The PELA is a compact high bay fixture with many options available from high lumen packages to switchable lumens as well as NX Controls.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for warehouses and industrial buildings. Small size and light weight makes for an easy installation
  • With efficiencies up to 185 LPW, the PELA is an excellent choice when ROI is the key decision criteria
  • Options for lumen packages up to 60,000 lumens provides outstanding coverage for the majority of high bay applications
  • Integrated sensor options for code compliance, grouping of fixtures, increased energy savings, and connection to NX Lighting Controls systems
  • Optimized bulk packaging to minimize job site space requirements and ease waste removal
  • Designed for unconditioned spaces through a 50ºC ambient temperature rating and a -30ºC rating for refrigerated spaces


Product Technology
NX Lighting Controls
Lumen Range
9,000 - 60,000
Dimming Protocol
0-10V Dimming
CCT Offering
4000, 5000
CRI Offering
70, 80
Mounting Options
Ceiling, Surface, Suspended, Pendant
Wattage Range
62 - 380
Efficacy Range
133 - 160
Color Offering
Optics & Distributions
Narrow, Wide, Aisle, Diffuse
UL, DLC 5.1 Standard, FCC, NOM
IP20, Damp, TAA (Buy American 52.225-11), BAA (Buy American 52.225-9), IK10
5 year limited

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Clear Filters

Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens LM/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
PELA-740-L09-A-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI10010 lm17657 WWide
PELA-740-L09-A-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI10010 lm16760 WWide
PELA-740-L09-B-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI9100 lm16057 WWide
PELA-740-L09-B-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI9100 lm15260 WWide
PELA-740-L12-A-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI13310 lm17775 WWide
PELA-740-L12-A-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI13310 lm17377 WWide
PELA-740-L12-B-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI12100 lm16175 WWide
PELA-740-L12-B-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI12100 lm15777 WWide
PELA-740-L15-A-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI16610 lm18391 WWide
PELA-740-L15-A-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI16610 lm18391 WWide
PELA-740-L15-B-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI15100 lm16691 WWide
PELA-740-L15-B-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI15100 lm16691 WWide
PELA-740-L18-A-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI20020 lm176114 WWide
PELA-740-L18-A-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI20020 lm177113 WWide
PELA-740-L18-B-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI18200 lm160114 WWide
PELA-740-L18-B-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI18200 lm161113 WWide
PELA-740-L24-A-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI26400 lm156169 WWide
PELA-740-L24-A-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI26400 lm159166 WWide
PELA-740-L24-B-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI24000 lm142169 WWide
PELA-740-L24-B-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI24000 lm145166 WWide
PELA-740-L24-C-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI25920 lm153169 WWide
PELA-740-L24-C-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI25920 lm156166 WWide
PELA-740-L24-D-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI24720 lm146169 WMedium
PELA-740-L24-D-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI24720 lm149166 WMedium
PELA-740-L24-E-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI24960 lm148169 WNarrow
PELA-740-L24-E-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI24960 lm150166 WNarrow
PELA-740-L30-A-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI33000 lm163202 WWide
PELA-740-L30-A-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI33000 lm164201 WWide
PELA-740-L30-B-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI30000 lm149202 WWide
PELA-740-L30-B-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI30000 lm149201 WWide
PELA-740-L30-C-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI32400 lm160202 WWide
PELA-740-L30-C-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI32400 lm161201 WWide
PELA-740-L30-D-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI30900 lm153202 WMedium
PELA-740-L30-D-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI30900 lm154201 WMedium
PELA-740-L30-E-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI31200 lm154202 WNarrow
PELA-740-L30-E-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI31200 lm155201 WNarrow
PELA-740-L36-A-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI40040 lm173231 WWide
PELA-740-L36-A-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI40040 lm176228 WWide
PELA-740-L36-B-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI36400 lm158231 WWide
PELA-740-L36-B-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI36400 lm160228 WWide
PELA-740-L36-C-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI39312 lm170231 WWide
PELA-740-L36-C-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI39312 lm172228 WWide
PELA-740-L36-D-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI37492 lm162231 WMedium
