLO-18L-25-5K7-35000 K70 CRI3320 lm11825 W3
CLO-18L-25-5K7-4F5000 K70 CRI3354 lm11825 W4F
CLO-18L-25-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI3263 lm11525 W4W
CLO-18L-25-5K7-4x45000 K70 CRI3473 lm12325 W4x4
CLO-18L-25-5K7-5QM5000 K70 CRI3454 lm12325 W5QM
CLO-18L-25-5K7-5QN5000 K70 CRI3474 lm12225 W5QN
CLO-18L-25-5K7-5QW5000 K70 CRI3129 lm11025 W5QW
CLO-18L-25-5K7-5RW5000 K70 CRI3318 lm11825 W5RW
CLO-18L-25-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI3334 lm11925 W5W
CLO-18L-25-5K7-5x55000 K70 CRI3417 lm12225 W5x5
CLO-18L-25-5K7-6x65000 K70 CRI3513 lm12525 W6x6
CLO-18L-25-5K7-FR5000 K70 CRI3470 lm12225 WFR
CLO-18L-39-3K7-23000 K70 CRI4417 lm11039 W2
CLO-18L-39-3K7-2X23000 K70 CRI4679 lm11739 W2x2
CLO-18L-39-3K7-33000 K70 CRI4416 lm11039 W3
CLO-18L-39-3K7-4F3000 K70 CRI4461 lm11139 W4F
CLO-18L-39-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI4341 lm10839 W4W
CLO-18L-39-3K7-4x43000 K70 CRI4620 lm11539 W4x4
CLO-18L-39-3K7-5QM3000 K70 CRI4594 lm11539 W5QM
CLO-18L-39-3K7-5QN3000 K70 CRI4620 lm11539 W5QN
CLO-18L-39-3K7-5QW3000 K70 CRI4161 lm10439 W5QW
CLO-18L-39-3K7-5RW3000 K70 CRI4413 lm11039 W5RW
CLO-18L-39-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI4434 lm11139 W5W
CLO-18L-39-3K7-5x53000 K70 CRI4546 lm11339 W5x5
CLO-18L-39-3K7-6x63000 K70 CRI4672 lm11739 W6x6
CLO-18L-39-3K7-FR3000 K70 CRI4616 lm11539 WFR
CLO-18L-39-4K7-24000 K70 CRI4615 lm11539 W2
CLO-18L-39-4K7-2X24000 K70 CRI4889 lm12239 W2x2
CLO-18L-39-4K7-34000 K70 CRI4614 lm11539 W3
CLO-18L-39-4K7-4F4000 K70 CRI4661 lm11639 W4F
CLO-18L-39-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI4535 lm11339 W4W
CLO-18L-39-4K7-4x44000 K70 CRI4827 lm12039 W4x4
CLO-18L-39-4K7-5QM4000 K70 CRI4800 lm12039 W5QM
CLO-18L-39-4K7-5QN4000 K70 CRI4827 lm12039 W5QN
CLO-18L-39-4K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI4348 lm10839 W5QW
CLO-18L-39-4K7-5RW4000 K70 CRI4610 lm11539 W5RW
CLO-18L-39-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI4633 lm11639 W5W
CLO-18L-39-4K7-5x54000 K70 CRI4749 lm11839 W5x5
CLO-18L-39-4K7-6x64000 K70 CRI4881 lm12239 W6x6
CLO-18L-39-4K7-FR4000 K70 CRI4822 lm12039 WFR
CLO-18L-39-5K7-25000 K70 CRI4549 lm11339 W2
CLO-18L-39-5K7-2X25000 K70 CRI4820 lm12039 W2x2
CLO-18L-39-5K7-35000 K70 CRI4549 lm11339 W3
CLO-18L-39-5K7-4F5000 K70 CRI4595 lm11539 W4F
CLO-18L-39-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI4471 lm11139 W4W
CLO-18L-39-5K7-4x45000 K70 CRI4758 lm11939 W4x4
CLO-18L-39-5K7-5QM5000 K70 CRI4732 lm11839 W5QM
