Application Story: Game Changer for the ShoWare Center

Challenge: The management team at the ShoWare Center in Kent, Washington, wanted to increase the uniformity of the light, reduce shadowing, maintenance and energy expenditures, eliminate spill light and improve the guest experience with modern lighting techniques. Glare was causing significant issues with the television viewing audience and the filming crew was at a loss with superficial fixes. Light was also spilling into the spectator seats. The outdated HID fixtures were not controllable, the lumens had depreciated significantly and the shutter systems were failing.

Solution: Upgrading from 1000 Watt HIDs to 64 ArenaLED fixtures (415W) empowered by updated controls. The solution was developed by CED Seattle and Current Lighting.

Benefits: The ability to control the lighting – including wireless dimming, strobe effect and additional functionality – improved the ability of the facility operator to introduce dramatic lighting techniques previously unattainable. The result is a unique, entertaining and comfortable experience for visitors. The specialized optical control has has significantly decreased the amount of light spilling into the seats. Ownership, operations and fans have all commented on the aesthetics of the up light. Additionally, the reductions in maintenance and energy use will translate to significant cost savings. The facility will reduce energy by more than 203K KWH per year, adding more than $18K in savings per year back to the bottom line.

It’s worth noting in the first season under the new lights the Seattle Thunderbirds won their first WHL Championship.

“This lighting solution is nothing short of spectacular. Visitors have commented on the improvement in the ambiance of the facility. Our film crew is infatuated with the up light. Viewers at home appreciate the improvements. The lighting team delivered on all of its promises.”

-Joshua Holmes, Director of Operations, ShoWare Center

Current Lighting’s Sportsliter Solutions’ ArenaLED is an LED lighting solution designed for interior sports and civic arenas to produce optimal television and live-audience viewing, as well as low-glare lighting for player comfort. The solid-state LED delivers immediate on/off capabilities, as well as 40,000 lumens at 92+ lumens per watt for a calculated 100,000 hours. With a total system wattage of 415, the fixture’s extruded, finned housing design allows for optimal heat dissipation, and a remote driver enclosure offers increased thermal control and ease of maintenance. 

*Photography: Lumos Pacific

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