PELA-740-L36-D-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI37492 lm164228 WMedium
PELA-740-L36-E-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI37856 lm164231 WNarrow
PELA-740-L36-E-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI37856 lm166228 WNarrow
PELA-740-L48-A-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI52800 lm156338 WWide
PELA-740-L48-A-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI52800 lm159332 WWide
PELA-740-L48-B-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI48000 lm142338 WWide
PELA-740-L48-B-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI48000 lm145332 WWide
PELA-740-L48-C-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI51840 lm153338 WWide
PELA-740-L48-C-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI51840 lm156332 WWide
PELA-740-L48-D-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI49440 lm146338 WMedium
PELA-740-L48-D-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI49440 lm149332 WMedium
PELA-740-L48-E-xxx_120-277V4000 K70 CRI49920 lm148338 WNarrow
PELA-740-L48-E-xxx_347-480V4000 K70 CRI49920 lm150332 WNarrow
PELA-750-L09-A-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI10010 lm17657 WWide
PELA-750-L09-A-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI10010 lm16760 WWide
PELA-750-L09-B-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI9100 lm16057 WWide
PELA-750-L09-B-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI9100 lm15260 WWide
PELA-750-L12-A-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI13310 lm17775 WWide
PELA-750-L12-A-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI13310 lm17377 WWide
PELA-750-L12-B-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI12100 lm16175 WWide
PELA-750-L12-B-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI12100 lm15777 WWide
PELA-750-L15-A-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI16610 lm18391 WWide
PELA-750-L15-A-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI16610 lm18391 WWide
PELA-750-L15-B-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI15100 lm16691 WWide
PELA-750-L15-B-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI15100 lm16691 WWide
PELA-750-L18-A-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI20020 lm176114 WWide
PELA-750-L18-A-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI20020 lm177113 WWide
PELA-750-L18-B-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI18200 lm160114 WWide
PELA-750-L18-B-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI18200 lm161113 WWide
PELA-750-L24-A-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI26400 lm156169 WWide
PELA-750-L24-A-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI26400 lm159166 WWide
PELA-750-L24-B-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI24000 lm142169 WWide
PELA-750-L24-B-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI24000 lm145166 WWide
PELA-750-L24-C-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI25920 lm153169 WWide
PELA-750-L24-C-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI25920 lm156166 WWide
PELA-750-L24-D-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI24720 lm146169 WMedium
PELA-750-L24-D-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI24720 lm149166 WMedium
PELA-750-L24-E-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI24960 lm148169 WNarrow
PELA-750-L24-E-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI24960 lm150166 WNarrow
PELA-750-L30-A-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI33000 lm163202 WWide
PELA-750-L30-A-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI33000 lm164201 WWide
PELA-750-L30-B-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI30000 lm149202 WWide
PELA-750-L30-B-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI30000 lm149201 WWide
PELA-750-L30-C-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI32400 lm160202 WWide
PELA-750-L30-C-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI32400 lm161201 WWide
PELA-750-L30-D-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI30900 lm153202 WMedium
PELA-750-L30-D-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI30900 lm154201 WMedium
PELA-750-L30-E-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI31200 lm154202 WNarrow
PELA-750-L30-E-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI31200 lm155201 WNarrow
PELA-750-L36-A-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI40040 lm173231 WWide
PELA-750-L36-A-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI40040 lm176228 WWide
PELA-750-L36-B-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI36400 lm158231 WWide
PELA-750-L36-B-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI36400 lm160228 WWide
PELA-750-L36-C-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI39312 lm170231 WWide
PELA-750-L36-C-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI39312 lm172228 WWide
PELA-750-L36-D-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI37492 lm162231 WMedium
PELA-750-L36-D-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI37492 lm164228 WMedium
PELA-750-L36-E-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI37856 lm164231 WNarrow
PELA-750-L36-E-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI37856 lm166228 WNarrow
PELA-750-L48-A-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI52800 lm156338 WWide
