New NX Distributed Intelligence Lighting Control Panel

Greenville, SC – March 18, 2021 – Announcing the release of a new and improved NX Distributed Intelligence™ Lighting Control Panel (NXP2 Series). The NXP2 centralizes connection points in an enclosure providing an installer-friendly solution that reduces time and costs to deploy code compliant lighting control.

The new NX Panel supports a broad array of internal and external lighting applications including Commercial, Retail, Education, Industrial, and Parking and Site Lighting. It offers several deployment strategies including operating as a standalone panel, multiple panels configured together or as a NX networked device that’s part of a larger NX system. It’s available in multiple size configurations with matching relay capacity. It features industry recognized mechanically latching relays and 0-10V dimming channels, controlled individually or in groups by any local input, system input, schedule, preset, photocell or Building Automation System. It is fully scalable, easy to install, and easy to program and control from the app.

The NX Panel is a robust and reliable panel that is 100% tested before leaving our manufacturing facility and meets all ASHRAE, IECC, and Title 24 energy code requirements. Additional features and benefits include:

Panel Features

  • Available in multiple size configurations – 8, 16, 24, 32 and 48
  • Industry recognized robust, mechanically latching relays
  • (4) Integrated NX SmartPORTs™ for Direct Connection of NX Digital System Devices
  • (4) Integrated Programmable Low Voltage Inputs (With 24VDC Source) for Analog Occupancy Sensors, Photosensors, Switches
  • (2) Normally Open/ Normally Closed Dry Contact Outputs
  • Relay At-A-Glance On/Off Status
  • Relay Manual Override Switch (Integral to Relay)
  • Integrated 0-10V Dimming Channel Per Relay
  • Surface Mount and Flush Mount Enclosure Options
  • Optional Factory Installed UL924 Control of Entire Panel (Available Q2)


  • User Interface(s) – Bluetooth® Phone/Tablet, Web-Based via NX Area Controller
  • Internal Time Clock / Schedules in Connected Devices (No additional time clock required)
  • Active / Inactive Time Scheduling for System Inputs
  • Support for Digital Sensors and Switches
  • Visual Real Time Occupancy Sensor Status/Activity
  • BACnet™ Interface via NX Area Controller

Contractor Friendly Installation

  • Key-Holed Mounting of Panel Enclosure, Interior & Cover in All Sizes
  • Hinged Locking Door
  • Simple Cat5 / Cat5e / Cat6 Wiring of Panel to Distributed Network
  • Simple Cat5 / Cat5e / Cat6 Wiring of Devices to Panel
  • Standard Electrical Knockouts for Line and Low Voltage Feeds
  • Easy Single Screw Installation of Panel Circuit Boards
  • Optional Field Installable Voltage Barriers for Normal/Emergency Use
  • Five-year warranty
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