CLO-18L-39-5K7-5QN5000 K70 CRI4759 lm11939 W5QN
CLO-18L-39-5K7-5QW5000 K70 CRI4286 lm10739 W5QW
CLO-18L-39-5K7-5RW5000 K70 CRI4545 lm11339 W5RW
CLO-18L-39-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI4567 lm11439 W5W
CLO-18L-39-5K7-5x55000 K70 CRI4682 lm11739 W5x5
CLO-18L-39-5K7-6x65000 K70 CRI4812 lm12039 W6x6
CLO-18L-39-5K7-FR5000 K70 CRI4754 lm11939 WFR
CLO-18L-50-3K7-23000 K70 CRI5713 lm10350 W2
CLO-18L-50-3K7-2X23000 K70 CRI6052 lm10950 W2x2
CLO-18L-50-3K7-33000 K70 CRI5712 lm10350 W3
CLO-18L-50-3K7-4F3000 K70 CRI5770 lm10450 W4F
CLO-18L-50-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI5614 lm10250 W4W
CLO-18L-50-3K7-4x43000 K70 CRI5976 lm10850 W4x4
CLO-18L-50-3K7-5QM3000 K70 CRI5942 lm10750 W5QM
CLO-18L-50-3K7-5QN3000 K70 CRI5976 lm10850 W5QN
CLO-18L-50-3K7-5QW3000 K70 CRI5382 lm9750 W5QW
CLO-18L-50-3K7-5RW3000 K70 CRI5708 lm10350 W5RW
CLO-18L-50-3K7-5W3000 K70 CRI5735 lm10450 W5W
CLO-18L-50-3K7-5x53000 K70 CRI5880 lm10650 W5x5
CLO-18L-50-3K7-6x63000 K70 CRI6043 lm10950 W6x6
CLO-18L-50-3K7-FR3000 K70 CRI5970 lm10850 WFR
CLO-18L-50-4K7-24000 K70 CRI5969 lm10850 W2
CLO-18L-50-4K7-2X24000 K70 CRI6324 lm11450 W2x2
CLO-18L-50-4K7-34000 K70 CRI5968 lm10850 W3
CLO-18L-50-4K7-4F4000 K70 CRI6029 lm10950 W4F
CLO-18L-50-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI5866 lm10650 W4W
CLO-18L-50-4K7-4x44000 K70 CRI6243 lm11350 W4x4
CLO-18L-50-4K7-5QM4000 K70 CRI6209 lm11250 W5QM
CLO-18L-50-4K7-5QN4000 K70 CRI6244 lm11350 W5QN
CLO-18L-50-4K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI5624 lm10250 W5QW
CLO-18L-50-4K7-5RW4000 K70 CRI5963 lm10850 W5RW
CLO-18L-50-4K7-5W4000 K70 CRI5992 lm10850 W5W
CLO-18L-50-4K7-5x54000 K70 CRI6143 lm11150 W5x5
CLO-18L-50-4K7-6x64000 K70 CRI6314 lm11450 W6x6
CLO-18L-50-4K7-FR4000 K70 CRI6237 lm11350 WFR
CLO-18L-50-5K7-25000 K70 CRI5884 lm10650 W2
CLO-18L-50-5K7-2X25000 K70 CRI6234 lm11350 W2x2
CLO-18L-50-5K7-35000 K70 CRI5883 lm10650 W3
CLO-18L-50-5K7-4F5000 K70 CRI5943 lm10750 W4F
CLO-18L-50-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI5783 lm10550 W4W
CLO-18L-50-5K7-4x45000 K70 CRI6155 lm11150 W4x4
CLO-18L-50-5K7-5QM5000 K70 CRI6121 lm11150 W5QM
CLO-18L-50-5K7-5QN5000 K70 CRI6155 lm11150 W5QN
CLO-18L-50-5K7-5QW5000 K70 CRI5544 lm10050 W5QW
CLO-18L-50-5K7-5RW5000 K70 CRI5879 lm10650 W5RW
CLO-18L-50-5K7-5W5000 K70 CRI5907 lm10750 W5W
CLO-18L-50-5K7-5x55000 K70 CRI6056 lm11050 W5x5
CLO-18L-50-5K7-6x65000 K70 CRI6224 lm11350 W6x6