PELA-750-L48-A-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI52800 lm159332 WWide
PELA-750-L48-B-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI48000 lm142338 WWide
PELA-750-L48-B-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI48000 lm145332 WWide
PELA-750-L48-C-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI51840 lm153338 WWide
PELA-750-L48-C-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI51840 lm156332 WWide
PELA-750-L48-D-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI49440 lm146338 WMedium
PELA-750-L48-D-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI49440 lm149332 WMedium
PELA-750-L48-E-xxx_120-277V5000 K70 CRI49920 lm148338 WNarrow
PELA-750-L48-E-xxx_347-480V5000 K70 CRI49920 lm150332 WNarrow
PELA-840-L09-A-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI10010 lm16162 WWide
PELA-840-L09-A-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI10010 lm15465 WWide
PELA-840-L09-B-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI9100 lm14762 WWide
PELA-840-L09-B-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI9100 lm14065 WWide
PELA-840-L12-A-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI13310 lm15884 WWide
PELA-840-L12-A-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI13310 lm15884 WWide
PELA-840-L12-B-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI12100 lm14484 WWide
PELA-840-L12-B-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI12100 lm14484 WWide
PELA-840-L15-A-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI16610 lm164101 WWide
PELA-840-L15-A-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI16610 lm166100 WWide
PELA-840-L15-B-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI15100 lm150101 WWide
PELA-840-L15-B-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI15100 lm151100 WWide
PELA-840-L18-A-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI20020 lm159126 WWide
PELA-840-L18-A-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI20020 lm161124 WWide
PELA-840-L18-B-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI18200 lm144126 WWide
PELA-840-L18-B-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI18200 lm147124 WWide
PELA-840-L24-A-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI26400 lm136194 WWide
PELA-840-L24-A-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI26400 lm138191 WWide
PELA-840-L24-B-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI24000 lm124194 WWide
PELA-840-L24-B-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI24000 lm126191 WWide
PELA-840-L24-C-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI25920 lm134194 WWide
PELA-840-L24-C-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI25920 lm136191 WWide
PELA-840-L24-D-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI24720 lm127194 WMedium
PELA-840-L24-D-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI24720 lm129191 WMedium
PELA-840-L24-E-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI24960 lm129194 WNarrow
PELA-840-L24-E-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI24960 lm131191 WNarrow
PELA-840-L30-A-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI33000 lm145227 WWide
PELA-840-L30-A-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI33000 lm147225 WWide
PELA-840-L30-B-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI30000 lm132227 WWide
PELA-840-L30-B-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI30000 lm133225 WWide
PELA-840-L30-C-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI32400 lm143227 WWide
PELA-840-L30-C-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI32400 lm144225 WWide
PELA-840-L30-D-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI30900 lm136227 WMedium
PELA-840-L30-D-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI30900 lm137225 WMedium
PELA-840-L30-E-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI31200 lm137227 WNarrow
PELA-840-L30-E-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI31200 lm139225 WNarrow
PELA-840-L36-A-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI40040 lm156256 WWide
PELA-840-L36-A-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI40040 lm158253 WWide
PELA-840-L36-B-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI36400 lm142256 WWide
PELA-840-L36-B-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI36400 lm144253 WWide
PELA-840-L36-C-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI39312 lm154256 WWide
PELA-840-L36-C-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI39312 lm155253 WWide
PELA-840-L36-D-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI37492 lm146256 WMedium
PELA-840-L36-D-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI37492 lm148253 WMedium
PELA-840-L36-E-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI37856 lm148256 WNarrow
PELA-840-L36-E-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI37856 lm150253 WNarrow
PELA-840-L48-A-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI52800 lm136388 WWide
PELA-840-L48-A-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI52800 lm138382 WWide
PELA-840-L48-B-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI48000 lm124388 WWide
PELA-840-L48-B-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI48000 lm126382 WWide
PELA-840-L48-C-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI51840 lm134388 WWide
PELA-840-L48-C-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI51840 lm136382 WWide
