CSA Group: Designing Secure Connected Lighting Solutions

Remember in the first week of this blog series this month I shared a story about how one of our products was flagged by a customer three years ago due to significant cybersecurity concerns? I discussed how they were about to remove the product from their site?

That product, the NX Area Controller, received approval and recognition from CSA Group, a leader in standards development, testing and certification. CSA helped Hubbell Control Solutions navigate through the challenges and provided us with a framework that we are implementing over the long-term to drive security compliance for all of our products.

We share this story as an example of HCS’ commitment to the cybersecurity needs of our customers.

This story is one of the reflections of a collaborative journey between CSA and Hubbell that started two years ago. It showcases a model, created through this relationship, to break down a seemingly complex process into simple steps to achieve cybersecurity compliance. It can serve as a great example to any organization aspiring to do something similar.

As we end this month, we want to continue to share our experiences with you. We hope others can learn from those and that is one of our goals. Next week, we would share our perspective with you on some of the common myths and realities associated with cybersecurity.

Stay tuned!

Gaurav Agarwal is the Product Manager for Networked Controls, Cybersecurity and Software.

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