CLO-18L-50-5K7-FR5000 K70 CRI6149 lm11150 WFR
CLO-18L-25-3K7-23000 K70 CRI3224 lm11425 W2
CLO-80L-25-3K7-23000 K70 CRI3462 lm13825 W2
CLO-80L-25-3K7-33000 K70 CRI3462 lm13825 W3
CLO-80L-25-3K7-4F3000 K70 CRI3497 lm14025 W4F
CLO-80L-25-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI3475 lm13925 W4W
CLO-80L-25-3K7-5QW3000 K70 CRI3413 lm13725 W5QW
CLO-80L-25-4K7-24000 K70 CRI3567 lm14325 W2
CLO-80L-25-4K7-34000 K70 CRI3567 lm14325 W3
CLO-80L-25-4K7-4F4000 K70 CRI3603 lm14425 W4F
CLO-80L-25-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI3580 lm14325 W4W
CLO-80L-25-4K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI3516 lm14125 W5QW
CLO-80L-25-5K7-25000 K70 CRI3493 lm14025 W2
CLO-80L-25-5K7-35000 K70 CRI3494 lm14025 W3
CLO-80L-25-5K7-4F5000 K70 CRI3529 lm14125 W4F
CLO-80L-25-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI3507 lm14025 W4W
CLO-80L-25-5K7-5QW5000 K70 CRI3444 lm13825 W5QW
CLO-80L-39-3K7-23000 K70 CRI4759 lm13539 W2
CLO-80L-39-3K7-33000 K70 CRI4760 lm13539 W3
CLO-80L-39-3K7-4F3000 K70 CRI4807 lm13639 W4F
CLO-80L-39-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI4781 lm13539 W4W
CLO-80L-39-3K7-5QW3000 K70 CRI4688 lm13339 W5QW
CLO-80L-39-4K7-24000 K70 CRI4903 lm13939 W2
CLO-80L-39-4K7-34000 K70 CRI4904 lm13939 W3
CLO-80L-39-4K7-4F4000 K70 CRI4952 lm14039 W4F
CLO-80L-39-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI4926 lm14039 W4W
CLO-80L-39-4K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI4830 lm13739 W5QW
CLO-80L-39-5K7-25000 K70 CRI4803 lm13639 W2
CLO-80L-39-5K7-35000 K70 CRI4803 lm13639 W3
CLO-80L-39-5K7-4F5000 K70 CRI4850 lm13739 W4F
CLO-80L-39-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI4825 lm13739 W4W
CLO-80L-39-5K7-5QW5000 K70 CRI4730 lm13439 W5QW
CLO-80L-50-3K7-23000 K70 CRI6063 lm12450 W2
CLO-80L-50-3K7-33000 K70 CRI6064 lm12550 W3
CLO-80L-50-3K7-4F3000 K70 CRI6092 lm12550 W4F
CLO-80L-50-3K7-4W3000 K70 CRI6075 lm12450 W4W
CLO-80L-50-3K7-5QW3000 K70 CRI6072 lm12450 W5QW
CLO-80L-50-4K7-24000 K70 CRI6246 lm12850 W2
CLO-80L-50-4K7-34000 K70 CRI6247 lm12850 W3
CLO-80L-50-4K7-4F4000 K70 CRI6277 lm12950 W4F
CLO-80L-50-4K7-4W4000 K70 CRI6259 lm12850 W4W
CLO-80L-50-4K7-5QW4000 K70 CRI6256 lm12850 W5QW
CLO-80L-50-5K7-25000 K70 CRI6118 lm12550 W2
CLO-80L-50-5K7-35000 K70 CRI6119 lm12650 W3
CLO-80L-50-5K7-4F5000 K70 CRI6148 lm12650 W4F
CLO-80L-50-5K7-4W5000 K70 CRI6131 lm12650 W4W
CLO-80L-50-5K7-5QW5000 K70 CRI6127 lm12550 W5QW
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