PELA-840-L48-D-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI49440 lm127388 WMedium
PELA-840-L48-D-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI49440 lm129382 WMedium
PELA-840-L48-E-xxx_120-277V4000 K80 CRI49920 lm129388 WNarrow
PELA-840-L48-E-xxx_347-480V4000 K80 CRI49920 lm131382 WNarrow
PELA-850-L09-A-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI10010 lm16162 WWide
PELA-850-L09-A-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI10010 lm15465 WWide
PELA-850-L09-B-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI9100 lm14762 WWide
PELA-850-L09-B-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI9100 lm14065 WWide
PELA-850-L12-A-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI13310 lm15884 WWide
PELA-850-L12-A-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI13310 lm15884 WWide
PELA-850-L12-B-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI12100 lm14484 WWide
PELA-850-L12-B-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI12100 lm14484 WWide
PELA-850-L15-A-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI16610 lm164101 WWide
PELA-850-L15-A-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI16610 lm166100 WWide
PELA-850-L15-B-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI15100 lm150101 WWide
PELA-850-L15-B-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI15100 lm151100 WWide
PELA-850-L18-A-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI20020 lm159126 WWide
PELA-850-L18-A-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI20020 lm161124 WWide
PELA-850-L18-B-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI18200 lm144126 WWide
PELA-850-L18-B-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI18200 lm147124 WWide
PELA-850-L24-A-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI26400 lm136194 WWide
PELA-850-L24-A-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI26400 lm138191 WWide
PELA-850-L24-B-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI24000 lm124194 WWide
PELA-850-L24-B-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI24000 lm126191 WWide
PELA-850-L24-C-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI25920 lm134194 WWide
PELA-850-L24-C-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI25920 lm136191 WWide
PELA-850-L24-D-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI24720 lm127194 WMedium
PELA-850-L24-D-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI24720 lm129191 WMedium
PELA-850-L24-E-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI24960 lm129194 WNarrow
PELA-850-L24-E-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI24960 lm131191 WNarrow
PELA-850-L30-A-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI33000 lm145227 WWide
PELA-850-L30-A-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI33000 lm147225 WWide
PELA-850-L30-B-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI30000 lm132227 WWide
PELA-850-L30-B-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI30000 lm133225 WWide
PELA-850-L30-C-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI32400 lm143227 WWide
PELA-850-L30-C-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI32400 lm144225 WWide
PELA-850-L30-D-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI30900 lm136227 WMedium
PELA-850-L30-D-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI30900 lm137225 WMedium
PELA-850-L30-E-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI31200 lm137227 WNarrow
PELA-850-L30-E-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI31200 lm139225 WNarrow
PELA-850-L36-A-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI40040 lm156256 WWide
PELA-850-L36-A-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI40040 lm158253 WWide
PELA-850-L36-B-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI36400 lm142256 WWide
PELA-850-L36-B-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI36400 lm144253 WWide
PELA-850-L36-C-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI39312 lm154256 WWide
PELA-850-L36-C-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI39312 lm155253 WWide
PELA-850-L36-D-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI37492 lm146256 WMedium
PELA-850-L36-D-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI37492 lm148253 WMedium
PELA-850-L36-E-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI37856 lm148256 WNarrow
PELA-850-L36-E-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI37856 lm150253 WNarrow
PELA-850-L48-A-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI52800 lm136388 WWide
PELA-850-L48-A-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI52800 lm138382 WWide
PELA-850-L48-B-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI48000 lm124388 WWide
PELA-850-L48-B-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI48000 lm126382 WWide
PELA-850-L48-C-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI51840 lm134388 WWide
PELA-850-L48-C-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI51840 lm136382 WWide
PELA-850-L48-D-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI49440 lm127388 WMedium
PELA-850-L48-D-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI49440 lm129382 WMedium
PELA-850-L48-E-xxx_120-277V5000 K80 CRI49920 lm129388 WNarrow
PELA-850-L48-E-xxx_347-480V5000 K80 CRI49920 lm131382 WNarrow
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